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General Discussion / Sorry for absence
« on: May 15, 2024, 07:46:50 pm »
I wanted to apologize for my sudden disappearance.  I have now been in the hospital for 3 weeks dealing with cancer issues. I hope to be back soon.

Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Monk
« on: March 31, 2024, 07:06:47 pm »
Fantastic.  I could really use the good news

Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Monk
« on: March 26, 2024, 10:24:57 pm »
as a side note you should know that i get we all have lives. i appreciate the staff and never have a problem waiting for replies.  you all give your time freely and i think we all say thank you for that.

Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Monk
« on: March 26, 2024, 10:08:29 pm »
Most definitely.  The fact he is a nobody trying to prove himself is part of the gig. Lol

Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Monk
« on: March 19, 2024, 10:36:06 pm »
Just checking back in

Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Monk
« on: February 18, 2024, 10:13:38 pm »
No worries. I'm currently working weekends at the Arizona Renaissance Festival ontop of my Monday thru Friday job. So no hurry

Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Monk
« on: January 17, 2024, 08:40:44 pm »

Character Submissions / Character Submission - Monk
« on: January 16, 2024, 12:06:19 am »
Name: Jaelryn "Monk" T'sarran
Race: Drow
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male
Deity: Baraeon Ca'duz
Age: 120
Classes: Fighter/Rogue (50/50) {will be creating CDT to justify submission to Assassin}
It is surprising that Jaelryn is still alive.  It really is.  Life in the darkness of the deep isnt an option for the weak.  Weak of mind. Weak of body.  Weak of spirit.  Unlike the other males born the same year Jaelryn has not shown the typical aptitude towards magic.  That alone has branded him as flawed.  His physical stature being larger than the average did not help to hide this.  In fact it he just stood out more. Every cycle was a test of survival.
He would never rise the ranks amongst the mages obviously.  He would not rise amongst the ranks of warriors because of his gender.  Where this may cause some to accept their inevitability, to die or be "made useful", Jaelryn  only felt a fire rise within him.  Not a blazing fire of rage, without direction and brutish.  This fire was dark, cold and precise.  It focused him.  It allowed him to see clearly that in order to prove himself better than those that would mock and abusive him he would do what entire cities of the deep could not.  He would visit the vengeance of his people upon the traitors of the surface.  Furthermore the traitors would help, they would even thank him.
Raiding parties were to be expected by the filth on the surface.  But one lone individual.  The naivety of the fools, they would welcome that person.  Word had it the surfacers would delegate tasks such as population control of their enemies to simple mercenaries, no questions asked (quest to kill goblins, etc..). They even paid them to do this.  Infiltration and garnering trust amongst authorities was as simple as killing off their enemies.  He could bite his tongue if it meant eventually slitting their throats (Not PVP, story wise heh.)
When the surface plunges into chaos it will rely on its "heroes" to come to its aid.  Then they will see that trust is misplaced.  The traitors and the other surface dwellers will fall.  All races will see the superiority of his people.  And his people will see out of the shadow it was him that did what no one else could. 
With little more than the clothing on his back he made his way to the surface.  The blinding light, how do they put up with it? It had been a long travel, with no truly known destination.  The rations eventually ran out.  It was then that he happened upon a small town of sorts.  If that is what the surface ones called it, it was little more than a blemish upon the land.  Wrapping himself fully in clothing he hid his features as they would be a dead give away.  His muscles were quite heavy under the cloth, growing heavier at each step forward.  Stumbling a little he continued and it was at the approach of a surface dweller that something occurred to him.  He understood the basics of the common tongue, but had never the need to use it in any real situation.
When asked if he was allright he could tell more from the weakness of the the inflection rather that a true understanding of the speech.  First test of deception among the surface.  Nodding he mimed the need for food.  The peasant brought him into their home, how trusting could they be? Over the next few minutes he allowed the fool to babble on with their conversation, it was hard to not smack him down.  Eventually he was asked if he was some sort of monk.  That word stuck out to Jaelryn, he had know that word.  Nodding the man seemed content with that and continued his ramble.  While the man was occupied with straightening up the excuse for a kitchen Jaelryn gave thought to killing the man outright.  But that cold fire within told him that was beneath his purpose there.  By the time the man ceased his prattling Jaelryn was gone.
With his stomach full and back into the shadows of the woods Jaelryn continued his search for something closer to real "civilization".  As he walked he spoke to himself "m..mmoo..mmonk. Monk. "
Soon enough he would have need for this new name.

