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Character Submissions / Re: Marquot Alabast - New Character
« on: June 22, 2020, 01:29:59 am »
Hello Cascadian,

I am trying to see a motivation for Marquot to leave his position as a guard and become an adventurer. Can you please elaborate this a little more? Why would he leave the life behind that his father and mother also had? How do they feel about it? Being guards in Center, they have seen several adventurers coming and going and sometimes not coming back as well. I'd like to also see a little bit more on how he strives to become a weapon master.


Character Submissions / Re: Jericho Fel Character Submission
« on: June 19, 2020, 04:03:05 pm »
We have a nifty chart of all the deities and their domains here:

Character Submissions / Re: Jericho Fel Character Submission
« on: June 19, 2020, 12:48:22 pm »
Hello Blksabbath74,

thank you for your first submission. It's a good read and there is not much I can complain about. Most of what I have to address is purely formal.

As you are submitting a multiclassed character, I need to know the intended level split at lvl 20, i.e. Classes: Cleric/Wizard/Rogue (x/y/z). Keep in mind you need at least 5 levels in each class before hitting level 21.

As you are also submitting for levels as a cleric, I need you to update the stat block with the two domains of Aragen you will choose for Jericho. The domains for Aragen can be found here: Please note that one of the two domains has to be Knowledge.

Additionally, you will have to come up with three statements regarding the chosen faith (source:

Due to the responsibility of a character who is granted divine power to uphold these things submissions for Clerics, Paladins and Champions must contain the following three sections in addition to the standard submission:

  • An acknowledgement that the player has read and understands the dogma and expectations of their chosen deity and intends to follow them.
  • How this particular character sees and interprets their deity's dogma in the past, and how they will, in the future, reflect that interpretation. This does not mean that your character may not change how they interpret the dogma or how they embody that interpretation as they are influenced by world events and RP. Treat this section as more of a description of how your character currently plans to embody their interpretation of the dogma.
  • A discussion/explanation with respect to how closely the character follows normal practices of the chosen deity, particularly in regards to the character's choice of weapon, armor, clothing and even colors worn.
While classes are very limiting and kind of meta, we will still require the statements as after all, he is a cleric of Aragen.

My main concern with this submission is what Jericho already achieved at such a young age. I know, there are many discussions on various forums and channels as to how they age and what reaching adulthood means to elves, so I am skipping on that. As of writing this reply, the current year on Layonara is 1476. Real came to power around 1402-1404, which left him at 48 years by the time it happened. By that time he already rose up to a gang leader and later eventually owning an own newspaper. Keep in mind that Jericho is starting as a level 1 character. Right now it feels a bit overpowering, considering his level at the time of the submission.

Instead, you could focus a little more on the wizard aspects of this submission. I assume he was introduced in the theory of the Al'Noth by Anton Brightshadow?

The correct race of Lord Rael is Deep Dwarf :)

Additionally, involving another players' character in a submission will require the written consent of the player. Please have the player post in this thread.

It is a good submission and I can see the concept working, especially the journalist part, but it will require some minor tweaks :)

Character Submissions / Re: Character Resubmission for Xiao Lin
« on: June 07, 2020, 05:14:59 am »
Would there have to be five levels taken when reaching level 40, or is it just that I would need five levels in rogue before transitioning to something else (either back to monk or another class)?
As the first link on my original implies, you will have to take 5 consecutive levels in the new class if the resubmission gets approved.

I ask because, ideally, I could take my next level (36) in monk, and then transition to rogue over the course of gaining XP toward 37.
That is possible. It is also possible to toggle XP if the process takes longer, just as a reminder.

Character Submissions / Re: Character Resubmission for Xiao Lin
« on: June 06, 2020, 11:34:51 am »
Hey there,

as per the character submission guidelines, you are applying for a secondary class after lvl 30. I will link you the passage which applies here:

"Characters approved for an additional class beyond what was established prior to level twenty-one (21) must take five (5) levels or more consecutively upon initiating levels in the new class." As your character is already level 35 this means you will have to take the levels up to 40 with the new class. After 40, you may apply for another class, take another 5 levels of rogue or request a CDQ to enter the path of a monk again (taken from

There are several ways to support a new class: "We require some sort of documentation of these roleplay aspects. They may come in the form of: Well maintained CDT/PCDT*, GM testimony, CDQ or a mix and match of two or more options. When using GM testimony as an option alone we ask for the testimony of three different GMs in the capacity as GM not as player. There may be a need for more then one posting for each depending on the request. We consider these requests on a case by case basis and in some, there may be new precedent. Because we likely cannot reasonably predict each and every possibility we leave this as a general statement to explain the process. If more detailed information is desired, please post in the Ask A Gamemaster forum or go ahead and post in the Submissions forum and the CA staff will guide the player through whatever is necessary for the character in question."

