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Rumour Has It / Raffle List
« on: June 22, 2008, 11:27:51 am »
*Tacked up outside of the Foundation Guild Hall is a list of Ticket Holders and their Items**
 The Kayana Memorial Foundation wishes to once again thank all those that participated in this event and congratulates all the ticket holders.
 Those unable to attend the gala drawing that did not have friends and family receive thier prizes, a Foundation member can be contacted to make delivery arrangements.
 Thank you every one for the 100 new homes that will be built with the proceeds from this raffle.
 [table=head;sort=1a,2,3] [SIZE=13]Ticket Holder[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Item 1[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Item 2[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Item 3[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Received[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Abiorn Rukrym [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Emerald[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Cobalt Chain Mail[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Greater Rogue Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Part[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Acacea[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Wrap + 10 Cure Serious[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Hood of Shadows[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]No[/SIZE]|[/B][/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Aerimor [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Greater Spell Mantle[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Diamond Bull Ring[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Unit Flag of Might[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Alantha [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Horrid Wilting[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Queen Silk Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Lesser Flight of Fancy[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Alatriel [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Healing Embrace[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Adamantium Clothing[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Silver Jewelry/Mischief Gloves[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Angela Swann [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Silver Slippers[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exc Fire Opal in Silver[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Mahogany Short Bow[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Ardelis Rukrum [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Weapon Enhancement III[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Greater Mage Armor[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]No[/SIZE]|[/B][/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Argali [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Johan's Crafted Cloak[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exc Ruby in Silver[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Gnomish Lens and Cloak[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Arkolio de'Averlain [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Cobalt Reinforced Clothing[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Greater Planar Binding[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Beli Stonewill [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Ascenders March Boots[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Dire Bear Gloves[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Gloves of the Tiger/Cloak of Reisistance I[/SIZE]| Yes|
 [SIZE=13]Brian[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Adamantium Half Plate[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Chakar A. El'Muhahir [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]House[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exc Gloves of Fury[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Malar Bag[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Chaynce [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Platinium Full Plate[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Dan Hardhammer [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Queen Dark Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Adamatium Chain Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Dark Padded Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]No[/SIZE]|[/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Dorax Windsmith [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yew Long Bow[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yew Short Bow[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Panther Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Emie [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Mithril Longsword[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exc Cat's Ring II[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exc Fox Amulet I[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Fenrir [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Weapon II Enhance and Ada Katana[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Unit Flag of Battle[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Stag Cloak[/SIZE]| Yes[/COLOR]|[/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Ferrit Pandorn [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Dorand's Brace[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Barkskin Amulet[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Galathea [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Adamantium Full Plate[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Balduran's Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Cobalt Full Plate[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Gladyus [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Boots of Hardiness/Cloak of Protection[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Grenna Rockbasher [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Boots of the Militia[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]No[/SIZE]|[/B][/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Iradil Arkenrahel [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Incindiary Cloud[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Set of Resistance I[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Selian's Love[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Jacchri [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]10 Heal potions[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exceptional Bull II Ring[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Mahogany Tower Shield[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Jacrum Shieldbreaker [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Equalizer[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Jaelle Thornwood [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Mage Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Snow Eagle's Grace Amulet[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Jake Saltpetr [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Silver III Enhancement[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Jin Lun Lee [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Alaamiathelas slippers[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Kizia Addams [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Dire Wolf Leather Armor[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]No[/SIZE]|[/B][/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Kyle Pandorn [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Tailsman of the Defender[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Lareth Vathach [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Cape of the North[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exceptional Ring of Cats I[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Mirrim Cade [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Alexandrite Jewelry/Fury Gloves[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Muhk [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exc Endurance Ring II[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Swashbuckler Sabre[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Bow of Close Range[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Pallena [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exceptional Belt of Cunning[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Pyyran Rahth [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Adamantium Large Shield/Deaders Doom[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Belt of the Battle Mage[/SIZE]|Blue Shoes and Circlet of the Confident | [SIZE=13]No[/SIZE]|[/B][/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Sala Stonehill [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Rogue Leather Armor[/SIZE]| | | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Sallaron Tempest [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Lesser Stag Cloak[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Utility Belt[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Shamur [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Krisalis Armor[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Regular Flight of Fancy[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Compound Mahog Short[/SIZE]| Yes|[/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Shiff [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Necklace of Shield[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Deadly Static[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Mahogany Quarterstaff[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Starr [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Garb of the Made Man[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Hill Hound Leather[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Enhanced Archers Edge[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Treana Min Poetr [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]FireQuill[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Silver Foil[/SIZE]| | [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Trenton [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Weapon Enhance Cold IV[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Set of 3 Divinity Rings[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Exceptional Amulet of Eagles I[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Veridieth Lightbringer [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Bard Package[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Mahogany LongBow[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Resistance II[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
 [SIZE=13]Vladirmir Vladistock [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Diamond Ring [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Compound Mahog Longbow[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Belt of acquisition/Glove of the scout[/SIZE]| Yes|[/COLOR]
 [SIZE=13]Volga [/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Adamantium Heater Shield[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Breast Plate /Noisemaker[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Jorel's Sheath[/SIZE]| [SIZE=13]Yes[/SIZE]|
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Layonara Server / Lifting of the ban on McLeve41/Naiather
« on: June 13, 2008, 01:33:00 pm »
After quite a bit of discussion we have decided to lift the permanent ban on McLeve41.  This was a difficult decision but the circumstances in the end led us to give him a second chance.

