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General Discussion / Bioware Patch 1.67 is Coming
« on: February 04, 2006, 05:54:06 am »
The Beta is now out, check here for details.

As always - we'll try to incorporate it into the world as fast as possible, but don't download the patch until we let you know Layonara is running 1.67, otherwise you will have to revert.

Layonara Server / Parchment Folder and LORE System Usage
« on: January 17, 2006, 08:48:03 am »
The parchment folders are handy ways to keep your writings in one single inventory place and that helps the server too, but now with LORE it's even better.  Any parchment you store in your folder becomes editable on LORE through your character page, provided you have registered with your Public CD Key.  Here's how it works:
  • buy Parchment Folder from General Vendor Note it's not in his inventory, it's a special conversation option
  • buy Parchments (or use existing)
  • use Parchment Folder on Parchment, this removes the parchment from your inventory and "stores" it in your folder
  • visit your character page on LORE, you should now see an option to manage your folders
  • inside your folders you will see your parchments held within for you to edit
  • once done editting, back in game, either next time you login or next LORE (6 minute) heartbeat you will get a message of your folders changing
  • use Parchment Folder on yourself to be given a dialogue for you to select which Parchment you wish to take out
  • Parchment is restored in your inventory with updates
  • use Parchment Folder on another player to give it to them this gives them access to all parchments contained
  • use Parchment Folder on trash can to delete
  • you may have as many Parchment Folders as you wish
  • you can rename Parchment Folders through LORE

Layonara Server / Introducing Temple Donations
« on: January 14, 2006, 11:18:00 am »
Players can now donate gold or items to Temple Vendors and enhance that Deity's influence.   To Donate Gold, simply select the option in the conversation with the Temple Vendor I would like to donate gold to the temple.  To Donate Items:
  • buy Temple Donation Box from Temple Vendor
  • fill Temple Donation Box with goods you wish to donate
  • talk to the Temple Vendor, you will now see an option to donate your items
  • when confirmed, the Temple Vendor removes all the items from your Donation Box (or Boxes) and generates a Temple Vendor Receipt for the player
  • donations get logged and the value calculated and will affect deity prestige/influence/wealth (not yet determined exactly how)
  • Temple Donation Box does not get taken, you only need to ever purchase one, though more may make larger donations more convenient

Layonara Server / Servers Were Just Updated
« on: January 14, 2006, 09:11:00 am »
I wanted to get the modules updated before Milo's quest so I could catch a nap before Leanthar's quest.  

So a report on just what exactly was updated will come soon.

Layonara Server / Send Messages to Players In Game Through LORE
« on: January 07, 2006, 06:58:00 pm »
Yes, now your characters can send messages to other characters in game through LORE.  If you're setup with your Public CD Key, you can click on the link at the bottom of the character's page to send them a message: ie Send Plenarius Ashaley an in-game message.".  You can then select which of your characters you will be sending it as.  Cost is 50gp (includes Bird Lord Royalties) which is directly removed from your character's bank vault.   If you wish to send it anonymously, it will cost a little extra to bribe the falcon messenger master.

The recipient will receive their message from bird carrier the next time the heartbeat (every 6 minutes) fires when they are outdoors and not in combat.  Once you receive your rolled up scroll, you use it to open it up and reveal your message, which you can read by examining and looking at the items description.

P.S. Kidding about the royalties.

Roleplaying / Roleplaying Greater Sanctuary - Purple Glowing PCs
« on: January 05, 2006, 08:45:00 am »
If a player is glowing purplish/pink and somewhat see through, this means they are using Greater Sanctuary, and you shouldn't be seeing them unless you happen to be on the ethereal plane as well.

General Discussion / Special Thanks to Yar Ydnar
« on: January 05, 2006, 06:30:00 am »
I just wanted to say thanks to Yar Ydnar for pointing me to a few exploits over the past week.  This sort of contribution is truly needed as it's impossible for the Project Team to consider every situation.

Thanks again Yar, the more the community contributes to Layonara, the easier it makes things for us.

In a recent patch I updated and have yet to document due to more fixes going in shortly, the Oxen system was reworked.  I mainly did this to prevent an exploit with people placing items on it that were once not stackable or chargeable and now are.  Anyway I decided to do it The Right Way and made stackable and chargeable items be able to be stored on the oxen.  Rejoice mages, Bags of Sand can now be loaded up on your ox.

