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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: May 05, 2021, 09:38:19 pm »
Ysheera pays 2800 True for Platinum Reinforced Clothes

Between bouts of partying, drinking, and general goofiness, Ysheera worked the bowyer craft, and hunted and quested with allies, and on occasion continued to meet up with Sehky, her teacher.

Of note, at her last training session while coaching her in battle with massive earth elementals he cautioned her to not force the power. "It could burn you out," he had said. "Allow, don't force."

Suitably warned, she continued to do her best to allow the flow of the Al’noth. It felt like an awkward dance with an invisible unpredictable (if not head-over-heels drunken) partner, while balancing on a narrow bobbing log over a rushing river. But after many small successes and failures she began to be aware that progress was happening. Just that was enough to buoy her spirits.

Her last hunt was into the scale-beast swamps near Dapplegreen (so satisfying to slay those cold blooded predators!). Deeper, she and her allies entered the troll-infested platinum mine. She found humor and grace in her arrow play, even with the enclosed tunnels narrowing her mobility. So much so, that she was able to compose little ditties about her three companions. Not legendary songs, or even very good, but playful tunes while busy slaying or keeping an eye out for ambushes:

For Nyx
K’nix the K’changer, ever facing danger!
As dragon, bear, or minotaur Axe-Ranger!
Nature-strong, inspiring this song!
Call on this Shapechanger to right any wrong!

A Nice Ditty (named by Nyx)
There once was a Hairful Hank,
Devoted he, to Toran!
And in reward his God did see
To bless his hair far more than,
Other folk, long and shiny,
Bright golden in the sun!
To Hank the Priest of Toran!

For Tipsy
A Traipsin’ Tipseroo!
A Traipsin’ Tipseroo!
Arrows sail from the Mage-in-Mail,
A Traipsin’ Tipseroo!

A Traipsin’ Tipseroo!
A Traipsin’ Tipseroo!
All Hail the Mage-in-Mail!
A Traipsin’ Tipseroo!

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: May 05, 2021, 02:19:15 am »
Ysheera purchases several items:

2 Lion Bags x 4578 = 9156
Scroll Case 900
Stone of stoneskin 300
the last Potion of Lessor Restoration 200
Total = 10,556
20% multi item discount = 2,112
Total = 8445

Dropped off 22 eggs x 140 = 3080
Dropped off 22 cow milk x 100 = 2000
20 silk x 100 = 2000
Previous Credit = 0; New Credit 7080

8445 minus credit of 7080 = 1,365 owed.
Paid 1,365 in coin

That should settle this account back to Zero.

Thank you!
~Ysheera Evyndar

Ysheera crafts a couple items and drops them off to add to her credit:

Belt of the Crag Cat: 270
Gloves of the Badger: 180

3 spotted mushrooms: 300
total deposited: 750

previosu credit 1742
new credit: 2492

left 7 ginger x 50 = 350
5 ginseng x 150 = 750
Total = 1100

new Credit: 3592

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: May 03, 2021, 02:28:33 am »
Ysheera walks into Cailomel's to build credit:

She gives these things to the shopkeepers:
Grag Delkoos's armor: 50% of Lens = 768
Drugo Yaeger's battle axe: 50% of lens = 650
iron helmet: 50% of lens = 1252
Total dropped off: 2670

Picks up a lessor enchantment rod of fire I: 2040
50% paid from credit = 1020 True owed
500 True paid now, and IOU 520.

New Credit = 1650

UPDATE: Brought in a few more items:
Dropped off a bronze helm: 50% of lens = 966
and a dented helm: 50% of lens = 126
21 purple mushrooms x 50 = 1050
21 aloe x 30 = 630
6 pecans x 60 = 360
6 raw quartz crystal x 50 = 300
28 jars of honey x 50 = 1400
6 birch bark x 40 = 240

New credit (unless there are things here you do not need) = 6722

Ysheera picks up 13 oak branches x 50 = 650
Pays 65 True.

Previous Credit: 2392
New Credit : 1742

It started with a more full empowered feeling in her belly, and a subtle tingle throughout her whole body. Ysheera had been practicing dropping into a still place inside, even during the high adrenaline stress of a hunt. It was hard to stay calm while arrows were being launched at her, or while goblins, gnolls, or ogres were charging. The long contemplative practise sessions she did between hunts were helping; her mind was quieter, she felt more alert, and part of her awareness stayed focused inside her body, feeling the sensations and the energy growing and flowing within her.

