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Layonara Server / Connect to WEST at
« on: May 30, 2005, 03:29:00 pm »
Central is now at
East is now at

This is only temporary.

Layonara Server / West is down, we're looking into it.
« on: May 30, 2005, 02:11:00 pm »
39 people on the forum raises alarms.

Please post any discussion you have on the Demon Cards.  We will submit them to the programmer and see if he's up for taking any into account.  There is no guarantee of this though.

Layonara Server / Prelude to a MAJOR Update.
« on: May 26, 2005, 12:26:00 pm »
Okay this will be my thread updating the changes coming soon and give you folks a head start.

To start, Layonara now supports over 250 new heads.  These will be included in the next update. However, in order to be able to select these heads at character creation you will have to download a seperate heads archive for your override folder.

You will NOT need to download this archive to see the players with the new heads.  It is only if you wish to use one when you create a character. The heads will be in a hak update I'll talk about soon.

Instructions if you wish to be able to select a new head at character creation:

1. Download (21MB)
2. Backup your Neverwinter Nights override folder
3. Extract all files in the archive's heads directory directly into the Neverwinter Nights override
4. You will now see the new heads when you create a character.

If the extraction wants to overwrite any existing files, I'd highly recommend you do that to ensure compatibility with the heads that all players are seeing in Layonara and to fix any ones that might be buggy and updated.  (Also why I suggest you backup)

Oh and before anyone asks, no we will not be LETOing characters to change their heads, unless there is some Character Development or a CDQ reason for so.

That's it for now.

Wild Surge Inn / Are you there Katia? It's me Plenarius.
« on: May 20, 2005, 12:37:00 pm »
*Plenarius sits in prayer looking across Corax Lake early in the morning as Bris rests next to his side*

Mother, She Who Shapes All, the heart of Layonara, the key to all.  Guide my hand and prayers to defend Nature.  The enemies are moving, the time is now.  We need your wisdom, your guiding hand.  Turn your attentions to our lands for a breath.  Alert those in the pantheon.  Please Mother, Nature must prevail.  Without Nature, there is nothing.  You are the heart of all that happens this time.  Help me help you.  I am certain that the Great Oak must be protected at all costs.  This I will vow.  Let me know what else I can do to push the forces back.

*Plenarius sends some of his winged friends to travel across the land spreading news of a dire importance, he leaves notes tacked on inns and speaks to the animals and all creatures*

The other nigh as Brisbane and I spoke with my old mentor in Vale, he helped us come to a realization.  The Gods are losing touch with Layonara.  Involved in their wars, they are fading as the powers on the land rise.  I ask you all now, regardless of deity, to spend some time to reflect in prayer and worship of your deity.  Let them know we need them, we want them, help us turn the tide.  Let them hear many voices calling for their attentions returned to the mortal realm.  The time is almost lost, we need you.  Blood is marching, his minions are on the move.  Do not let history repeat himself.  Recall what happened with the Dragons warring and Blood.  It's in dire jeopardy of happening again, but this time vengeance is on his palette as well.

//If you are inclined please take the time to "pray/offer/worship" in this thread.  I'd like to see this thread get as big as some of our Just For Fun ones.

Rumour Has It / Harvester of Souls and Soul Mother Spotted
« on: May 20, 2005, 08:51:00 am »
Overheard in the Hotel Layonara:

Nearby is an adolescent, red faced and out of breath, speaking with what appears to be his mother who is cleaning one of the rooms.  

I'm telling you it was just like in the stories with the pictures....they were there, in the Forest of Mists, hunched over a man and he was consumed entirely as she touched him!  I was so scared I ran and ran....

Trade and Market Hall / For Sale: One Anti Brain Wave Helm
« on: May 17, 2005, 06:22:00 pm »
Functionality Unknown.  Bought off auction from estate of Gnome Inventor Stryxalydiargarath. Paid 10,000gp, asking 5,000gp.

Contact Paus Kendt in Port Hampshire.

General Discussion / Chat Logging
« on: May 10, 2005, 12:51:00 pm »
Ever wanted to recall something your 24 INT character shouldn't be forgetting? Or your Wise old cleric forgot something last week.

Under your [Game Options] section in the nwnplayer.ini add the following line:

The chat log gets created in your logs folder naturally, something like nwClient.log

If you want to keep your logs rotating so they never get erased (very handy thing or else every time you start up nwn you will lose your last log), check out this utility on the vault.

