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Currently Purchasing:

Box of Sand - 1,500 True
Box of Sand - 1,500 True
Box of Hickory Branches - 1,300 True
Box of Clay - 1,300 True
Box of Copper Ore - 1,500 True
Box of Tin Ore - 1,500 True

Stop by 142 Krandor with a box //36 items// of any of these to collect the true, first door on the right!

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: February 08, 2020, 06:03:38 pm »
*Deverain stops by to pick up his new blade, and leaves the appropriate gold in the transaction chest*

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: February 07, 2020, 11:22:04 am »
*Deverain wanders into the store, looking through the items in stock before inquiring about the cost of a mithril bastard sword to any guild members present*

Trade and Market Hall / Seeking Mithril Bastard Sword
« on: February 06, 2020, 07:06:41 pm »
*Deverian tacks up notes around a few crafting halls and trading posts*

I'm looking for a craftsperson to fashion me a hand and a half sword made of Mithril. I've no idea how much a blade of that quality sells for, I've got about 80,000 gold saved up and would be happy to gather more if needed for the blade.


Development Journals and Discussion / ?*Garadel leans a new blade
« on: September 24, 2017, 01:14:00 am »

?*Garadel leans a new blade up in the corner of his home in Krandor and sits down at his desk to write*

Been busy lately... Not much time to write. Suppose its time to catch things up here.

The first (and arguably biggest) chance. I've finally found a perminant residence for myself. No more lumpy inn beds, no more finding room near the temple. 142 Krandor is my new home, and while it's not a grand castle, it's one I can be proud of. It has room to sleep, store goods for the crafting I've been so addicted to, and have a little living space to entertain friends. 

However, I've also found time to find new equipment for myself. New iron chainmail (I've chosen chainmail to keep my spells easier to cast in armor), some new gloves and a ring of strength. But most importantly is my new blade. I've yet to name it, although thus far it has served me well. It's natural fine edge is on par with what I can create with magic, although I am still able to enhance it with flames through arcane spells. 

I'm not sure how I feel about casting less wards on my blade before battle. Although it does allow me to remember more defensive spells, it also takes away a bit of the art and bond I felt I had had with my blade. Placing magical enchancements on a blade felt, in a way, bonding to the blade, and I miss that aspect a bit. I suppose soon enough I'll be able to empower my magic more, and still enchant my blade beyond what the iron is capable of on its own. 

*Garadel closes his journal and picks up his new greatsword, taking it into the room with a practice dummy he recently built*

Trade and Market Hall / Currently Purchasing!Box of
« on: September 23, 2017, 02:12:02 pm »

Currently Purchasing!

Box of White Mushrooms - 500 true

Box of Raw Malachite - 700 true

Box of Raw Greenstone - 750 true

Box of Garlic - 1,000 true

Box of Clay - 1,000 true

~Garadel Kamek


Development Journals and Discussion / *Garadel dips his quill in
« on: September 19, 2017, 12:10:55 pm »

*Garadel dips his quill in ink at the desk in his room of the One-Eyed Harpy in Fort Vehl*

I met another new adventurer today, another Evelyn. This one favored the greatsword as do I, and wielded it well. No doubt both her and Torvald will be better than I at the blade before long. I suppose if I stopped spending so much time in the craft hall and the Hall of Al'noth I might keep up with them. 

However, I think I'll always stay on-par with them, if only through magic. Some (the Voraxians) may deem it unhonorable, but I've found no adventurers who show distaste at my wards, be them for my own blade, or for the party. Evelyn was more more potent while wielding a flaming greatsword, and Torvald's enchanted axe was able to cut the undead beneath Vehl apart with ease. 

My own wards remain the strongest, however. While I can enchant some of their raw abilities or their blades a small amount, it seems as though casting on myself allows me to perform more beneficial enchantments such as Ghostly Visage, and Death Armor. Those spells, coupled with an enchanted blade, make me more than able to keep up with the raw tallent of warriors such as Evelyn and Torvald. 

Development Journals and Discussion / *Garadel dips his quill in
« on: September 18, 2017, 11:22:13 am »

*Garadel dips his quill in ink in an Inn in Leringard, having just returned from a trip to Krashin*

My fingers still haven't thawed from traveling through those blasted Kolbolds. It's cold up there, but the alexandrites were worth it. Not to mention witnessing a much greater spellweaver than I in action. 

Evelyn, a druid accompanied Torvald and I through the icelands. Although her powers came from nature rather than a spellbook, I saw the similarities from what she casted to what I am able to cast. However, despite her abilities to call lightning from the sky and petrify groups of kolbolds in stone, most impressive was her wards. The kolbolds were practically unable to harm Torvald as I as we charged into their ranks, spells bouncing off of her protections and arrows shattering against our skin. 

