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General Discussion / Happy Birthday St8
« on: October 10, 2007, 12:52:50 am »
Welcome to your thirties!!! Happy to be celebrating by leaving for a week, don't slack off too much!

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General Discussion / Artwork of Plenarius
« on: September 04, 2007, 02:18:19 pm »
I had a commission done for Plen, I just thought I'd share the result with the community.

I'm glad I'll always have this piece to remember where it all started, a big thank you to everyone who has shaped him along the way...

The artist is Carol Phillips, I discovered her work while I was doing research for the t-shirt web site and we have been working slowly over the last year to come up with something for Plen. I'm very happy with it :)


P.S. No he is not done yet ;)

Rumour Has It / The Story of Eon's Betrayal of Katia
« on: April 10, 2007, 09:12:35 pm »
A quick and happy halfling scurries around the ports, cities and villages informing the Town Criers of an upcoming event.
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Development Journals and Discussion / Private Forum For Development Threads
« on: December 14, 2014, 02:16:03 pm »
Hi everybody, I've added a new forum for you to post your development threads privately. They will only be able to be viewed by yourself, Administrators, Gamemasters and Character Approvers. If you wish your existing thread to be moved to that section, please reply here. Yes you can have both a public and private CDT, one in this forum and one in the other. Cheers, orth

General Discussion / Zelda1, Some Clarity, Layonara Balance
« on: April 01, 2007, 05:35:57 am »
Okay this is a combination of quite a few things so bear with me here.  For some reason I decided to keep them all together though it's kind of three posts in one.

Many of you were left wondering just what the heck was going with regards to this thread:

I've been in communication with Zelda1 and she had a few things to say and a few confessions at the same time and has asked me to relay them.  First off, in regards to the mentioned thread, she insists she has no idea where that came from and was no part of it.  So we're still a bit up in the air on just where that all came from.

But Zelda1 does want to clear the air on some things anyway and has asked me to relay them.  She originally came to Layonara and was instructed to pretend she wasn't as young as she is. She, like many of us have had at times, got a little too caught up with her character, but also the persona she had taken up and decided to take a break. She returned again but due to some more conflicts left once more.  She returned in V3 and the new forums under a new username to set the record straight on her age and who she was but that never came to fruition before this event with the alleged coma took place.

She is upset and sorry for the grief she may have caused for this mistaken identity, she didn't realize how caught up one could get.  I have asked that she focus on her studies and keep in touch, but she will not be playing.  I believe also she has a few friends to contact to set the record straight.

Layonara is going to leave this episode to those who are very closely involved and step away from it.

Now onto a few of my thoughts...

I thought about some things and while my initial anger probably was a fuel for the harsh tone I had in my post that closed that thread, I think in retrospect I should have handled it better.  Obviously there were some people who would be feeling great emotion if they have been going through this thinking it's the full truth and for me to "slam" the door with terms such as "sick joke" might not have been the best.  I think a more calm "Something is not adding up here and I fear some people are not hearing the truth as the evidence of this story's fabrication piles up" might have been a bit more sensitive.  So to those who I may have offended in that regard, I'm sorry.

I also want everyone to know that we have a protective nature here as well and are looking out for the best interests of the community and we'll use all the information that is available to us to protect Layonara and it's community.  

Some of you may not know but when you connect to the forum you leave a trace of your internet connection. This sort of information is viewable to the Administrators of the forum who can be viewed on the User Groups Page.  

When you're in game you also leave this information and Dorganath, OneST8, Leanthar, Nibor21 and myself have access to that information via the database and Pankoki and EdTheKet through server logs.

One person asked me about Forum PMs. OneST8 and myself have access to this information only via the database though, there's no "Read this person's Private Messages" or anything like that.  It's on a database, it has to be stored somewhere... But that's the risk you take when you submit most information over the internet.  That is why you should always make sure your network admin gets cookies.  With that said, we're not going to read your PMs.  Unless a law enforcement agency asks us for them or we have an extremely strong suspicion that you may be guilty of something illegal or very detrimental to the Layonara community.

All poll voting is private but the information is stored on a database so once again OneST8 and I have access to that information.

No one can see tells in game.

No one can see private IRC communications.