Also note that gaining any new class past level 30 is also a bit harder: "New classes added after level thirty (30) are very difficult to obtain and will require substantial RP support."

Seeing you just opened a CDT, we will need some more input to reflect his possible choice to enter a new path and abandon his chapter. The rules state the following: "Well maintained CDTs/PCDTs are considered to be entries that span no less then two (2) real life weeks and are consistently updated every few days. We will not mandate a minimum post number or spacing at this time. Some resubmissions may require more development then this and will be judged on a case by case basis. If a player is curious about their particular situation, please post in the Ask A Gamemaster forum with the specifics so we may be able to guide you appropriately."

All the quotes are from the post in my first link. The first post in the CDT is a good start and also a good read. Keep in mind that a rogue is more than just a few skill points. Every class can set traps, pick locks and the like, given they invest points in cross-class skills. It is expensive, but entirely possible.

I hope this gives you a little more insight on how to proceed from here.

//on official business or OOC-ly?

Character Development Quests (CDQ's) / Lilium (CDQ)
« on: April 08, 2020, 10:15:03 am »
 Lilium (CDQ)
Available for CDQs only at this point!!!

Rules and guidelines:
  • As I only run CDQs at the moment, I will limit the maximal number of participants to 3 (the requester is already included). Anything else will be considered as a GCDQ in my eyes.
  • The quest will be focused on the main character, meaning any other possible participants may aid your character, but should not overtake the quest.
  • While planning the quest, I will keep your character in my mind, meaning any of my quests can be done solo. Of course, the difficulty may increase the more participants are present.
  • During planning I may ask you for additional information regarding your character. If I request them, be assured that they are crucial for planning the quest and thus do not hesitate and give me proper and elaborate responses.
  • Running a quest does not automatically result in a successful completion. Depending on the choices made within it, it may result in a failure.
  • Remember, actions do have consequences, may they be good or bad.
  • Please come up with a good reason why you want me to run the quest. I am aware of the current quest situation, but I will refuse to run quests solely on the purpose just so that there is one around.
  • Once your apply for a CDQ here in this thread, I will get in touch with you via PM when I get to it.
  • Tailoring quests to the participant(s) does take time. Please respect this and give me proper time to come up with everything. No nagging. I will get to it, given my RL obligations. Failure to respect this may result in cancellation of said quest and you will have to reapply again. Seeing one of my player characters around online does not mean I am not focusing on the quests, but after a busy day I may just need some time off. I think we all have been there.

 What to expect and not to expect on my quests?
  • As the GM, I provide a framework for the quest. You have to actively get involved in the setting. I won’t drag the main character along and tell them what to do. That is up to the character. It is their quest.
  • Do not expect an easy pass on the goal. You have to work actively to achieve your set goals.
  • Expect that your actions have consequences. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t mind altering the whole planned out scenario to reflect the choices made during the early stages of the quest.
  • Expect quests that are mostly story-driven. Many of the quests I led in PnP settings did not rely on combat at all. I am not saying that there will be no combat at all, but depending on the setting and / or situation you may run into little or no encounters. The reason behind this is quite simple: I think this approach offers players a better approach and setting to actively develop their character character during the quest.
  • NWN is a limited and restrictive when it comes to its mechanics and which might not work well within the quest. Thus, do not rely too heavily on the mechanics. I expect you to keep this in mind while participating in one of my quests.

 How often and when do I run quests?
  • I live in Europe which means I will run quests within reasonable hours for myself, mainly during afternoon / evening (GMT+2). During weekends I may also be available in GMT mornings. Please keep in mind that due to RL obligations and family reasons I cannot be available for quests all the time.
  • Due to RL obligations I will only run around 2-3 CDQs during a year. Keep that in mind while applying. Depending on the backlog, you may have to wait for a longer period until I can focus on your quest.

 Even though I set some rules and boundaries, we are all here to have fun and enjoy the quests. I work hard to make the CDQs enjoyable for all participants.

Current CDQ:
In Planning:
1. Gilshem Ironstone - Thhakuk
2. Xiaobeibi – Martlet A Swift

Important Layonara Announcements / Re: Server unkown to us
« on: March 25, 2020, 01:15:31 pm »
I just gave it a little test and I can log in without any issues (6:10 PM UTC+1). Can you please double check if you are running the correct build of NWN:EE? Right now, we still need NWN Enhanced Edition Version 8186 which you have to set manually in the game settings within Steam.

