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General Discussion / Qualms about WL System Thread
« on: June 27, 2008, 04:06:07 pm »
As to not sidetrack another thread, I'm starting an entirely new one.  As the original poster of this thread, I would also ask that all "this thread is getting off topic" statements be stricken lest they be uttered by myself exclusively.  Let's keep it clean, so no shots below the belt, no flames and no zingers, just good honest discussion! heheh.  ;)  

Quote from: miltonyorkcastle
@ Acacea

Suggestions have been made regarding the current incarnation of "WL." However, we're not doing anything to change it right now, if it even gets changed.

I can say that it's not a death blow. Instead, it's a recognition that there's more built into being a WL than just character advancement. So if you pursue WL, we sort of assume you want all the other OOC stuff that goes with it. And it's a cool thing to go for. But you can, like Jennara, just focus on IC stuff.

I don't think it's a broken system, just not very well understood or acknowledged... and far too often it's used as a line-definer of whether or not a player can even *try* to do something.  I just don't like when basic suggestions for creating a custom magic item or inventing a new spell are immediately met with "oh well, they were WL's, that's different", as if to say that one NEEDS 21 levels and global recognition to do any of the basic tasks of their profession!  Is there seriously some Juggernaught of a Golem in the Goranite Patent Office that squishes mid level inventors?  "Raaagh!  Thou art too puny to make the Slinky!" *squoosh*  Somebody wants to create a magic staff so their giant can use a "wand", and even suggesting that he make an item geared for his level is met with "not till yer 21st and done a WLCDQ, son..."  A 15th level mage suddenly can't invent a 1st level spell by sole virtue of how many things he's killed.  It no longer matters about the time and effort or RP behind it, just some arbitrary hurdle tossed out there.  Just because Alantha and Bra'acur chose to make spells for their WLCDQ rewards does not mean that every single person below 21st level are forbidden to pursue inventing things in spellcraft!  "Thou hast made the 12th level giant wand, lightning smites thee from the heavens and the splinters thrust into thine eyes!"  I just don't think Lucinda's that crazy.  I think for lesser scoped things like making a +1 vampiric shortsword or a fireball that's blue and uses ice, the WLCDQ quest item reward shouldn't be the ONLY option available.  Maybe if you wanted wings, a better than yew magic harp, a higher level spell, (6-9th) or the like, but it shouldn't arbitrarily replace the regular 1-20th level CDQ.  Those should have level-appropriate quest rewards as well, and have in the past, long ago.

Another qualm with that particular system is that far too often people wind up not playing that character any more, making them World Leaders in seclusion.  It's in the very bylines of the WL description on the forums that dictate one must be ACTIVE in their WL status, yet most of the names I read off the list I haven't seen in months, some in years.  Borrowing examples from FR, Hallister Blackcloak might be almost as powerful as a god, but he is not even close to a World Leader.  King Breunor, Fzoul Chembryl, Queen Allundrial, Volothorp the Bard, Manshoon... they fit the mold more readily.  

As for most of the WL quests in my journal, I only ever got to flag down Ozy and Plenarious to tell their tales.  The others like Legodia's quest or the one to find out about the Lumbral I've had gathering dust for at least 2-3 rl years now... decades in game time!  They either are never logged in at all, or they get annoyed that I ask them about it, even though there's some persistant quest giver sending people to them.  With Ozy gone now, that least only 1/4 of the WL quests currently active, thankfully Plen is very good about holding campfire sessions from time to time and is pretty patient with those asking questions.  Major kudos to Orth on that token.

I can understand RL taking over, having to take a few months off, etc... but when one is a World Leader to the point where there's a persistant quest giver telling people to seek them, and they've been MIA for decades of game time, perhaps then they are no longer considered World Leaders.  When somebody's the high priest of a faith or the highest ranking druid, they owe it to the players of those faiths and classes to step down if they're ever gone for over a decade of game time, in my opinion.    As for these WL quests, we should maybe phase most of the current ones out and make new ones for currently active World Leaders to take over.  It's somewhat overwhealming for a new player to constantly be searching one who is afk for years at a time.  Let the new batch of WLs tell their tales.
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Server Rules / Dead Magic areas
« on: June 13, 2008, 08:54:56 pm »
This question has seemed to come up quite a bit lately, both within the community and the GM Team. As such, it seems appropriate to clarify things for everyone so that there is no confusion.
First, let's define what, exactly, a Dead Magic area is.
 Dead Magic
Dead magic area is an area where there is no Al'Noth so you cannot cast anything. Also anything that requires activation by magic, or magic to maintain itself would not work, because there is no Al'Noth to support it.
So, the casting of spells, use of scrolls, activation of wands and other things that produce magical effects and any other sort of action that requires or calls upon the Al'Noth to activate, function or maintain simply do not work in dead magic, nor will they continue to work when entering such an area.
However, there are some things, items and spells, which, while magical in nature, are not affected by dead magic. For example, spells cast on weapons and armor prior to entering a dead magic area bring about physical changes and/or energize the objects such that they do not require the Al'Noth to sustain them but rather sustain themselves for as long as their energy holds out.
The same can be said for summons. A creature that is called to the caster will remain for a set amount of time. Entering an area of dead magic does not banish the creature.
Other examples are items such as jewelry and other worn items that enhance stats and skills as well as enhanced/enchanted weapons. Again, while magical in nature, their energy comes from within, not without. As such, the effects these kinds of items do not get removed when entering an area of dead magic.
Everything else should be considered to not function at all in dead magic areas. This includes supernatural abilities and feats that come as a result of class and/or subrace bonuses and which are linked to the Al'Noth in some way.
While this is not necessarily a comprehensive list, things such as Darkness, Divine Might, Divine Shield, Epic spells, Bless Weapon, Holy Sword, Deafening Clang, and Blade Thirst are examples of abilities that should not function in places of dead magic. To this list I also add the arrow-enhancing abilities of Arcane Archers and the weapon-enhancing abilities of Spellswords. They are very dependent on the Al'Noth and simply do not function at all without its presence.
One item-based example that I wish to point out is Ioun Stones. While possessing a power of their own to a degree, their energy to remain in the air around the user and impart their benefits comes from the Al'Noth. As such, Ioun Stones would not work within dead magic zones.  Any such active stones would fall from the air upon entering.

