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General Discussion / The Ups and Downs
« on: May 09, 2007, 05:42:13 pm »
You know how some times you have "good" days and "bad" days?  Being part of the Layonara community is like that too. defines community as, "A social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage."  There's no need for me to point out the truth in each of those aspects of community; I'm sure you all can think of examples that would qualify.

When I logon, there is often some sort of expectation or goal in the back of my mind.  XP, getting a tidbit for a story, crafting, etc.  There are times I logoff disappointed, having not accomplished the goal.  Other times, though, I logoff quite pleased even though I did not accomplish the goal.  Why?  Because of the community.

A two hour boring stand-around-hoping-to-see-someone can be changed in a moment by a chance encounter with a sum total of five minutes of RP.  Or it can be discovering that "~[The sky is falling" will write on a piece of parchment in a language ear.  Yes!  Bee can write in brownie!  He can even read it back with "~~translate" command.

Those bad times, though, can sometimes overshadow the exciting times.  It easy to forget that the GM/project team is working hard behind the scenes.  Sometimes our perspective of the pace things get done is skewed by the fact that we alternate between RL and playing whenever we want.  They have to multiplex their schedules between RL, playing, preparing quests, running quests, scripting, toolset, etc., etc.!

I was rightfully chided today to have "patience young Skywalker!"  That is true.  What is another week or two for a new system?  What is a week before quest is run, or a level gained?  Sometimes that week can seem interminable but on the other side of the fence that week is rushing past too fast to accomplish everything that must be done.

A wise fellow once said, "No! Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."  A community ebbs and flows just as our perception of time ebbs and flows.  Do not try to have patience, do what you can when you can and enjoy it.

Introduce Yourself / Pen N Popper, metagamer
« on: May 04, 2007, 09:34:19 pm »
When I first joined the server, I was astounded by how much IC info I could find on the forums.  I thought, "This is terrible!  Everyone will metagame!"  It wasn't long, however, before I realized how much I truly appreciated the wealth of information I could find out about others.  You see, I have a problem:  I am a metagamer.

Yes, it's true.  You see I play this game because I like a good story.  I like epic battles, heroes and villains, intrigue and plot.  More often than not I am quite content being a voyeur of the tale rather than its star.  Unfortunately, sometimes the stories get obscured by this layer of obfuscation called NWN.

I strongly believe that more of this would be beneficial in our day-to-day RP as well. All of our PCs have their little stories, histories, flaws, fears, and dreams. Sometimes I feel like we're all in rubber bubbles, in our own little worlds. I can see your PC but his/her story is bouncing around inside out of sight. I try very hard with my PCs to pop your bubbles. Unfortunately, I am a bubble too and we just bounce off each other mostly.
That sums up what metagaming means to me.  I want to know your stories OOCly more than ICly.  Layonara is a place where I can see those stories and enjoy them.

Some choose to use these wonderful stories to abuse and cause angst to others.  Why?  They use the information they learn ingame so that their PCs can dominate another, control them.  Why?  I know why:  They think it is how you win the game.

Layonara is a novel, no a library of novels.  There is no winning alone.  The more novels you can read, even partially, should be your goal.  How many stories do you know?  Only your own?  Do you have one?

I started to write this thread in the General Discussion thread.  I realized, though, that this is who I am not just my opinion.  I am not a bard, but a reader.  Metagaming is good.  Story writers call it foreshadowing.

My PC asked ICly the following:

[SIZE=16] How will you be recalled in legend and lore?  Or will you be remembered at all?[/SIZE][/I]

Well, will you?  When Layonara fades away and we find each other later in life on other forums, what will people remember of you and your PCs?

I have a rock named after my first PC on a PW.  Now that's what I call winning.

NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Suggestion: Housing forum
« on: April 18, 2007, 11:10:02 am »
Housing continues to be a popular topic.  One thing I find difficult to agree with is the "handing down" of houses to people that simply shared the house.  If there is an IC basis for the inheritance, that would be different, but I would suggest that such could/should be approved prior to the incident of dispute.

What I suggest, then, is a new Housing Forum in which each house on the server has a stickied thread.  Consider each thread to be the official records kept with the local city for each.  The owner of the house would be listed and they would keep things updated such as who has keys, if it is jointly owned and by who, etc.

I'll give an example:  Bumblebee uses a room at someone's home.  What if that player stopped playing or the PC permed or such?  Do you think he (and any other key holders) should inherit the house for free?  Do you think that they should even be given first chance to purchase it?  Such decisions should be made by the owning player before they leave or at the team's discretion.
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General Discussion / Stormcrest dart contest rules
« on: April 13, 2007, 01:45:54 pm »
How about we come up with a set of rules for dart competitions at the Stormcrest shack.  Post your suggestions below.