The player was very new when he broke the rules and never had a chance to own up or apologize since he stopped playing well before we even realized he had broken the rules.  Typically what we do in this case is ban the player then wait for them to check the forum and/or PM one of the administrators to plead his case.  In this case it never happened as his interest from Layonara faded.  So we just left the ban as permanent.  His maturity and commitment to be a positive member of the community at this point in time 2 years later led us to believe it would be beneficial for the community and him of course to lift the ban.

Additionally he could have just bought a second copy of NWN diamond or whatever and been right back in game without us being the wiser but he's taken the time to try to do this the right way and be a positive member of Layonara.

We will not be reinstating the Naiather player as his bank account and inventory are tainted, uncertain what truly belonged to him. But we're giving him another chance with a new character.

Please make him feel welcome and trust that he will bring a positive role to the world.  

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

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General Discussion / Update coming soon! Download now...
« on: June 05, 2008, 03:51:31 pm »
There's an update coming soon, probably within a few hours.  For this update, there's been a HAK and TLK change, so you can go download them now to beat the rush:



Or just go to the Dowloads page.
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General Discussion / Seasonal Reminder: Inventory Lag
« on: March 30, 2008, 10:16:12 pm »
Hey folks, many of you have been causing impressive lag when you log into the server.  Upon looking in some folk's inventories, the 300 boxes filled to the brim is not a good idea.
 Let's do some personal house cleaning for the betterment of the server.
 I'm going to begin pulling folks aside that are above and beyond on the jam-packed inventories pretty soon, and I'll encourage the rest of the GM staff to do so as well to try and help with server lag.  We have exceptional servers that Leanthar and company have established for this world.  They are far and away beyond what most gameworlds will offer and we ought to all do our part in helping their performance.
 Just because that aloe leaf is there waiting to be plucked... or that 7th iron shortsword is sitting on the dead creature - it doesn't mean you *have* to pick it up and store it away for eight months before realizing that you've outgrown it.  Or realizing that you are perpetuating your own problems in an economy where you won't ever be able to sell it due to supersaturation.
 Thanks folks.
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LORE Bugs / Wrong Characters under LORE Profile
« on: March 19, 2008, 04:33:34 pm »
Post in this thread if a character that does not belong to you shows up in your LORE list of characters.
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General Discussion / Giving Gifts/Items
« on: March 11, 2008, 03:14:23 am »
This actually came up twice in one day, and so here it is....

Can we please use common-sense in regards to the giving of gifts and items to Friends/Guild Members/Partners.

Level Requirement, rareness, and difficulty to both obtain and create the item should be considered before giving the item to anyone below your level.
If it is being given in exchange for coin or trade, please ensure the amount requested from the person is reflective of the items worth.

Amulet's of Shield, now uncraftable, should be considered rare and expensive. These seem to be passed frequently to lower level characters with little to no trading involved.

Anything Emerald or Acid or Mithril related really shouln't be being passed to anyone below level 17.. since level requirement for use and to venture to places these are obtainable at are set at 17+. If your charachter is not of the set level, then they really should be paying the standard price ( ie. a fortune!) for it. A box or two of Bodak Teeth or FireOpals really doesn't cut it.

In essence, this is muling. A higher level gathering and providing something at minimum cost that the recipient could never gather. It may not be XP... but its still something they could not have done themselves.