I'm sure this will raise a few questions as well as a disagreement or two based on what can be observed in-game, so I will continue.
 Mechanics vs. RP
Bioware, whether by design or oversight, has left us some mechanics which are often difficult to work around. On the same token, they have also left us some rather nice things, which make other things possible. Among the most relevant to this topic is the spell hook system. This nifty little system gets called at the beginning spells and spell-like abilities and lets us have things like dead and wild magic. However, and this is more often true for our custom content, not all such things are properly "hooked" for dead and wild magic. This unfortunately may leave some instances where something may appear to work mechanically even though the RP of it all says otherwise.
There are a wide range of things we can adjust and easily manipulate, but there are also some things which are needlessly difficult. Of the things I've listed above (and which will also be listed below for ease of reference), some can be corrected easily enough, while others cannot.
Regardless of whether they are possible to use in a dead magic situation (i.e. the mechanics permit it), in these cases, the RP limitations and denials shall take precedence. At the moment, we're aware of several abilities that should not function in dead magic but do. Whether these will be fixed and the timing thereof are not known at this time. It is currently a matter of available time and resources versus the benefit gained. So we ask for a bit of common sense in the decision as to whether or not something should work or be used in dead magic.
 The Bottom Line:
Now that the GM Team's position on this matter has hopefully been explained, here's a list of things which are and are not permissible in dead magic areas. Note that this list may not be comprehensive and that we may add to it or change it as new cases are found or as our opinion shifts on the matter.
 - Allowed -
The following are permitted uses of magic and magical items, effects and abilities in relation to dead magic zones. These things are not considered exploitive and are in fact considered acceptable.
  • Temporary weapon enhancements applied prior to entering a dead magic area. This may include, but is not limited to, spells such as Greater Magic Weapon and Flame Weapon and abilities such as a Spellsword's Imbue feats.
  • Temporary armor enhancements applied prior to entering a dead magic area.  This may include, but is not limited to, spells such as Magic Vestment.
  • Items that enhance stats, skills and/or saving throws that are worn or equipped (clothing, jewelry, accessories) and that provide a "permanent" benefit to one's attributes and bonuses.
  • Summons of any kind, provided the summoning is performed prior to entering the dead magic zone.
  • Permanent weapon and armor enhancements, such as elemental enhancements, silver and titanium coatings and elemental resistances.
As mentioned above, the key here is that these things do not rely upon the Al'Noth to sustain or maintain them, having received all their energy from either the casting itself or the energies inherent in the application of the enhancement.
 - Not Allowed -
The following are not permitted uses of magic and magical items, effects and abilities in relation to dead magic zones. Even if mechanically permitted to do so, the cases below are prohibited, and players should not knowingly engage in such practices.
  • Ioun Stones.  It does not matter whether or not these are activated prior to entering the dead magic zone or not, they are simply not permitted to be in use in dead all. They rely upon the Al'Noth to keep them circling around the character, and in its absence, they will fall to the ground. Bioware does not enforce this mechanically, but we will enforce it administratively.
  • Active magical and supernatural abilities that would draw upon the Al'Noth in some way, whether divine, arcane or natural. They may possibly persist when moving into a dead magic zone, but should not be activated or used from within a dead magic zone. These may include, but are limited to:
  • Racially-granted feats and abilities (i.e. Darkness)
  • Class-based feats, abilities and powers (i.e. Divine Might, Divine Shield, Bless Weapon, Holy Sword, Deafening Clang, Blade Thirst). This also includes the abilities of Spellswords and Arcane Archers to imbue their weapons and/or ammo with special enhancements.
  • Epic spells (i.e. Epic Warding, Epic Mage Armor, Hellball)
Again, it is possible that these things may be activated or used prior to entering a dead magic zone, but they should not be activated while within a dead magic zone.
 [/INDENT]The basic gist here is that any ability or item that requires the Al'Noth to activate or maintain cannot be used within a dead magic zone.
The GM Team hopes that this clears up the various questions, for GMs and players alike, on the subject of dead magic and what should or should not be allowed. Especially in the "Not Allowed" list, there are probably a list of things that are not explicitly stated but which still fall into the category. Again, we ask that players apply common sense to these things and err on the side of caution, or at least ask about a particular case if it is unclear.
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General Discussion / Update coming soon! Download now...
« on: June 05, 2008, 03:51:31 pm »
There's an update coming soon, probably within a few hours.  For this update, there's been a HAK and TLK change, so you can go download them now to beat the rush:



Or just go to the Dowloads page.
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Trade and Market Hall / Trading rings for boxes of
« on: May 19, 2008, 11:44:03 am »
Are you a new adventurer and need some rings to become stronger on a certain field, look no further for a box of easialy obtainable goods you can get a brand new ring made. Please let me know in advance what kind of ring you want so I can pay you as soon as the box is done.

