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Just for Fun / I, am your father. Nooooooo!
« on: February 14, 2012, 02:16:04 pm »

Introduce Yourself / Back in the Fray
« on: February 09, 2012, 04:53:08 pm »
Hey all, Its been awhile. Now that i'm getting more flexible time at work, ill have alot more time to play this lovely game. I also have a possibility of bringing a couple new bloods to join in the fun.

It will be nice to see you all in game again, Ive missed this game.

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Rumour Has It / Famine
« on: February 06, 2012, 06:54:49 pm »
The failure of crops to thrive and heavy losses in farming animals is taxing the food stores of many kingdoms.  Several good years and wise leadership in some areas will mean that the impact is lessened.  

Healers hope that whatever scourage holds the lands, the dormancy of winter cleanses the soil for the next growing season. One hopes that when the harvest season rolls around next year that things will not look so dire.
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Just for Fun / Awesome montage
« on: January 26, 2012, 05:59:14 am »
This guy makes some pretty awesome video's

Medal of Honor Cat - YouTube
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The Silver Buckle / A Giant Guest
« on: January 20, 2012, 11:29:32 pm »
The bard's first thought was - stars and bloody song, I'm feeling short here.  It was not a thought he had often.  Having to tilt his head back to see the face of the man who just stomped into his tavern made him think of the missing Gurn, and of his long months under the desert of Sedera.
His second thought - that is one ugly man.  Well, it figured, mixing those bloods never did seem to work out all that well for the features.  Drab clothing strained to contain a body that only seemed proportional in the barn-like space of the Buckle concert hall.  The head of an axe, wider than most people's waists, was visible on the man's back and the hilt of another weapon jutted from the overly muscled right side.

"Welcome to the Silver Buckle, what can I get you?"  Friendly seemed like the way to go.  He was sorely tempted to say "if you're collecting money for someone, I'm not in arrears", but he didn't want to tempt fate - and he was not entirely sure the man would grasp his jest. The huge man looked down, expressionless in a way that indicated highly focused thought or the almost total lack of it.  The bard waited for speech; the giant instead pantomimed bringing a cup to his lips.  Eloquence without effort.  "Of course!  The bar is this way."

Silence rippled one or two tables ahead, their passing leaving a wake of stunned non-sound.  He was his usual self except for straining his already lengthy stride to keep a lead on the big man.  Just another customer, folks.  A solitary dwarf stood, slammed his mug onto his table, scattered some coins without looking, and headed for the door with a scowl.  Well, at least he'd paid.

Both long tables in the bar were occupied with a group of rowdy dockworkers, at least one of which probably had some giant blood.  The newcomer didn't make eye contact and made no hostile moves, instead looking with a hint of dismay at the human-sized bar stools.  The bard walked around to serve, giving Michael the opportunity to slip away and keep an eye on things; the giant man looked over each stool and chose the center of the three on the inside of the bar.  This put his back to the two tables of men.  He didn't seem to care.

If the man's size and obvious strength were enough to make most people quake a little, the way he carefully - almost gingerly - set himself down onto that stool was the stuff of pure comedy.  Oak creaked as the massive bum perched upon the circle wood as if it were a decorative glass plate, and then the big man froze from the waist down.  The bard felt an ache in his ribs from holding in a laugh but the pain was a tiny foreshadowing of what he'd likely feel if he did let the guffaw out and so he held it, biting the inside of his mouth instead.
 "What's your pleasure?"

The man brought yet another imaginary cup to his lips then flexed a trunk-like bicep and pointed to it.  "Something strong then?"  A nod.  "Very good, let's see..."  He headed to the liquor cabinet and saw a hefty stack of True filling a hole where two mini kegs of Dwarf's-Head Ale had been.  The coins held down a blood-red note.

Aye Andy, Oi left ye 1300 trues for some beer n salmon, tanks Griff

On the same piece of paper just below:

Aye came back for 3 pear juice n left ye nuter 1000 coins.

