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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: February 20, 2019, 12:27:43 am »
Del bought 2 lion bags for 9174, money in the instrument chest.

Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel buys exceptional belt of cunning for 5500 true.

Fixed Bugs / Re: Whirlwind attack bug?
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:48:07 pm »
Should be fixed now, script was updated dynamically. After the whirlwind you will need to re-engage an enemy.

Thanks Orth, this is fixed.
On a side note it might need a bit of timing tweeking for layo... or I could just be lagging.
I'll let you know after far more use cases.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: January 29, 2019, 11:30:33 am »
Mica buys 6 craig cat bags at 2064 each, put 12384 in the instruments chest.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: January 28, 2019, 07:38:00 pm »
Mica buy's a dwarven war axe (addy) for 8100 T, and a Katana (addy) for 6000 T

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: January 22, 2019, 11:28:15 pm »
Tralek told Mica Silverhammer she could purchase a malar whip for 2000 T.. Purchased, money in the box.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: January 22, 2019, 08:43:39 pm »
Mica Silverhammer buy's an iron maul for 2000 T, and an amulet of bulls str II for 5940 T

Mica Silverhammer buy's oak shortbow for 1500 gold... put in chest.

Layonara Server / Re: Notice regarding the Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:59:57 pm »
any of my characters would manage the shop if given the oportunity

Fixed Bugs / Re: Weird & Mind Immune Monsters
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:33:51 pm »
Fire Giants (should not be) / (are not) immune to mind spells anywhere in the world but layonara (if they are immune to them here)

Fire Giants in the OC are not immune to mind spells
They are immune to fire, but vulnerable to cold... they have a will save of 5... no immunity to mind spells, not on their skin, their weapon, or their armor.... not granted by a script, special ability, feat, or item.
there is one fire giant blueprint in the OC that has a will save of 8.

To see this you can open any of the OC modules by copying them from the nwm directory to the modules directory of your NWN install... rename all of them to have the extension .mod and then you can open them in the toolset and edit/look as much as your heart desires...

Chapter 1 does not have any fire giants in the custom pallete or the module
Chapter 1E does not have any fire giants in the custom pallete (didn't search the module)
Chapter 2 does not have any fire giants in the custom pallete (didn't search the module)
Chapter 2E does not have any fire giants in the custom pallete (didn't search the module)
Chapter 3 has fire giants in the custom pallete
Chapter 4 does not have any fire giants in the custom pallete (didn't search the module)

If fire giants are immune to mind spells on layo, it's the only place in the world they are immune to them

you can search the module and look for a special case if you want using edit -> find instance and look for the tags, or the blueprint resref (required to place an instance in the module) of the creature you're looking for.


General Discussion / Re: F keys not working in Wine
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:28:22 am »
Function keys do not work

If your F<num> keys do not work, this is probably because the kernel driver for the keyboard has defaulted to using the media keys and requiring you to use the Fn key to get to the F<num> keys. To change the behavior temporarily, append 2 to /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/fnmode.

# echo 2 > /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/fnmode

To make the change permanent, set the hid_apple fnmode option to 2:


options hid_apple fnmode=2

To apply the change to your initial ramdisk, in your mkinitcpio configuration (usually /etc/mkinitcpio.conf), make sure you either have modconf included in the HOOKS variable or /etc/modprobe.d/hid_apple.conf in the FILES variable. You would then need to regenerate the initramfs.

if you need more help I can help you... I compile my own kernels and everything else in linux myself.
I don't personally run Arch as a main distro, I run Gentoo, but they are related and I do get a lot of help for my own problems from Arch wikis. I have run nearly every distribution of linux. What distribution are you running on that mac? Ubuntu? Yellow Dog? Debian? (can't remember all the others that support mac (those may be old ppc versions of mac and not the new intel))
source :

General Discussion / Re: Help with PRCs
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:23:31 am »
That is what I was after.
Now my question is "What is an updated biography"?
Searching in that post I can't find any definition of it.
Is this the same as a 2 week CDT?
I am not aware of any active shifters, only active druids on the server.
What are the steps I should take to be qualified to submit a request to take a CDQ and shifter levels?

