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Flint Fireforge took
1 Iron Warhammer
paid 1000true

Borbre Barradok trade
I wasn't able to find prices for these so I used the lens price
1 Gloves of the lady for lens Pirce 3684 valued at 921 (25%)
1 Path of the whip acolyte Robes for lens price 8652 valued at 2163 (25%)
1 One Trick Staff 2644 Valued at 661 (25%)
Total assumed traded credit 3745

Borbre Barradok Traded
32 Coal valued at 50true each
Total saddlebag credit traded 1600

//  \\
borbre barradok traded
1 silver ore valued at 100t each
4 silver ingots valued at 300t each
2 gold ingots valued at 100t each
total worth 1500t

Development Journals and Discussion / We stopped by Fort Llast to
« on: November 26, 2017, 03:33:28 pm »

We stopped by Fort Llast to deliver another weapon for the lieutenant. Our search brought us far all the way to the port city of Vhel. Our two failed missions left our potion supply lacking so we cleaned both the crypt of center and the crypts in Vhal, after Garnet made some potions we explored the gloom forest which was ripe with bandits, undead, and other monstrosities. We made quick work of the bandits and undead and made sure none lingered in the area, after felling some ogres and giant spiders we discovered an outpost that we could rest at. It seems a beast greater then the rest torments the gloom woods and they require heroes to slay it. We both accepted the man's task and rested for the night.

It has been a long time since I wrote anything down, my last companion and I parted ways the following morning. I wasn't strong enough to complete my quest so a headed to the forest outside of pranz in hopes of finding new strength. Before I reached the edges of Hilnt I met a few travelers on the way. They went by the names Elora and Ris. They needed some herbs from the swamp so I helped them. On the way there they said that someone was looking for some people to get coal out of the caves near pranz.

I together with my companions I ventured to the forests and met up with the person giving out the job, we met by the lake outside the forest. We fought bravely and valiantly, I could feel myself growing stronger. After the job was completed we parted ways. On my way home I met some fellow kinsmen who wanted slay giants. I told them I would help them however this didn't go as last time. in the cave, we became too bold and we broke our formations and in the battle, I fell.










Development Journals and Discussion / With her help, I thought we
« on: April 17, 2017, 03:58:29 pm »

With her help, I thought we had enough strength to complete some of my promises after I bought the next item for the lieutenant we went down into the krandor crypt. We vanquished every skeleton on the first floor however it seemed no what I did they would always try to run passed me and attack her. We descend to the lower floor and we were ambushed by several skeletons and zombies as well as two mummies. The battle was well fought but we could not defeat them all. I told her I will hold them here and for her to run, I feel shortly after.

I was able to return back from the grave and we both decided that we should come back when we are both stronger. We traveled to hlint and prepared for our delve into Red Light Cavern. The goblins were strong and again the monsters run pass my axe as I kill their kin and go straight for my new companion. This troubles me greatly am I so weak that the slightest spell would make me threatening as a newborn babe? How can be a boulder to wedge myself between my foes and those I wish to protect if all ignore my presence? This is a problem for tomorrows me right now the citizens of Hlint need my axe, we cut through the goblins inhabiting the cavern until we reached the lowest floor. We could see the master of this domain along with serval of his guards, they seem to be doing some kind of ritual with strange glowing pillars. We had a battle plan I lured the monsters to us, however, there were more than we thought as another one was off to the side out of our line of sight. Our plan failed almost immediately as they knocked me to the ground and attempted to slew me, I was rather fortunate as my companion the lovely Garnet did some kind of spell and the monsters lost sight of her completely she brought me back from death's edge and we retreated to one of the higher levels of the cavern where we stood our ground. We both decided that we need more companions to finish the job so we left to find essence of will o wisps for the mage of balance in fort Llast.


Development Journals and Discussion / I set up camp outside of
« on: April 16, 2017, 08:05:38 pm »

I set up camp outside of Hlint making sure that I had everything I needed to complete my task, my equipment was in top condition however I was running low on food and bandages. In the morning I suited up and marched straight to the Red Light Cavern unknown to me I was not prepared enough for my task. The Cavern felt wrong Red light gleamed off the walls and ceiling seemingly from nowhere. There were a few goblins guarding the entrance they were pretty tough but I managed to slay them. I patched myself up and proceeded to the next part of the cavern. After a tough battle, I was left wounded and out of bandages, I was forced to rest in secure parts of the cavern. I reached the second floor and continued to clean this cavern of this filth, perhaps the goblins were doing something to make this cavern look so unsightly. All seemed fine The task at hand seemed challenging but possible until I turned around the bend.  Up until now, I was able to take a goblin one at a time, they were tough and fought well and I could not handle more then that by my lonesome, so seeing three tightly knitted together among them was a particularly strong goblin an elite if you will. The mear sight of him told me I would parish in that encounter. So I swallowed my Dwarven pride I would do no good for the people of the land if I were to fall so I left the cavern and headed back the way of fort Llast.

On my way I took a different turn and ended in the town of Krandor where I met a lil lass who lost her grandfather's ashes in the crypt and was unable to retrieve them because of the undead, I thought to myself surely I could help a little girl? I was surely mistaken after only fighting to of those damned abominations it was clear I was far too weak to do anything, After I defeated those too I swore I her that I will come back and finish what I promised. before I left I visited the weaponsmith who had a copper dagger in stock> I now make my way back to Fort Llas. When I returned to the lieutenant he told me the next weapon so I went back to Krandor, on the way I met a rather fetching female dwarf cleric, her name was Garnet and we decided to travel together for a while.