Rings avalible,

Bulls strength alexandrite in gold
Cats grace alexandrite in gold
Bears endurance alexandrite in gold
Fox's cunning alexandrite in gold
Owl's wisdom alexandrite in gold
Eagles splendour alexandrite in gold
//All +1 to given stat level 6 required

Platinium rings:
Greenstone  //+2 save increase vs. poison, level req. 5
Malachite  //+2 save increase vs. disease, level req. 5
Fire Agate  //+2 save increase vs. fire, level req. 5
Aventurine //+2 save increase vs. electricity, level req. 5
Phenalope  //+2 save increase vs. cold, level req. 5
Amethyst  //+2 save increase vs. acid, level req. 5
Feldspar  //+2 save increase vs. death, level req. 8
Garnet  //+2 save increase vs. mind affecting, level req. 8

Silver rings:
Alexandrite  //+4 skill Dicipline & Taunt, level req. 5
Topaz  //+4 skill Hide in Shadows & Move Silently, level req. 5
Sapphire //+4 skill Spellcraft & Concentration, level req. 5

Boxes required to get one of these rings

5 boxes of walnuts, one ring for each box, you don't have to gather all just let me know how many you will gather

*Signed*Storold Doesscha, Protector of the Al'Noth
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General Discussion / Day off remembrance
« on: May 04, 2008, 12:57:56 pm »
Today at 6 PM GMT+2 , we in The Netherlands take time to remember with respect and gratitude those that have fallen in the fights for our freedom .

In this post i want to thank every family-member and every one that has in any way fought for freedom around the world , for their efforts and dedication .

With gratitude and respect ,

Jan .
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General Discussion / Essrantor's Veil Quest Announced
« on: May 03, 2008, 01:44:15 am »

[SIZE=16]For the past several weeks, a group of several GM's have been working with the writing team and lore experts to develop a quest series that would impact the lands you travel on Layonara. This series contains 11 individual quests, which are tied intricately to each other, hinging on each other's success.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]The quest will begin with the High Boyer designating his esteemed counciler for war, Raker Estoum, to put forth the call of aid in a time of impending threat. The quest begins with that alone, an audience with one of the most highly respected individuals in the Boyer Kingdom at Boyer's Fort.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]This quest will impact the world around you. It will play upon developing plotlines, and at it's conclusion - the lands of the Boyer Kingdom will face the changes that have sprung from your own efforts. It will require wit, perseverance, teamwork, and sacrifice from all the players involved.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]So how does this work?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]There are 11 quests in this series. They will occur next week at varying times that allow for attendance in all timezones. The introductory quest will cause several groups with different tasks to split up. This feeds into the other quests.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]The separate quests will involve the groups designated to the task, and that group will be time bubbled in that lone plotline. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]You can not attend quests that are outside your designated group.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]There are three major branches to the quest, and in each below, you will see that the quests are each designated to a specific branch. This is the progression of each branch in all of it's quest segments.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]There are three Finale's to this series, all feeding time bubbled repercussions of each success or failure from the other branches. While some are oriented towards higher levels, and other lower levels... the nature of the series is that every quest branch is critical towards the success of the series. They are all tied together, and if one branch fails, dire consequence faces the others.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]So all participants be aware - your actions count.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Each GM will be posting their quests on the Calender shortly. There may be some minor changes to times or days, so be flexible with your GMs. Sign up accordingly, and find a series or branch that seems right for you, or strikes the right chord for you. They have some vague details attached, and we'll be working with all of you to assure that everyone finds a home.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]The introductory quest will create many of the groups, so prepare for flexibility in this as well. And yes, if you can't attend the introduction, there is opportunity to still join in.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]The GM's that can help answer questions are those running or helping run each segment of this series:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Chongo[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Miltonyorkcastle[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Osxmallard[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Jrizz[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Mixafix[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Makashi[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Darkstorme[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]- Tanman[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Good luck, and get ready.[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]From afar, the High Boyer looks from his window to think upon the view his eyes behold. An anvil of cloud forms over the Thunder Peaks as the winds grow colder and pour forth in all directions. The wind pours through and onto his face, colder then ever before, colder then it should rightfully be. Such risk the heights above, but such risk to avoid them any longer. The time for a battle of ages has come.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Sunday May 4th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Chongo[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 1300 MST / 1900 GMT[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: All[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: All[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Special Notes: This is the introduction into the quest. You are not required to attend in order to attend the other quests, but you are required to be knowledgeable of the basis for the quest groups you join if you skip the introduction.[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]A group sets forth, their legs not unused to carrying the weight of consequence that heroes know all too well. The king must be reached, the reason must be known, an ally must be gained. Or they all shall perish.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Monday May 5th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Chongo[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 1300 MST / 1900 GMT[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: 26+[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group A[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]The Weeping Widow lies at wait, a reason unknown, and only feared. A fear that is wise to keep.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Tuesday May 6th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Chongo[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 1300 MST /1900 GMT[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: 26+[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group A[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]The party sets forth, to track the wisdom of ages past. They watch as their friends walk a separate path, towards the cold peaks above. A key must be found, a knowledge uncovered... or all efforts are for naught.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date:Tuesday May 6th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Mixafix[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 1900 AEST[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: 12+[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group B[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]The great glacier stirs, living somehow in the rippling clouds. A crack, a crumble, the spirits of the ice hint their existance. An ally must be found, though only through an enemy might this be. An ally must be awakened, for the time of war needs great beasts of war, and none is mightier then he who's wings spread more distant then the sky itself.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Wednesday May 7th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Osxmallard[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time:1900 PST[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: All[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group C2[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]Allegiance stirs amongst enemies, and silver tongues must prevail. A shadow moves, to be mirrored twice by it's own. To uncover the secret, one must look to the words within words.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date:Wednesday May 7th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: jrizz[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 2000 PST[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: 1-20[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group C1[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]The greatest of giants sits atop the clouds themselves, though he knows the kings have kin, of friends and ancient enemies alike. Through the storm they must travel until they are lost. Only then will the most ancient of Essrantor's enemies be revealed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Thursday May 8th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Miltonyorkcastle[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 1100 CDT[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: All[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group C2[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]The others long distant in the peaks above, the group holds tightly to the hope they can muster. All weighs upon their shoulders, their minds, and their souls. They know the consequence of failure, they know that it will not be their blood that spills should they not succeed. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Friday May 9th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Mixafix[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 1900 AEST[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: 12-20[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group B[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]The stage of war set, a valley lies in full view. Ice and rock cling to the landscape, soon to be sewn with the blood of all races. The allies are known, the enemy approaches. The field of war sits before you all. They must not pass or the others are doomed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: TBD[/SIZE]