General Discussion / Help with PRCs
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:17:03 pm »
I'm looking for the information on PRCs, I've been to and the search feature doesn't seem to work and I can't find any information on what i'd need to do to take shifter levels.

Any help would be great.


Layonara Server / Re: NWN on Mac?
« on: October 06, 2018, 02:33:15 am »
@Jadewillow, I can test out the Mac osX if you like.

Layonara Server / Re: NWN on Mac?
« on: October 06, 2018, 02:30:29 am »
Yep, you can see here some of the info I was compiling for it when during beta. A lot of that is outdated, there have been further developments and new things, eg toolset works again in Linux with Wine. I meant to update later, but there was still a weekly dev patch at the time so I couldn't keep up :)

You can't use it to play on Layo, which is not running on EE and is still on version 1.69. I think this is still true:
I'd encourage anyone that wants to support NWN's future to buy EE (it's worth noting that Steam takes a big bite out of that if you get it from there), though obviously if you are only interested in NWN insofar as it involves Layo, don't rush to the bank because I think you'll be alright until further notice :)

I'm not a big fan of the OC, so if I were someone whose only interest in NWN was Layo and the OC, I would not buy it or recommend it -- provided I could actually run 1.69, which is of course not true for a lot of people on modern systems. I love NWN though, so I'm happy it was picked up and is being actively developed, again - especially by people pulled from the modding community.

What problems are people having on modern systems? We've got 1.69 running on modern systems here, core i7, nvidia 1070 ti and gtx, windows 10... haven't had any issues... I keep hearing about issues, but i've never seen them... can you explain?

Layonara Server / Re: Server showing as Offline
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:05:20 pm »
Code: [Select]
global $address;

$ip "";
$ip gethostbyname('');

if (
$address == "")
$address look_my_ip();
$address "";


Fixed Bugs / I lost my pack ox and
« on: December 03, 2015, 01:54:36 pm »

I lost my pack ox and contents fighting the lions outside krandor... only got off one ww attack and couldn't even drink a potion or throw one on my pack ox.  I've seen it fighting all kinds of creatures.

Fixed Bugs / ah so using the fix from
« on: December 03, 2015, 10:44:08 am »

ah so using the fix from then

i'll see if i can break that one.

Fixed Bugs / how to fix whirlwind attack,
« on: December 03, 2015, 10:39:15 am »

how to fix whirlwind attack, courtesy of an old friend.

note the fix is at the bottom and commented out in case you forget to test before release.

also note that the speak string command there is for debugging and you'd have to set oAttackTarget to use that line... 
the clear all actions is all you really need, if you don't want the player to have to re-target then you can use the last line.

//:: x2_s2_whirl.nss
//:: Copyright (c) 2003 Bioware Corp.
    Performs a whirlwind or improved whirlwind
//:: Created By: Georg Zoeller
//:: Created On: 2003-08-20
//:: Updated By: GZ, Sept 09, 2003
void main()
    object oSelf = OBJECT_SELF;
    int bImproved = (GetSpellId() == 645);// improved whirlwind
    /* Play random battle cry */
    int nSwitch = d10();
    switch (nSwitch)
        case 1: PlayVoiceChat(VOICE_CHAT_BATTLECRY1); break;
        case 2: PlayVoiceChat(VOICE_CHAT_BATTLECRY2); break;
        case 3: PlayVoiceChat(VOICE_CHAT_BATTLECRY3); break;
    // * GZ, Sept 09, 2003 - Added dust cloud to improved whirlwind
    if (bImproved)
      effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect(460);
    // * make me resume combat
    //DelayCommand(3.8, ClearAllActions(TRUE));
    //DelayCommand(4.0, AssignCommand(oSelf,ActionAttack(oAttackTarget, FALSE)));


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