However, more often than not she’d lose focus, panic, or forget to channel the empowering bardic song. In those moments she’d lose touch with the calm belly, the hum and tingle of the Al’noth, and sometimes botch her spells or get tangled up in the fear or clouds she cast.

Ysheera was hard on herself each time an ally dropped. She could have done better, she knew - more alert to her allies to try and heal them, more alert to the enemies to lure them into Grease spells or Clouds of Bewilderment, better at keeping the empowering bardic song going to strengthen her and her allies. And after each botched raid she’d curse and go off alone in the forest, trying to not beat herself up about her errors, and working to regain the calm quiet mind she reached for. She knew that she needed to be more focused, more clear-headed, and more alert to not let herself and her allies down.

Once she had burnt out her frustration, sometimes through rage, sometimes through grief, sometimes through a binge of wine and food and sleep, then she’d settle and find her way back to trying again. She’d refresh herself in the cool streams and lakes, and then practise quieting the mind, listening for the Al’noth’s melody, humming in sync with it, and firing arrows from that relaxed calm place. And allowing….allowing the Al’noth. And eventually she’d start to feel that full empowered belly feeling and the tingle….growing, and growing until she was sure she’d find the flow all through her arms, hands, and into the bow and arrows. But that infusion still eluded her.

Ysheera bumped into Tipseroo and Sir Hank in Hlint, and they decided to venture into the red light caverns. They aimed to go the distance and take out the chief. They knew they’d need to be careful. This hunt went well. She stayed relaxed, she managed her spells well to control the hordes - slowing the charges with Grease, luring enemies into Clouds of Bewilderment, and occasionally casting Fear when she was in the lead and able to get the jump on a larger group.

They made it all the way to outside of the chieftain’s chambers and refocused, set their plans, and were successful! In the victorious aftermath, she realized that she’d stayed calm the whole time, and she had almost felt the Al’noth in her arrows. Almost...but not quite. This buoyed her hope and she knew the goal was in sight.

As they rested before leaving the caves, keeping an ear out for stragglers creeping in to ambush them, Tipsy had a revelation. He had done it. He was infusing his arrows with the Al’noth. It came to him all of a sudden, right there, as he rested. And now he was certain. He was an Arcane Archer now.

Ysheera’s first reaction was rage. Why him, and not her? “I’ve wanted this for decades! I’ve practised for decades!” She wanted to congratulate him, but was tightening up inside, holding tears back - tears of frustration, rage, and self-loathing. Yes, she practised, but she also played and partied far more often than practising. Her consternation passed….slowly, and she could half-heartedly congratulate him.

Ysh asked, “What was the turning point? How’d you find this?”

Tipsy frustrated her by simply saying, “Practise, practise, practise”

“Blast him,” she thought, “and blast this Arcane Archer path!”

Tipsy reassured her that he felt she was close. And Hank also said he could sense it. “Not that a Priest of Toran would know anything about my work,” she thought. But their confidence in her and their goodwill calmed her and felt supportive. Her confidence was also bolstered just by knowing that Tipsy had succeeded. “Blast him!”

“If Tipsy can do it, then I can do it!” she muttered.

The trio headed out of the caverns, fighting more goblins as they went. After the second skirmish she realized that something was unfolding within her chest and shoulders - a wave of energy that would rush to her fingertips with each arrow. The wood remained dull and lifeless, but she could feel the wings of the Al’noth unfold from her diaphragm, rush through her shoulderblades, chest, shoulders, and into her arms and hands...and almost into the arrows.

Excited, she headed to a peaceful campsite after they made their way out of the caverns. Ysh meditated, breathing into the sensations and allowing them to grow….and grow they did. Before long she stood and unleashed arrow after arrow at a dead elm. In wonder, she felt the Al’noth in each piercing arrow….and in her bow. The shift had happened. She had found the flow.

She could have wept with relief and joy but laughter was ringing from her mouth, and she just collapsed on the grass laughing for quite some time. Eventually she stood, closed her eyes, and found that she was feeling deep gratitude. Gratitude to her teacher Sehky - his patient words and confidence in her; gratitude even to Tireen, her cantankerous mother…”well, i guess I was the cantankerous one more than her”; and gratitude to herself for sticking with it and not giving up.