[SIZE=16]Time: TBD[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: All[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group C[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]A howl carries on the wind, echoing upon echoes as it finds voice in the canyons surrounding. The people of the lands below suffer, and the sound chills all hearts as they have come to know it's meaning. The townships must be protected, and a key passage maintained.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Saturday May 10th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: jrizz[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 2000 PST[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: 1-20[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group C1[/SIZE]




[SIZE=16]Their fate hangs by strands they do not know nor can they see. Only faith guides their hand as the great halls loom around them. Essrantor waits.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Date: Sunday May 11th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]GM: Chongo[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Time: 1300 MST/ 1900 GMT[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Recommended Level Ranges: 26+[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Group Bracket Details: Group A[/SIZE]
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Just for Fun / Thorn's tactical tips
« on: April 10, 2008, 01:25:23 pm »
Assemble together a good mix of raw power, clever cunning, and barbarian stupidity. Progress in good order past all the challenges that dungeons throw at you combining all these skills into one close knit team - proving once and for all the total of all the parts is greater than the individual. Then finally when you reach so far down daylight is a distant memory, and the air barely stirs, and most of your healing has long since been applied -  have the barbarian fire in an arrow at the room full of bad guys.
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Just for Fun / Timely warning
« on: April 08, 2008, 07:04:00 pm »
Pseudo's Community Service of the Day

Are you SURE you're ready to have children??

Test 1 - Preparation

Women: To prepare for pregnancy:-

1. Put on a dressing gown and stick a beanbag down the front.
2. Leave it there.

3. After 9 months remove 5% of the beans.

Men: To prepare for children:-

1. Go to a local chemist, tip the contents of your wallet onto the counter and tell the pharmacist to help himself
2. Go to the supermarket. Arrange to have your salary paid directly to their head office.
3. Go home. Pick up the newspaper and read it for the last time.

Test 2 - Knowledge

Find a couple who are already parents and berate them about their methods of discipline, lack of patience, appallingly low tolerance levels and how they have allowed their children to run wild. Suggest ways in which they might improve their child's sleeping habits, toilet training, table manners and overall behavior.
Enjoy it. It will be the last time in your life that you will have all the answers.

Test 3 - Nights

To discover how the nights will feel:

1. Walk around the living room from 5pm to 10pm carrying a wet bag weighing approximately 4 - 6kg, with a radio turned to static (or some other obnoxious sound) playing loudly.
2. At 10pm, put the bag down, set the alarm for midnight and go to sleep.  
3. Get up at 11pm and walk the bag around the living room until 1am.
4. Set the alarm for 3am.
5. As you can't get back to sleep, get up at 2am and make a cup of tea.
6. Go to bed at 2.45am.
7. Get up again at 3am when the alarm goes off.
8. Sing songs in the dark until 4am.
9. Put the alarm on for 5am. Get up when it goes off.
10. Make breakfast.

Keep this up for 5 years.

Test 4 - Dressing Small Children

1. Buy a live octopus and a string bag.
2. Attempt to put the octopus into the string bag so that no arms hang out.

Time Allowed: 5 minutes.

Test 5 - Cars

1. Forget the BMW. Buy a practical 5-door wagon.
2. Buy a chocolate ice cream cone and put it in the glove compartment. Leave it there.
3. Get a coin. Insert it into the CD player.
4. Take a box of chocolate biscuits; mash them into the back seat.
5. Run a garden rake along both sides of the car.

Test 6 - Going For a Walk

Go out the front door
Come back in again
Go out
Come back in again
Go out again
Walk down the front path
Walk back up it
Walk down it again
Walk very slowly down the road for five minutes.
Stop, inspect minutely and ask at least 6 questions about every piece of used chewing gum, dirty tissue and dead insect along the way.
Retrace your steps
Scream that you have had as much as you can stand until the neighbours come out and stare at you.
Give up and go back into the house.

You are now just about ready to try taking a small child for a walk.

Test 7

Repeat everything you say at least 5 times.

Test 8 - Grocery Shopping

1. Go to the local supermarket. Take with you the nearest thing you can find to a pre-school child - a fully grown goat is excellent. If you intend to have more than one child, take more than one goat.
2. Buy your weekly groceries without letting the goat(s) out of your sight.
3. Pay for everything the goat eats or destroys.

Until you can easily accomplish this, do not even contemplate having children.

Test 9 - Feeding a 1 year-old

1. Hollow out a melon
2. Make a small hole in the side
3. Suspend the melon from the ceiling and swing it side to side
4. Now get a bowl of soggy cornflakes and attempt to spoon them into the swaying melon while pretending to be an aeroplane.
5. Continue until half the cornflakes are gone.
6. Tip the rest into your lap, making sure that a lot of it falls on the floor.

