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CNR Suggestions/Discussion / The eternal level 22 Void...
« on: July 25, 2005, 02:44:00 am »

*Bangs his head against the wall a couple of times just in case this was posted before and I didnt find it*

Oh.. now that thats done i have a question.

Hali got to lvl 22 in tailoring some time back, and I've noticed that
she now needs over 100K xp to get to lvl 23... Is this intentional or some
kind of strange nwn thingy ?

It would be cool to have more than 20% chance on making those nice Malarbags,
and if i need another 100K to get to level 23 in tailoring i am afraid ill use up all the
skin supply on Layo the next months :-) ... just kidding.. ill take up another craft.. hehe


Trade and Market Hall / Exceptional gloves of fury for sale
« on: July 18, 2005, 10:15:00 am »
*Hali suddenly appears at the Hlint inn and writes a note*

I currently have a pair of exceptionally made fury gloves for sale.

Other fine tailored goods can also be supplied.

Contact me if you are interested.

Dragon saver and
Master Tailorer

*She walks off smiling*

Fixed Bugs / Cannot enter my house
« on: June 22, 2005, 02:43:00 pm »
Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post,

I bought a new house on Dregar, and when i got to my door the only coices
are to "Have door locked/unlocked all the time" , "do nothing" or "Change the locks"..

So i choose "open at all times" but could not open door. Then I tried to change all looks,which
gave me a new key... but i still cannot get in..

So i am in Dalanther.. with my ox and myself full of all kind of minerals and pelts .. very ....


Trade and Market Hall / Boxes of aloe and silk for sale
« on: June 17, 2005, 12:25:00 am »
*Note at the crafthall in Hlint*

I might be willing to sell some boxes of aloe and spider silks.


Trade and Market Hall / Black knight malt wanted
« on: June 04, 2005, 06:51:00 am »
*note at Hlint Inn*

Hi, I would like to buy :
 10 Black knight malt

Im am usually around Hlint


*A note posted at the inns around Mistone*

I am selling


  - Adamantium Greatsword with a cold enchantment of the second circle  //Lvl req 13
  - Iron Greatsword with a cold enchantment of the second circle //lvl req 9

Armor :
  - 4 Iron Fullplates //lvl req 12
  - 4 Iron Tower shields

If you are interested in any of these items please contact me.

Trade and Market Hall / Misc items wanted
« on: May 25, 2005, 11:32:00 am »
Hi,I would like to purchase the following :

  10 Gems of Ultravision
  2 Essenses of Power
  4 Potions of Ironguts
  6 Gems of Camouflage
  4 Essenses of Charm
  6 Essenses of Grace
  8 Dust of Fire Opal
  4 Potions of Cats Grace
Contact me if you have some or all *giggles while she writes this* of these items


Trade and Market Hall / Exceptional Belt of cunning for sale
« on: May 23, 2005, 12:18:00 pm »
I have crafted an exceptional belt of cunning which i will sell. Look me up around
Hampshire or Hlint if you are interested.


//OOC +2 Wisdom, +3 Hide , +3 Search  lvl req 14

Trade and Market Hall / Spidersilk wanted
« on: May 23, 2005, 09:50:00 am »
*A note at the Hlint inn says*

I will buy boxes full with spidersilk.


*Hali walks into the Inn in Hlint and wites on a note on the messageboard*

Im selling my Iron greatsword with a fire encantment of second grade


*she runs out laughing* Oh now i must test this adamantium greatsword Kobal made for me... oh bad orcs *giggles*

Trade and Market Hall / Mineral Diamond for sale
« on: May 03, 2005, 07:16:00 am »
*Hali giggles while posting the note in the crafthall og Hlint, my oh my, Lucinda is indeed smiling to me today. 50 Iron nuggets and one diamond *giggles more* *

Il looks like I have a mineral diamond for sale. I cannot us it myself, so ill sell
it to the first person who makes a decent offer.

Hali Arânmâ

Trade and Market Hall / Topaz dust wanted
« on: May 03, 2005, 04:57:00 am »
*written on a note at the Hlint inn*

I would very much like some topaz dust. Lets meet in Hlint and discuss the price.