He grinned.  It wasn't often he did more than break even, he'd have to thank the dwarf the next time he saw him.

So.  Something strong...he wasn't sure the tolerance so he pulled first a Black Knight Malt from a keg that he'd gotten a lot of woozy compliments on.  Sliding the bottle across the bar, he watched.

The giant opened a much-worn coin satchel and dumped a pile of different coins, many of them bloodstained, onto the bar top.  He didn't count them.  The bard waved a dismissive hand.
"First one's free - no coin necessary."  The big man didn't move to take the coin away and lifted the bottle in one meaty paw with a suddenly appraising look.  He uncorked it, sniffed, for all the world looking like an over-sized version of the wine and spirit snobs at the "tasting club" near the city's government district.  An impression that lasted until the man's first upended gulp.

The bottle was set down and the man swallowed, belched, smacked his lips, and frowned briefly.  He finished it on the second swallow, pushed the glass container back to the bard, and flexed the massive bicep once more with a pointed stare.

"Not strong enough...alright then."  He felt a little like an alchemist in an apothecary as he turned to rummage through the bottles and kegs that filled the bar shelves.  " we are."  A larger bottle with a dull grey liquid within, and heavy at that.  The giant man's eyebrows rose a hair and he seemed to recognize the brew.  Another uncorking, another sniff, and another sloppy guzzle; this time he finished the bottle before scooping up another completely random handful of coins and dumping them on the bar.  His face seemed on the verge of approval...then he set the bottle closer to Andrew, grunted, and flexed.


Griff may have drank his primary cabinet dry of the Buckle's strongest ale, but he always had a backup.  He held up a finger.
 "I have to check my second bar, I'll be right back."  A quick song and he ran at the speed of sound to the far bar, behind the fireplace relaxation area.  Bottles and mugs were shifted aside...where is it, I know I have some...and back, looming behind an open Cherry River Lambic and two dusty bottles of Green Forest Draft, was what he sought.  He pulled the mini keg out with a fierce, almost competitive grin and dashed back to the main bar.

Let's see how you handle this, big guy.

Around the bar, slapping the keg onto the counter; by now the dockworkers had noticed the drinking and were placing a few bets, the nominal value of which rose considerably when the keg hit the wood.  The bard wiped clean the cover and tapped it with a swift slam of a mallet kept under the bar counter for just this sort of thing.  Tossing the mallet back, he scanned the glassware - there.  The mug he pulled from under the counter was either made for giant kin, dwarven drinking contests, or for surefire alcohol poisoning in any other race.  The bucket-sized glass was at least three quarters of an inch thick.  He strained himself lifting it one-handed.

The giant man's full attention was on the keg and mug.  The bard hauled up the mini keg and rested it on the mug's edge, trying not to grunt with the effort, and let the foamy, deep gold liquid pour in like frothy vengeance.  Mug full, he set the keg aside, grinned wide, and pushed the full glass to his customer.  He used both hands.

Another hasty dump of coin in another random amount - the big man lifted the mug almost reverently, inhaled, and looked not only pleased but anticipatory.  The bard leaned on the edge of the bar and waited.  Billy stopped playing; the dockworkers watched.

Only a slight hesitation and the first mighty gulp was taken, the draft vanishing like water off a beach before a tsunami.  Not quite half the mug, a heroic effort - the big man set it down with some care, and smiled for the first time.  The bard smiled as well.  A nod from his patron who chanced rising from the stool, whatever he'd meant to do, it was lost as the unleashed power of Dwarf's Head Draft roared through his blood.  

In slow motion - one knee sliding in, then the other - the giant landed on the stool in a shrieking protest of wood, unable to keep his feet.  The bard grinned and leaned on the bar, humming.  There was a sudden flurry of whispers from the tables.

The giant man gave the bard a single nod, then stared at the mug of draft.  He lifted it again, sucked in a breath, and slammed it back, not dropping it down until nothing remained but tendrils of foam.  There were a few muted cheers as he put both hands on the bar and yanked himself off the stool - sliding down to one knee almost immediately and landing flat on his rear with a burp.