The game:
  • Suggestions that are doable with three rolls of d20?
  • Need DCs for chance to:
    • Miss completely
    • Outer double ring
    • Inner triple ring
    • Outer bullseye
    • Inner bullseye
    [/LIST]The throw:
    • Each dart is RPed thrown with a d20
    • Applicable bonuses are added via emote
    • Each shot is a called shot (eg *aims for double 3*)
    Bonuses to throw:
    • A PC must have three of the type of darts they are using in their possession (and must show them OOCly if challenged to do so).
      • Copper +0
      • Iron +1
      • Adamantium +2
      • Mithril +3
      • These darts are not actually thrown ingame, they are just for RP.  Players may optionally have copper darts on hand to "bash" the dartboard with instead of rolling a d20.  The modifiers applied to the bash are not counted, though, just the base roll.
      • Feats
        • Good Aim +1
        • Weapon Focus Darts +1
        • Epic Weapoin Focus Darts +2
        • No other attack bonuses are applicable.
        Allowed cheating and opposing checks:
        • True strike?
        Completely unallowed:
        • Any sort of to-hit combat modifiers (DEX, etc.) other than those listed above.
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        NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Stormcrest Shack: Dart merchant
        « on: April 04, 2007, 04:08:45 pm »
        Could a store be added to the dartboard in the Stormcrest shack to sell darts?  A trashcan would be beneficial as well.
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        General Discussion / Confessions of an RPer
        « on: April 03, 2007, 02:07:07 pm »
        I have made (too) many posts over the past months regarding tring to find a balance between gaining XP and levels versus RP. My stubborn disbelief of reality has caused me to continue this fruitless endeavor.  Slowly, though, it is dawning on me that I am simply a freshwater fish swimming in the salty ocean.  Other similar fish have either expired or adapted.

        While Layonara is not an RP server, but an RP Action server, I always stood firmly that RP came first. I began to see, though, that there was no progression available purely through RP.  One attained levels by adventuring.  Levels, being the core mechanic of NWN, determined ones place in Layonara:  WLs must be 20th level to even apply, horses are not acquired until mid-teen levels, large chests and housing portals cannot be placed at low levels, the advanced crafting hall is 10th level to even enter.  All these things point out quite clearly that levels are the path we players must toe.  Gaining XP through adventure is not "a necessary evil," as I often told myself, but the actual goal of the world.  We are rewarded not for RP, but our success as adventurers.

        I stubbornly refused to believe that this was the case.  Surely committed RP and stellar devotion to cause and character would yield similar reward.  Slowly, though, I digressed from my personal standards of "RP always" and interspersed it with combat runs through areas:  Traversing up and down Haven for no other purpose than to gain XP.  Racing across Dregar behind higher levels or with large groups.  Worst of all, loitering in empty Pranzis for hours because I was afraid as soon as I went West for some RP, a party would show up on central and I'd miss the XP.

        Is any of this bad? No, not at all. Layonara dictates that our PCs be adventurers more often than commoners. It is always our own choice, of course, to pick between a long RP session as a newsletter writer versus a rogue archer.  Depending on the degree to which you believe that "RP is its own reward," your balance will be different.  Personally, in a level based world like Layonara I continually find myself struggling to find this balance.

        Why?  I don't find mindless XP gathering at all immersive.  I like combat tactics, ambushes, campfires, and ale.  I also like feeling successful and that, for me on Layonara, means gaining levels.  There is no other career path.  Making a successful brownie newsletter writer was a challenge and rewarding in itself, but only up to a point.  No amount of fame or RL time will let a 9th level PC become a WL, own a horse, or get better at a Gather Information skill.

        I have taken breaks from Layonara in the past, not long ones to be sure.  I enjoy the server aspects tremendously here:  The courteous staff, LORE and letter systems, parchment and quest chests, forums and gallery, and the nonsensical chatter on IRC.  Not to mention the time invested here getting to know those systems and the personalities of the world.  It's unlikely that I'll completely give up trying to find what I'm looking for here.  Would I leave if I found a server more in line with my playing style? Yes.  Do I really think that will happen? No.  Are you stuck with me? Looks that way.

        I'm a guest in this salty pond so I ought stop trying to take out the flavor and just enjoy the taste.

        NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / A truly dynamic world
        « on: March 31, 2007, 08:55:03 am »
        For a long time now, I've wondered where the "world shaping" part of Layonara comes into play.  I see PCs work at changing the world ICly, but the module does not get updated to reflect this.  I know this is due to: 1) The fact that altering the module is not a trivial thing, even for simple changes. 2) Players have their own agendas that don't always mesh with the team's ideas. 3) Picking some things to change and not others would smack of favortism and be upsetting to some.