I am also willing to escort and help out in getting the Topaz.

Hali Arânmâ

Development Journals and Discussion / Lariono Lightning's journal
« on: April 23, 2005, 12:47:00 pm »
*EY this book contains the story of me life*

Todey started out much like the previous days, me doing a lot of training on tailorin, even making meself two pair of cougar boots. Ah that was indded a proud moment. Gives me inspiration to go on with me tailoring it does.

But, the day turned grim... oh yes...

Untill now Ive been a loyal and faithful servant of Vorax, following him doing good deeds, and eben trying to tell Daggs, that big fella, that Grannoch is bad and Vorax should be hes path....

Anyway, Dariole and a female wizard and me went into Lar becase of some rumors about a Dwarven defender being killed, and the town being burnt down by th Druegars. We got a task from a fatty in there and decided to go back to Hlint to wait fer Trip so he could help us past them giants guardin a fortress outside Valensk. Trip needed Gum Arabic, so I ran with all me speed from the road to fort Llast, past some Dwaven and Halfling Mercs, and throuh Llast into Blackfords castle. I got the gum arabic, and started on me way back when i saw that the mercs had followed in me step and was killing two commoners outside the castle. I joined the battle and the mercs were killed, but so was the two commoners..... Twas all MY fault....

I was almost temted to end my travels and go underground, livin in a cave with me own shame, but that would only be a easy cowardly way.

Thankfully, a true believer and a Dwarven Hero of Vorax appeared and told me that Vorax indeed was very dissapointed in me. He told me to live with me shame, but that Vorax would test me soon so that I could show me strength and again be in Vorax service.

Oh... Vorax, what hav I done. I will pass all tests and stand like a rock to proove meself. Only then can i go on living. I will put even more work into tailoring and savvor every failed attempt at making an item as Vorax righteous punishment fer me.

Temorrow i will start over again....

Development Journals and Discussion / The journal of Rilantor Tussle
« on: April 01, 2005, 03:32:00 pm »
*Lots of blank pages in the book before the first entry*

Started this day as always by cleanig the crypts in Hlint. It makes me feel kind of good to do that because i really hate those things down there. It also gives me some training with my blades, although im'm getting enough season on me belt that soon it wont be much training at all down there.

I took a trip to Broken Forest, and picked up some Lionpelts along the way. There i met up with a stron fighter by the name og Goldwin. He showed me som nice fighting techniques, and made me relize that Im still to young to venture in the Broken forrest alone.

I then took a little trip to Rilara to see if anything there needed doing, and I suddenly med Ellendil, Brant and Tharloss. They were standing at the bindstone screaming for revenge. Whatever overcam them must have been huge and dangerous I thought, but it turned out they were all struck down by forrest giants in a cowardly ambush made by them giants. I teamed up with them, and together we went in, prayed at the stones and wiped then big brutes away. I am proud that my blade struck som of those big ones down. Im really starting to like this iron katana Brant made for me. We also ran into som of those big blue snakes..Hate snakes, sneaki  thins.. Well we got rid of them anyway. Tharloss had to leave, and the rest of us set of for Dragon Islands.

Dragon island

Never been to that place before, but as they say... a first time for everything. At first we ran into some
Rendereres, Owlmen, TreeAnts and Mongrelmen who died rater easy by our blades. Strange creatures i must say..

Then all of a sudden Brant ran along and attaced a fire drake, a small one he said. Well it sure took a lot of hits to bring it down, but finaly it died. Boosted by this we ran on to try our luck on some Myoncid. Never heard of them before and sure not seen any before either, but they are big mushrooms who throw acid at you. The first colonny of them we wiped out rather quicly, but the second one had an elder amongst them and I almost met my bane there. Fortunately Ellendil raised me from my deathbed. Close one.

Again I am glad to be in company of such strong allies. I really need to get better with my katanas, so that i can defend myself better.
I guess Mistone is dangerous enough for me a while longer.

Back on Mistone i gathered som more Lionpelts for Pathfinder and his gang, before i once again cleaned the crypts and went to rest.

All in all, an eventfull day indeed.

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