Money changed hands.  The man hauled himself ever so slowly up and pointed to the mug again as he wobbled back onto the stool.


The bard took a nearly empty bottle of Silver Buckle gin, his house specialty, and emptied into an oversized shotglass.  He tapped the keg into the mug, and in full view of the big man, tipped the generous shot in as well.  The next round of bets swept the room as the giant pulled the mug toward him with exaggerated care, lifting it with both hands this time.  He gulped - again, not quite half - and set it down, blinking.

Nothing happened for a few seconds and the other patrons whooped or groaned depending on their bet - then, with comedic grace, the giant slipped from his now splayed stool and thumped flat to the floor.  Leaning over to look, the bard continued to hum.

The giant lay there for a good two minutes.  He rolled to his side and sat up with both hands on the curled edge of the bar, legs wobbling, but with a heave and a grunt he pulled himself back up into his seat, then out of it, drifting left right and center as he overcorrected for the now-spinning room.  The glass winked tauntingly under the magical light of the statues capping the edges of the bar and the giant man glared at it.  Pulled the mug closer with slow-reacting hands.  Grunted in an almost adversarial way, pounded the bar top once with his closed fist - determination, not aggression - and lifted the mug.  The dockworkers went crazy, chanting and whooping, with "chug! chug" echoing off the rafters.  Even the bard held his breath, wishing he could place a bet of his own - the mug tipped, Dwarf's Head Draft filling the huge mouth - stevedores and cargo haulers turned, watching, the anticipation in the room a vibrant hum in the bard's heart, the mug was returning to the counter empty -

The big guy was going down even as glass hit wood.  Two slow wobbles, his cant too far north, the temptation to yell TIMBER was almost scrambled out of the way as the he came down flat on his back, leaving a number of dents in the floor courtesy of his back-slung weapons.  The bard allowed himself a grin - that's one for the Buckle, friend - until a sweet elven voice cut through his victory as a petite elf in white knelt to check the giant man's health, throwing a glare at her husband.

"Andrew!  You weren't encouraging him, were you?"  


[SIZE=10]//Apologies for any inconsistencies as I don't have a log and huge thanks to Dubbel, Elly, and Lyle for last night.  Chug![/SIZE]
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General Discussion / It's a boy!
« on: December 15, 2011, 03:21:32 pm »
At 3:05am, EST on December 13th, 2011, my wife gave birth to a beautiful 7lbs 5oz (3314g) baby boy. We are over the moon, healthy and tired. I hope to see you all soon.

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Rumour Has It / The Paperboy's Cry
« on: August 30, 2011, 08:36:50 am »

"Hey!  Hey!  Got somethin' new here, Guvnor, new paper!  Come have a look eh?  Bards or somethin', an interview the man said!  With ah, Gel-lar-en it's good, if you can read!  Fifty True!  Limited time, the man said, few weeks only, get yours 'fore they're gone!"

[SIZE=10]//on the paperboy in Stormcrest now[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / Hi bye from an old player
« on: June 18, 2011, 06:19:25 am »
Hello everyone.

Here is just a small hi bye from one of the old dwarven players. Some might remember me as the dwarf Varka Cleaveson.

I thought I might drop a few lines to Layo as I did to Harlas.

Naaaayy. Since I stopped I always kept around though. Reading about what is going on in general but also keeping an eye on layos dwarven players. It has been and it is still fun seeing how Layo develops. I guess some of the other old players do the same thing. (If so just give a thumps up guys).

So, how is everyone doing in there? I can see that there is a few new WL around and that the Torans are starting a new group (every good initiative). Are there other new initiative like that? Did some make a nice exotic group like mix of orcs, deep dwarves and dark elves? And where are the treehuggers?  

What about the dwarves! How does it look there? I follow roughly the submissions and character developments.