Layonara Server / Changes to Respawning
« on: May 05, 2005, 06:57:00 pm »
As of the next update, when a player respawns he/she will be sent to the Void.  The system then performs some functions and once it's done after about 15-20 seconds, it will send you to your Bind point.  If your bind point is on another server it will boot you from the game.  You then reconnect to the server where your bindstone is and you will be transported there.

Layonara Server / The Layonara Pipe Smoking System
« on: May 05, 2005, 05:16:00 pm »
While we're not fully there with our plans with the pipe system, we'll be introducing some new items in the process of smoking pipeleaf.  Currently Implemented:
  • Pick Pipeweed anywhere you spot some
  • Buy a Leaf Press and Herb Pouch from the General Merchant
  • Place Unprepared pipeweed in Leaf Press, then Use a Flint and Steel upon the box to warm it's drying embers
  • In a short while up to 10 Unprepared Pipeweeds will be ready for smoking.  The Leaf Press will continue to dry every short while until there is no more Unprepared pipeweed inside it
  • Get a pipe crafted from a Carpenter or buy one from the General Merchant
  • Use Smokable pipeweed on pipe to fill it up
  • Use pipe to bask in the tangy aromas of Green Dragon's Envy
 Plans for the next release.  
  • Pipe wood type will effect how many "puffs" you get.
  • Effects, both good and/or bad
  • Pipeweed will go bad if not in Herb Pouches.
 So yes, right now it's only for RP, but if you wish to get used to the process, here's where we are going to be at as of the next update.

Varying xp penalties to the caster based on deity feelings, spell and whether they have a soul stone or not.

Soulstones will now be around 200gp.

Please view this thread for changes to the xp penalties to the clerics who cast Raise Dead or Resurrection.

« on: May 05, 2005, 06:39:00 am »
We will no longer replace items that are dropped on the ground due to inventories being full.

If this has happened to you, the only way to ensure you don't lose your item, you must make room for your shield/weapon, pick it up, save and log off and back on immediately.

There will be no exceptions.

Wild Surge Inn / An Examination of the Lost Souls Swamp
« on: April 16, 2005, 06:41:00 pm »
Posted in Hlint, Port Hampshire, Karthy and Pranzis   Wanted:  Party to examine the state of the Lost Souls Swamp and the Wizard in the dungeon in it's depths.  I need to know if anything's changed since the last occurence of the red moon.  We may also stop at Bone Hill and examine some things there.  All are welcome except those who senselessly harm Nature. Meet Plenarius Ashaley in Hlint on Seplar 19, 1382  ////// OOC
  • Bris and Plen are just looking for some fun times with new and old people and show them around a little.
  • Starts at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific, 3am GMT
  • This is not a GM event, unless a GM decides to pick it up.
  • No level requirement or size limit
  • Senseless ooc will get you booted from party, think before you ooc, you most likely can RP it
  • While this will have a lot of fighting I imagine, I would like to see top notch RP
  • If you're thinking I'm being overly pedantic about my requests, then don't come along

Server Rules / Issues With Long Bioware/Layonara Names
« on: November 22, 2004, 09:58:00 am »
If your character name, Bioware name or both are long, you may experience difficulties with certain aspects of the game not working.   This includes, but is not limited to subraces, oxen, cnr, houses, bank vaults and quest journals.

One of the things I'd suggest is you create a new and shorter Bioware name to play under.  You can almost be assured everything will work correct with a Bioware name and Character name that do not exceed a combined 26 characters.  I know this sounds really short, but if your character needs to have an initial instead of their full name, then all the more RP when you meet someone.

Just a helpful tip as I believe quite a few of the bug reports are due to this.

// Perhaps a mod can sticky this as well.

Development Journals and Discussion / Plenarius Ashaley's Journal
« on: November 08, 2004, 01:12:00 pm »
Entry 117

My spirit has been touched by excess.  Wine. Food. Pleasure.  It is as though Xeen has focused her attentions upon me.  Again.  I'm not sure if I wrote about it, but I remember Her interest towards me before.  What does this mean?  What does the Mother think of this?  

Have You taken notice of my interest in excessive pleasure recently Katia?  Or are You more concerned with the Dark and Tree Fathers and Raven and the steady march of the forests to Mistone?  Are Your blossoms all safe?  What of Eon's plans?  Is this all tied together?

I will seek as many answers as possible.

General Discussion / Custom Portraits
« on: February 21, 2013, 04:37:30 pm »
If you have a custom portrait and wish other players to be able to see it please post your links in this thread.

The current combined portrait pack can be downloaded here:

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