"I'm an Arcane Archer now," she mused. "Well, I guess I'm an Apprentice Arcane Archer. Sehky still has much to teach me!"

She felt proud, even knowing that she had only scratched the surface of that path. "I can do this," she thought. "It will all unfold now, deeper and deeper, until I, too, am a Master of this path."

Ysheera brings in some trade goods:

Zolinar's Ashes: 75% of lens: 2250
leather hood: 50
16 garlic x 50 = 800
10 comfrey x 30 = 300
Total given: 3400
Previous Credit: 192
New Credit: 3592

Takes a Silk Hood 1200
New Credit = 2392

120 True paid

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 29, 2021, 12:01:36 pm »
// Note left at Angels //

Mistress Pandorn,
I am purchasing these items:

Bracers of Dexterity 8000
Electric Enhancement I. 1400
500 Cold II arrows: 333
2 Lessor Restoration potions: 400
Total = 10,133
Minus the 20% multi item discount = 8,107 owed

Previous credit: 5295
added 16 honey now, +800 = 6095
added 25 wheat x 30 = +750 = 6845 credit

8107 minus credit of 6845 = 1262 owed
Coin added to chest = 1262

I believe I've done the math right (not my strongest skill! If I could put an arrow through those numbers I'd be confident! But do let me know if I have the math incorrect!).

You have my thanks!
~Ysheera Elyndar

Thanks for the Swift approval!
Yes - minimum of level 5 in AA and Bard before epic.


I think I understand what the updated bio is for (thanks to Tipsy's example!).

Bio has been updated:

Thanks for considering!

Hi, and thanks for the reply.
I'm a little confused about the updated Bio. Is it simply to add on to it a summary of what has transpired since level 1, leaving home?

Ysheera drops off:

6 purple mushrooms x 50 = 300
8 spotted mushrooms x 100 = 800
19 aloe x 30 = 570 (into Lia's chest, takes 285 T from Riven's)
10 comfrey x 30 = 300
garnet 80
fire agate 12
Total = 1762

previous credit 192
plus 1762
Total credit = 1954

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 28, 2021, 02:31:01 am »
Ysheera drops off:

21 honey x 50 = 1050
5 milk x 100 = 500
3 eggs x 140 = 420
Total 1970

Ysheera drops off

Zolinar's Ashes: .75% of lens = 2250
Fifur Fenik's Boots (+1 AC Dodge): 75% of Lens = 750
7 purple mushrooms x 50 = 350
32 garlic x 50 = 1600
8 witchhazel x 66 =- 528
5 sage x 60 = 300
3 skullcap x 60 = 180
8 spotted mushrooms x 100 = 800
potion of Bull Strength, Endurance, Cat's Grace, Eagle's Splendour, Lore,   = 250, 250, 250, 250, 150 = 1150
4 greenstone dust into Lia's chest x 7 = 28 (14 T taken from Riven's chest)
phenelope gem 12
Total Deposited: 7948
Previous Credit 544
Total Credit  = 8492

Picks Up:
Negnar Sten's Amulet: 75% of lens = 4800
Stone's Boots of Prot.: 3500
Total Taken: 8300
(830 True placed in chest)

New Credit = 192

Ysheera Elyndar brings by a few items:

19 aloe into Lia's chest: 570 (285 T taken from Riven's chest)
Old credit: 544
+ 570 = New Credit 1114

takes the Beliolith Melodon Helm: lens of 1440 x .75 = 1080
(leaves 108 True in the chest by front door)

New Credit: 34

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 26, 2021, 12:02:18 pm »
Ysheera Elyndar places the following in an empty chest:

9 cow's milk x 100 =900
17 jars of honey x 50 = 850
Total = 1750

She leaves a note:
Mistress Pandorn, Thank you for the detailed accounting list you sent this morning!
I believe my credit was 1575 (with the multi-purchase discounts that I had forgotten, and the discount for the oak short bow headed to Haven's Armory). The newly deposited milk and eggs would make the credit now 3,325, if i'm not mistaken.

If you happen to find a Brawlers Belt that grants damage resistance to Bludgeoning, then I'd be interested in purchasing it.

Ysheera Elyndar

Ysheera has been accepted as an apprentice to Sehky for the study of the path of the Arcane Archer, and he has welcomed her into the Tower Academy.

