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Young Greenstones , Malachites And Fire Agates .

I Voon Loom , Fire Opal Of Her Perfection am organising a small endevour into the Gloom woods to find the riches and precious gems that lie deep beaneth the hills in the tunnels and caves of the region . From there I plan to journey north to Castle Sunspear to donate and pray to Her Perfection for guidences .

All true to our Deep mother , Please come along and join me in this task .

// Im hoping for the younger berylites to come along , a chance for them to meet other berylites  mine a few gems to cut and polish to doante to her perfection  . And to See the deep Mother temple in castle sunspear and donate  ...
This is not intended as a free-for all quest and no will getting anything for free , what i am hoping to do is introduce you new berylites to a few new places of the world and MAINLY have some FUN with it ..

Max lvl at around lvl 9 please

start Saturday 31        7pm GMT
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / New Forum: The Dragon Storm Campaign
« on: March 26, 2007, 09:02:47 am »
This forum can be used to roleplay in character discussions about the current major plot.

Thanks to Galen for the suggestion.
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General Discussion / Regarding Plot quests
« on: March 25, 2007, 04:13:06 pm »
I was wondering if it would be acceptable from a RP point to act as if one of my character (and only that one, namely Grohin) was present for the plot quest (as long as it doesn't involved epic deed like killing a dragon or something like that) even if I (as a player) cannot manage to come.

I really want to take an active part in the new plot with Grohin but as the plot quest starts at 1am, it's a bit hard on us europeans that aren't able to afford a no-sleeping night on sundays, (it would be less of a problem if it was on Saturdays since I/we have the whole sunday to recover *grins*)

I'm not wanting any benefits from this, just to be able to act as if I heard first hand what is going to be talked about - which would imply I'd need someone to send me a transcript of the event.
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Forum Discussion / Forum Update - HTML Cleanup & New Tables
« on: March 24, 2007, 04:07:46 am »
Okay, the HTML Cleanup went okay as far as I can tell, there are some issues here and there, in some cases all you need to do is edit your post and save it and things should fix themselves.  (I noticed this for bulleted lists).  

If you are missing anything please let me know.

Also the format of how you work with tables is much easier and I have converted the existing tables to use that new format.  To make a table you simply enter it like so:

Code: [Select]
[table=head]Heading 1|Heading 2|Heading 3
Row 1 Col 1| Row 1 Col 2| Row 1 Col 3
Row 2 Col 1| Row 2 Col 2| Row 2 Col 3
If you don't want a heading for the first row and just treat it as a normal row then you need not specify the =head part.

Now the real cool part... if you want to make these tables sortable, then specify which columns are sortable.  For example:

Code: [Select]
produces this:


Notice how you can click the headings and they re-sort?

Anyway I should post this so I can turn the forum back on O.o.

Once again, let me know if anything significant has been lost, and if you see a stray html tag and it's your post, try fixing it.  As I said sometimes just clicking edit then save will do the trick.

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General Discussion / Stormcrest Guides: Pre-launch Announcement
« on: March 15, 2007, 01:52:46 am »
 Hello Layonara Community! I'd like to go ahead and announce a new project on the very near horizon with us standing at the introduction of v3 for Layonara. Nestled in the trees between Fort Vehl and Port Hempstead there will soon be a small cobble path that leads to a small rickety old shack built into a tree. This is the Stormcrest Shack, a cozy tavern at the crossroads of the server start cities.
 :) What is this shack and why is it there?
 It's a gathering point mostly. A group of characters have decided to participate in a guiding service. This isn't any grand guild or organization, it's a simple meeting place where sponsored guides will often just hang out, offering maybe to guide someone around, or to a particular destination your character may have in mind. They work for nobody, and pay no dues, so what they charge you is what they deem appropriate for the destination you have in mind. The tavern is owned by a one eyed dwarf some may know, though he's donated it up to just about any of the guides to make use of it to get a client, and the doors are always open to get a drink.
 Now, Stormcrest Guides work on a pretty free flowing premise: That the participating guides can work when they like, for whatever amount they like. Even if its just buying them an ale. That said, there are some rules:
 - A guide can't be contracted out for resources, or any other goals that are at an unreasonable challenge for your character. More simply, anything that seems to not be in good spirit of the server.
 - Distribution of gold and items found on your travels is at the guide's discretion for distribution.
 - That the only people working as guides are sponsored by Stormcrest.
 :) Who are these guides?
 Well currently the participating characters are:
 Talan Va'lash, Lalaith Va'lash, Varka Cleaveson, Jennara Creekskipper, Acacea Thistletongue, Quillwem Laylluanilm, Triba Gues, Jacchri Abianca, Ireth Telrunya, Ketilbjorn Svadi, Lillian Dartforth, Daeron Stormcloud, AnnaLee Ohtartel'selu, Kavil Yodin, Ozymandias Llewellyn, Connor Garvill, Rhizome, Bilvikki, Remiel Delmir, Rodlin Serim, and Katrien Hommel (with the full acknowledgement that she is apt to getting lost).
 More guides will be added perpetually as time passes. The requirements for getting sponsored by Stormcrest will be posted up in due time following the initial launch.
 :) So why does Stormcrest Guides exist?
 Well, for starters, it'll be fun. It's an easy way for everyone to meet each other. It's an easy way for us to find a convenient collection point for roleplay and good times. It's a means for anyone out there to walk up and ask to go adventuring with someone who has their footing on where things are, the lore of the lands, and generally the storylines all around you as you travel around. Playstyles can be shared between players that generally wouldn't party together because of level spreads or the like. It's just a good way for us all to get together and party responsibly, mostly. ;)
 :) So how do you get a guide?
 Well, the easiest way is to simply hang out in the comforts of the Stormcrest Shack, or lounge by the campfire at the pond outside. There is a torch outside the shack that will be lit when there's a guide about who is up for taking someone out. Alternatively, you can PM me, Chongo, to try and set something up in advance.
 :) What sort of things can you do when you get a guide?
 Once you get someone as a guide by hanging out at the shack and asking, there's all sorts of things you might do. It's really up to you as the character wanting to see or learn more of the world. You could wander local lands to get a handle on your surroundings if you're unfamiliar. Or you could travel to an exotic destination that you've been yearning to go but feel you could benefit from someone who can maybe show you around with a bit more flavor. Or maybe you want to be shown someplace so you can learn the lore shaping its history. It's really up to you as a character and what feels fun. Every character in this game has a lot to share, and getting a few of these older hands with lore up the wazoo on every blade of grass can be quite fun, especially when you're part of learning something new with them. The things we're not out to do is go get you high end items or resources. That's just against the spirit of Stormcrest, and while getting an emerald is fun, it should never be the spirit of the goal.
 Layonara has a wonderful community that is ever changing and still growing. Make use of the people around you. Come hang out at the tavern or at the campfire, at the crossroads of Fort Vehl and Port Hempstead. The sign will point the way there. Cheers.
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