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Rumour Has It / Want to be a Stormcrest Guide?
« on: December 15, 2014, 04:00:32 pm »
Someone's come back to the Shack, and found it awfully dusty! She's been too long wandering Elsewhere to know what's what in the world, and who is there to be guiding her? And if she's being perfectly honest, she was never a very good guide, just the guide we got... That's not even mentioning the time she fed everyone the wrong berries and left everyone too faint from the squats to carry on to the destination!!

Can you tell north from west?* You can be a better guide than Acacea!
Do you remember where you left the horses? You, too! Can be a better guide than Acacea!
Can you make basic campfire food without feeding everyone coals?  Again! You have the advantage!
Can you...
    remember local dangers and prepare your group against them?
    remember enough about a place to pass a little knowledge on as you pass by?
    Be Prepared For Things?
    Know Stuff About Places?

No paperwork! No entry fees! No commitments! Just looking for people who know enough to value the journey as much or more than the destination! Remember, nobody's looking for someone who knows everything - just enough people that know something to give an assortment to choose from! Leave a note or find Acacea at the Shack if you're interested...

* Ability to actually tell north from west not required! See Acacea and Katrien for proof

((Membership in guilds is not relevant, as the guides aren't a guild. PM Me :
    - How long you've played on Layonara
    - Character name, level, and alignment
    - How long the character has been active

- If you've read the server rules and LORE, and regularly active on the forums
- If you have any questions in general))

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General Discussion / tl;dr Worldbuilders for Heifer - Donate, Win Stuff
« on: December 14, 2014, 02:17:35 pm »


Hey people, thought I would toss a thread here in case any books and game lovers want to throw some change into the hat. Tomorrow is the last day of the Worldbuilders fundraiser for Heifer International, and while every year has gotten more attention and numbers, there's still a lot of people who haven't even heard of it, who are exactly the kinds of people who'd be interested in it. I'll treat this like a standard confidence game* and appeal to generosity, first.

Pat Rothfuss, the author of the as-yet-unfinished Kingkiller Chronicles, started Worldbuilders several years back because he had all this new income and influence and thought he could do something. Why he picked Heifer International as the charity of choice, among other things, is covered in the How We Got Started.

Or you could skip the FAQs and check out a video of Pat getting all broken up at his kid beating him to the punch when he tries to be all parently . Should also be mentioned that while the usual face of donations is buying cows, goats, and baby chicks (hi redundancy, haven't seen you since five minutes ago!), it also goes towards things like irrigation pumps, biogas stoves, and training animal health workers, 'cause you know, vets. There's a whole lot more training than milking goats... that said, it's not a fight about which charity is best, or putting one over the other, nor an invite to a debate on the effectiveness of any particular organization (as ever feel free to PM or catch me on IRC for debate, har!)  - ultimately this is the one they picked, and you can win cool stuff ;)

So to continue on in the vein of a sales pitch, to appeal to the shiny-loving right after the save-the-world, it boils down to donating $20  gets you two chances to win in a giant lottery. $50 gets you 5. Etc. You might win a paperback from an author you never heard of, try it out, and discover someone new or find you don't care for it. You could also win, say, a copy of every book published by a particular publisher in the last year. There's pretty much a ton of geekery and swag and games thrown in, as well. The lottery library gives kind of an idea of what all has been donated by different authors, publishers, and fans, but it's kind of hard to get the picture unless you see things like videos of the staff learning to use a forklift to unload a truck full of boxes of donated games, heh. It should also be noted that you don't burn all your chances when you win. Technically if you donated $200, you could win 20 times, even if it is extremely unlikely.

If you'd like to participate but would rather a direct exchange than a lottery, The Tinker's Packs has a lot of things for sale, and all of the money goes to Worldbuilders. There are also a few auctions with time remaining on them, though a whole lot more have already gone.

If nothing else, all the donations this year have brought us things like Neil Gaiman reading Jabberwocky and Strong Bad Writes a Kids' Book as stretch goals.

The direct link for donations is here , make sure your contact information is correct so if you win something, it goes to the right place... because of the massive amounts of donators, there's no email going out to individual winners except in cases where you win something very rare or niche-specific, in which case Pat or someone from the Worldbuilders staff will contact you to be sure you want it and make sure shipping is correct, because nobody wants some one-of-two-hundred ARC signed by some famous author to sit outside in the snow while you're on vacation.