        However, just like there are housing remodel requests could there also be area remodel requests?  A temple interior remodel, new walls for Bloody Gate, war and destruction removed from the old Roldem, etc.

        The requirements for these remodels would be more involved.
        • I would suggest that each player (not each PC) would be allowed to put their karma towards just a single project.  Their PCs can always help with the IC efforts of as many projects as they'd like, but their "vote" for getting one implemented is a one-time shot.
        • The more players that vote for a project, the higher on the list such an update would be pushed.
        • Only players that have been playing for six months can apply a vote to a project.
        • A failed project does not return your vote.
        The IC efforts would also be greatly increased:
        • A price tag in gold of unknown amount.  Lots of projects have cost overruns.
        • A price tag of gathered material (be it clay molds to represent bricks, wood to represent furniture, finished armor to equip guards, etc.)
        • A minimum and maximum RL time.  The organizer(s) have some amount of time to gather the material, but it cannot be less than three to six months RL time.  These projects are world changing, they do not happen in a RL week.
        [/INDENT]I would also suggest that there is upkeep necessary for such a project as well.  Perhaps temple donations are withdrawn for a temple's continued upkeep, or a player event must happen at the site every other month, or something.

        Ideally, the module changes for such projects would be limited to a single area (like a player house would be).  Perhaps one project every three months would be implemented.  There would be a public list, with groups of players racing each other to gather support and material to move themselves up the list by their IC efforts.  (These IC efforts are entirely player-run without GM intervention.)

        I would actually suggest that this could be the start of kingdom building. Factions of players would begin grouping and gathering three new resources in addition to gold: stone, lumber, and research.  (Stone is a new minable material. Lumber is a new choppable material. And research is a repeatable quest in the great library where the PCs are given the task of finding books in exchange for research scrolls. None are used for CNR.)

        Each group (like a guild in that a PC can only belong to one group) would be listed on the forums in their order of wealth (perhaps the actual wealth details are hidden and they are just given a one to ten star rating).

        Anyway, I could ramble on but will end it here.  Hopefully you see the possibilities for the world but also see that the goal is to limit the work that the project team would have to do and the frequency.  Put the burden on the players to keep it going.
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        General Discussion / How to PvP - The Mechanics vs. RP
        « on: March 30, 2007, 02:17:28 pm »
        I have a new goblin PC and have been putting him in situations where other PCs can have the freedom of how to deal with him.  So far it's been great fun and I hope the other players are enjoying the encounters as well.

        I have had some questions about how to handle the mechanics of the PvP widget and thought I'd share my learnings here.

        If you are in a party and someone uses the PvP widget on you or anyone else in the party, you will all receive a message:[INDENT]The Party: So-and-so, is requesting to PvP with your party.
        [/INDENT]Only the leader of a party can accept a PvP challenge.  This can be troublesome if everyone doesn't understand this, especially if the leader is in another area and completely unaware of the situation.  The best suggestion is that prior to using the PvP widget you send a tell to the person you are targetting to see if they are in a party or leader of it.  This is so that they can accept or decline themselves.

        Now, once the first PC has used their PvP widget on you, you or your group need to accept the challenge.  When the appropriate person uses their widget to accept, the following message is displayed to the entire party:[INDENT]Your party leader has accepted a PvP challenge from So-and-so. Leave party within 60 seconds if you do not wish to participate.

        Please set So-and-so, to Hostile in your Player List window.
        [/INDENT]Leaving the party is not a requirement in terms of game mechanics.  However, you should declare your intention to join in by setting the opponents to hostile.  It would be very bad form to stand at the edge in friendly mode only to jump in later.  You are either in or out.

        Now, don't fight yet!  There will be a message after 60 seconds signalling when to begin.[INDENT]Your PvP session has now begun. You are allowed to PvP for up to 15 minutes, or until you die.
        [/INDENT]When you see that, that is when you are back in-character.  I say in-character because between the acceptance and the signal to start, there should be absolutely no in-character activities!  You should treat the game as paused for you and your opponents.[INDENT][LIST=1]
        • Do not rest!
        • Do not buff you and your comrades!
        • Do not move to more strategic location!
        • Do not swap in and out armor and gear!
        • Do not summon anything!
        • Do get yourself ready mentally for some fun and excitement!
        [/INDENT]It is important to remember that PvP can be very nerve racking for many.  A lot of us likely don't have much experience with this and we find our hearts racing and palms sweaty on the mouse.  Don't worry!  You'll be fine no matter the outcome.