Their in-game trainings and hunts have been described in this development journal here:'s-campfire-tales-(dev-journal-to-arcane-archer)/msg10456925/?topicseen#new

Prior to training with Sehky, Ysheera did have some rudimentary training from her mother, who was the Arcane Archer defender of her home clan, as described in the Dev Journal, and as mentioned in my New Character Submission, here:

Ysheera is 8th level currently, and I'm hoping for 9th level to be the first level of Arcane Archer.

Thanks for considering!

Slowly, oh so slowly, and with a heavy inner fog, Ysheera began to awaken from the heavy semi-unconsciousness. Blurry memories of dreams were flooding her. She was leaping and running as light as a gazelle. Over fields, hills, and deep into the forests. The Al’noth flowed like a river through her and through every arrow that flew from her bow. Her gaze, in the dream, was clear, alert, and all-seeing. Her body, arms, and hands were filled with the light of stars, shooting stars. And the arrows flew swiftly, accurately, and streamed, glowing with Al’noth, into the heart of her foes.

Coming to her senses slowly, the dream began to fade, leaving her achy, sore, stiff, and cold, lying on the ground in Folian’s Grove. She didn’t want to move, as it would hasten the dream’s departure. A sharp pain in her heart arose at the thought of that dream...the freedom and joy she had felt. The sorrow now that it was only a dream. She remained motionless, basking in the fading glow of effortless flowing Al’noth and her joyful dream-mastery.

Eventually the dream faded almost entirely. The sound of birds became more distinct, and she heard crickets and low voices talking over by the shrine. Ysh sighed, and slowly sat up, grimacing at how sore and tired her body was. She was covered in the glistening dew of early morning, and for a moment it reminded her of the dream-Al’noth that had infused every cell of her body with shining glistening power and grace. But that was a dream, and this was only dew on the surface of her damp clothes and face.

Her head ached, and she was reminded of why - the two empty wine bottles lying nearby. And….the depression she had fallen into at the end of so many hours of seemingly successful hunting and learning. Ysh sighed.

“Really, dear, it’s not hopeless,” she mused, “there’s no reason to despair.” But her heart was heavy.

She drank some water and pulled out nuts and slightly crushed blackberries to fill the emptiness in her belly. She applied more herbal tincture to her sore muscles. And then sat, leaning against a tree to think on what Sehky had said last night.

Words came back to her, not necessarily in the proper order that he had spoken when answering her question on how to infuse the Al’noth into one’s bow and arrows.

“The song you crafted came from within your heart...the inspiration of the composition...that is what you seek in your archery. Practise is a part of it...but practice did not write that song...that was aspect of Ilsare. And Ilsare and Lucinda are close friends.”

She hummed the song now - how effortlessly it had been created, flowing from her, after her first long training session with Sehky, “The Bullseye and I are One.”

Sehky had continued last night, “The song you wrote was inspired by what’s in here,” he thumped his heart. “It isn’t a trick, it isn’t a technique. It isn’t even a way of thinking or wishing it to happen. It’s not about willing magic into the arrows. When you find it it’s like pouring a bucket of magic into the arrows, not like stuffing it.”

Ysh had asked, “It’s like poetry? Singing? From the heart, all relaxed, natural, and intune with something ….unexplainable? Something ephemeral?”

“Yes. There is no forcing it, like writing that song,” Sehky had responded. “It will come from deep within you, the core of you, the truth of you. The magic wants to imbue your arrow. Allow it, let it happen. An inspired bard will alway have a song.”

She mused on that, feeling the tremor in her belly at the words. At the time, she couldn’t help but silently think, “But i’m not always inspired...”

“It isn’t the same for everyone,” he had continued.  “I’m using words and concepts that have meaning to you. I am Ilsarian, Ilsare’s gift of inspiration is what drives me to create, craft, and to shoot. When you dance naked under the moon and trees to a song only you hear, what is that?”

“Freedom…. and joy,” Ysheera responded immediately.

He had nodded, smiling, “That is how I feel when I imbue arrows. And Love”

“I’m not so good at love,” she replied reluctantly.

They had stood then, silently, for a time.

“You will find it, Ysheera. Your song convinced me that you can open to this mystery. You have the heart for it,” and he turned and headed off through the forest, leaving her to think on his words.