A couple things on that page that could use clarifying even if you've done it before - there are a few new options this year, because it kind of started out as mostly books and author things, and this year there are So. Many. Games. Because not everyone is into board and card games, and also because there are enough OF them to allow you to specify, you can opt to only be in the lottery for books, only for games, or be in for both.

The other question is "Do you want to be included in the drawing for the items mentioned in Patrick Rothfuss's Three Threes blog?" This is basically something that he kinda toyed with last year because the fundraising reach has grown pretty far out from his own fanbase, so things specific to his setting or ...self would not be cool to a lot of people. The things mentioned are a set of his world's currency, stealth copies of his related novella that just came out recently, and a gold favor ring, which has kinda become a tradition of sorts, I guess. The ring is the favor, for whomever physically possesses it. It has his name on it, a nod to some court customs in his setting. You can keep the ring, or you can trade it someday for a favor. Pasta. Move your couch. Put your name in one of his novels.

Now that I think of it, you should also opt-out of further communications by unchecking the opt-in check box if you do not want to be contacted by Heifer in the future. If you don't want their brochures and reminders in the mail religiously, they might as well save the paper, ha.

As a note from me, the time between the fundraiser ending and when possible packages arrive is a few months, so it's best to chalk it up to a good deed done or something and move on rather than frantically checking the mail, or something. You can watch them on facebook if you want the occasional update from staff about their gazillion packages they have to send out. I usually win something or another, but then, no one else in my family has, so... if you really need to know the odds, try checking the little widget at the top right corner of the blogs to see your chances.

If you made it this far, wow! Such dedication. So many cookies! Too bad they are only virtual.

*Psst, not really a con. Not pocketing anything and running for the hills. Just in case. Maybe next time.

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Ancients Legacy / Dig Site
« on: October 26, 2014, 10:09:10 am »

The area of the site stretches across four horse lengths by another four. The ground has a low incline, appearing almost level compared to the rest of the surrounding mountainous land. Within the dig site, there is very little marked. A cloth has been pulled over a patch of land and folded up, revealing a wall segment. It juts up fromt the rest of the land like a partially buried boulder - however, the surface is somewhat smoothed. On its leftmost side as one faces the rock from its buried bottom, the edge of the rock cuts across some carvings, making them indecipherable or incomplete (as is the wall, obviously), but the pattern of four of the seven constellations currently in question remain visibly carved firmly into the wall by some unknown hand. Goran, Lucinda, Deliar, and Aragen, appearing in the places they might in the sky at this time. 

After they've spoken for some time, and Katelyn has suggested her plan, Acacea rubs her cheek and looks around.

So... just to recap before you try that! There was probably some kinda wall somewhere before the Breaking, whether a temple or a shrine or even just a wall standing by itself to look neat, and it had the latest constellation patterns on it, which only became interesting when became the latest constellation patterns on it! Probably all seven, though we're guessing 'cause Shindy, Dorand, and Prunilla have not made it with the rest of the wall... all blown up and such... See, what DID make it intact is like the sky right now! Or would be, were it dark! So a pretty good guess!

But things were flung from all over and valleys became mountains and there were volcanos and there were landmasses broken and islands sunk and all sorts of stuff in the Cataclysm, so we don't know where this wall was before, that we could look more into to see if there was some kind of prophecy stuff happening there!

So! The cat person said it most probably came from down and not up, and we'd have to go down. Ferrit's granddaughter (I need something shorter!) wants to try using the Couple's connection to see if we couldn't find where Prunilla went, though hopefully she's not just sand at this point...

Myself, I do not really have much else here, I think. The casters said it wasn't magic - maybe it was magic when it was whole, MAYBE, but it's not now, and I don't really have anything to go on, either! My other thing is that I was hoping there would be some magical hint here that tied the goings-on with the missing people. All we could divine ...or... they... could divine... She sighs. was that at least two were alive, and the recent boy is somewhere dark, maybe below. I'd like to know how the other one the lady looked at was 'different', too.

Even if these are not connected, I would like them found safe! There might be more we could look for by finding more missing peoples and trying to work backwards or combine focuseseses. So I think we've only got more questions, so we might as well hop to looking for things that might point us towards some answers... Whether hand-holdy holy water prayers, missing persons hunts, pre-cataclysmic map hunting, digging, legend hunting, and so on!

She smiles brightly. Unfortunately, a lot of that is, from what I hear, things people have been trying to do already with the stars changing, with no luck so far. So! Carry on...

Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Memories in Song
« on: October 21, 2014, 11:27:43 pm »
At the Arms one autumn evening, the jukebox begins to play an old song; The Gypsy of Leringard greets late-nighters and staff who happen in, and the whirling bright sound of it drifts through frozen streets. The fiddle plays out memories of fiery hair and emerald eyes, and is soon joined by the breathy voice of a dancing flute. Though a familiar tune, and not unloved, it appears to keep being set on this whenever changed... from elsewhere in the inn a pair of pipes echo the flute's part to sing with the gypsy's violin.
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The Silver Buckle / Security Checks
« on: October 07, 2014, 07:35:33 pm »

After some time to get reacquainted with the Buckle staff, Tori asks for the tour. She takes a closer look at the additions to the inn, and marks silently the alternate means of egress she's informed of. She is plain faced and plain spoken, but does not need to be shown anything twice.

As the change in the heavens becomes more and more the topic of conversation, she glances to the gambling tables and asks to be kept apprised of any change in overall trends of luck, particularly of the professed Deliarites. She defers to Melody and Edward to treat with those getting out of hand with their opinions and pronouncements of doom, but notes those that affect the patrons and gain support rather than scorn.

Should the unlikely occur and her opinion is asked, she will shrug and remind that "some folk allays lookin' for reasons to drown, an' 'em what decidin' only trouble comin' get what they askin' for." She keeps to herself, but when prodded only says that the gods are always up to something or another, and people should take it as a favor that they've made any sign at all - and that the only disaster that is certain is the one that comes when people abandon their trades, fields, homes, families, because of the view that's changed while they're sleeping.

"Ain't nobody e'er payin' any mind to 'em folk beggin' coppers an' sleepin' off they drink 'til noon, 'til workin' sorts got somethin' to be afeared about. Try for copper charity an' folk kickin' you out the road. Start sellin' fear an' folk go linin' up to bury you in silver."

In the meantime, she requests a meeting in private with Miz Elly to discuss the specifics of the inn's wards.

((I will simply update this thread when Tori is working on something here, to avoid forum spam ;) )) 

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The Silver Buckle / A Return to the Buckle
« on: September 29, 2014, 09:21:38 pm »
Some years later, Tori checks back in at the Silver Buckle, only raising her eyebrows slightly at the changes made. After a brief conversation with Michael, she heads down and returns with a dusty adamantium buckler, but asks that someone tell "that Reid fella" she's looking to settle up and wondering what the damage is.
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Fixed Bugs / Feat Requirements - Epic Warding
« on: June 11, 2011, 05:21:08 pm »
Quote from: NWN Wiki
The actual prerequisite is not the ability to cast level 9 spells, but being an epic sorcerer or wizard, or having at least 15 pale master levels. Furthermore, this feat can only be chosen when gaining a level in the qualifying class.

LORE's current version has the vanilla description about only needing the ability to cast level 9 spells, so it should probably be either edited to reflect the correct requirements or added in a note.

Edit - Sorry, I was a little hasty with the detail. The current note on the page is:

The twenty-one (21) caster levels must be gained in a base class (Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, or Wizard), with the Pale Master Prestige Class being the one exception.

Druid and Cleric need to be removed. Bards can still take it. (Sorry.)
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General Discussion / For those that don't need a whole house
« on: April 04, 2011, 12:22:33 pm »
For those that have difficulty because they just want a little place to store some things, a bedroll they can see, and a portal, but places that rent rooms are full or you are just starting out or whatever, Acacea's treehouse at 158 Silverdell Grove is really not a house but more of one converted to a waystation for those passing through. Despite appearance there is no real lock on the door so it is always open. Anywhere that there is space you can lay down a mat and a small chest - the small ones hold the same amount as the large ones, now. The most space is probably "down" - go up to the room with the piano and the two rooms (the left one is Jaelle's, she can speak for whether or not it's available), and then walk towards the crate in the wall. There is a little transition there.

It looks strange but it's there because we've always roleplayed it as simply climbing down the crate - it amuses Acacea to no end to suddenly disappear into it.

Anyway, down there there is a fair amount of space. A brownie was already tucked under the stairs - I don't know if she's still there.

It's not glamorous or anything, but it is there and it's open and it's got a portal. There's been a few people that have used it as a transition to a rented room, and then to their own place. There's also a scattering of books there if anyone wants to check them out - just put them back after. There's reasons and stuff. For those of you especially meanieheaded, yeah there are elemental wards, please play accordingly.