Test 10 - TV

1. Learn the names of every character from the Wiggles, Barney, Teletubbies and Disney.
2. Watch nothing else on television for at least 5 years.

Test 11 - Mess

Can you stand the mess children make? To find out:

1. Smear peanut butter onto the sofa and jam onto the curtains
2. Hide a fish behind the stereo and leave it there all summer.
3. Stick your fingers in the flowerbeds and then rub them on clean walls. Cover the stains with crayon. How does that look?
4. Empty every drawer/cupboard/storage box in your house onto the floor & leave it there.

Test 12 - Long Trips with Toddlers

1. Make a recording of someone shouting 'Mummy' repeatedly. Important Notes: No more than a 4 second delay between each Mummy. Include occasional crescendo to the level of a supersonic jet.
2. Play this tape in your car, everywhere you go for the next 4 years.

You are now ready to take a long trip with a toddler.

Test 13 - Conversations

1. Start talking to an adult of your choice.
2. Have someone else continually tug on your shirt hem or shirt sleeve while playing the Mummy tape listed above.
You are now ready to have a conversation with an adult while there is a child in the room.

Test 14 - Getting ready for work

1. Pick a day on which you have an important meeting.
2. Put on your finest work attire.
3. Take a cup of cream and put 1 cup of lemon juice in it
4. Stir
5. Dump half of it on your nice silk shirt
6. Saturate a towel with the other half of the mixture
7. Attempt to clean your shirt with the same saturated towel
8. Do not change (you have no time).
9. Go directly to work

You are now ready to have children.
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General Discussion / Only two days left...
« on: March 30, 2008, 12:06:01 pm »
... To Vote for Module of the Year on the Neverwinter Nights Vault.

Voting ends on April 1st.

We are one vote away from slipping down into fourth place folks....  So, if you've not voted already you can Vote here!

[SIZE=16]Thanks again to all 27 of you who have voted![/SIZE]
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Forum Discussion / Using Layonara RSS with Feedreader
« on: March 26, 2008, 06:24:26 pm »
The forums are equipped with RSS capabilities now for registered users.  It used to be only the forums that were guest viewable were accessible, but I've changed it so you must pass in your login details.  This way you will get notification of new posts in all the forums in which you have access.

Here are some steps for feeding new posts with the popular RSS reader called Feedreader.

  • Download and install FeedReader.
  • Press F12 to bring up the Options dialog.
  • Under Behaviour on the General tab, set When I click a weblink to Open link in default browser.
    (Optionally set any other preferences you like.)
  • Press OK on the Options dialog.
  • Press F3 to add a new feed.
  • At the top of the application window should be a text entry line, copy and paste the following URL into it:

  • Press the Ok button to the right of the text entry field.
  • You will be prompted for your username and password, which are your forum credentials.
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General Discussion / An idea to WL and wands
« on: February 15, 2008, 10:00:28 am »
WL and wands

WL gets a few wands that they can use in the game. These are given to the player because he/she shows and plays with good intentions.
And because she/he passed the WL quest.

What if a WL player has more characters? Would it be right to hand out a set of wands to each character the player has?

Comments why and why not please?
Consider administration load, low level with wands, more RP rewards to low level characters which are not running aroun with plus 20 level characters etc etc

PS: As I dont know where to put it, I hope some from the Team can place this post in the right forum.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Player initiated investigation sessions
« on: February 02, 2008, 08:41:50 am »

we've been receiving requests on people wanting to pursue lines of investigation regarding the Dragon Storm plot.

You could use CDQ slots for this, but that would "cost" you a CDQ for your character. So what we'll do is Player Initiated Investigation Sessions.

These Investigation Sessions need to be for a group of players, as they should not be personal XP hunt sessions.
You can submit for one here by:

1) Indicating what you want to investigate, stating the clues/rumors/info you are basing it on.
2) Indicating what timezone you and the investigative party are in and at what times you are available, so we can look at GM availability
3) being aware that while this can be rewarding, it can also be dangerous or even lead you to nothing at all. :)
4) realizing the sessions will probably be open to everyone (unless valid reasons are given)

These will not be very long sessions, probably no longer than an hour or two max. The idea is to gather information/investigate something which may be of use.

We'll then look at the proposed Investigation and let you know if we'll run it, or not (because it may be covered in another quest already, or can be done in a PM).

It is not intended to be a re-run of information already handed out in another quest, because for you guys to achieve the best outcome the playerbase will have to communicate with each other across timezones.

(Best is in the eye of the beholder BTW ;) E.g. Blood may have been defeated, but the Dark Ages killed millions, good/bad? No idea! Could it have gone different? Yes :))

There's a group of GMs across many timezones running stuff, and you may not even realize until later that something could be related to DS, so you'll have to talk.