“I can do this”, she had thought last night after his departure. But worry had begun to creep through her chest, bringing a subtle ache. “Now and then new songs pour from me effortlessly, remember?” To stave off the growing ache in her heart and worry, she began to sing the song that had been birthed in the forest after her first long training with Sehky:

Stance, just right.
Arm firm, not tight.
Shoulders broad, and breathe,
Allow the inner might.

Resistance, ambition, and fear,
The stubborn bullheaded mind is near.
Begone! Leave behind the bullheaded rear!
So the eye and the bullseye can be one.

Quiet the mind, worries unwind.
Will and heart, gently bind.
Take away the noisy braying bull,
And the eye and the bullseye are one.

Listen, hear the Al’noth’s song.
Harmonize with the melody, and hum.
Weave the spirit with breathe and tongue.
Now - the Heartsong comes!

Standing still or on the run,
In shadow, dark night, or bright-hued sun,
Facing foe, or in play or fun,
The Bullseye and I are One.

Song awakens the inner glow!
In effortless effort, find the flow!
Now, now is the time to bend the bow!
And unleash the shining arrow!

The Bullseye and I are One.
The Bullseye and I are One.

Singing the song last night had not released the growing heaviness and tension in her chest.

“What is wrong?” she had wondered. And then she had it, “Now and then. Songs pour from me now and then. I need the arrows infused always, not just now and then when the mood or inspiration takes me over!”

A terror arose at the thought of not having the Al'noth consistently available to protect her, in the face of her primal need for freedom and to explore and follow her curiosity in the wild world. She did not want to have to depend on others for her safety, and she did not want to be limited in where she roamed. “Childish,” she thought to herself, “but there it is.”

The rush of fear turned had turned to anger. “No simple or complex technique? No clear end in sight for learning this….this blasted path of the Arcane Archer?”

And then she had spiraled down into heavy depression and despair

Back in the present now, the morning sun peeked over the crown of trees to warm her face. She closed her eyes and faced the sun. She consciously relaxed her eyelids, eye muscles, and eyeballs, letting the sunlight pour it’s warm glow into her closed eyes and into her brain. She welcomed the warmth, the light. The ache in her heart eased, and her breathing slowed.

“I can do this”, she sighed. “No, I can’t ‘do’ this, but if I want this badly enough, I can practise allowing, surrendering, and ….being, living, and shooting from the heart.” Her belly shuddered again. Fear? Worry? “This is not so easy,” she thought. “It means a subtle shift of my whole being. And I’m a selfish ungrateful self-absorbed sharp-tongued wench!” She sighed again, breathing in the sunlight through the closed lids of her eyes, and feeling her chest ease and her heart relax into the present moment. Tears were flowing now, but not of despair. Maybe of relief, or surrender, or acceptance.

“So….do I want this badly enough to learn to surrender to the heart, to inspiration, maybe even to…”

She knew she did want it bad enough. Ever since a wee child, admiring her mother's mastery, she had longed for master the Arcane Archer path. Yet studying with her mother had failed, for the most part. Then she had tried on her own - willfully trying to interpret and practise everything her mother had said, and everything Ysh had witnessed or spied upon. And that had failed. Now, unexpectedly, miraculously, Sehky had accepted her as an apprentice, welcomed her to the Tower Academy, and surprisingly, had faith in her ability to find the way to mastering this...blasted, confounding, frustrating, terrifyingly difficult path.

“I don’t know…,I just don’t know” she muttered tiredly. She was so tired.

Ysheera lay down in the sunlight, unable to tie the loose strands of hope and faith and confidence together into a bridle for her passion.

“You will find it, Ysheera. Your song convinced me that you can open to this mystery. You have the heart for it,” Sehky had said last night.

“Do you trust him, Ysh?” she asked herself now. “He is, perhaps, the most patient, non-judgemental, and kind person I know….and he ‘is’ a master of this path. So….yes, I trust him.”

Somehow finding that clarity, that trust in her teacher, gave strength to her. It buoyed her into sitting again, firming her focus and will, choosing.

“Yes, I am choosing,” she thought. “I am choosing this path. I have longed for this all my life. Come failure, death, or masterful victory, I choose this.”

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Bron's Attributes are Lower
« on: April 24, 2021, 03:57:41 pm »
Lilly manually reset the stats after other methods did not work!
As long as they don't drop back down permanently again if I die, then I should be good! (though he's definitely on a diet, the new slim trim Bron *sigh*)

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