        What happens if you get killed?  When you die, there is no roll against the Soul Mother if you used the PvP widget!  (Note that there is currently a bug such that if a summon kills you, you will still roll for a loss of a soul strand.  Don't panic if this happens, just make a posting on the forums in the Disputes & Grievances.)  When you respawn, a gravestone is left for you and you are sent back to your bindstone to reflect.

        After time has expired, you will see a message:[INDENT]Your PvP session has ended. Please set everyone back to Neutral or Friend in your Player List window. You will not be able to participate in PvP for 60 minutes.
        [/INDENT]Now comes the tricky part:  You must handle this event ICly.  How would your PC react to being beaten?  Did you know the PC's name ICly?  Would you even recognize them again?

        Let's back up a bit and look at the RP that must necessarily surround all of this.  Of course prior to using the PvP widget you and the other PC are going to be talking back and forth, posturing and such.  

        [INDENT]You, a paladin of always-right, see a drow minding his own business squarely in the middle of the path on a rainy day. (#1)  You, not wishing to muddy your old green boots by walking off the path, tell him to step aside.  The drow simply laughs at you and puts hands on hips. (#2)  You draw your sword and tell him that only does he need to leave the path, but head all the way back to whatever hole he crawled out of.  The drow casts a defensive spell upon himself and pulls out his own blade. (#3)  The paladin then laughs and the two embrace and exchange flowers since everyone knows there are no evil drow outside of the underdark. (At this point, the observers should all use their PvP widgets on the paladin and drow.)
        [/INDENT]In the scenario above, there are three numbered places where the PvP widget would make sense to use.  Perhaps #1 is a bit early.  The second point is a good spot since while the widget is entirely OOC, it does serve the purpose of notifying everyone of how serious the situation can become.  Point #3 will probably be the most common since it is the point just before the actual clash of battle.  My points about no resting, etc. during the 60 second wait period above are most applicable to this point.  

        Remember too, just because the PvP widget has been used, doesn't mean that it has to result in combat.  It's also not bad to mix in some RP during the combat itself.  Some PvP practice in the arena with your comrades will help you get a better feel for what is possible and the flow of PC vs. PC compared to PC vs. monster.

        I hope this helps make your PvP scenarios run a bit smoother.

        Roleplaying / Emote your heart out!!
        « on: March 19, 2007, 07:44:41 pm »
        [SIZE=18]Tired of trying to type in battle?  Tired of repeating your introduction to the umpteenth person?  I have the solution right here![/SIZE]

        Those of you that have travelled with my PCs were probably thinking to yourself, "That fellow can type up a storm!"  While I can do that, I've added to my repetoire by taking advantage of this nifty software:  AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText.

        This free bit of software allows you to write rather complicated hotkeys and macros.  The nice thing is that it can intercept the keystrokes before they reach your game.

        Take my paladin of Vorax, Wanark.  He had a dozen or more short blessings that he'd say (some in dwarven) when just prior to casting bless or equipping his waraxe.  Then he had longer blessings that even included him kneeling.  Finally, he had the entire Vorax paladin credo he'd use when he visited the temple.  All of these I had assigned to hotkeys outside the game.  Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?  Beautiful.

        I'll give an example from my current PC that you can use to build your own set.  (Careful of line wrapping if you cut&paste into your own file.)
        ;; ------------------------------------------
        ;; A utility routine to say something
            global prefix

            SendInput {Enter}
            Sleep 250
            IfInString, s, /tp
            SendInput {Raw}%s%
            SendInput {Raw}%prefix%%s%
            SendInput {Enter}

        ;; ------------------------------------------
        ;; This will send yourself a tell with some help
        ::/o help::
            SendInput {Raw}/tp "Pen N Popper" name, description, wearing, ^f
            Send {Enter}

        ;; -------------------------------------------
        ;; Give your name
        ::/o name::
            SendInput {Raw}rolan tennesen... *bows* sellsword in the employ of the freelancers
            Send {Enter}

        ;; ------------------------------------------
        ;; A random color emote of walking along
            Random, num, 1, 5
            if ( num == 1 )
            Say("*hurries along at an uneven pace, pausing now and then to catch breath*")
            else if ( num == 2 )
            Say("*moves along at a steady pace*")
            else if ( num == 3 )
                     Say("*hurries along, gaze taking in his surroundings*")
            else if ( num == 4 )
                     Say("*marches along with quick strides, sounding a bit out of breath*")
            else if ( num == 5 )
                     Say("*moves at a deliberate pace*")

            Sleep 100
            SendInput {LControl}

        [/INDENT]I save this to a file called "rolan.ahk" and then run it.  Ingame, when I hit Ctrl-g a random description of walking will be sent.  When I type in /o description the verbose description of Rolan is output.