That is all for now. Take care in there and have fun! :)
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Luring
« on: May 11, 2011, 03:50:30 pm »
On the subject of Luring, which has been brought to my attention recently as illegal (sorry for forgetting it from the rules, thats my fault I admit). :(

The purpose of luring is in order for players, when they cannot handle a full blown spawn, to pull in one or more that they are capable of handling in order to successful hunt/grind whatever you wanna call it in an area.

While yes, this is an abuse of AI mechanics and this is an RP server as opposed to a PvP or Arena one. I would like for the team to please consider relaxing the rule in situations where a player is alone or with a friend so luring one or more becomes acceptable. Especially alone where no one is around to RP anyway. If you are thinking a GM may be watching, well then if the GM is busy, then they likely won't be paying too much attention anyway and if not, im sure they'd likely change things abit or spark an impromptu if they are watching what a loner is up to.

Before you all scream No.. hear me out.

Layonara, while very rich in quality of RP and its lore, is somewhat lacking in activity, I mean the most I've seen when a big quest isn't running is about 8-10. This usually around American timings or so. Alot of the time the server IS empty or maybe with one to three online.. or maybe its just when im about, whatever thats not the issue. The point is its true atleast for some of us.

When you are on your own with nothing to do, it stands to reason you might want to spend time getting xp from a worthwhile source. Not everyone likes crafting and some characters dont craft as apart of their RP.
Some spawns ARE simply too hard to take full on without company, and when you dont have company, this rule means we either cheat.. or we have to settle for something quite repetive and not worth the effort.
Not to mention, that revisiting a place over and over is ALSO not realisitc because it would take more than a week ingame for an area to recover from an extermination (day in RL?). They are recovering in 5 minutes.
Opening up where a player can go only means they get in some variety should they get bored of an area (believe me, I do).

Its basically: no harm is being done to anyone if the group RPs their lures.. and no harm is being done to anyone if a lone guy/girl is just trying to find something worthwhile to do.
Its about fun and good RP.. so if you take out RP because there's no one to RP with, you are only holding back fun due to a flawed game's mechanics and a rule that centralizes around the idea of "what if it was real" i.e RP. If there is RP to be had, why does it matter about mechanics so long as RP is there on the grind and everyone's enjoying themselves.

Yes the server seems to doing just fine as it stands, im just trying to make a suggestion I feel might help a little. Please consider it.
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General Discussion / How's Everyone Doing?
« on: March 31, 2011, 11:18:58 pm »

Yeah, it feels like forever since I dropped by. I keep saying I'll redownload the haks and check out the updates, but that always escapes me. Anyway the forums are easy enough to get to.

Anyway!  I guess the title says it all. I wanted to know how everyone was doing. Is anyone from the old days still around? If so, What's up with you! What's up in game? How is everyone!?

It's been forever since I've played here. I started in 12th grade, and now I'm done college, it feels like ages! I've missed you guys.

Leanthar! How is the game development going? Shame about that rune game closing up. I enjoyed what little I've seen of it.

Also: Hi Dorg, and Ed, and Row, since you're the three DMs I recognize most that seem to be still active. :) How are ya? Busy as ever?
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General Discussion / Dear NWN
« on: June 20, 2010, 11:19:09 am »
Dear Neverwinter Nights,

I never actually finished your official campaign (any of them), and most of even my favorite modules were left off around 95% completion. No more than a handful of areas from the module project I started were ever done, even though building was the only reason I went PW surfing to begin with. I am a poor modeler and have not given you any shiny new toys like other people have over the years, as with my most valiant efforts I am generally just translating the work of others to work for us. I rarely finish stories, and my scripting in any language is akin to the tourist that greets natives with "the cat is black" and says his farewells as "the cheese is stinky".

I only dabbled with your sequel, and even when I poked my head into another PW I didn't speak with another soul. I bought that nice premium module that I heard was very good, but like other very good modules I only got halfway through it, along with that expansion. Expansions. I've found that the things I love most about your sequel are the models that got ripped from it and given to you. Enjoy!