Simply passing these items on because we ( the higher level) no longer have need of it, or have found something better,  is basically damaging the trade of the crafters who venture to these difficult places to gather said items, and spend hours upon hours garning Crafting XP so that they might make the said items.

Although it might seem great to be able to pass a friend a really cool item that you know he is going to blink at and say "Oh yes! Brilliant! I want to have your kids!" , it is also damaging.
The recipient is happy... because of course he just earned himself a new item for minimal work or cost.

But the dozens of crafters who lost DT's in pursuit of Emeralds and Mithril, and who spent months honing their crafting skills to be capable of making fine weapons and rings...
... now find their items sit uselessly in a chest with no buyers, because everyone simply "passes" things on.

Anyway... just a little point.
As always... feel free to point out if Im wrong.  :)
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Layonara Server / Brac'ar's Fascinating Missile Storm
« on: February 28, 2008, 02:30:33 am »
As I'm sure you've seen, there's a new spell in the update, which was the remaining reward of Brac'ar's WLDQ from 1.5 yrs ago.

I will be hosting a player initiated event, led by Brac'ar, to demonstrate this spell.
I would like to kindly request everybody to not take this spell yet upon levelling until this event has taken place (probably next week somewhere).

If you do take it (because you are about to level), please don't use it until this event (if you attend it or not).

Thanks all!
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As hinted at [post=844842]here[/post] and [post=845092]here[/post], and announced officially and specifically [post=845062]here[/post], there are a few new spells that have their own new icons.

If you use a colored icon override, or if you might later, or if you just have a hankering for three fancy colored icons for some reason, there are colorized versions of the new icons attached to this post for your downloading pleasure.

Just to be clear, you do not need these icons.  The icons in the default color are already in there and ready to go.  These are 100% optional.

To use these, just save them to your override folder in your NWN directory.  I'm pretty sure they work.  They worked when I tested them a while back, anyway.  If they don't, let me know.
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Layonara Server / Module update coming soon!
« on: February 26, 2008, 08:00:12 pm »
That's right, you've heard me talk about it for months, and now, it's almost ready.  This update will require that you download some new files before you'll be able to get in-game:

layo_controlV3r3.hak  - Download and unpack this RAR file into your /hak subfolder under NWN

layonara_v20.tlk - Download and unpack this RAR file into your /tlk subfolder under NWN

Or download them from the Downloads page.

You can download and install these now without disturbing your game play.

I'm not going to say exactly when the update will happen, but it will be soon.
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General Discussion / Epic Quests
« on: June 01, 2007, 05:58:58 am »
I've been thinking something over for a while, something Makashi said recently....

"As for why was there a suggested level. Because that is what I suggested suprisingly, it was not a requirement in anyway - Now. After a lot of discussions in other parts of the forums, I took off level requirements, as epics complained about not having enough quests, or low levels, etc"

While it is nice to have multi level quests where low levels and epics can quest together and it has benefits....

Why no epic quests?  Why no quests for 20+?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the multi level quests but sometimes, just sometimes it would be nice to not have to worry about if half the party is gonna die in the first encounter or if I've made sure that all the lower level members of the party are involved and had their say.

Sometimes it would just be nice to be an Epic without worrying if I'm standing on anyone else's toes cause they are all Epics too!

So while Multi level quests are good (and kudos to those DM's that manage to run them)...let's not forget the level specific quests or be afraid to run those too!
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CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« on: May 29, 2007, 01:53:25 am »
Pyyran Rahth, quite a while back, got very tired of the recipe cards he bought from the vendors. They were horribly organized, poorly made, and were a greater chore to look through than the brewing itself.

As such, he made his own set, as well as a number of copies that he's been distributing since. Several copies have made it into the hands of merchants who thought the idea could be profitable...

And so they reproduced them for themselves, selling the "Better Brewing Cards" for the same price that the older ones did. Over the course of a few years, they're now as easy to get or easier... And nearly anyone who's ever tried brewing up their own grog has got a set.

And here they are...