I want everyone to understand that even though to some it may not seem so evident recently, we do really care for the players here.  Our number one goal is for you to have fun and enjoy yourself.  We want you also to meet new and interesting people in a family friendly environment where the magic of our fantasy world can help us feel young and creative and for us to be able to take out some of the real world woes on monsters.  Emotions can flow in every single direction when a group such as our playerbase joins up.  Many relationships have evolved from Layonara; great friendships, confidantes, mentors, coworkers and even love.  

Alas these emotions bring along other ones though.  There is indeed a Balance to the Layonara community too (oh no here comes the Plen!), and things go on tilt. Scores of differing opinions rise, rumours flow, relationships end, people fade, deception behind the computer, envy, frustration pile up then to add to that, there has been a lot of change recently to Layonara.  Very balance upsetting!  I've talked to a few people who are concerned about this and I find a rather large irony in the fact that these people approached me much like I think characters would approach Plen. I as a person can do for the community what Plen has tried to for the game.  Because like the cycle of Layonara's Nature, there is the one with the Layonara community and I intend to help keep that balance in whatever capacity I can :)


Forum Discussion / Subscribe to Calendar
« on: March 26, 2007, 11:00:50 am »
Users can now be notified by email of new events on either the GM or Player Calendar. You'll see at the top the option to be reminded of events, 1, 2 or 3 days in advance.

For example if you select three days in advance, every day you will be notified of all events that are on the calendar within the next three days.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / New Forum: The Dragon Storm Campaign
« on: March 26, 2007, 09:02:47 am »
This forum can be used to roleplay in character discussions about the current major plot.

Thanks to Galen for the suggestion.
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Forum Discussion / How To Use The Calendar For Proper Times
« on: March 25, 2007, 07:00:27 am »
Okay, I hope this is helpful for everyone.  This is how to set up a calendar event so the time is displayed properly for every one of our community members.

[SIZE=24]Step 1. Set Your Correct Timezone[/SIZE]

First off, make sure you yourself have the correct timezone set!  Edit Your Options and set your timezone to the proper timezone, and select Automatically detect DST settings.

[SIZE=10]Figure 1. orth's Time Zone settings[/SIZE]

[SIZE=24]Step 2.  Add Your Event[/SIZE]

Once you're done that, you're now ready to set up an event.  Go to the Player Calendar. GMs can use GM Calendar, either way doesn't matter.

Now in the top right under the navigation bar click the Add New Event then select Ranged Event.

[SIZE=18]Okay now here's the tricky part. [SIZE=13]

[SIZE=18] If you are currently in Daylight Saving Time wherever you are, then put your star[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=18][SIZE=13][SIZE=24] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=18][SIZE=13][SIZE=18]t time at one hour before you want it started.[/SIZE] For example if you plan on starting a quest at 10:00am, then put it for 9:00am.  Once Daylight Saving Time is over you need not set it one hour before.

The Time Zone should be your Time Zone.


The end time isn't very relevant as we all know how some quests you just don't know how long they will be, but putting an approximation of length does no harm.

In my example below I wanted the quest to start at 6:30am my time and since it's currently Daylight Saving Time here, I set it to start at 5:30am.

[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=10]Figure 2. Example Event[/SIZE]

[SIZE=24]Step 3. Verify The Time Is Correct[/SIZE]

Okay, now make sure when you save the event, the start time appears correctly for you. This ensures it will display properly for everyone else.  As long as they've set their time zone that is :\\  If the time is not correct then please verify you've done all the correct actions in the first two steps.  You can edit your calendar event by selecting :: Edit Event from the Event Options dropdown in the bottom right corner of your event.

[SIZE=10]Figure 3.  Event time verification[/SIZE]

Hope that helps, please comment for revisions or clarifications.


Forum Discussion / Forum Update - HTML Cleanup & New Tables
« on: March 24, 2007, 04:07:46 am »
Okay, the HTML Cleanup went okay as far as I can tell, there are some issues here and there, in some cases all you need to do is edit your post and save it and things should fix themselves.  (I noticed this for bulleted lists).  

If you are missing anything please let me know.

