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Trade and Market Hall / Olmae (Oly)dropped off :1
« on: February 11, 2017, 10:41:30 am »

Olmae (Oly)

dropped off :

1 Rags of Rage                                       49386

Took :

Althlonus's Armor                               45624                                                   

net : +3762

Old balance: 8421

new Balance : 12183

4562 true left in payment chest



Trade and Market Hall / Thoven Darkeyes left
« on: February 08, 2017, 02:17:43 pm »

Thoven Darkeyes left :

 Studded Malar armor                   10000

platinum chain mail                         3000

total left :                                           13000


8 mineral diamonds                   8000

mirrored bracers                          7500

total taken :                                  15500

net :                                              -2500

Beginning balance: 26564

Ending Balance :            24064

1550 left in payment chest

Trade and Market Hall / hoven Darkeyes left :2  Cats
« on: February 04, 2017, 05:15:44 pm »

hoven Darkeyes left :

2  Cats I Amulets @   2100                    4200

4 Electrical I enhancements @ 2000  8000

total left :                                                12200


Beginning balance:  14364

Ending Balance :             26564



Trade and Market Hall / Orrin Willis  stops by and
« on: January 22, 2017, 08:19:24 pm »

Orrin Willis  stops by and drops off:

Alaamathelia's slippers   8000

Boots of Reflex +2                600


Takes : 

Cat's I Ring                             1750

Net :                                           +6850

Old Balance :  5295

New Balance  : 12145

175  left in payment chest

Layonara Server /  I have a lower level
« on: January 19, 2017, 06:59:01 am »


I have a lower level character : Orrin Willis ... level  9 that would be willing to assume the job of managing the store.

In compensation I propose he be allowed to receive  2.5% of any cash deposited in the shop in the normal course of business.

( This would  in affect be 0.025 % of the posted transaction prices, as under present rules all transactions incur a 10% fee ...25 true per 10000)

or ...alternatively a nominal flat fee 'salary'  of an amount TBD..perhaps in the range of 100-1000 True a week 

1) I would propose that this scheme (if adopted)  be put into affect with a 'clean slate' ...all existing cash in the store emptied  under GM supervision/ action and put in trust or donated to some cause.

2) Any transactions to buy/sell anything (for his personal account) in the store by my custodian character would be done under GM supervision or some other 

verification means.

3) Be given the authority to reset prices/policies with as much GM or other supervision as would be deemed appropriate.

4) to sell off via the NPC pawn shops ecxcess duplicate items.

5) Any other restrictions etc that are deemed necessary.


Note I  am not be proposing to 'buy out' the store, or take an ownership position or benefit in any way other than the above proposed caretaker fee.

I believe this scheme could work with joint management ( other character, characters) if there is  interest .

Trade and Market Hall / Thoven Darkeyes left :1 Cats
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:30:52 am »

Thoven Darkeyes left :

1 Cats II Amulet                  6000

1 Brown Hide Armor          8364

total left :                              14364


Beginning balance : 0

Ending Balance : 14364

Trade and Market Hall / Trius  stops by and leaves:1
« on: January 15, 2017, 03:43:41 pm »

Trius  stops by and leaves:

1 oak  @ 5 0                                   50

8 P. Mushrooms @ 50               400

Boar Boots                                   500

 Lion Sling                                  1500

Alaamiathelas Slippers            8000 

Scribble Cloak                            3498

Total left :                                13948

Took :  

Shin Biter                               3720

Boots of the Militia               4000

Archer Belt                             1316

total taken :                          9036                                    

Net Credit                              4912

Old Balance :                         1829

New Credit                         4912

New Credit Balance:    6741

                  904 True left in payment chest

Trade and Market Hall / Trius  stops by and leaves:16
« on: January 14, 2017, 07:57:47 pm »

Trius  stops by and leaves:

16 Ginseng                  @ 60     720

9 Ginger                       @50     450

26 Corn                        @ 50   1300

5 Cranberry                @45    225

3 Honey                       @ 50   150

1 W/Sof the Hiero.  @        900 

1 Ring of wisdom I   @     1750

Total left                              5495

Took :  

Staff of the Woods @     3666

Net Credit                           1829

Old Balance :                  0

New Credit Balance: 1829




Trade and Market Hall / Thoven purchased 23 mineral
« on: January 14, 2017, 08:31:54 am »

Thoven purchased 23 mineral ruby at 1000 ea.