The crate by the bar usually has foodstuffs in it, which people are welcome to eat out of if they need it. The only thing that was asked was that should they come into more than they need later, that they toss some back in for others. Somebody may have eaten it all by now, as I think the Lily and Jennara were the only people still putting anything in it :p

Acacea is rather unlikely to be in, but that is really no change. You never know, though. Okay, sometimes you do.

PS: Because of tileset strangeness, you may be puzzled when you first enter as to the tiny space and vast blackness - just walk into it and it will spread out.

PPS: For very older players, Aleister's lab actually remains intact and in use (well, not anymore), but it is hiding! The rest was converted and opened at least in part to irk his decaying corpse.

General Discussion / Dear NWN
« on: June 20, 2010, 11:19:09 am »
Dear Neverwinter Nights,

I never actually finished your official campaign (any of them), and most of even my favorite modules were left off around 95% completion. No more than a handful of areas from the module project I started were ever done, even though building was the only reason I went PW surfing to begin with. I am a poor modeler and have not given you any shiny new toys like other people have over the years, as with my most valiant efforts I am generally just translating the work of others to work for us. I rarely finish stories, and my scripting in any language is akin to the tourist that greets natives with "the cat is black" and says his farewells as "the cheese is stinky".

I only dabbled with your sequel, and even when I poked my head into another PW I didn't speak with another soul. I bought that nice premium module that I heard was very good, but like other very good modules I only got halfway through it, along with that expansion. Expansions. I've found that the things I love most about your sequel are the models that got ripped from it and given to you. Enjoy!

I did not get you a card, because I hate cards, and also I don't care for wrapping paper, bows, and in general anyone bothering me, and also I am officially 2 days late. But I thought I would say it anyway.

Happy 8th Birthday, NWN!

Eight years later you are getting some of the best content since your release. Here are just a few examples of the continued labors of love on your behalf, to cheer you and make up for my own lack of contribution. I did not even count the last patch they labored on for you, and the premium modules that were cancelled but given to the community, or any of the older content that is still in the top ranks!

NWShader (Ignore them when they say adding bloom to NWN is like putting lipstick on a pig - they should have said gilding a lily. The possibilities cannot be measured!)
NWN Enhanced
sixesthrice's pretty tilesets
CTP Babylon
CEP 2.3 (the new DM tools are crazy!)
Senemenelas' Underdark Tileset
KotoR Heads
SciFi Placeables
Worms Fantasy Interiors
Sen's Seasonal Workshop (remember when we were trying to make the seasons change dynamically with worms, NWN? That was silly. This is easy.)
Community Music Pack

Lastly, while I do not have anything of my own that is anything of note, and have not in general added to your lifespan with so much as a font, you must understand that with your kind I am a fickle creature. Drawn to shiny and ever dissatisfied with its empty reflection, I move on and on and on from "games," leaving a trail of open manuals and dusty boxes behind me, bouncing from latest and greatest back to Betrayal at Krondor, Mario, and King's Quest, and, more recently, Lemmings. Forget all the others. You are the only one I have been (semi-)faithful to, and with you are the only characters (singular) I've made that have lasted any significant length of time, even when we are called silly for still caring about a game nearing a decade-old and wanting to do good things for it. Did I say a decade? No, no, you are closer to 5 than 10. Forget all that.

So thank you for the toolset, and thank you for Acacea, and happy birthday!

General Discussion / On the subject of evil cities
« on: May 05, 2010, 08:19:17 pm »
As requested...

Quote from: Guardian 452
I know I asked not to pick ideas apart but I wanted to make one of my ideas a bit more clear

#10. The Evil truly evil starting city. I didnt mean go kill "good" PC's. I do not beleive most of the people can truly handle PvP with the amount of maturity it needs to make it work correctly. I meant in from this Evil City you would have quests to go kill Farmer "X" rather than go help find his lost cow. Or Go steal weapons and deliver them to the Evil City to get your Helm of Armor 1 and 2.  That sort of thing.

Anything regarding alignment, race, class, gender, whatever-based starting areas is not sustainable given the player population, even in its most ideal form. Not only that, but the whole idea of a city full of evil people doing evil things, gosh the things they get up to, is itself difficult to do. Better would be to integrate quests targeting evil PCs into an existing starting area, like an underground, or whatever.