General Discussion / Re: New Version of EE
« on: December 03, 2019, 02:46:42 am »
You can actually roll back versions on steam.
To do so, right click on Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition in your steam library. Select "Properties...". A new window opens where you have to switch to the "BETAS" tab. There you can select a build of your choice. GOG is still using Build 8186 (v1.78). Not sure about the builds in between as I am using the GOG version for Layo.

Hope this helps!

I, Tess Morgan, picked up a lesser ring of fox cunning and left 1,750 True in the chest as I do not have any credit with the store .. yet!

General Discussion / Re: Custom Portraits
« on: July 06, 2019, 06:18:38 pm »
Portrait for my new char, Theresa Morgan.

*as Kira overhears some of the rumours she spreads additional information to the pawners and town criers to share*

"The group shall meet up at the Thunderpeak Crossroads. Be wary if you want to want to come along. It is a difficult ascend into the fortress and the battles we will have to fight inside won't be easy either. We do not guarantee for anyone's safety, but we will try our very best to keep everyone alive and breathing. It is a challenge, but a rewarding one."

//Time zones go here:

Fixed Bugs / Elemental and Wild Shape
« on: May 12, 2019, 11:42:35 am »
Bug Report
Description: I addition to the bug report I already submitted regarding the damage while using a shape (animal or elemental), I also noticed a difference in AB and AT of the shapes (see screenshots attached). In the EE version I do not get following message during the process of changing into an elemental (or animal for that matter):

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 17:26:09] Merged: Armor, Helmet, Shield, Rings, Amulet, Cloak, Boots, Belt, Bracers, Weapon (if you had one equipped) or gloves to unarmed attacks.
The lack of the merged items would explain the difference in the stats.
Note: The only spell I cast before using the shape was Owls Wisdom in both versions.

Location: Everywhere
Reproducable: Yes

Bug Report
Description: Storm of Vengeance does not deal electrical damage anymore, even though the opponents which run into it fail their saving throws vs. electrical dmg. I am not sure if they are still stunned if they fail their saving throw vs electrical as they were already caught in a stone hold.

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:01] Forest Giant Stalker of the Broken Glade Clan : Reflex Save vs. Electricity : *failure* : (2 + 9 = 11 vs. DC: 35)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:01] Forest Giant Feller of the Broken Glade Clan : Reflex Save vs. Electricity : *failure* : (9 + 4 = 13 vs. DC: 35)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:01] Forest Giant Feller of the Broken Glade Clan : Reflex Save vs. Electricity : *failure* : (3 + 4 = 7 vs. DC: 35)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:01] Evelyn Sylphide attacks Forest Giant Stalker of the Broken Glade Clan : *hit* : (7 + 18 = 25)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:01] Evelyn Sylphide damages Forest Giant Stalker of the Broken Glade Clan: 27 (27 Physical)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:02] Evelyn Sylphide damages Forest Giant Feller of the Broken Glade Clan: 21 (21 Acid)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:02] Evelyn Sylphide damages Forest Giant Feller of the Broken Glade Clan: 13 (13 Acid)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sun May 12 14:41:02] Evelyn Sylphide damages Forest Giant Stalker of the Broken Glade Clan: 23 (23 Acid)
Location: Tested in the Forest of Fogs, will likely affect all areas
Reproducable: Yes

In Windows they are stored in the user directory of nwn, i.e. c:\users\username\documents\neverwinter nights\logs

Layonara Server / Re: Post here if the Server needs to be restarted
« on: April 20, 2019, 10:05:04 am »
The server could need a little restart. People have been jumping around like crazy :) While it was amusing to look at, it was hard to even get from A to B ;)

General Discussion / Re: Help with PRCs
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:48:21 pm »
As for the PRC requirements itself:
For the submission: Post #3

Hope this is the information you were after :)

Layonara Server / Re: Lost old player!
« on: December 27, 2018, 11:01:27 pm »
Are you using the standard or enhanced edition of NWN? Layonara did not make the move to NWN:EE and last time I checked steam only offered the enhanced edition.

It is included in the EE edition on gog.
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition includes the unaltered original version of Neverwinter Nights Diamond (The original version will be automatically added to your account.)

Layonara Server / Re: optional music
« on: November 23, 2018, 01:19:18 pm »
You can download the optional files at the old website..
Hope this helps :)

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