Ask A Gamemaster / I'm just curious I can't seem
« on: August 24, 2016, 06:02:41 pm »

I'm just curious I can't seem to find out why there are no more half races, can someone tell me why lore wise or point me to the part in the history nevermind found it, also I do not know why I double post.


Ask A Gamemaster / Thank you, um what are the
« on: January 24, 2016, 04:58:47 am »

Thank you, um what are the rules for deleting arecreating the same lvl character if hes fresh and just made? I have could have put more ranks in intimadate if I'd known this. if i cant restart him thats fine.

General Discussion / Single player battlerager
« on: August 24, 2016, 11:40:31 am »
I am hoping if someone could point me in the direction of where I can find the battlerager file so i can put it into my singleplayer game or maybe link it here for me.

General Discussion / Single player battlerager
« on: August 24, 2016, 11:40:28 am »
I am hoping if someone could point me in the direction of where I can find the battlerager file so i can put it into my singleplayer game or maybe link it here for me.

Development Journals and Discussion / Flint Fireforge's Journal
« on: April 10, 2017, 04:37:25 pm »
Day one: I managed to make it to a town called center. After I bought new equipment I went to the bull's eye tavern for a drink. There was a man there the local crypt keeper he needed help protecting the people from the undead under the town. I accepted the task vanquishing the undead for him. I managed to slay a couple of skeletons before I got overwhelmed by them. I realized I needed to get stronger before I can accomplish my task.Day two: I found some fellow travelers a mage who went by the name ... and a woman who name escapes me this evening. They managed to help me clear the crypt but I couldn't find the crypt keeper's lantern. I will have to come back at a later time to find it. After slaying the undead they wanted to go to the realm of Alindor to kill some monsters. On the way to port hempsead, we took care of some kobolds near the farm fields. It was a long journey as we had to take multiple ships to get to the cave of our quarry. I learned much on this hunt and could tell I grew much stronger. We all went our separate ways after the hunt. I made it back safely to center to finish my task.I stayed in center for a while making sure the sahuagin and pirate population stayed low. the local healer tasked me with finding her some alchemical components which I rightly accepted. the first one was easy enough the forest behind her had plenty. I remember when the port field guard captain asked me to kill that kolbold leader there was some aloe there so I tracked back and made sure those kolbold would leave the farms alone while getting some aloe. On my way back I made one last run through of the shore cave before giving the healer her herb after accepting her next task I decided it was time for some new armor and to see the nearby fort is in need of my assistance. When I reached Fort Llast the pawn shop said he heard birch wood grows in the spider silk forest near Hlint. I thanked him and proceeded into the fort. A newly promoted Lieutenant Jursen needs help restocking their armory. He requires a Copper dagger. Oh, how I regret not paying attentions to Fathers teachings it would make this task so much simpler, but never the less I told the Lieutenant I will find him a Copper dagger. I continued to explore the Fort and came across a self-proclaimed Mage of balance, Mage Dalton. He is in need of will-o'-whips essence. Juanita a horse trader asked me to find her her some oil of Vukas or her saddlebag that she lost while rider her horse. It seems there are many in Fort Llast that are in need of my help although they don't  need my axe and shield I will still gladly accept their requests for aid.Not knowing where hammerbound peaks were I headed to Hlint to retrieve the birch bark. On the road to Hlint I remembered the caravan master  Tragnar and how goblins were plaguing the roads of Hlint, I will end there days of terror and make sure the people of Hlint are well guarded against those vile monsters. As I passed Fort Llast I noticed an encampment off the road, I thought that it would be a good place to rest and to find some more information about Juanita's request or maybe information on a will-o-whips. As I approached the camp three of the mercenaries charged at me it. I managed to kill one but I was outnumbered wasn't prepared for battle I ran to Hlint with great haste, when I reached the gates I managed to gather my strength. However two of the bandits entered the town and slaughtered a cat, I took action and slew the two bandits. I cannot help but feel guilty of what had just transpired. I marched straight back to that camp and made sure such filth will never harm an innocent person again.I hope travelers can rest easy knowing that the way to Hlint is just a little bit safer this day.

Development Journals and Discussion / Flint Fireforge's Journal
« on: August 05, 2016, 11:11:44 am »
Day one I managed to make it to a town called center. After I bought new equipment I whent to the bulls eye tavern for a drink. There was a man there the local crypt keeper he needed help protecting the people from the undead under the town. I accepted the task vanquishing the undead for him. I managed to slay a couple of skeletons before I got overwhelmed by them. I realized I needed to get stronger before I can accomplish my task

Ask A Gamemaster / Battle rager
« on: January 24, 2016, 03:44:16 am »
Hello I am new to this world and to the 3.0 system and  I was just recently approved for my battle rager.I was wondering how to properly make one, because when I was in the character creation screen i did not see the battle rager sub clase. So does that mean it happens after I make my barbarian like a GM modifies it or something or did I miss it somewhere in the CC? I have all the mods listed on the website and I ahev the platnium edition of neverwinter nights.

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