Have fun!
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General Discussion / Layo For Dummies - HOW TO SCREEN SHOT
« on: January 30, 2008, 08:48:10 am »
 It has come to my attention that a number of players here do not know how to procure Screenshots, which are pictures of EXACTLY whats on you screen, hence, a Screenshot. Now, when I say exactly I mean EXACTLY, taskbar, windows, menues, whatever, and if you run NWN in full screen, that means ALL of NWN.
 Now, how to?
  • If you have a PC laptop (running windows or Linux or something else) look at the keyboard. Next to the backspace button should be six buttons : Insert, Home, Page Up (top three/row), Delete, End, Page Down (bottom three/row). Now, keep looking to the right. There should be Three MORE buttons ALL by themselves ABOVE the "NUM Pad" (it looks like a calculator). These three buttons are: Print Scrn, Scroll Lock, and Pause/Break.
  • Hit Print Scrn. You don't need ANY special programs, rollers, ANYTHING! Just hit Print Scrn. Congrats You Have a Picture.... BUT its not saved yet.
  • Hit ALT+Tab OR Alt+ Enter, meaning hit Alt and Tab or Enter at the same time. This will minimize NWN (or it SHOULD) and bring you back to your Desktop (the thing with the icons on it).
  • Open up ANY Paint like Program. By that I mean a program you can create pictures on. Since there are SO many, PhotoShop, MS Paint, Corell Paint Shop Pro.... Blah blah blah... Just open it to a blank new file.
  • Hit Ctrl+V or Right Click and select paste. If you did everything right then POOF! your Screen shot will apear! YAY!
  • Next part should be common sense but....[SIZE=48]SAVE THE [/SIZE][SIZE=48]DARN THING! [/SIZE]
  • Won't miss that instruction, huh? Well now what, you saved the file, but you don't know how to post it. EASY! When you are making a new Thread for something, say a Soul Strand Reimbursement or Any "GIMME IT BACK" post for something like a lost item or what ever, Loo under `Additional Options. There is an option in there with a button that says Manage Attachments. CLICK IT!
  • Alright, now what? A window should open OVER the one with Layo on it. If one does not, check your browser's (the thing you view internet with) POP UP BLOCKING settings. Now, there should be three blank lines/area to type in, each followed by a button that says Browse. CLICK IT!
  • Now, another window will open! This should look like any other window you see when you select the OPEN option in any program. Go to wherever the file you saved earlier, and Select the file! then Click Open
  • You're almost done!!! It will say it needs to upload or something and you will have to wait a little while, but then your done! Type up whatever in the Post New Thread box, Click Submit New Thread and PRESTO! yer done!
I hope that helps. I'm about 90% sure this is almost exactly the same with Apple and Linux, but if not, PLEASE LEMME KNOW! Hope this HELPS!!!!
 PRINT SCRN Trivia!!!
 Did you know what the original purpose of Print Scrn was?  Well, back when computers required lines of code to be written into them in order to make it do anything, print scrn was used to print out said lines of code in order to check them over for errors.  (I guarantee Orth and Dorg now more about this then me so I'm sure I'll get corrected soon :p)
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General Discussion / Artwork of Plenarius
« on: September 04, 2007, 02:18:19 pm »
I had a commission done for Plen, I just thought I'd share the result with the community.

I'm glad I'll always have this piece to remember where it all started, a big thank you to everyone who has shaped him along the way...

The artist is Carol Phillips, I discovered her work while I was doing research for the t-shirt web site and we have been working slowly over the last year to come up with something for Plen. I'm very happy with it :)


P.S. No he is not done yet ;)

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*when one takes a closer look, they can see the sign at the front that says "open"*

((okay, I guess I'll explain ooc now.  I'll be opening the inn up atleast 3 days a week for atleast 2 hours each day (not counting special opening events, with entertainment, Lalaith may plan).  These openings are simply to have the Leringard Arms act as a normal inn; a place to eat, drink, relax and tell your tales amongst others.

With that said, I can only garauntee opening it atleast 3 days a week for atleast 2 hours a day.  My life is never planned and I will always take presidence in RL events then Layonara and I will not be able to say in advance what days I can open it... However, if you see this thread updated, it will mean that I've opened the Leringard Arms at that moment (makes sure you check the hours I posted it of course).  Then send me a quick "tell" in game to open the door for you.  Most likely, if you see me in game, it will mean, I'm either crafting, doing a quest that suits my character, or opening the inn.  So you can send me a tell asking me if its open as well if you see me online, I wont mind.

It will also allow my character to hear about adventures and on whats going on in the world without having to exactly go on them.  She has quite the opinion on adventuring right now and I have it so she only goes on them if she feels they will help her with her studies to wizardry.))
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General Discussion / LORE Messaging and Parchment Folder Usage Returns
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:56:23 am »
LORE Messaging should be functional. Please be advised that you only get messages when considered in a Natural, Above Ground setting. In some cases some of the newer areas may not be flagged appropriately, but for the most part they are. Read more about the messaging system if you do not know about it, here: The Parchment Folder system is back online as well. Since we upgraded the nwn database to the same encoding as our web sites, this may solve some of the weirdness with the parchment injection, but this is not a certainty. Hopefully the combination of the web and the in game system will help alleviate any bugs. We will not focus much development on the system, hopefully it will satisfy some of the needs. Read more about the parchment folder system if you do not know about it, here: We still need to update the character updater, so newer characters may not show up on LORE until this is done. -o
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Hall of Heroes and Heroines / The First and the Redeemer
« on: April 28, 2007, 10:34:58 pm »
Words are written within a large book found in all places of Toran.  Where the book is placed is dependent upon the location.  The book is accessible to all who would dwell within these places or dare enter.  The words are written in a rather cryptic manner.  Broken text, but not so old in years.  Those of good lore would guess it was written just after the War with Bloodstone.  The writing is of deeds recorded and certain parts seem to be missing.  There is no author, except the words "scribed as it was recorded and told to one," written upon the bottom of the text.

A harsh reputation toward the Toranite church was often the prevalent attitude among many who hated the protectors of this world.  Too many misunderstood.  But every so often, one would come to reinforce that reputation, be it through desire of power, greed, prestige, or other.  These dark men and women wittingly partake in activities for the purpose of smearing those that serve only the benefit of humanoid kind.  Others are misguided and think they do the will of good.  But deception is an ever vigilant force that continues to seek and seduce the young, the reckless, the new. And sometimes even the old.