We are trying to merge player populations, not divide them further.

So from this I would scratch the entire concept of any new starting areas and instead make it a much more reasonable request of static quests that have a little more ethical variety to them, possibly even with a choice of how they are completed. I really can't stand the fed-ex quest system in general, but leaving the bulk as they are and just adding a few worthwhile ones could spread some variety.

Vehl - Shady dude fedex just asking for tainted substance in gloom woods cave. Reason to go there, clear intention to manufacture and sell. Perhaps you could consider an option on completion to take either gold or some basic instruction in exchange, and get poison crafting XP.

Toss an Az'attan in the Gloom Woods that appears if you have accepted or denied quest (on conversation having happened at all) that wishes a sample herself for the purpose of a cure, and you can only turn it in to one person. *shrugs*

Do anything 2409523092 times and it's going to get stupid. But at least there are already 2-3 more possible outcomes and isn't a) help me save my puppy or b) help me collect this blood of virgin.
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Rumour Has It / Astral Keys, Please
« on: February 12, 2010, 10:21:23 pm »
In lieu of actual presence, a barely coherent note is scribbled and posted at the Shack.

Cosmic Locks, Unbreakable Rules!
If one has not the proper tools...

Iron-bound paths open to me
With a turn of one little key

Do not tamper with what starts pure,
Change not forms beyond ideals
Flexible is the body's mold
Beyond that, the Astral Seals

All doors were made to be opened!
All rules were meant to be broken!
And even under lock and key,
The truth may still be spoken

'Round the world there will be hidden
Truths some gods have deemed forbidden

(And lest they seek to apprehend,
With all these keys we'll play pretend!)

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General Discussion / Postponing til tomorrow
« on: January 24, 2010, 09:35:41 pm »
Sorry for the late notice - I meant to post this morning. I need to move tonight's scheduled wanderin's to tomorrow (Monday) as I am at my mother's to hang out following her surgical removal of supposedly unnecessary organs.

No, Acacea doesn't know where she is going yet!
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Enabling Co-op on Magical Disturbances
« on: January 17, 2010, 06:35:13 pm »
At the moment, the mechanical system for magical disturbances left by GMs is for solo attempts only. I do not really understand the purpose in the current implementation, because the DCs are so slim as to be pointless for anyone but Storold.

It's not actually the difficulty that I disagree with, though. I think that it should be difficult-to-impossible for anyone but Storold to repair such disturbances... alone. On GM quest after GM quest we have tackled them in groups and circles - some people have spent a lot of time trying to research and participate in them. Now it is just a mechanical system only one person can help with.

Maybe it could use the main person's* concentration score, and do some division with present party member caster levels and/or SC.

Like I said... it's not the DCs that are the problem, it's the fact that the system assumes anyone would ever try such things alone, which they never have. Did no one repair these before Storold? No... it just took a lot more of them, which itself makes him stand out more than making him the one person in the church that is actually doing anything in the very cause they are utterly devoted to carrying out. More than that, he could be leading little bands of mages that can participate in ritual mendings instead of just having to watch.

I just don't like everyone else being forced out solely by mechanics, nor Storold himself being reduced to a lone magical Roomba.

[SIZE=10]*The character having the dialogue[/SIZE]
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Trade and Market Hall / 'Cacea's Key Recycling
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:26:16 pm »

(Re)Posted at the ShackLocks changed and turned out of the house?

Dank dungeon gate now permanently torn down?

Getting weighted down with loose ends but hate to throw away a memento?

Just short on funds and looking for any way to make a little extra?

Trade in your keys! Before you throw those old keys away, think of getting something for them exchange! Pawn them to 'Cacea's Key Recycling and receive compensation to the sum of four hundred* pieces of gold per key, whether or not they open anything at all! You will never find someone that will care for or love them more! 

Make someone happy and line your pocket in the process!

*Will haggle for unique or otherwise interesting keys!

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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Can't Keep a Good Inn Down...
« on: December 21, 2009, 10:33:30 pm »
[SIZE=24]Leringard Arms, 1387: Opening Night[/SIZE]

Drake Evermont
Raestra Nevermore
Lil' Miss

[SIZE=24]Leringard Arms, 3rd of the New Year 1459: Opening Night[/SIZE]

Andrew Reid
Lil' Miss

 Many thanks to all that attended and helped give even an empty lot reasons to remember what was and might be...!