[SIZE=13]Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards[/SIZE]
All recipes require 2 Hops Flower, 1 Brewer's Yeast, and 4 Empty Brewing Bottles.
 Barley Wort
Iron Hammer Bock[INDENT]2 Hazelnut [/INDENT]Black Knight Malt[INDENT]4 Blackberry [/INDENT]Big Rock Bock[INDENT]1 Powdered Limestone
1 Crushed Pearl
1 Pear Juice [/INDENT]Corn Wort
Will-O-Whiskey[INDENT]1 Will O' Wisp Essence [/INDENT]Cherry River Lambic[INDENT]1 Cherry Juice [/INDENT]Dead Orc Porter[INDENT]3 Raspberry
3 Cherry [/INDENT]Red Crow Cream Ale[INDENT]1 Sugar Cane Juice
1 Raspberry Juice
1 Cow's Milk [/INDENT]Oat Wort
Pig's Ear Pilsner[INDENT]1 Ear from a Red Light Goblin Scout [/INDENT]Black Horse Ale[INDENT]1 Blackberry Juice
2 Almond [/INDENT]Dark Dragon Pilsner[INDENT]2 Chicken Egg
1 Elderberry Juice [/INDENT]Tower Malt Liquor[INDENT]2 Malted Barley
2 Holy Water [/INDENT]Rice Wort
Silver Buckle Gin[INDENT]1 Powdered Silver [/INDENT]Axe Head Amber[INDENT]1 Apple Juice [/INDENT]Firewood Lager[INDENT]2 Dust of Fire Agate
1 Stick of Charcoal
1 Cranberry Juice [/INDENT]Cracked Skull Cream Ale[INDENT]2 Skullcap Leaf
1 Cow's Milk [/INDENT]Rye Wort
Blue Sword Swill[INDENT]4 Blueberry [/INDENT]Broken Knuckle Beer[INDENT]4 Skeleton's Knuckle [/INDENT]Wheat Wort
Dwarf's Head Ale[INDENT]2 Chestnut [/INDENT]Jumpin' Juniper Brau[INDENT]1 Juniper Berry Juice [/INDENT]Wizard's Wheat Ale[INDENT]1 Potion of Cure Light Wounds [/INDENT]Dwarf's Sledge Draft[INDENT]6 Cranberry
1 Honey [/INDENT]Green Forest Draft[INDENT]1 Belladonna
2 Peppermint Leaf[/INDENT]------

[SIZE=13]Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards

[/SIZE] All recipes require 2 Hops Flower, 1 Brewer's Yeast, and 4 Empty Brewing Bottles.
[table=head;sort=1,2,3,4,5]Wort|Brew|Ingredient 1|Ingredient 2|Ingredient 3
Barley|Black Knight Malt|Blackberry - 4
Barley|Big Rock Bock|Pear Juice - 1|Powdered Limestone - 1|Crushed Pearl - 1
Barley|Iron Hammer Bock|Hazelnut - 2
Rye|Blue Sword Swill|Blueberry - 4
Rye|Broken Knuckle Beer|Skeleton's Knuckle - 4
Rice|Axe Head Amber|Apple Juice - 1
Rice|Cracked Skull Cream Ale|Skullcap Leaf - 2||Cow's Milk - 1
Rice|Firewood Lager|Cranberry Juice - 1|Stick of Charcoal - 1|Dust of Fire Agate - 2
Rice|Silver Buckle Gin|Powdered Silver - 1
Oat|Black Horse Ale|Blackberry Juice - 1|Almond - 1
Oat|Dark Dragon Pilsner|Elderberry Juice - 1|Chicken Egg - 2
Oat|Pig's Ear Pilsner|Ear from a Red Light Goblin Scout - 1
 Oat|Tower Malt Liquor|Malted Barley - 2|Holy Water - 2
Corn|Cherry River Lambic|Cherry Juice - 1
Corn|Dead Orc Porter|Raspberry - 3|Cherry - 3
Corn|Red Crow Cream Ale|Raspberry Juice - 1|Sugar Cane Juice - 1|Cow's Milk - 1
Corn|Will-O-Whiskey|Will-O-Wisp Essence - 1
Wheat|Dwarf's Head Ale|Chestnut - 2
Wheat|Dwarf's Sledge Draft|Cranberry - 6|Honey - 1
Wheat|Green Forest Draft|Belladonna - 1|Peppermint Leaf - 2
Wheat|Jumpin' Juniper Brau|Juniper Berry Juice - 1
Wheat|Whizard's Wheat Ale|Potion of    Cure Light Wounds - 1


Taken from Layonara - View Single Post - A bundle of leather and parchment...

These were made entirely for my own convenience, and then I realised how useful to others they'd be... So I sent links to people. It was only just now that I realised that this might be an even better place.

