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Rumour Has It / March 25 I'll be away from
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:47:56 pm »

March 25 I'll be away from home for the day, unable to play (or at least not until quite late eastern time.. 10 or 11 ish) so its not a good day for me.  The friday evening before (the 24th) would be fine for me if that worked for people?

Rumour Has It / // SC check: 17 + 26 = 43 
« on: February 22, 2017, 08:10:55 am »

// SC check: 17 + 26 = 43  (roll + skill)

General Discussion / I sadly won't be able to
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:01:56 pm »

I sadly won't be able to attend on the 18th.  It's presidents' day weekend and I'll be in the middle of a 4-day trip.   The 11th seems more likely for me.  Hope you all have fun! :)

Rumour Has It / // Its been holidays and
« on: January 09, 2017, 10:36:15 am »

// Its been holidays and after-holidys work catch-up and so on.  I imagine Lance has just been busy, and will get back to us when he can. :)


Trade and Market Hall / [Jenna Gale]Left: 42 Honey
« on: December 28, 2016, 12:05:51 pm »

[Jenna Gale]

Left: 42 Honey (2100)

Old Balance: 50,666

New Balance: 52,766

Rumour Has It / Well, no it definitely
« on: December 25, 2016, 08:40:11 pm »

Well, no it definitely summoned us to the summoning circles.. they were the anchors, the destination.  That's why I suggested re-creating them somewhere more useful to us.  *she shrugs*  You could make them right here next to the portal, or up on the surface too.  The ones below would probably need to be scuttled... though I'm still trying to figure out if that's necessary.. i.e. if the summoning array here 'looks' in a programmed area for the focus points to 'summon' creatures to.. or if it just 'summons' us out into the ether and then the circles 'catch' us.  Could be dangerous if its the latter, and we haven't made new ones yet when it goes off... if we destroyed the ones down there.

*She shrugs, still peering into the energies, flicking her fingers now and then, and holding a glowing opal in onehand*  Though if I can manage what I'm thinking of here.. it should defuse the problem....


Rumour Has It / // I thought we had also
« on: December 12, 2016, 10:09:26 am »

// I thought we had also established (one of the first things we figured out about it) that the summoning effect was limited to the cavern where the barrier was, and going into the tunnel around a corner or two was sufficient not to be affected by it?

Rumour Has It / (( am I mis-remembering? 
« on: December 11, 2016, 08:31:33 am »

(( am I mis-remembering?  Though at the beginning we were teleported into a dungeon map, I thought the description we were given was that we were teleported outside a cave, and then made our way in..?  I didn't think we were trapped, just a long way from civilization... ))


"Sorry Armand, I've always sought to draw more and concentrate more of the Al'noth from within and through me.  I haven't practiced any kind of effect that destroys or disperses it."

Rumour Has It / *She snaps her fingers*  You
« on: December 08, 2016, 08:02:51 am »

*She snaps her fingers*  You can teleport..  if you went to the castle and recreated the summoning circles there.. perhaps I could set this device to target them instead of the ones below?  Then getting everyone where they can receive aid would be as simple as letting them be "summoned" there.  After they've had a month or two to recover, then we could end all the summons again.  They'd be back here, but strong and healthy once more.  *she gives that idea some thought*


Rumour Has It / "It will certainly cause more
« on: December 07, 2016, 01:11:25 am »

"It will certainly cause more trouble until we find a way to dismantle or move this device, for that is what it is.." Jenna muses, "it traps people, but its not a trap in and of itself, but  programmed device.  I'm trying to figure out how to disable or perhaps move it away." 

*with some amusement she shrugs* "If I find a way to move it I could just put it in my attic, and it wouldn't bother anyone while I study it until I find a way to turn it off. "

*glancing away from the stone briefly around at the various too-weak to climb soldiers... then gives the metal-armed man in the group a smile*  "Armand, I believe you can solve Tyrra's immediate problem... a construct should be able to easily carry several of them out at a time.  Just rig a few slings or straps for them to lie or sit in as it goes, and shuttle them out.  The helmed ones float, after all.. it would just follow you up and down as you make the climb.  It would take a few trips, but not that long, all told."

*noting to Tyrra and the others,* "Just be sure, first, that everyone is out of this little cavern when timer runs down again."