23000 left in payment chest

Trade and Market Hall / 12000 True  for the Courtesan
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:54:46 am »

12000 True  for the Courtesan Blade

--Thoven ---

Trade and Market Hall /   I bid :7500 trues for
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:31:50 pm »

  I bid :

7500 trues for the Courtesan Blade dagger -

--- Thoven --

Trade and Market Hall / Thoven Darkeyes left :1
« on: December 29, 2016, 06:04:09 pm »

Thoven Darkeyes left :

1 Dragonskin Buckler @ 8000

1 Hearth Shield   @             35593

total left :                                43593


1 enchanted star shield @ 53157

amount left in chest :9565

Beginning balance : 0

Ending Balance : 0

///Note : shield chest is stuck open. All product moved to adjoining chests . Will move them back after reset

Trade and Market Hall / Thoven Darkeyes took:1 Lesser
« on: December 04, 2016, 07:40:46 pm »

Thoven Darkeyes took:

1 Lesser Ioun stone Scarlet @ Blue @16125


Old balance:     8048

New Balance :  0

8077 True left in payment chest

Layonara Server / Thoven  would be willing to
« on: October 09, 2016, 10:00:18 am »

Thoven  would be willing to manage the store either alone or with others

Ask A Gamemaster /  You can:Ask your fellow
« on: October 03, 2016, 01:15:58 pm »

 You can:

Ask your fellow adventurers for directions/assistance.




Development Journals and Discussion / Angra 22 1568 (at the Zainge
« on: September 10, 2016, 08:02:57 pm »

Angra 22 1568 (at the Zainge River)

A Chance Encounter

My travels took me near to Krandor. It had been quite a long time since I had set foot in that village, but in need of a good kitchen, ale and a meal I stopped by the inn. Much to my surprise I found Neena there.

We shared a meal together and had a long 'discussion' of news and such. I then agreed to accompany her to the house of the dead.

It is a terrifying place.

I have been in this crypt and others in the past but never on a trip like this one. We were (as expected) assailed by the corpses and such of those we had disturbed. There is no reasoning with them so we of course defended ourselves. But this time we moved slowly, almost reverently, as if we acknowledged we were trespassers. The priestess took care of the dead, as far as that might be possible, by gathering the remains , blessing them and reinterring them. After a while it seemed not unusual and I assisted her as well as I might.

We ventured as deep as we thought was prudent. I showed her a chamber with an altar but she could only observe it from a distance safely.

It was only later after a good sleep (and having departed Krandor) that I realized I have a hundred questions to ask of her about these crypts and their denizens. I suspect she has answers to some.  I'd wager she seeks answers to most .

I must head back to Krandor and find out.



Trade and Market Hall / Thoven Darkeyes took:1 Cats
« on: August 27, 2016, 10:32:38 am »

Thoven Darkeyes took:

1 Cats  Amulet II @  6000

total taken:                 6000     

 net : -6000

Old balance:     14048

New Balance :  8048

600 True left in patment chest


Trade and Market Hall / Orrin Willis  left:52 C0rn @
« on: August 18, 2016, 08:19:27 pm »

Orrin Willis  left:

52 C0rn @ 50                      2600

8 Ginseng @  60                    480

5 Purple Mush @ 50              250

3 Pecans  @ 75                        225

4 Sugar @ 10                             40

17 Silk @ 100                        1700

total left :                              5295



total taken:                       0

 net :  +5295

Old balance:      0

New Balance :   5295


Development Journals and Discussion / Chapter 4   - The Pit-We
« on: August 13, 2016, 09:43:55 pm »

Chapter 4   - The Pit-

We spent quite some time searching the tunnels and passages in the search for riches. The quarry proved elusive. It was only very occasionally that it would offer up a gem of indeterminate quality . Sir Borbre though managed to load the group up with ore that he wished to haul to town and smelt

The mining excursion was not unopposed by the trolls as they confronted us several times. We knew what to expect and how to quickly dispatch them so it became more of an annoyance than anything else. I had, by this time , become more competent in using the bow: My shots were more accurate and I could now hit a troll (which I admit is not the most difficult of targets) as often as I missed one. Improvement. I had also learned that I had neither the armor, weapons, nor desire to confront a troll directly in melee. I did, on two occasions, swing my blade on a flank attack doing a bit of damage but certainly nothing decisive. My strengths lie elsewhere, for not all are meant to encase themselves in armor, confronting enemies so openly. It was the way of Sir Borbre to do this in the most careless of fashion, while it seemed Therivain (and others) took a more calculated approach.