However, she had no blade wards, which I was disappointed in. I feel as if finding a more powerful mage than I to watch cast might be beneficial, much of what I've learned since I left the caravan has been by reading scrolls and guesswork. 

Development Journals and Discussion / *Garadel lays back on his bed
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:56:56 pm »

*Garadel lays back on his bed in the Bull's Eye Inn in Center, exhausted from the day's work*

Crafting is harder than I thought it would be. The elves of the caravan tried to teach me the basics of metal working, but I never took the lessons seriously. Why would I, when I could have been learning swordsmanship or the arcane arts?

The answer is in the fact that crafting an item you can then use on adventure is suprisingly satisfying. I've been developing a tallent in gem crafting, and while frusturating, I've made some rings that have been beneficial on my travels.

However, one craft I've found a particular tallent for has been enchanting. Much of the processes feel similar to that which I do on my blade before battle, although enchanting is a more permenant method of this. It melds well with gemcrafting and alchemy as well, creating enchanted rings and the like. 

However, I find myself eager to get back to adventuring whenever I am crafting. My art is in my magic and my blade, and perhaps it is my human attention span that continues to draw me out into the world of adventure, but life in the craft hall feels dull. 

Development Journals and Discussion / *Garadel sits down on his bed
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:10:16 pm »

*Garadel sits down on his bed in the Inn in Audria, laying out his whetstone and blade to sharpen it after combat with the desert giants, but opens his journal for a moment to record his thoughts.*

Once you know an enemy, it becomes far easier to defeat them.   I entered the desert using the same footwork and spells as I had been using against the goblins, and I was made to pay for it several times.   But staying more mobile on your feet is key against larger foes, as armor is less effective in stopping such large blades.   Death armor is also an effective spell against them, punishing them for hitting me while I resist their damage using Ghostly Visage. 

However, a constant I continue to use is blade enhancements.   They were some of the first spells I ever learned, and they remain potent and useful now.   A flaming sword has three virtues: First, it causes more damage with every strike.   Second, it illuminates dark cave passages with its flame.   And third, it makes the wielder look all the more heroic.   It draws attention to the hero.   When telling a tale of a group of warriors, the one wielding the flaming sword is clearly of some significance.

It's strange how traveling alone leaves you alone with your thoughts, even as you fight against giants, mine silver and topaz, and search for shelter against the desert storms.   Wandering the dunes has an eerie calm to it.   Many things have crossed my mind in my travels, including the words to a poem or song I should pen.   But I cannot help but wish I had companions with which to spend my time in the dunes, to watch my back.   (You'd be suprised at how quietly a giant can come up behind you).   

*Garadel closes his journal for the evening, sharpening his greatsword and humming melodies to songs*

Development Journals and Discussion / *Garadel shakes sand out of
« on: September 12, 2017, 01:44:00 am »

*Garadel shakes sand out of his pack as he pulls out his journal. His camp overlooked the Wandering Dunes, nothing but sand as far as the eye can see.*

I'm a long ways from home now, I know that much for certain. The Giants who wander these dunes present a whole new challenge, their massive spears proving just a touch more punishing than the knives of the goblins. But my magical wards have done me well thus far, protecting me and giving my sword the added edge needed to cut down these massive foes. Something about fighting a monster twice your size seems more heroic than battling goblins. The greater the adversary, the grander the tale. 

These Giants guard veins of silver and topaz as well. I've heard topaz is prized by wizards for its spellcasting properties. And as for silver, I could use it to hone smelting abilities. Silver is a beautiful metal after all, worthy of the art I should learn to do. 

A wandering knight, so far from his home,

Fighting off beasts with a blade and a tome. 

He dances and battles and sings of his victories. 

But what is his song without ears to be listening? 

I never was good at lyrics  

*Garadel looks around at his empty camp with a sigh, and lays back onto his bedroll, staring at Ilsare's constellation in the night sky*

Development Journals and Discussion / *Garadel opens his journal to
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:24:33 pm »

*Garadel opens his journal to the next page, and begins by sketching both combat maneuvers from the day's training, as well as spells he has recently learned, including the necromantic 'death armor'*

Full plate armor makes fighting easier by tenfold, but casting harder by just as much. I hadn't expected so much resistance from my plate with the somatic components of my spells. However, I've found ways to cast without the motions, although my more advanced spells seem all but impossible to do while holding still. All in time, I suppose. 

New spells are making the battle against these goblins far easier, although I'm beginning to wonder if the city will ever truely be safe from them. It seems as though they train warriors as fast as I can fight them. Thankfully the goblins aren't smart, I suppose. A society like they've created, with only crude armors, rusty weapons, and a complete lack of art, seems repulsive. Not to mention their lack of bathing. 