Layonara Server / Fully Rideable Horses
« on: January 01, 2006, 08:18:00 am »
For characters who have reached at least 15th level, you may now purchase a rideable horse.  The one and only horse merchant is on Dregar in Orcs Watch. You will need a saddle if you buy a horse, also available from the horse vendor.  Horses cost about 18,000GP, and saddles cost about 250GP.   Horses work in a very similar fashion to oxen.  You "talk" to your horse to ride it, lead it with a rope or tie it down.  You will need to manage your horse location as you would do for your ox.  To dismount the horse, use your saddle's unique power on yourself.   Horses do not give you any storage space like oxen do, but they will give you a 50% increase in speed over any terrain.   There are 5 kinds of horses available for purchase:  
  • Black horse
  • Brown horse
  • White pony
  • Brown pony
  • Dappled (brown and white) pony  
Full-sized character races (humans, elves, etc.) will be able to buy horses. Small-sized character races (halflings, dwarves, etc.) will be able to by ponies.   There is a horse tracker system, like with oxen, if you misplace your horse.   If your horse dies, you'll have to buy a new one, though you can keep your saddle.   NOTE:  This system is not the same as the Paladin Warhorse system.

« on: January 01, 2006, 03:20:00 am »
The lion model in the hak we uploaded was an unfortunate overwrite of the core Bioware lion model of a work in progress.  Please download the updated layov2_2da_v20.rar and overwrite the existing layov2_2da_v20.hak in your hak directory to correct this.  This is for anyone who downloaded before the time of this posting (well 10 minutes ago).

« on: December 31, 2005, 11:03:00 pm »
The server will be down at 11:30PM Pacific, 2:30AM Eastern, 7:30AM GMT. It could be down anywhere from ten minutes to an hour.

Why not bide your time delving into some L.O.R.E.  

Yes introducing the Layonara Official Resource Encyclopedia.  This is what OneST8 drinks too much Red Bull for.  No words will give it justice, just click and discover.

Layonara Server / New Downloads Required for Upcoming Update
« on: December 31, 2005, 10:42:00 pm »
This update will be some time soon so start downloading.

The Latest Files section of the web site is updated, you can download them from there or you can start downloading the new files directly from this post:

This one goes in your haks folder after you extract:
layov2_2da_v20.rar New 2da Hak (11MB)

This one goes into your tlk folder after you extract:
layonara_v12.rar New TLK file (198 KB)

And yes you can download them now and place them into the appropriate directories and it will not affect your game play before the update.

Layonara Server / Major Update Today
« on: December 30, 2005, 12:09:00 pm »
Sometime before the New Year (Pacific Time) there will be an update.  There will be a new hak and tlk to download.  Though they shouldn't be more than 15mb.  I'll get those uploaded as soon as they are finalized.

At that time the server will be down for an hour or so depending on test results.

I will be detailing some of the changes in this thread. So keep your eyes open.

All proceeds for the sale of this item will go to the Ministry of Commonwealth of the Mistone Alliance.  Thanks to the group I was a part of who found this and decided this auction would be the best use for this item.

You are bidding on a fine and rare set of Mithril Banded Mail.  Bids start at 80,000gp.  (Level Requirement is 25)

Auction closes January 7th at 23:59 GMT.