Also the format of how you work with tables is much easier and I have converted the existing tables to use that new format.  To make a table you simply enter it like so:

Code: [Select]
[table=head]Heading 1|Heading 2|Heading 3
Row 1 Col 1| Row 1 Col 2| Row 1 Col 3
Row 2 Col 1| Row 2 Col 2| Row 2 Col 3
If you don't want a heading for the first row and just treat it as a normal row then you need not specify the =head part.

Now the real cool part... if you want to make these tables sortable, then specify which columns are sortable.  For example:

Code: [Select]
produces this:


Notice how you can click the headings and they re-sort?

Anyway I should post this so I can turn the forum back on O.o.

Once again, let me know if anything significant has been lost, and if you see a stray html tag and it's your post, try fixing it.  As I said sometimes just clicking edit then save will do the trick.

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Introduce Yourself / This is orth
« on: March 12, 2007, 06:35:25 pm »
Hello everyone,

This seems to be a popular forum and since I don't have a GM introduction I thought I'd take the time to let everyone know a little more about myself too.

My names is James, 32 years old living in a Toronto suburb.  I work as a Bookkeeper/Office Manager.  I have no wife nor children but 5 brothers and 4 sisters. (Yes all from the same parents).

I found Layonara in October 2003. I had spent many years on MUDs since 1994 but Layonara was my first graphic roleplay experience, (unless you count Diablo, which you shouldn't).  For those of you unfamilar with a MUD, it is a roleplay experience where all actions are typed, all interaction is text based. The deity I worshipped on one particular mud was named Orthwein, the God of Fate. Later on in my online life, I started using orthwein as a username, and it eventually got dropped to orth as that was all anyone would call me.

Anyway, Layonara blew me away, I found a creative outlet that was missing and was able to write a story with many others whom I developed strong friendships with plus have a lot of action and problem solving stimulation.  Plenarius was always there for me when I needed to just enjoy myself and escape for a while.

After a few months in Layonara, on the suggestion of Nita Thompson I applied for GM along with OneST8 and we were both accepted. In hindisight, I still think it was kind of early with my Layonara experience as some of the mystique is lost once you become a GM. But I don't regret the choice one iota.

I took a sabbatical in the summer of '04 and returned to find Leanthar having his hands full with development.  Many of the team had moved on to WOW and bugs were piling up.  I offered some suggestions to Leanthar privately on how to fix some bugs and we soon began communicating daily on issues before I eventually took up the whole Lead Dev position for NWN in early 2005.

Since then I've spent many hours in many areas of development and play time in this world.  It is a very large part of my life and I love it. There are so many people here I would call my greatest of friends and the memories overflow.

Thank you to everyone for making this world what it is and thank you to Leanthar for all that have you entrusted me with.

Enjoy your Layonara experience!

In case you want a face to the name:
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Layonara Server / Send Messages to Players In Game Through LORE
« on: January 07, 2006, 06:58:00 pm »
Yes, now your characters can send messages to other characters in game through LORE.  If you're setup with your Public CD Key, you can click on the link at the bottom of the character's page to send them a message: ie Send Plenarius Ashaley an in-game message.".  You can then select which of your characters you will be sending it as.  Cost is 50gp (includes Bird Lord Royalties) which is directly removed from your character's bank vault.   If you wish to send it anonymously, it will cost a little extra to bribe the falcon messenger master.

The recipient will receive their message from bird carrier the next time the heartbeat (every 6 minutes) fires when they are outdoors and not in combat.  Once you receive your rolled up scroll, you use it to open it up and reveal your message, which you can read by examining and looking at the items description.

P.S. Kidding about the royalties.
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Layonara Server / Voice Command Tips
« on: November 19, 2005, 01:03:00 am »
I'm currently thinking of a way to give everyone the ability to create a Voice, as I know some Human and Half Elf classes don't get any Ears.  However, as long as there is an NPC, summon, or familiar around, no Voice is needed.

You can turn off listening to these emotes by selecting "Toggle *emote* Commands" using your Emote Wand.