I did not get you a card, because I hate cards, and also I don't care for wrapping paper, bows, and in general anyone bothering me, and also I am officially 2 days late. But I thought I would say it anyway.

Happy 8th Birthday, NWN!

Eight years later you are getting some of the best content since your release. Here are just a few examples of the continued labors of love on your behalf, to cheer you and make up for my own lack of contribution. I did not even count the last patch they labored on for you, and the premium modules that were cancelled but given to the community, or any of the older content that is still in the top ranks!

NWShader (Ignore them when they say adding bloom to NWN is like putting lipstick on a pig - they should have said gilding a lily. The possibilities cannot be measured!)
NWN Enhanced
sixesthrice's pretty tilesets
CTP Babylon
CEP 2.3 (the new DM tools are crazy!)
Senemenelas' Underdark Tileset
KotoR Heads
SciFi Placeables
Worms Fantasy Interiors
Sen's Seasonal Workshop (remember when we were trying to make the seasons change dynamically with worms, NWN? That was silly. This is easy.)
Community Music Pack

Lastly, while I do not have anything of my own that is anything of note, and have not in general added to your lifespan with so much as a font, you must understand that with your kind I am a fickle creature. Drawn to shiny and ever dissatisfied with its empty reflection, I move on and on and on from "games," leaving a trail of open manuals and dusty boxes behind me, bouncing from latest and greatest back to Betrayal at Krondor, Mario, and King's Quest, and, more recently, Lemmings. Forget all the others. You are the only one I have been (semi-)faithful to, and with you are the only characters (singular) I've made that have lasted any significant length of time, even when we are called silly for still caring about a game nearing a decade-old and wanting to do good things for it. Did I say a decade? No, no, you are closer to 5 than 10. Forget all that.

So thank you for the toolset, and thank you for Acacea, and happy birthday!
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*tacked to the door and various other locations around the building*

[SIZE=48]To our loyal patrons everywhere:
The Leringard Arms will be hosting a grand reopening party, complete with song, dance, drink, and door prizes.

We'll even be choosing a new Gypsy King and Queen to commemorate the opening.

Be watching for the announcement of the grandest party of the year![/SIZE]

[SIZE=24]Until then, the Arms is closed for further renovation and refurnishing. On the other hand, the Derrick Loadson and Cole Norseman Creature Card Room is fully open and ready for patronage. [/SIZE]
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General Discussion / You Will Be Missed
« on: March 16, 2010, 08:09:54 pm »
Jonathan Selmek aka Daren Valhaikor aka poohbear383340 died this morning in a fatal car crash.  

He was a great roleplayer and really knew how to throw you a curve. His characters were well known and quite diverse from each other.

You will be sorely missed.
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General Discussion / What would you like from a world leader?
« on: September 10, 2009, 04:28:10 am »
As my playtime has sadly been decreasing over the course of the last few months and doesn't really seem to be changing right away I find myself wondering what people would want from me as a world leader, or just from a world leader in general.
The reason is of course that with limited playtime I would like to make as much of the time I have as possible, and traveling with the same people all the time isn't really the best way of getting people in touch with Storold as a world leader.
The requirements listen in the forums and on LORE wont really be a problem for me to fulfil, unless I loose my internet connection or something like that I will probably still be above five hours a week, and nowhere close to the five hours a month.
But... I would like to know what the player base would like to see more of and try to focus my efforts on those things when I have the time to play rather than spending my time idling or grinding when I am online.
So I hope that people will speak up about their view of what a world leader should spend his or her time on.
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General Discussion / Now's your chance!
« on: August 07, 2009, 12:14:41 am »
*posted and passed out around Mistone and parts of Dregar*

Now's your chance!
As a precurser to the Gypsy's Gala, everyone has a chance to win raffle tickets in a set of arena games in Fort Vehl. Of course, raffle tickets won't be the only winnable prizes, and you can bet the wine and spirits will be about.
Plan to be in Fort Vehl during the month of Augra.
*Stamped with the seal of the Leringard Arms, Two crossed swords overlaid with a Lily*

/// This event will occur the afternoon of this coming Saturday, at 1pm CST, 6pm GMT.///
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General Discussion / For My 31st Birthday
« on: August 02, 2009, 01:45:27 pm »
I'm going to cut the cord for helping develop the NWN server further.