Layonara Server / Introducing the Layonara Object Editing System
« on: December 20, 2005, 11:23:00 am »
A few of you have seen these, but in the next update this system will be available for players to buy the quill and parchments at the General Vendors.  Parchments come in varying "Maximum Length"s and prices.    So I thought I'd give everyone a little sneak peek and perhaps a chance for them to ask questions or study how to use the system.  Yes we're quite aware of many of the possibilities this opens up, but feel free to discuss yours. :)  GMs can also rename placeables and items (with a few restrictions).   Pankoki has made some rather splendid screen shots to demonstrate some of the functionality.  Titling Your Parchment    Adding a Header    New Line and Some Text    Quick Command For Date and Location    Horizontal Rule of The Letter "o"    Another Header    Undo and Delete    Your Name and Date      The commands I've listed below are also on the Quill's description in game.  Notes:  
  • Use the quill upon the object you will be editting. Syntax for the commands follow.
  • Placing editted items on your ox pack will wipe your changes.
  • You only need to use the quill once, it works the same as the language ears, requiring a voice.
  • You can use the ~ on any channel.
  • You can not ever repeat the same command, the system will not "hear" a repeated command.
  • Please read the Notes for various commands.  Commands:   Command: ~~title Description: Changes the object's name. Usage: ~~title Plenarius' Diary Note: In order to see changes to the name of an object you must refresh your inventory.  Either close and open it or flip between tabs in your inventory.  Command: ~ Description: Write upon the object's description. Usage: ~So I was walking down the street the other day when a dragon fell from the sky. Note: If you want a space before your word, then put one between the ~ and the first letter (i.e. ~ A new sentence)  Command: ~! Description: Begins a new paragraph with the text following. Usage: ~!The next morning dawned and things seemed a little better. Note: Essentially inserts two new lines and five spaces before your text.  Command: ~~nl Description: Creates a new line. Usage: ~~nl or ~~nll or ~~nlll or ~~nllll or ~~nlllll Note: The amount of the letter "l" indicates how many new lines to insert, from one to five.  Command: ~~tab Description: Inserts some spaces. Usage: ~~tab  Command:  ~~deleteNNN Description:  Deletes the last NNN characters. Usage: ~~delete63 Note: If the amount of characters you try to delete exceeds the size of the text, you will erase it all.  Command: ~~erase Description: Wipes the object's description completely. Usage: ~~erase  Command: ~~undo Description: Restores your text to the previous state before your last command. Usage: ~~undo Note: This only works once!  There is no history, you can not keep undoing.  Command: ~~author Description: Inserts the character's name. Usage: ~~author  Command: ~~location Description: Inserts the character's location. Usage: ~~location  Command: ~~date Description: Inserts the date. Usage: ~~date  Command: ~~datetime Description: Inserts the date and time. Usage: ~~datetime  Command: ~~dateplace Description: Inserts the date and location on two separate lines. Usage: ~~dateplace  Command: ~~datesig Description: Inserts the character's name then the date on two separate lines. Usage: ~~datesig  Command: ~~~~ Description: Inserts a horizontal rule of tildes. Usage: ~~~~  Command: ~~-- Description: Inserts a horizontal rule of dashes. Usage: ~~--  Command: ~~oo Description: Inserts a horizontal rule of the letter "o". Usage: ~~oo  Command: ~~header Description: Inserts your text centered amongst two dashed horizontal rules. Usage: ~~header Day One of My Journey  Command: ~~headerfancy Description: Inserts your text centered amongst two horizontal rules of the letter "o". Usage: ~~headerfancy Recipe for Hampshire Haggis  Command: ~~headerdeco Description: Inserts your text centered amongst two horizontal rules formed from tildes. Usage: ~~headerdeco Chapter 17  Command: ~~speak Description: Reads the description out loud. Usage: ~~speak  Command: ~~whisper Description: Whispers the description out loud. Usage: ~~whisper   Have fun!

Fixed Bugs / DelayCommand Remembering Orb Usage in the Void
« on: December 15, 2005, 03:03:00 pm »
The orb is being used for people who don't have the patience to wait 20 seconds for the whole death system to do it's thing and hence causes problems, so now the Remembering Orb will not return you to your bindpoint right away, it will have a delay with some feedback.

Also add the inability to use the orb if your bind point is on another server, this causes more complications.

Fixed Bugs / Save Character Upon Praying At Grave
« on: December 15, 2005, 02:28:00 pm »
See topic.

Layonara Server / Community Feedback Requested: Hak Updates
« on: December 10, 2005, 02:43:00 pm »
Well I originally intended this to be a poll, but there are many variations of opinions to try to summarize in a poll, so I decided best to just keep it to a discussion.  What I want to know is how often the community minds hak pak updates.  Are they a bother.  How big of a download is too much and how limited we should keep them.  Thanks for any feedback you can offer.

Please note, I'm not referring to the initial download to play the game, just the regular updates.

Fixed Bugs / Postmaster Vale Quest displaying debug message.
« on: December 02, 2005, 11:07:00 pm »
As per subject.

Layonara Server / Patch Release Coming, New 2da Hak required.
« on: November 23, 2005, 05:35:00 am »
This patch will be some time soon so start downloading.

The new 2da is required due to many items being stackable that should not be.  This would have potentially caused many issues.

The Latest Files section of the web site is updated, you can download it from there or you can start downloading the new files directly from this post:

This one goes in your haks folder after you extract:  

layov2_2da_v19.rar New 2da Hak (5.2MB)

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