I was a child often misjudged for a cold warrior.  I am he.  I am the shield for these people.  I am the one who is hated because I protect this world.  They are me.  Most will never love me.  Only those.  Only those I choose.  Only those that see.  Why should they love me? I am a thorn to them.  I know I am a rose, but to them I am a thorn.  The place is corrupt.  The world should be clensed.  Come back to me.  Protect that child.  Protect that girl.  Protect the old.  Why do you not? Why do these children suffer? Why this pain? I took an interest in this world.  They are mine because they protect.  They are mine because they serve the truth. And I am theirs for it.

Long ago, a man they called the First came during an age long since forgotten except by those who serve the Great Leader.  Tall and fair he was.  His tale became one of heroism, tragedy, betrayal, and in the end, redemption by another.  A man of similar virtue and stature.

Few know the early history of this first man, but the effect he would have on the faithful was extraordinary.

What is strength? Why do they know me? Why do they follow me? Who am I? What should I be? What is the truth? What is the truth of this world? Why do they do this? He shall be strong.  I shall make him strong.  Not for me.  Never for me.  Never.

A valiant man he became.  A knight, chivalrous and true.  Strong in arms, soft in heart.

The laws were written.  The oath was made.  Those that succeeded the First held to that oath.  The faith prospered.  The world became better than when the beasts had ruled.

Then the era ended.  Time went by.  Wars were fought.  Land destroyed. Land reformed.  The Dragon Slayer came and went.  The bane of man he was.  Time went by.

The First and the Redeemer served the same ideals until the Lord of Spiders succeeded in breaching the sleep of the former.  One fell, the other took his place.  Two men from different eras would soon collide.  Not in friendship.  But in war.  A war of two alone.  The greater and the lesser with the lesser becoming the greater.

The church was corrupt.  The church was being run by matters of law and law alone.  A chasm formed between two sides.  One of law.  One of compassion.  And he.  He is gone, betrayed or so he thought.  The dark he serves now.  Once the greatest knight this world had ever seen.

Why? Why did you leave me? Why? I will never serve you! You send him? Who is he? Who? Your paladins are fools.  They are blind and useless.  They are weak.  This man is the same.  I will crush him.  The time of that church is over.  I will crush you.  I will crush all that you protect.  You betrayed me.  You let him take me.  Why? The light I see is forever weak.  Never will I serve it again.  They looked for me. But they were too weak to stop it and you shall suffer for it.  They shall all suffer.  They shall all die.

Who is he? I will destroy this place.  But of them.  Who is he? They do not know me.  They think they do, but they don't.  Will they ever? Only one knows me.  Only one.  And he I hate.

The city was taken.  The church, our beloved building was crumbling.  It was in decay after the great wars.  And now he comes.  The one who once was our greatest.  Who showed us the way.  Who gave us the laws of the Great Leader.  But he comes not as our friend.  Once the light of our church and now our greatest enemy.

The city was in chaos.  The Redeemer was sent.  One who had fought the Slayer.  One who had fallen before.  One who had risen again.  One revered.

Rescue the Ankh and free the people he was told.  From what? From him, the First, now dark and corrupt.  He did that.  He suffered for it.  He was defiant.  He would not let them suffer.  They fought.  The two.  In rage the First destroyed the temple to ash. Nothing was left. He walked away.  The First had left.

The Redeemer was put on trial by one of the dark men.  The high Justicer he was.  The Snake.  He hated the Redeemer and wished punishment.  But he was not the judge of this proceeding.  He who judged asked the Redeemer to choose his own punishment.  His own fate.  He chose to seek out the First.

To the Mountain of Giants on Belinara he traveled with a large group.  Those of his choosing, those loyal to him.  He did not ask nor expect them to follow.  But they came and he led them.

Turned away these others were as the party reached the dark labyrinth where the First resided.  The Redeemer walked alone.  Alone into the dark.

The throne was high upon which the First sat.  It was a mighty throne and around him spiders and other creatures more vile surrounded him in obedience.  He mocked the knight clad in gold.  He mocked the Ankh he wore.  He mocked the face, just like his once was.

Why do you believe Michaelis? Why do you believe? Worship him again? Never.

He was sent.  By them? No.  By he, the Greatest.  The protector.  A messenger of a god.

It's time Navarre.  It's time to come home.

Fetch me him.  Fetch me him who is supposed to be our lord.  Show me him! Can you? Let me curse his face.

You are a fool.  He is the strong.  He is the protector.  I am his messenger.  The darkness is folly.  This darkness! This path! This way! He never abandoned you.  He is here.  Even down here he can hear you.  Even down here he comes.  He comes for you.  Call to him!

The power of anger.  The power I have.  I could kill you now.  Is this what you want? Is this what you wish?

Here no one knows what happened except the two.  Days felt like hours.

The black sky was pierced for a moment.  The mountains shook.  The giants ran.  The loyal party outside of the dwelling was forced to flee despite their wishes.  Despite their loyalty to the man in gold.

No one knows what happened except the two.

The First, once black now gold again, walked out with the Redeemer.

What have I done? What have I done! How could I have?

Solemn was the walk.  Both were quiet.  What words were exchanged between the two are unknown for he would not tell me.  He would not tell me what they spoke about. The accounts here are by other witnesses. He would tell me little.

His body was judged by those who serve only law.  For the crimes he committed many praised his end, as his judgment was death by hanging.  The Redeemer wept.  The rift between two gods, who were once allied, began.  The Snake and all others that served only law were cast out of the Toranite church.