So, with a fresh new posting style, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

I've had a brilliant time with a great number of you, even the ones I've gotten really into it with.  I always thought I'd make a farewell post with the list of everything I built here, because it would feel like some sort of reminder to everyone.  It's a bit silly though, as for years and years I've tried to legitimize my efforts to this community, and overly so.  I think it stems back to my embarrassing beginnings here... but I'm no pyschologist heh.  I enjoyed building most everything I built, and I'm very proud of how V3 turned out.  That's enough for me this time.

I will always support the MMO team's efforts, and I look forward to the new game.

There are a lot of reasons for leaving, and I'd explain them... but the folks I'd really want to understand probably already get it.

So best of luck, I'll still be around now and then, in game and on the forums, and Dorg, I'll try not to troll your posts on balance too much.

And with one last challenge... the toolset is easy to learn.  It just takes time if you're going to make something come out right.  Time learning all of the placeables and tile options so you know the brushes and colors to use.  But it's not technically hard.  I challenge one of you, anyone, to step it up and legitimize all of your scrutinizing comments on the way the server should or could be.  Make 10 areas to a new theme, send them to Dorg.  Someone, anyone, impress Layonara with something new for others to enjoy.  Even if you know it's ending someday, soon or not so soon, who knows... build it because you care for the server today.  Take up the torch, as I know there are some people who have wanted to prove me wrong on some things - and there's no bigger crux to it then this.  Everything else is just forum posts.

Take care all.
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Roleplaying / New Guild! Come talk about it OOC!
« on: July 14, 2009, 02:46:08 pm »
Howdy folks!  Shiff here!

As some of you may know (since I've talked about it with you) I have had plans to get a guild together for the purposes of helping people get involved in plot stuff, but also just to offer a network for players to be able to get things done that they might need the help of others with, as well as share information about interesting quests and events that have gone on with other players/characters.  So I am posting a public and open invitation for anyone who might want to be involved with me to come and talk to me about it this weekend.  I won't limit any dialogue to a single time or event, so feel free to PM me or send an in game Tell to me as either Tyra, Shiff, or Aarcus if you have questions or want to know what the deal is.

At the moment, I don't really want to spill the IC details in an OOC fashion, but what I mentioned above is the basic premise.  The idea is to get people to work together to accomplish things, whether it's to have help for a CDQ or to do something major plot/quest wise, to even have some help with a crafting project.  But some of the IC details will be these:
  • The guild is targeted toward being "Good."  Doesn't mean you need to be the nicest person ever, but wanting to help people/beat the 'bad guys' is more or less the idea.
  • While I intend to be the so called leader, I am not planning on bossing people around.  There are some expenses that come with guild-forming and anyone who helps will of course have my thanks.
  • Anyone who joins will have a say in what goes on, but individuals will have more say over their own proposed projects.  So if Castor Goodshot wants to do something and has a plan, he's in charge of that project.  Or is Tyra wants to build a fort or something, she'd be in charge of organizing that...  Just some examples.
  • Some things like Group CDQs/events will be the way I hope to get some of the involved Guild things done, so working together would be great.
Anyway, anyone who would like to get involved please get in touch with me, or post here.  Things that belong more IC (like name and goals and where the guild base is) will be kept to IC talk.  Do try to keep this part OOC right now though.  Don't come up to my PCs asking about a guild, cause that's not how I'd like to handle this.  Right now I just want to see how much interest there is, and I will handle how I go about 'recruiting' from the RP standpoint later.  But no one will be left out if they want to help, but keep in mind I'm not going to be changing how my PC is to suit memebers, keep in mind staying IC.  But all interest and offers to help or get involved will be welcome and accomodated as much as IC-RP will allow.