These "cards" are not an actual item, though you could make some with the Parchment System, or your in-game journal.

IG, the cards are arranged alphabetically, first by wort and then by brew, usually with little indexing cards for each wort, and tabs for each brew, and list, in to-the-point Common, the recommended method for brewing each drink, down to the wood that the aging casks should be.

The recipe for Xeenite Wine is not included, as, while it's there in the menu, the recipe is actually held secret very well by the Xeenites. Only a VERY few characters have the recipe - all other Xeenite Wine is typically RPed as being bought... ;)

Hope this is helpful.

Edit: I'll be tinkering around with a new-style chart for these to put up here. Here's the work-in-progress; my brain is a bit fizzled to work even on technical stuff atm. And yes, I did shamelessly steal Orth's table as a template. Credit.

Edit again: Woo! Finished. And done. *Moves the table up to the top.*
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General Discussion / Partying: a personal request
« on: April 04, 2007, 06:31:38 pm »
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this:

You invite someone, or someone invites you into a party. Someone else wanders by, initiates conversation, inquires as to your purpose, and joins the party. You are about to set off to smack things. Suddenly, and without warning, another face appears on your sidebar... you mouse over their portrait, and see that they're on another continent . . . Strange. . . . And then, another person is added and another.  More people join (none of whom are actually present) until the entire population of Layonara is in a single party!  All of a sudden, everyone has a reason to wait before setting out, "One minute, it is vital that I stare at my navel before heading into battle." Lo and behold, all those little faces in the party bar just happen to wander by, having the urge to kill the same things at the same time at the same place.Funny how that works.

Seriously though, there is a big difference between:

Me: This is a strong foe we aim to battle. Perhaps I should send a bird to Lady Pwnsalot, to see if she would be interested in joining us.
Other Person: Indeed, her sword would be welcome!
Me: *summons a falcon and writes on some parchment*
[Tell] Falcon message: Myself and a few others aim to slay the fearsome rats in the sewers, but we cannot do it alone, would you care to join us?
[Tell from Lady Pwnsalot]: Verily! I would never turn down such an opportunity, I shall be there forthwith!
*invite Lady Pwnsalot*
Me: *Receives a not from a bird, reads it and nods sagely* She will be here to aid us as fast as her legs can carry her.


[Tell]:Hey, wanna come kill some stuff with us?
[Tell from Lady Pwnsalot]: Sure, I'm in Allindor, just wait there for me, ok?
[Tell] n/p
*invite Lady Pwnsalot*

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why one might invite someone who isn't there at the moment, but please have the grace to ask the rest of the party members, and at least make an attempt to have some RP justification. Too often, this kind of thing just spirals out of control (although my initial description may be a tad exaggerated ;)). I know I'm not the only one who prefers small parties, so please try to remember when everyone wants their friend to come along, it can ruin things for many of us. If you want to have large parties that can run roughshod over anything, there are plenty of people who enjoy that too, but to make every gathering like that is disrespectful to the rest of us, in my opinion. It really doesn't take much imagination to invite people in an RP appropriate way that allows the group to have their input. Maybe character A will refuse to travel if character B  goes along. Maybe Character A is shy and doesn't want to fight with people he doesn't know. And maybe some of us just have OOC preferences, and feel left out when people are invited without some IC dialogue. A little bit of communication and courtesy go a long way.  Thanks.

*I hope this doesn't sound too whiny and ranty, as the title says this is just a personal request, based on my own play style, and I realize not everyone is going to agree with me here*
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General Discussion / Confessions of an RPer
« on: April 03, 2007, 02:07:07 pm »
I have made (too) many posts over the past months regarding tring to find a balance between gaining XP and levels versus RP. My stubborn disbelief of reality has caused me to continue this fruitless endeavor.  Slowly, though, it is dawning on me that I am simply a freshwater fish swimming in the salty ocean.  Other similar fish have either expired or adapted.

While Layonara is not an RP server, but an RP Action server, I always stood firmly that RP came first. I began to see, though, that there was no progression available purely through RP.  One attained levels by adventuring.  Levels, being the core mechanic of NWN, determined ones place in Layonara:  WLs must be 20th level to even apply, horses are not acquired until mid-teen levels, large chests and housing portals cannot be placed at low levels, the advanced crafting hall is 10th level to even enter.  All these things point out quite clearly that levels are the path we players must toe.  Gaining XP through adventure is not "a necessary evil," as I often told myself, but the actual goal of the world.  We are rewarded not for RP, but our success as adventurers.