I want nothing to do with this.  This isn't the way.  Where are you? I feel you, but you show yourself not.  Is he home? Where is he? I shall rebuild.  We shall rebuild.

New will come.  New will always come.  Eager.  Such bravado.  Such courage.  Such talk.  Do they know the way? The war is over.  The new one begins. The long death comes.  Nothing but the long death.  The sky is black.  The world is ash.  They come.  They come again after the war.  The new one begins.  He will be strong.  I shall make him strong.  Not for me.  Never for me.  Never.
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General Discussion / Plot - Dragon Storm: Suffering
« on: April 08, 2007, 11:13:25 pm »
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you and welcome. This is a two ‘part’ post this being the first part and only vaguely related to the second. As an effort to spread information and be fair to everyone I will be making ‘visible’ record of the Dragon Storm campaign. This first occurrence will be noted as you see it in the general discussion. However all future occurrences will land in the CDT I opened on Ozymandias. In the case of the later, this, past and future posts are meant to be read and used as a role play tool. The information I do not wish to be used I simply will not post.
You can decide for yourself how you come across this information. Perhaps you overheard things on the subject in the local tavern your character frequents, or you heard it off some bard trying to make a true. Whatever the reason consider it a valid tool to talk with others about.
The reason I am doing this in this manner is because I consider my previous method, in the Soul of a Lost Ancient a dismal failure. It was boring, reward less, and required many more hours doing nothing than I would like. Furthermore many people were left out as I had to sleep at some point, or work, or do other activities. So I am going to try this method where I spin a few rumors that might be heard in a public place. Then you the player, armed with even rudimentary knowledge can seek out those that participated. While for those of you that could only make part of a quest, either by real life or by group selection, are not left with the ‘left out’ feeling.
After all it is one thing to be expected to ask questions, it is another to not have any idea what to ask. So in that interest of fairness, in the interest of my sanity, and the interest of community spirit in the since of working together. I shall try and provide something you can work with in game.
Now enough of my gibbering lets get down to part two which you are really interested in.

In the last eleven years a certain sight can be found in most port towns. Entire villages with what belongings they could bring flocking there and boarding ships all to seek a life in ‘better lands’. Few find success in their endeavors but many will try to find a place to live a better life for their families. The stories are the same of crops failing and sickness running rampant, the gods having abandoned the people and horrific stories that Dragons have returned.
Roomers abound though of bandits and brigands growing more and more common. Some say they have turned from robbery to outright murder of their quarry robbing them of their scant goods and their lives. The roads no longer safe while the so called Heroes of Layonara live like royalty safe and sound from the horrors of the world.
Yet despite this it is still said, that perhaps the Heroes have not given up and that people here and there. Sometimes one, or sometimes just a single village are brought from the plight of the world. That certain parts of the world have become safer if only slightly because of their restoring of order. These instances seem few and far between in recent years. The world is suffering and so are the people that dwell within it.
In the Land of Kings the heroes made themselves known in the City of Twins; Lor. As people fled from the poverty and despair that had engulfed the north, the rich merchants demanded their due. A kings price to ship people away to a better land, yet the heroes stepped forward and paid it in true and one small group felt a time of reprieve.
There are reasons for everything, families are not torn asunder for no reason. A cult was rising and growing in this time of darkness. Armed, armored and wielding fearsome magic they displaced many and slaughtered others. They were called by many names, some cried that they were the black hand, others the iron hand, a few even said the hand of blood. Yet no mater what these individuals were called, they seemed to revel in the destruction and called themselves the hand.
Perhaps there are still heroes, maybe not as many as tales say. Some may be content to live in their homes as nobility while others suffer. Yet there may be some left willing to fight to protect those truly hurt by this time of darkness. In the Land of Kings those so called heroes gathered and moved to attack the brigands calling themselves the hand.
In the broken mountains the groups fought, heroes within desecrated valleys and caverns filled with decay and death. While this new cult of brigands channeled their twisted creations with joyous abandon. Willingly forfeiting their lives and accepting no chance to surrender. The battle raged and the earth moaned as twisted things fell returning to the earth with their passing.
Yet as the brigands were slain they called out that this was not the end. They were but a single digit of the full fury. Perhaps the heroes had brought the first blow to the bandits but it was certainly not the last. In the end the heroes were the ones to leave the twisted caverns and corrupted pass, yet questions yet many remained unanswered. Especially one that falls heavy on all minds, what does this group have to do with dragons that have returned?

All right an unexpected part three to this post. I think this tells you enough. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what unfolds and what each other have learned. Share information, spread it around, you never know when it will be important to remember. Anyway good luck I hope this post and this method prove more successful then the last method I used.
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Development Journals and Discussion / Private Forum For Development Threads
« on: December 14, 2014, 02:16:03 pm »
Hi everybody, I've added a new forum for you to post your development threads privately. They will only be able to be viewed by yourself, Administrators, Gamemasters and Character Approvers. If you wish your existing thread to be moved to that section, please reply here. Yes you can have both a public and private CDT, one in this forum and one in the other. Cheers, orth
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Trade and Market Hall / Red Fang Cave suplies from Shak
« on: March 29, 2007, 04:04:35 pm »
I, Shak, Witch Doctor of the Red Fang Clan will get the green rocks and salt you need from Red Fang caves. I do this to avoid the raids to my clan, blood from each side will be spared like this. Contact me by sending a bird or speaking to me directly. You can pay what you wish, or nothing at all.

-Shak, Witch Doctor of the Red Fang Clan

//post here the orders
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