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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: December 01, 2022, 04:14:49 am »
Belgar the dwarf comes in and purchases the following armour items:

a cobalt full plate 14500
enchanted mithral heater shield (.75x 70952) 53214

He leaves the sum of 67714 in the purchases chest.

Imogen Darkmere purchases Fifur Fenik's Boots for .75 x lens price (.75 x 1000) and leaves 750 true in the chest at the door.

Belgar comes in and borrows several dexterity and intelligence items.


Imogen strides in and takes an iron helmet from the chest and pays 500 true for it.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: November 09, 2022, 05:11:08 am »
Imogen Darkmere purchases a swordsman's belt for 1317 true coins and leaves quietly.

Character Submissions / Re: New Character Submission: Imogen Darkmere
« on: November 08, 2022, 01:34:56 pm »

Character Submissions / Re: New Character Submission: Imogen Darkmere
« on: November 08, 2022, 03:49:20 am »
Thanks, Lily. I've edited the bio to include the information.

Character Submissions / New Character Submission: Imogen Darkmere
« on: November 07, 2022, 03:01:17 am »
Name: Imogen Darkmere
Age: 26
Class(es): (Split to 20) Rogue 5, Cleric 10, Fighter 5
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Rofirein
Domains: Strength/Knowledge 

Biography and Description:

Imogen stares sternly at the effigy of Rofirein adorning the temple at Fort Vehl. She glares around her at the squalor of the docks and exhales through her nose to clear her senses of the dross. “Ugghck… this stinkhole certainly hasn’t improved,” she mutters moving toward the door. “One would think the church would have made at least some inroads into cleaning up this dump by now.” She has traveled there, from her home in Western Gate, to gain information from the church.

Rumour has it that an ambitious necromancer has been busying himself about Mistone spreading the foul corruption of Corath. Being a woman of faith (and aspiration) skilled in gathering information amid menacing circumstances, Imogen has taken it upon herself to aid in foiling the machinations of this villain. She is tall, standing at least six feet, and broad-shouldered. She is not unattractive with green eyes and long, plaited black hair but is uncompromisingly dour. With a discontented sigh, she approaches the temple door.

Inside she speaks at length with Justiciar Reus and a handful of Rofireinite clergy gleaning what little information she can from the conversation while writing it down, word for word, in a new journal. She stops them occasionally by raising her free hand so that she may get every letter in place. As the candles burn low, the informal meeting finishes, and a blessing of Rofirein is bestowed upon her. “If you are determined to involve yourself in this, you must exercise extreme caution,” she is warned. “Of course,” she nods solemnly, “I am the very essence of prudence.” With this, she turns on her heel and strides out the door.

*The daughter of a Rofereinite clergyman, Imogen is well-educated and has always had a thirst for knowledge. Growing up in Western Gate and ever a devout and serious girl she proved adept, from a young age, at investigating suspicious occurrences by using her keen insight and intuition. This curiosity often lead her into dangerous circumstances, despite the protestations of her parents, and thus she became skilled at emerging unscathed, for the most part, from dire situations through both wit and weapon.

1) I have read the information on Rofirein and I will play Imogen as a faithful cleric of Rofirein to the best of my abilities.
2) Having grown up as the daughter of a cleric, Imogen sees and interprets the dogma of Rofirein rigidly and, as her life's work, intends to protect the common people by bringing justice to all those who would evade it.
3) She will wield a bastard sword and metal-based armour but prefers to dress in an unadorned manner to remain covert.

Belgar comes in to once again borrow some dexterity and intelligence-enhancing gear.

The dwarf returns a short time later and returns the gear. He leaves 100 true in the chest.

Clearly drunk, Belgar clatters in on his horse jeering at the halfling attendant. As he rounds the corner into the resources room, he falls over the side of his horse crashing into the adamantium chest. He stumbles to his feet and across the room to the iron trunk, whereupon he starts throwing bars of iron toward his pack, managing to count out twenty after a few mistakes. He then staggers his way to the end of the room and grabs 6 lion pelts while roughly wrestling a dire tiger skin from his pack and stuffing it into the wrong chest. Finally, he tries to whistle to Steve, his trusty steed, but can't muster the lip coordination. Yelling at poor Steve, Belgar grabs his pack and nearly manages to mount the poor pony but falls over backward at the most crucial stage. In pure fright, Steve rears up and bolts, dragging the hapless dwarf on his back shouting and flailing out the door.

He takes
20x iron ingots@75      1500
6x lion pelts@75             450

He leaves
1x dire tiger skin@100   100
Previous balance     56377.4     
New balance             54527.4

Later that day Tagnar finds Belgar asleep in a tent in Center and reminds the dwarf he owes his 10% at SBs

Donation left 195

General Discussion / Re: Custom Portraits
« on: September 09, 2022, 02:23:24 am »
Any chance of getting new portraits added?


Ask A Gamemaster / Card Bag Removal
« on: September 08, 2022, 02:38:09 am »
I foolishly started playing at the Leringard Card Emporium and got stuck with a card bag that is undroppable. Any chance of someone removing this from Belgar's inventory, please? Or could it be added to the list of 'noneed' items? Any help appreciated.


Belgar stomps in to borrow some dexterity and intelligence-increasing items. The dwarf comes back, after a day or so, returning the items and leaving 100 true in the chest. He makes sure to stop on his way out and bore the halfling shop attendant with details of the differences between normal glass and crystal, the correct techniques and temperatures for shaping fine crystal, and the particularly hot weather he experienced on his recent trip to the desert.

Belgar ducks in briefly, eyes darting keenly through the assortment of gloves and gauntlets. He takes
Kathia Brian's Bracer@ .75 x lens = 21666
10% left in chest                                   2167     
Previous balance                            75876.4
New balance                                    56377.4             

Being unsure of the price of Axe of Pig-Dog Dwarf-Smith Hacking, Belgar leaves it in the pricing chest, by the door, for appraisal. 

Alpoah gazes into the depths of the smoldering fire and thinks about her old Waazk'ah. Five years now. Five years have passed since he was crushed by that cursed pine. She had tried, in her desperation, to heave it from his lifeless body, but even she had not the might for such a task. She screamed and wept and cursed and cried until she had no more tears to give. Now, five years on, still just a teen by dwarven reckoning, she sits alone in the wild nursing her broken heart.

The Silver Buckle / A pint 'ere barkeep!
« on: August 29, 2022, 04:50:39 am »
*Belgar strolls into The Silver Buckle looking for an ale after a hard day's gold mining.*

'Ello! Anyone about? I needs a pint right quick!

Belgar stomps through the door in a foul mood.
He leaves
Brownie mail                                                                   8000
Platinum full plate (moderate cold resistance)         7250 //Please let me know if I've priced this wrong
He takes
20x barkskin potions                                                     -5000
Platinum full plate                                                         -5000
less 10% left in chest                                                      1000
Previous balance                                                       69626.4
New balance                                                              75876.4

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: August 28, 2022, 07:35:52 am »
Belgar browses around and enquires as to the proper pricing of Kebur Beleln's ring in the assorted unique items chest.

Belgar clomps in and rummages through the belts. He takes
Gadush Hexzcor's Belt @ .75 x 15292 (11469)

He leaves                                        1147 in the chest
Remainder to pay                      -10322
Previous balance                         78801.4
New Balance                                69626.4

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