*with that, she turns her attention back to the patterns and flows of the al'noth within the device..*

Trade and Market Hall / Jenna Gale:Took: In
« on: December 04, 2016, 11:51:08 pm »

Jenna Gale:

Took: In conjunction with Armand Dawson, took 26 platinum ingots (7,800).  Each of us is paying half:

Old Balance: 49,341 (-3,900)

New Balance: 45,441  [ 390 left in the tipchest ]


<Later that day>

Left:  35 spotted mushrooms (3,500), 31 cranberries (1,395), 12 honey (600),  8 hops (560). =6,055

Took: 4 ginger (200), 11 ginseng (660), 1 elderberry juice (80) = 940

[6,055 - 940 = 5115]

Old Balance: 45,441   (+5,115)

New Balance: 50,666  [ 94 left in the tipchest ]


Trade and Market Hall / Jenna Gale:Left: 65 honey
« on: December 02, 2016, 07:17:53 am »

Jenna Gale:

Left: 65 honey (3250), 35 almonds (3500), 1 cranberry (45), 36 chestnuts (3600) = 10,395

Took: 24 ginger (1200), 6 ginseng (60), 7 witch hazel (210), 2 garlic (40) = 1510

10,395 - 1510 = +8,885

Old Balance: 40,456

New Balance: 49,341

[151 left in chest]


Trade and Market Hall / Jenna Gale:Left:  26 feather
« on: November 26, 2016, 09:13:20 pm »

Jenna Gale:

Left:  26 feather (390),  32 skullcap (1920), 10 thistle (400), 34 spotted mushrooms (3400), 8 angelica (400), 3 purple mushroom (150),

           16 honey (800), 35 cranberries (1575), 7 chestnut oil (1400), 4 pecan oil (1000), 39 birch bark (1560), 13 potion bless (2080),

           7 barkskin potion (2240), 1 potion of lore (480) =17,795

Took: 1 messenger's blade (18,016 x.75 =13,512)

Net: 17,795 - 13,512 = 4,383

Old Balance: 36,173

New Balance: 40,456  [1351 true paid to tipchest]


Fixed Bugs / I'm having a similar problem
« on: November 21, 2016, 09:47:04 am »

I'm having a similar problem with my sorceress Jenna Gale.  In-world now she appears to me as Maeve... her pixie familiar's name.  One thing I did that could be involved: when I was possessing the pixie during a dungeon run yesterday, I noticed her (the pixie's) talk to the party was showing up as Someone, so I introduced her to everyone as Maeve. [=c introparty Maeve]  I'm checking with others of the part to see if they saw a change, but I didn't see myself renamed at the time.  On login today though, Jenna shows to me as being named Maeve.. the name over her head and on her character sheet.  A double-check logout showed me she is still Jenna Gale in the server vault.  I tried to use the above action to reverse the issue and get her named back to Jenna Gale, but it didn't work, so it may not be the actual cause.  I just thought it couldn't hurt to report.


Edit: some while later, after posting the above, I saw her name was back to Jenna Gale.  It definitely wasn't when I re-logged in.  Unless someone logged in as a DM and set it for me or something, when I wasn't looking, then it does seem to be changing from the above method.. but after some interval that I don't know what is.  Maybe a system auto-save or something.

Layonara Server / Yes, what they were
« on: November 05, 2016, 12:25:14 am »

Yes, what they were discussing.

Layonara Server / Is this the tower in Porth
« on: November 04, 2016, 03:03:49 am »

Is this the tower in Porth Hempstead you're discussing?  I was interested in finding out more about it.  I thought it wouldbe fun to make a wizard to go be an apprentice or student there, however it works. 

(If you're discussing some other place, well, I'm still interested in the one in PH that appears to be a magic school.  If anyone could tell me more...)

Trade and Market Hall / [Jenna Gale]Left: 9 purple
« on: October 24, 2016, 07:12:27 am »

[Jenna Gale]

Left: 9 purple mushrooms (450)

Old Balance: 35,723

New Balance: 36,173

Trade and Market Hall / [Jenna Gale]Left: 12 purple
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:29:24 am »

[Jenna Gale]

Left: 12 purple mushrooms (febra 22, 1570) and 24 purple mushrooms (apreal 13, 1570) [36x50=1,800], 8 thistle [8x40=320]

[total 2,120]

Old Balance: 33,603

New Balance: 35,723

Trade and Market Hall / [Jenna Gale]Left:  12 mineral
« on: October 16, 2016, 06:25:23 am »

[Jenna Gale]

Left:  12 mineral adventurine (300), 4 blueberries (280), 6 ginseng (360) = 940

Old Balance: 32,663

New Balance: 33,603

Trade and Market Hall / A note left from Jenna
« on: October 20, 2016, 05:09:20 am »

A note left from Jenna Gale:

"Left you 54 more dire boar skins in the shop receiving chests, that I somehow overlooked in my bags.  Also an ingot of tin, if you want it.


Purchased from the Apothecary offerings: 100 targetable cure light potions, 20 targetable cure moderate potions.  Left 1430 true in the chest.

Purchased from the store (via credit): 2 dusty rose ioun stone for 2000 (1000 ea), 2 firebomb for 600 (300 ea), 1 stack (500) bolts of the destroyer for 1200 (2.4 ea), and 1 near-stack (490) bolts of the destroyer for 1176 (2.4 ea).

- Jenna Gale"



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