I stubbornly refused to believe that this was the case.  Surely committed RP and stellar devotion to cause and character would yield similar reward.  Slowly, though, I digressed from my personal standards of "RP always" and interspersed it with combat runs through areas:  Traversing up and down Haven for no other purpose than to gain XP.  Racing across Dregar behind higher levels or with large groups.  Worst of all, loitering in empty Pranzis for hours because I was afraid as soon as I went West for some RP, a party would show up on central and I'd miss the XP.

Is any of this bad? No, not at all. Layonara dictates that our PCs be adventurers more often than commoners. It is always our own choice, of course, to pick between a long RP session as a newsletter writer versus a rogue archer.  Depending on the degree to which you believe that "RP is its own reward," your balance will be different.  Personally, in a level based world like Layonara I continually find myself struggling to find this balance.

Why?  I don't find mindless XP gathering at all immersive.  I like combat tactics, ambushes, campfires, and ale.  I also like feeling successful and that, for me on Layonara, means gaining levels.  There is no other career path.  Making a successful brownie newsletter writer was a challenge and rewarding in itself, but only up to a point.  No amount of fame or RL time will let a 9th level PC become a WL, own a horse, or get better at a Gather Information skill.

I have taken breaks from Layonara in the past, not long ones to be sure.  I enjoy the server aspects tremendously here:  The courteous staff, LORE and letter systems, parchment and quest chests, forums and gallery, and the nonsensical chatter on IRC.  Not to mention the time invested here getting to know those systems and the personalities of the world.  It's unlikely that I'll completely give up trying to find what I'm looking for here.  Would I leave if I found a server more in line with my playing style? Yes.  Do I really think that will happen? No.  Are you stuck with me? Looks that way.

I'm a guest in this salty pond so I ought stop trying to take out the flavor and just enjoy the taste.
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Fixed Bugs / Thunder Peaks buggy titles - TO BE ACTIONED
« on: April 01, 2007, 07:22:57 pm »
[SIZE=16]Bug Report[/SIZE]
 Not able to target anything with spells or attacks
Thunder peaks(See screenshots)
 Reproducable:  Yes
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Forum Discussion / How To Use The Calendar For Proper Times
« on: March 25, 2007, 07:00:27 am »
Okay, I hope this is helpful for everyone.  This is how to set up a calendar event so the time is displayed properly for every one of our community members.

[SIZE=24]Step 1. Set Your Correct Timezone[/SIZE]

First off, make sure you yourself have the correct timezone set!  Edit Your Options and set your timezone to the proper timezone, and select Automatically detect DST settings.

[SIZE=10]Figure 1. orth's Time Zone settings[/SIZE]

[SIZE=24]Step 2.  Add Your Event[/SIZE]

Once you're done that, you're now ready to set up an event.  Go to the Player Calendar. GMs can use GM Calendar, either way doesn't matter.

Now in the top right under the navigation bar click the Add New Event then select Ranged Event.

[SIZE=18]Okay now here's the tricky part. [SIZE=13]

[SIZE=18] If you are currently in Daylight Saving Time wherever you are, then put your star[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=18][SIZE=13][SIZE=24] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=18][SIZE=13][SIZE=18]t time at one hour before you want it started.[/SIZE] For example if you plan on starting a quest at 10:00am, then put it for 9:00am.  Once Daylight Saving Time is over you need not set it one hour before.

The Time Zone should be your Time Zone.


The end time isn't very relevant as we all know how some quests you just don't know how long they will be, but putting an approximation of length does no harm.

In my example below I wanted the quest to start at 6:30am my time and since it's currently Daylight Saving Time here, I set it to start at 5:30am.

[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=10]Figure 2. Example Event[/SIZE]

[SIZE=24]Step 3. Verify The Time Is Correct[/SIZE]

Okay, now make sure when you save the event, the start time appears correctly for you. This ensures it will display properly for everyone else.  As long as they've set their time zone that is :\\  If the time is not correct then please verify you've done all the correct actions in the first two steps.  You can edit your calendar event by selecting :: Edit Event from the Event Options dropdown in the bottom right corner of your event.

[SIZE=10]Figure 3.  Event time verification[/SIZE]

Hope that helps, please comment for revisions or clarifications.

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