The search for wealth continued. A passage was found going deeper into the cavern and so we followed it. At first it was little different but then, rounding a sharp bend, an immense chamber stretched before us. We had barely begun a survey of it when we were besieged by hordes of spiders. They too fell quickly to our swords and missiles. A beholder had also taken up residence in this pit and it too met the same fate before it could turn its horrid gaze upon us.

This pit proved quite extraordinary. Sir Borbre quickly had enough of it when he realized it held no gems or any of the precious rocks he sought. And yet... ... A more careful exam revealed scorch marks on stone and what appeared to be a now collapsed and impassable gigantic entrance way. This pit had once been the home of a giant wyrm ! Some of wished to spend a bit more time here but truly we could not. The expedition had only limited supplies and this pit was certainly no place to forage. So we headed back, retracing our steps back to the surface. The trolls would muster a few times but it seemed, that while they were certainly still dangerous, they wished us to only to leave their realm.

We spent the next few days making our way out of those swamps without event. Eventually we broke from the grip of the swamps to regain the main road. The party then tramped on , spirits high to our destination : Fort Vehl.

To be continued...

Development Journals and Discussion / Chapter 3 - The Lair of the
« on: August 10, 2016, 11:58:33 pm »

Chapter 3 - The Lair of the Trolls -

The battle did not go well for the swamp creatures. The combined arms of our party were indeed formidable. I suppose one schooled in disciplined military style tactics would view our small band but one notch better than a mob,and yet, watching this slaughter first hand, the reality was that some advantages accrued to such a disparate group as ours, for the very diversity in styles and armament meant we had many options. But I digress. Back to the battle.

Sir Borbre held firm as the swamp creatures charged in. Delia and Tharivian subdued the flanks then joined our Voraxian rock in a line. The rest either used missiles or spells as was their wont. I let fly a pair of arrows in the fray. Both shot wide of their target.

Then it was over as abruptly as it started. We regrouped, bandaged our wounds as needed and checked the dead creatures to be certain they were dead and a cursory search for any booty. Barely time to catch a drink and Sir Borbre was off charging ahead like a dog on a scent.

And this how it went for the next two days. Sharp violent encounters with ragged groups of the swamp natives swarming to our silvered dwarf as moths attracted to a light. Twice they brought forth shamans to confront us. It made no difference. They all met the same grisly fate.

Near nightfall of the second day we found the entrance to the cavern. We made camp, set watches and laid plans. There was a bit of discussion on how to best advance in the cavern. The concern was the constricted passageways and how best to use them. There was also concern that Sir Borbre would do well to use a bit more restraint in this pit, as the troll shamans were known to have powerful magicks and the danger of being cut from the group could be fatal.

We crept into the cavern at first light outdside although inside it was surreal, timeless. The air was foul and the stench of troll everywhere. Again though we were all safely cocooned in the blessings of Katia. One was sent forward to scout as Sir Borbre was to be the linchpin of our defense, for we intended to make the trolls come to us! And so it was. The scout returned but not alone, at least a dozen vile trolls lumbering down the cavern and crashed into our line. The trolls proved far more formidable than there swamp brethren but it made not a bit of difference for we were up to the challenge. I did my part in this skirmish, singing to inspire and adding my archery to help with our victory.

Again the pattern had been set : Scout. Set a defense. Lure. Kill. Search. Regroup Move on. This is how it went as we made our way deeper into the pit.

And then, after one particularly vicious battle in a wider chamber, the pattern was broken. Sir Borbre stopped, looked around with a gleam in his eye  and then stowed his greataxe. With remarkable agility he had a miners pick in hand and was already furiously examining the rock here, then there, then a swing,,and another and a piece of rock would fall. He would scoop it up as fast as could be even as he was on to the next rock. The rest of us set watches on the entrances to this cavern. We tried to rest in our turn, but the incessant hammering on the rocks made that impossible .

Certainly if there were more trolls about it was only a question of when they would find us .

To be continued ...




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