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*Kirianna step up in front of the guests at the Miston ball. She quietly clears her throat and avery one turns to hear her sing*

In every Inn and Tavern you can hear our tale.
You sit there and listen while sipping your ale.

We sing of epic victories.
And of tremendous tragadies.

We sing of love, so kind and so pure.
We sing of hatred and evil, so dark and demure.

I have sung of the brave halfling with the stunning steel. (Lyta Winterwound)
And of the Monk so quick and fleet, even the wind cannot feel. (Xiao)

The Man Cat whose pride is too large to get around. (Jhereg)
And the Dwarf, Flaming Axe in hand who never would back down. (Gotak)

Our songs can inspire many women and men,
But who will sing of the Bard at days end?

I shall fade into dust and be gone.
But the memory of my song shall alwayse live on.

* A single tear flows down Kiri's cheek*

The croud first stunned beyond words, breaks into applause and cheers.

*Kiri whipes away the tear, bows and walks off stage*

She says her good byes to those she knew. For she has given up the life of an adventurer.

//Please delete Kirianna Mendelar.

Thank you


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