Hope to hear from many of you!
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General Discussion / Announcing! The Gypsy's Gala
« on: July 02, 2009, 05:29:17 am »

[SIZE=32]The Gypsy's Gala[/SIZE][/B][/FONT]


[SIZE=24]An elite social occasion demanding the best attire and entertainment.

Come prepared for a feast with a compliment of free spirits, the best in the known world. Come prepared to dance, to flaunt your excess, to demonstrate your social cunning, your grace.

A King and Queen will be chosen from among the gathered to mark the history books and reign over the year following the Gala.

The Gala's main attraction is the raffle, a shameless display of wealth and artifacts to which you can lay claim. The details of the raffle are explained below.

The entry fee to the Gala is Ten Thousand (10000) True, paid at the door.

Don't miss out on the social event of the year. All are invited -- queens and magistrates, soldiers and thieves -- provided one can pay the fee to enter. The streets will be filled to see who attends this affair.


[SIZE=24]Rules of the Raffle:

There are three tiers of goods to be raffled. For each tier there are one hundred (100) tickets, for a total of three hundred (300) tickets. Raffle tickets cost thirty-five thousand (35000) True each.

Tier One contains seventy-five (75) items.
Tier Two contains fifty (50) items.
Tier Three contains twenty-five (25) items.

You may purchase tickets in advance.

You will not be told to which tier the tickets belong until after the Gala has begun. Once the announcement has been made, tickets may be swapped during the Gala, but selling tickets is strictly forbidden, nor will you have much time to broker a deal between the time of the announcement and the time the drawings begin.

At the time of this announcement, there is a maximum of two tickets per person. Access to more tickets will be released at a later date.

Seventy-five tickets will be drawn for Tier One, fifty for Tier Two, and twenty-five for Tier Three. A winning ticket entitles the holder to exchange their ticket for a good of their choosing from the Tier to which the ticket belongs. This means the first person drawn in the Tier has the most options, and the last person drawn in the Tier must take the final item.

All winning tickets will be exchanged for a raffle item. All non-winning tickets are redeemable at the Arms for a free meal and drink.

Detailed descriptions of the raffle items will be circulated prior to the Gala, and in waves. The Tier to which an item belongs will not be disclosed until the Gala.

All requests for tickets and other feedback should be directed to Steel, Current Steward of the Arms.
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General Discussion / 1.69 Update in progress...
« on: September 07, 2008, 08:35:23 pm »
The update of our modules to 1.69 is now in progress.  The servers will be unavailable until you see my usual update post.  Go ahead and update to Bioware's 1.69 patch now.

Also make sure you have the latest HAK files, as given here.
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In the event of my own death or long term disappearance, these are the very public and collective wills of all my characters.


Bjornigar Ironguts: Everything goes to Willy Catpaw/C.Pooser, especially the house.  The House will NEVER go to Muhkuman, and he just has to suffer with only having one... if in any case WIlly or a future owner try to give it to him, it will be reappropriated by the state and turned into an orphanage, and for no other purpose.  If this is unnaceptable to the real estate office of Leringard, then it will be burned down to the ground in response by said orphans.

Kahzrag Gloom: All properties are to be reabsorbed by the city of Prantz

Farros Galdor: All to go to Skabot Redwulf.  If he is already dead, it goes to Az Ptol.  In either case scenario, the body shall go to Az Ptol for reanimation so that even should Farros die, his legend will go on as the best dressed eternal undead ever.

Earl Frogstomper: everything given to Tritherion

Kor Gromak: All assets liquidated to go towards a single solitary Tent Temple of Grand which in game should realistically cost little more than two bearskins and a dozen sticks and a bowl to bleed into.

Grovel Foaming Wolf: all assets to be gambled for by the goblin crew, Mangle-Or, Nonac Shadow Wolf and Warsinger.  The body is to be devoured by the same.
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