Character Submissions / Brace Windstorm
« on: November 18, 2023, 12:31:44 am »
Full Name: Brace Windstorm
Class(es): Fighter / Rogue (min 5/5 by level 10)
Race: Human
Age: 45
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Whoever wants to help

A bit late in life to adventuring it surprises some to see Brace throw his hat into the ring.  He has a couple kids of his own out there, havent seen them in years.  Who knows if he may see them in travels. 
Not really strong or talented, he can occasionally hit a target with his trusty bow.  How else can he make a living? Be a baker? He tried that mundane stuff. Never had a knack for it and his mouth usually got him in trouble anyways.  People are willing to pay for someone else to do the stuff they dont want to, that is a certainty.   
He isnt quite willing to break a law for a coin, but sometimes you need to tweak the meaning of a rule, or at least interpret it differently.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Seeking for Dusts of Appearance, Gems of Light
« on: November 16, 2023, 08:18:39 pm »
Pint bursts into laughter before seemingly starting a conversation with herself.

"Price per gem.  He wants to know the price per gem. *hiccup* As if the boss would do something so logical.  But noooo, never listens to Pint when it comes to the money. See how he likes *hiccup* likes his integrity when he cant afford a beer."

Coming to a bit of composure Pint regards you again.

"The work is its own *sighs* reward.  The boss will have them delivered shortly"

The pixie darts off on a more straightforward path than before and disappears into the distance.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Seeking for Dusts of Appearance, Gems of Light
« on: November 16, 2023, 01:37:45 am »
A faint green light comes towards you on a serpentine trajectory.  As it gets closer you see it is a pixie. With it is a faint waft of beer.

"you Gormungard? *hiccup* yeah of course you are, that's what the guy over there said.  Boss saw your requisition for gems of light and *hiccup* he thinks he can help you out.  But you didn't say where you wanted them delivered. *burp and looks a little embarrassed*  Oh yeah, forgot my manners, name is Pint.  What can i tell the boss?"

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: October 27, 2023, 03:57:51 am »
Cask comes walking in to look upon the goods and sees a posting for 100 ingots of glass for 10,000 credit to the shop. On his shoulder sits a tipsy pixie, "Pint, you see this? they dunno know what good craftsmanship is."

Dropping off 101 ingots with a tiny tankard stamp on the base of each he shrugs off the shop attendant.  "Keep yer coin"

*Cask returns once more and browses*

Purchases :

        Welteal's Wraps
        Unithrade Gren's Bracer


         6,888 GP

*Cask looks thru the armors and weaponry with a bit more coin this time. Placing his armor and shield in the free donation bin hoping it will help someone else.*

         Bronze Full Plate
         Bronze Kite Shield

Sells Used:
         Irom Dwarven Waraxe

          Iron Full Plate
          Bronze Tower Shield
          Adamantium Dwarven Waraxe

          9,000 GP
          2,000 Credit

Remaining Credit: 0

*Cask comes slowly clanking into the shop*

Drops In the Free Gear Chest:

                  Caldor Sensess's Armor
                  Copper Dwarven Waraxe

"I hope ye help someone."

*Browses some of the gear in the shop before grabbing something and heading up*

                   Iron Dwarven Waraxe
                    2,000 GP

*Is about to leave and then huffs for a moment before tossing in more coin*

                   2,050 GP

Takes:        Bronze Kite Shield (800)
                    Bronze Full Plate (1250)

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