While I do have new armor, I am still wielding my practice blade from the caravan. Although thus far I have been able to make up for its pitfalls using magic, I suppose soon enough it will be time to find a new blade, wrought of iron. I have seen alchemical enchantments available that appear to be able to work in conjunction with my spells, which could be a potent combination. 

The goblins also horde gemstones in their caves, and I have seen thick veins of what looks to be copper. It would not be out of the question that I learn to craft something myself. After all, what better way to acknowledge the art of the sword than to craft a weapon truely worthy of an artist?

For now, I'll continue practicing casting without movement, so that I might be able to unleash spells on my enemies while fighting them with a blade as well. 

*Garadel chuckles and closes his book, going back to helping clean the Temple of Hlint*

Development Journals and Discussion /           Belaruth is eager
« on: September 07, 2017, 01:36:55 am »

          Belaruth is eager to get to work in Center, and I cannot say I blame him.   It's no wonder this was chosen as our first task, evil seems to lurk at almost every corner.   The orcs near the Ire Mountains, the serpent-men of the coasts, and even the undead abominations living right below the city in the catacombs, all seem to be an ever-present threat to the people of Center.   A church of Prunilla exists within the city, but they appear to do little to quell the evils outside of the city.   I suppose they do their part in healing the townspeople, and while that is respectable, I doubt we'll have much aid from them.   In fact, it seems that the town fails to even have an organized guard.   Or perhaps they simply do so little that I have yet to notice them.   Either way, I see why my brother feels the need to begin our work as soon as possible. 


Oh Great Leader, guide my hand as I show the people of this town your light.  

Lay upon me both the strength to drive evil from this land, and the wisdom to show your light to the hearts of those around me.  

Protect my brother and I with your blessings as we do your benevolent work, fighting evil at its roots to make this world safer and more filled with righteousness. 

General Discussion / Alright... Updates on the
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:59:00 pm »

Alright... Updates on the situation. Still not getting it to work, no noticable improvement.

I redownloaded the entire game to see if there was something wrong there, to no avail. However, did manage to figure out a few things in the process:

While my internet is slow, it was able to run the large-ish downloads from Although partway through the second file, I went to a friends house to use their internet because a 6 day download time was a bit too much for me. 

I got everything set up at his house, and logged on to see if the solution was fixed. Despite being on a much faster internet connection, the severe lag remained an issue.

So... Not the internet is what I've been able to conclude, and the computer was able to handle the big downloads, which I believe means not the LAN card, although I may be mistaken on that due to my ineptitude with computers. 



EDIT: Also, it appears the escape menu (options, return to main menu, etc) is also running very slowly, even in the single-player mode.

General Discussion / Silverblades, what do you
« on: September 06, 2017, 08:09:43 pm »

Silverblades, what do you mean by "dropping out" on large files? I actually had issues downloading the latest hak file when it was released, due to it getting halfway through the download before it would stop trying to download, and the file would be "corrupted" or whatever and unable to extract. 

However, I've had no difficulties uploading large files like videos to youtube (1 hour +, so pretty big files)

Could the hak thing be indicative of a bad LAN card?



Layonara Server / School is out and I sat down
« on: May 29, 2017, 04:39:58 pm »

School is out and I sat down to get this HAK set up (long overdue I know...)

Anyways. The TLK downloaded and extracted in just fine. However, the HAK file refuses to download. I believe it may be due to some latency with my internet connection, but it keeps getting between 10-50 MB downloaded and then says it's done, and then says the files are corrupted. 

Not sure how to fix this issue? I've tried both browsers on my computer (Chrome and Explorer) and they both have the same issue.



General Discussion / I haven't gotten a chance to
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:17:49 pm »

I haven't gotten a chance to test the offered fixes, I've got SAT testing tomorrow. Tomorrow evening I'll update with if the window's update fix worked, and if not some more info on my laptop and the issue!


Thanks All,


General Discussion / I'm currently using about a
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:32:00 pm »

I'm currently using about a four-year-old Samsung Laptop. I'm not a big computer guy so I'm not sure what gear it's loaded out with, although I assume its nothing fancy. I picked it up for about 250 dollars so its not great. It's running Windows 10, and I know there was some issues with Windows 10 and NWN before, but I never encountered any of those problems. 

I've tried turning all effects off, if it helped at all I couldn't tell. The game is unplayable at this point so any improvement would have been very minor. 

And no major changes to my computer since I've bought it. 




General Discussion / Email sent! Thanks for the
« on: November 22, 2016, 11:42:30 pm »

Email sent! Thanks for the help.

Layonara Server / So is the server okay to be
« on: August 13, 2016, 11:05:30 pm »

So is the server okay to be logged into now or does it need some more time?

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