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Trade and Market Hall / Components and Regants for sale
« on: July 10, 2005, 01:21:00 pm »
I have aquired quite an inventory of odds and ends.
Mineral Fire Agate: make offer
Glass Rod  x2  300ea
Incense:  300
Glass Eye:  50
Small Mirror:  3
Rhubarb Leaf:  30
Small Iron Change:  10
Colored Sand (Blue):  8
Bat Guano x 11:  45ea
Powdered Carbon:  10
Powdered Limestone x 3:  80ea
Ivy x 3:  30ea
Licorice Root:  40
Piece of Sopnge:  450
Octopus Tentacle x 3:  45ea
Vial of Diluted Poison x 3:  100ea
Mushroom powder:  50
Dead Fleas x 3:  40ea
Gum of Arabic:  10
Copper Ingot:  Market value
Venom Sacs Aranea,Small,Giant Spider:  Offer
Scroll of Magic Missile:  100
Scroll of Grease:  50
Scroll of Find Traps:  50

You can usally find me in Hlint, or post here and we'll arrange meet.

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