[SIZE=10]Let's aim to have a roof before the next year...[/SIZE]

Stewards of New Years Past and Present:

*Derrick Loadson*
Quin Cromwell

Let No One Person Claim Sole Ownership Of An Idea or Community That Survives Through Those That Simply Do What Need Be Done When It Needs Doing[/I]


[SIZE=10]((/Sorry if I OOC forgot anyone. Unintentional.\\))[/SIZE]
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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Leringard Arms Open-Air Celebration
« on: December 06, 2009, 12:42:53 am »
A poster appears first around Leringard.

Jenra of 1459
[SIZE=24]Leringard Arms Inn and Taven Open for Business![/SIZE]

[SIZE=18]Food Sold, Drinks [strike]on Tap[/strike] Available!
Scenic Views!
Open 'Til Everybody Goes Home!
Limited Merchant Space On Account of the Rubble, Har![/SIZE]

Years Without Being Burned Down: [strike]72[/strike] 0

Derrick Loadson
Quin Cromwell

Founders of the Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern

[SIZE=10]A stylized drawing is sketched under the names of a lily winding around the meeting of two crossed longswords.

Edit: *Points Down* Similar in theme to what was posted, only a drawing and not a seal, and the lily is around the two swords.[/SIZE]
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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Amidst the rubble, a time ago
« on: December 04, 2009, 03:29:16 pm »
[INDENT]A small figure decorated with bells, keys, and strange tattoos aids in excavation and salvage, before the demolitions were quite finished. Her songs can be heard twining with the harsh winds that sweep frozen streets, and harmonizing with the other musicians that also come and go.

All at once, however, near the end of her third day (for seeing her there for more than a handful of consecutive days was rare), she sits down in the midst of the waning work of the day, legs simply folding under her and depositing her rear on the ground, and, amazingly for those that are even passingly familiar with her, as many in Leringard are, she begins to cry.

She is left entirely alone for a space of time until someone finally approaches as though to question, her arms wrapped around her knees and her forehead resting atop them. "They're all gone!" she sniffs, before she can even be questioned or comforted. "He killed them all. I have looked and looked, and they are not here any-more."

"It is not just planks and gold that are for rebuilding! Derrick is gone, and Kali, and Quin, and Varka and Harg and Cole and Rhizome and Remi and Jharl and Freldo and Maurelle and Queen Allurial and Kat's Corner and Aleister and there is no more Saucy Sailor Boy, or Knight With Damsels Too Many, the war is over and all the Coins have missed the glass!" When another points out the recovery of the Norseman's statue, she shakes her head too many times, making something at her ears chime in denial. "That is not Cole! That is just a statue," and buries her face in her knees again.

At the instant she seems most depressed, sniffling and hugging her knees, she looks around and then whispers to a few nearby, "But I have a secret!" She reaches into a draping sleeves and pulls a small pouch from it, fastened with a plain cord. "I have them all! We have to put them back!" She hops to her feet and begins to speed off, tangled hair and a faded scarf streaming behind her as she answers over her shoulder, "To rebuild, of course!" even as she goes in the opposite direction of that which is already in progress. "Old and new!"

((Other things to shed more light soon, heh.))
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Rumour Has It / Short notice trip and destination change
« on: November 29, 2009, 09:16:38 pm »
[INDENT]She crosses her arms and looks skeptical towards the man in front of her, having to crane her neck to do so properly. "You are the third person to ask me of the First in a week's time! I have decided to just put an end to the questioning and run a wagonload with me to the bridges and have done with it then." She winks at her comment, the bells on her wrists chiming together."Besides, it is not so inconvenient for me. I have been crossing the bridges almost every quarter for the last few decades..." She trails off, a hint of melancholy in her melodic voice, though she is smiling. "They do not yet open the door to me, nor has the Hierophant or anyone else decided yet to let me guard the key, but for now to stand singing outside the door is enough!"

She says this in confident tones, as though it were only a matter of time before the key is given to her, despite the listener's skeptical look. She toys with the easy hundred others hanging on her as she listens to the response, then frowns and throws her hands in the air. "What good is taking a wagonload to the bridges if none of the askers can go?" The halfling woman pouts and turns, making for the glowing portal beside the Shack.

