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General Discussion / Re: Sorry for absence
« on: May 15, 2024, 10:50:12 pm »
You're gona get better soon!!!  Praying for you Storm!

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: January 24, 2024, 07:22:43 am »
*A note is left on the board for customer orders with an hickory arrow affixing it*


Tipsy Oak here.  I'd like the following scrolls please:
4th: Ice Storm and fire wall
3rd: Flame arrow, scentilating sphere, melth's acid breath, and gust of wind

Thank you and please excuse my poor spelling.


Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: November 07, 2023, 02:19:58 am »
*Tipsy Oak eagerly searches through the III and IV scroll chest and makes some purchases*
Dispel Magic 450
Polymorph 1000**
Magic Circle Against Alignment 450**
Fear 1000
Isaac's Lesser Missile 1000
Phantasmal Killer 1000
Summon Creature IV 1000
Total 5900
Total with 20% discount 4720
Paid in trues 4720.....Thank you!!!
** Took the last one, so might want to replace

*Tipsy Oak drops by after not trading here in quite some time*


Purple Mushrooms 77x50=3850
Ginseng 11x150=1650

Total Took = 5500


Balanced Hands of the Master (gloves/put in overflow) = 20248*

Total Left = 20248

Old Balance: 0 (can't remember so will start fresh)
Total Took: 5500
Total Left: 20248
New Balance: 14748

Donation: 550

*LP x .75

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: June 28, 2023, 09:46:43 pm »
*Griff wanders to the special jewelry chest and plucks a ring and ammy of intel made with emeralds.  He bangs a bag of true on the table and shouts about the overcharged price.  He looks around as the help wanders to the back room and closes the door.  He leaves a broken bag of trues on the chest with most of the $160,000 trues still in place*

General Discussion / Re: Accessing old characters in new NWN EE?
« on: December 19, 2022, 09:26:35 pm »
Hey Qui_Z,

Please see my post on discord regarding this.  Hope it helps and glad to see you back!

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: September 26, 2022, 07:28:36 am »
*Tipsy Oak came to do some shopping and leaves a note regarding his purchases*

Cobalt Scale Mail
Cobalt Tower Shield

I left 20,000 in the shields chest for both items.  Let me know if that is sufficient.

Thank you,


*Tipsy Oak brushes off the ledger and finds his last post*


Total Took =

Bulls II ring x 4 = 22000
Cats II ring x 5 = 27500

Total Left = 49500

Old Credit: 18887
Total Took:
Total Left: 49500
New Credit: 68387


* Priced at .75 x Lens Price

*Tipsy Oak stops in for a bit*

darkness scrolls 3 @ 250 = 750

Total Took = 750

Bulls II ring = 5500
Total Left = 5500

Old Credit: 14137
Total Took: 750
Total Left: 5500
New Credit: 18887

Donated: 75

* Priced at .75 x Lens Price

*Tipsy borrowed some Dex bracers and returned them and left 150 true in the donations chest*

Much thanks,


Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: March 22, 2022, 04:25:04 pm »
*Tipsy swings by to deposit 2k trues for the balance on the addy tower*

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: March 16, 2022, 02:39:52 am »
*A weathered and tired stirge arrives with a note saying Tipsy will pay the balance when he returns from the Rift*

*Tipsy Oak follows a dwarf coming from the smitty with red helms*

Addy helm = 4000
2x potion of death armor = 500

Total Took = 4500

Total Left =

Old Credit: 18637
Total Took: 4500
Total Left:
New Credit: 14137

Donated: 450

* Priced at .75 x Lens Price

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: March 10, 2022, 12:55:43 am »
I have purchased an adamantium tower shield and left 6,000 trues in the same chest.  Please let me know if this is an acceptable amount.

Yours truly,

Tipsy Oak, for the wolves

General Discussion / Re: Hi
« on: December 18, 2021, 02:59:22 pm »
Doin and I just came from the rift with some diamonds in hand with our 15 lvl characters.  Might get the 30 lvl dwarves out in the Deep soon.  Your fighter rogue dwarf (name Ket or Kettle?) Would be a good fit.  Good to hear from you!

Tipsy Oak has some dex and intel items.  He'll return as soon as possible!

Update:  Tipsy returns the items and thanks the help.

Update: Tipsy burrowed more intel and wisdom items...will return soon.

Update: Items returned...thanks!

Update: Burrowed some dex n charisma stuff and returned it.  Thanks!

*Gumbo hears about an elf dragging around birch bark and stops by*

Birch 164 at 40 = 6560
Total Took = 6560

Total Left =

Old Credit = 63747
Less Total Took = 6560
Add Total Left =
New Credit = 57187

Donated: 656

* .75 x LP
Modify message

*Tipsy Oak brings in a couple sacks of birch bark*


Total Took =

164 birch bark at 40 = 6560
Oak short bow = 1500
Total Left = 8060

Old Credit: 10577
Total Took:
Total Left: 8060
New Credit: 18637


* Priced at .75 x Lens Price

*Tipsy burrows some intel and wisdom gear and returns it promptly....and leaves.....hmm...a rod II in the rods chest, and took a raven feather that was on the ground*

*Tipsy Oak leaves a note saying he took some dex, intel and eagles gear and returned all the same and left 200 trues in the donations chest*

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