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Trade and Market Hall / Brace sought for glorious works
« on: September 12, 2022, 12:13:52 pm »
A notice is posted in the crafting halls in major cities across Mistone:

For the glory of Dorand!

I, Lord Guat of Nesar, seek a brace of the great god Dorand so that I might honour him by my works.  If you have such a relic, I should pay handsomely for it.  Please send word by bird.

-Lord Guat of Nesar

//Previous Balance: 8,493T
//Thhakuk Left: Silver Nugget x 6 - 600T
                            Spider Silk x 22 - 2,200T
                            Guardian of the Wood - 3,500T
//Thhakuk Took: Half-Plate +3 - 9,500T
                              Ascender's March - 4,000T
//Donation Left: 1,350T
//New Balance: 1,293T

A hulking figure walks in from the rainy night, steam rising from his cloak.  He takes his greatsword and plunges it in to the floorboard.

//Previous Balance: 5,680T

//Thhakuk left - Named Iron Greatsword with Fire Enhancement II - 2,183T

//New Balance: 8,493T

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: September 08, 2022, 02:33:33 pm »
A representative of Lord Guat is sent to the Angels to fetch a few items.  True in the appropriate amount are left in the payment chest.

//Thhakuk bought:
  Fire Enhancement III - 7,000T
  Hood of Shadows - 6,050T
  Fey Horn - 2,400T
  Platinum Helm - 1,000T
  Total: 16,450T less 20% discount of 3,290T - 13,160T

//Previous balance: 1,980T

//Thhakuk left: 1 x Minstrel's Ring - 3,500T
                           2 x Dire Tiger Skin - 200T

//New Balance: 5,680T

//Previous Balance: 480T

//Thhakuk Left: 4 x Lion Skins - 300T
                            12 x Spider Silk - 1,200T

//New Balance: 1,980T

//Previous Balance: 8,350T

//Thhakuk Left: 7 x Hops - 210T
                            3 x Spotted Mushrooms - 300T
                             6 x Aloe - 180T
                             1 x Comfrey - 30T
                             9 x Garlic - 450T
                             7 x Birch Bark - 280T
                             6 x Elderberries - 180T
                              24 x Chestnuts - 1,440T
                               2 x Spider Silk - 200T
                              Exceptional Greenstone in Copper Ring - 1,000T
                               Gem of Sleep - 60T
                               Total Left - 4,330T

//Thhakuk Took: Platinum Half-Plate - 4,000T
                              Encircling Scale - 8,200T

//Donation Left: 1,220T

//New Balance: 480T

//Thakkuk's previous balance: 2,000T

//Thhakuk left: Alaamiathela's Slippers - 4,000T
                          29 x Spider Silk - 2,900T
                          15 x Corn - 450T

//Thakkuk took: 2 x Visual Effect (Fire) - 1,000T

//New Balance: 8,350T

//Left Donation: 100T

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: February 06, 2022, 05:43:13 pm »
Thhakuk bought Narade Evrillamyn's boots.  Lens price 6,148T.  He left 4,611T.


//Thhakuk's previous balance: 2,650T

//Thhakuk left: 44 x Silk - 4,400T
                           65 x Corn - 1,950T

//Thhakuk Took: Adamantium Greatsword - 7,000T

//New Balance: 2,000T

Rumour Has It / A call goes out for mercenaries
« on: November 03, 2021, 11:12:44 pm »
It is made known among the sell-swords of Vehl, that an employer is looking to pay handsomely for a job on Dregar.  Those that have sought more details are quick to say that it is not a job for the faint of heart.  Any interested should leave word at the One-Eyed Harpy that they wish to speak with Glack.

//Message me for more details.

An injured peasant runs in to the shop and desperately searches through the chests.  Eventually he lands on some alchemical creations and a book and quickly leaves, dropping a bag of true on their way out.

//Thhakuk's Previous Balance: 11,450T

//Thhakuk took: 3 x Fire Bomb - 7,800T; Summong for Idiots - 1,000T

//New Balance: 2,650T

//Donation: 880T

Previous Balance: 2,366T

Gulduz left:
11 Amethyst - 1,100T
12 Feldspar - 480T
13-Phenalope - 156T

New Balance: 4,102T

A large shadow sweeps in to the shop, leaves a mass of silk and departs swiftly

//Thhakuk's Previous Balance: 6,150T

//Thhakuk Left: 53 Silk - 5,300T

//New Balance: 11,450T

Rumour Has It / Re: Among the back alleys...
« on: April 11, 2021, 02:55:20 pm »
Word comes from the temple of Corath in Arnax that the services of a necromancer are sought in Vehl.  Any interested should leave word with Wheezer at the One-Eyed Harpy and check in each day for a week for response.  The compensation is said to be adequate for the time committed.

A bag of mushrooms is put in Lia's Chest in the dark of night.

//Thhakuk's Previous Balance: 4,450T

//Took: Zolinar's Ashes - 2,250T
              Potion of Lore - 150T

//Left: Purple Mushrooms (in Lia's Chest) - 4,100T

//New Balance: 6,150T

//Donation Left: 240T

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 08, 2021, 10:17:29 am »
Tristan purchased Iron Full Plate and Tower Shield along with Droigrin Felhedge's belt.  I valued the belt at 75% of lens price (22916*.75=17187).

So total was:
 Sub Total - 21,187T less 15% discount of 3,178

18,009T left in the purchase chest.

Let me know if the belt was valued correctly.

Rumour Has It / Among the back alleys...
« on: April 06, 2021, 07:50:47 pm »
...all through Vehl and Arnax street runners pass messages that a Lord Gronk of Vehl is looking for mercenaries comfortable with wetwork to drop a bird to the innkeeper of the Harpy or a dockworker in Arnax.

//DM me for more

Gilshem left:
-Ascender's March - 4,000T
-Boots of Striding +2 - 9,000T

Gilshem Took:
-Hadush Erga's Armor - 15,436T*.75=11,577T

New Balance: 1,423T
Donation Left: 1,158T

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