"What about bridges? Who said anything about bridges? We are going to the Rift, silly. Haven't you ever heard of Shalic Layor?"[/INDENT]

[SIZE=10]((Short notice change if any intended to go to the bridges in about 30 minutes from this post. Reorienting to head for the Rift. All levels welcome and encouraged; we may go for a jaunt around inside but depending on who shows are unlikely to go further.))[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / First sunday trip move
« on: November 15, 2009, 12:39:20 am »
It's kind of cheesy to move the first thing in a series of things, but, for those who didn't notice, there is a Summons to Blackford for someone that also allows an open, if courteous, audience. Considering that I was going to start doing these every Sunday, I figured there was no harm in skipping the first so that we could all spy on the Queen's business... ;) There is just a certain number of time chunks that can be assigned, is all.

That would make the first regular one next Sunday instead of tomorrow, and others just kind of random in the week.
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / And in threes...
« on: October 25, 2009, 02:10:32 pm »
In the perceived ascending order of usefulness...

1. Level 40 Epic.

On a kind of side-step, a couple of Dezza's things reminded me that I was actually talking with someone recently about the loss of the level 30 epic. Not so much its requirement to pass beyond it, but just that there was that "break." The old requirements, while stringent and restrictive in their way, did kind of add a lot at the same time - yes, you had to do something crazy to get past 20 in the first place, but also, and more interestingly to me, your story didn't just stop there. You had one at 20, and that was a beginning. At 30 you continued. There was another at 40, wasn't there? I can't recall. But there definitely a progression. I don't know if there should be another wall or not, but there was the feeling of level 30 being another big thing. Has anyone considered having a level 40 epic? Think about it - it takes you 20 pre-epic levels to get to "WL" in general. What happens after 20 more actually epic levels? heh. What have you spent all your time on? Make it twice as difficult and you either rule the world or go out with a bang, eh? Eh...

Anyway, I don't think WLs should be given more XP, regardless of quests, but at the moment their quests kind of come off very much as a final thing. You got one shot to complete a goal and then you are done and left to stagnate. It is greedy to try to do anything else story-involved a RL year later, you had your turn. In a lot of ways it seems like development stops instead of begins, and I think somewhere the lack of ability to progress in that fashion kinda sucked. What exactly are your Angelas and Alanthas and Storolds and so on doing at level 40? The next time they have stupid crazy idea to try, I say let 'em. Let it near kill them and break all ties and make new ones and whatnot, but let 'em. Make it worth the 20 epic levels they put in ;)

2. 1 hour to CDQs per 5 levels after 20.

 You don't need three WL quests, but with the current CDQ reqs limited to 6 hours every 2 months... it's hard to think of things that fit within the scope of the characters after x level, but can be squashed into two three hour sessions. That isn't even limited to WLs but epic characters in general - it doesn't matter if you've had a WL quest, if you're out killing Essrantor for fun, it will be hard for you to have a meaningful cdq that's aimed for your level range in that amount of time. It can be done and I've seen it done, but still - hard, for both GM and player. Maybe you could even just add an hour for every 5 levels after 20 or something - at 40 you'd cap at 10. Is that unfair?

(That's not snide, I'm curious if it seems unfair, you know? Do level ten characters feel burned by that, or look forward to further development as they continue?)

This was originally in my response to that thread since that's where the other was, but it might be better off here.

3. Use LORE commentary as mini-DM profiles.

Another thing is regarding the both the use of WLs and non-WLs that have gained influence in x area on quests. Profiles can get pretty weighty and still not have things of interest in them - a long time ago I wanted to have a GM setup on LORE where they could see what they needed to see of a character in a glance. With the GM commentary added, it occurred to me to use it as a mini-profile.

You look at your GM event calendar - 6 yes, 18 maybe, 3 no. Looking to most likely characters of those yes, by using LORE you can browse their stats, last used gear, level, crafts, chance of permadeath, and if GMs left quicknotes on LORE, snips of anything that might be immediately relevant.

"Banned from Voltrex."
"+10 Gather Info and Lore when in x region."
"Favored knight of the Queen of Trelania."
"Hero of Hurix"
"Cannot tap the Al'Noth until date 20/5/2010"

And so on. By keeping them very short one-liners, you can add more of them and see more of them at a glance. If any of those one-liners prove immediately relevant to your quest, you can choose or choose not to go look at where there is more information. In some cases you might need it, but in some cases all the important bit is summed up in a sentence.

It could be that LORE commentary might need to be wiggled a little, but it seemed like having snapshots of relevant information immediately available to GMs just by clicking a stat profile would really help them not have to wade as much just looking to see IF there is anything they need to know.
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