Emotes you can use
agree     Plays the Listen animation briefly(example: *agrees*)
begs      Plays the Talk Pleading animation until cancelled (example: *begs for food*)
bends     Plays the Get Low animation until cancelled (example: *bends over to pick up an object*)
bored     Plays the Bored animation briefly (example: *looks bored*)
bow       Plays the bow animation (example: *bows stiffly*)
celebrate Plays a Cheer voicechat and animation (example: *celebrates*)
chats     Plays the Normal Chat animation until cancelled (example: *chats with the group*)
cheer     Plays a Cheer voicechat and animation (example: *cheers for victory*)
chuckle   Plays the Laugh voicechat and emote (example: *chuckles*)
curtsey   Plays the bow animation (example: *curtsey*)
demand    Plays the Forceful Chat animation (example: *demands your attention*)
dice      Plays the Get Mid animation (example: *rolls some dice*)
drink     Plays the Drink animation (example: *drinks a swig of ale*)
drunk     Plays the Drunk animation until cancelled (example: *staggers drunkenly*)
exhausted Plays the Tired animation(example: *looks exhausted*)
fatigue   Plays the Tired animation(example: *looks fatigued*)
fiddle    Plays the Get Mid animation until cancelled (example: *fiddles with the lock*)
fidget    Plays the Pause animation until cancelled (example: *fidgets nervously*)
flop      Plays the Dead Front animation until cancelled (example: *flops on the ground*)
giggle    Plays a giggle, if female (example: *giggles*)
greet     Plays the greeting voicechat (example: *greets NPC*)
hooray    Plays a Cheer voicechat and animation (example: *hooray*)
hums      Applies a Bard Song effect for 6 seconds (example: *hums a tune*)
laugh     Plays the Laugh voicechat and emote (example: *laughs out loud*)
meditate  Plays the Meditate animation until cancelled (example: *meditates on the word Om*)
mock      Plays the Taunt voicechat and animation (example: *mocks*)
nap       Applies a Snoring Sleep effect to the caller (example: *takes a short nap*)
nod       Plays the Listen animation briefly(example: *nods*)
peers     Plays the Look Far animation until cancelled (example: *peers in the distance*)
plead     Plays the Talk Pleading animation until cancelled (example: *pleads with the jury*)
pray      Plays the Meditate animation until cancelled (example: *prays to Pelor*)
prone     Plays the Dead Front animation until cancelled (example: *falls prone*)
reads     Plays the Read animation once (example: *reads the old book*)
scratch   Plays the Scratch Head animation once (example: *scratches head*)
salute    Plays the Salute animation once (example: *salutes stiffly*)
scans     Plays the Look Far animation until cancelled (example: *scans the room*)
search    Plays the Look Far animation until cancelled (example: *searches the area*)
shifts    Plays the Pause animation until cancelled (example: *shifts position*)
sings     Applies a Bard Song effect for 6 seconds (example: *sings a ditty*)
sips      Plays the Drink animation (example: *sips some coffee*)
sleep     Applies a Sleep effect to the caller (example: *sleeps briefly*)
smokes    Creates a smoke puff at head level (example: *smokes*)
snore     Applies a Snoring Sleep effect to the caller (example: *snores loudly*)
steal     Plays the Steal animation once (example: *deftly steals*)
stoops    Plays the Get Low animation until cancelled (example: *stoops low*)
stretch   Plays the Bored animation briefly (example: *stretches*)
swipe     Plays the Steal animation once (example: *swipes some quarters*)
talks     Plays the Normal Chat animation until cancelled (example: *talks to the bartender*)
taunt     Plays the Taunt voicechat and animation (example: *taunts*)
threaten  Plays the Forceful Chat animation (example: *threatens the bartender*)
tired     Plays the Tired animation(example: *looks tired*)
wave      Plays the greeting animation (example: *waves*)
whistles  Applies a Bard Song effect for 6 seconds (example: *whistles a tune*)
woozy     Plays the Drunk animation until cancelled (example: *looks woozy*)
worship   Plays the Worship animation until cancelled (example: *worship the shrine*)
yawn      Plays the Bored animation briefly (example: *yawns loudly*)

Special Emotes
"sits" and "drink" together in the same emote - Sits on the floor, then plays drinking animation. If you are already sitting, then you continue to sit (example: *drinks and continues to sit*)
"sits" and "reads" together in the same emote - Sits on the floor, then plays reading animation. If you are already sitting, then you continue to sit (example: *sits and read*)
"sits" and "floor" together in the same emote - Plays the Sit Down on Floor animation until cancelled (example: *sits on the floor*)
"shakes head" - A "head shake" animation (example: *shakes head*)
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