        You can see that this can have as much flavor as you can think of.  It is especially handy during battle when all I have to do is type Ctrl-f for a fight emote.  (I even have it setup to fill in which weapon he is using to the emotes are correct.)

        Good luck!

        Fixed Bugs / Too many Will-o-wisps drops
        « on: March 12, 2007, 05:27:13 pm »
        The numerous will-o-wisps near Hlint all drop their essence.  I suggest that all but one or two be changed to drop nothing.  As it is, whiskey just got a whole lot cheaper!
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        CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Firebomb detonation
        « on: February 06, 2007, 05:05:28 am »
        Your rogue, laden with a couple fire or acid bombs sneaks into the middle of the group of ogres. Carefully he sets the bombs in their midst (drops them from inventory and stays in stealth). Once the rogue makes his way back to the group, he notches a flint-tipped arrow and lets it fly. Flames erupt from the first bomb as it is triggered. Another arrow, another eruption. The ogres, seeing where the arrow came from, charge and the battle is on!
          Suggestion is to make fire and acid bombs triggerable by attack from a flint arrow. The new CNR item, oak flint arrow with raven feathers, would be level 9 to use (same as the bombs). If further limits needed to be placed, make it only usable by rogues and rangers. The bombs would go off with any amount of damage. (I beg of you not to make it like fish where there is damage reduction; some of us rogues are weak.)
          This is kind of the poor man's trap. The ingredients for acid bombs are easily acquirable by rogues. Fire bombs require coal which takes a bit more effort to get.
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        General Discussion / Do you dream of opening an ingame shop?
        « on: November 02, 2006, 04:22:01 pm »

          I got some questions ingame about starting up a guild and opening a shop.  I thought I'd share my thoughts and encouragment here.

          The Leilon Arms for many many RL weeks was open every Friday and merchants would come and sell their wares.  The Freelancers, seeing the benefits of this, had "merchant tables" installed in their Point Harbor tavern.  Anyone can come and sell their crafted or looted goods.  Are you a ring maker?  Perhaps an armor and weapons maker?  Tailor?  Each has a table where a merchant may place his/her inventory.

          Do you really have the patience to come every week for several hours and sell your goods?  What about the weeks that RL keeps you away, do you find someone to fill your spot?

          What if no one comes to the open tavern night, do you give up and not return the next week?  Or, do you work ingame and through the forums to generate interest?

          Perhaps you have grandiose plans of opening a crafting guild.  Imagine!  A grand guild hall with persistent storage, rooms, elaborate dining hall, master bedrooms.  What happens when three of your five founders stop playing?  How empty does the enormous hall feel when it is just you staring at the chests?

          Guilds and shops take tremendous OOC dedication, organization, and vision.  Do not succumb to the desire to leap to the end goal; start small and build up.  Prove to yourself, the players, and most importantly the GM/builder team that you have what it takes.

          Perhaps there is already a guild out there with an under-staffed guildhall, or a tavern willing to host your half-elf convention.  Make good use of the resources already at your disposal before moving forward.

          If possible we as players need to encourage such efforts.  Story nights at a tavern are opportunities to RP and let others shine.  Market nights are a chance for independent crafters to feel their worth.

          Let's all work together to make Layonara a rich, immersive environment for us all.  Few things compare to a well-attended tavern night:  Bickering at the bar over the cost of ales, haggling in the corner over a pile of malar skins, a bard being booed onstage.

          See you ingame, PnP.
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        NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Earning A Level Per Month
        « on: October 08, 2006, 06:21:20 am »
        I have had this thought a number of times over the years (here and on other servers) and would like to hear your thoughts on it. The suggestion is to offer a "free" level per RL month.

        The goal of such a policy is to maintain and encourage players with casual gaming playtimes to keep coming to Layonara. By "casual" I mean those that are able to play a couple of times a week for 10 to 15 hours.
        Conditions to earn the level
        [INDENT]    1. Player must reach level 5 on their own before getting their free level[INDENT]       * This encourages the new players to go through the introduction quests, which often are there to give a feel for the world.
        [/INDENT]2. The level number is based upon the number of months eligible, not the PC's current level[INDENT]       * After first month, PC is eligible for free bump to 6th level. After second month of eligibility, 7th level. And so on.
              * After three months, the PC would be 8th level. After one year, the PC would be 17th level. After two years 29th level.
              * It is likely that PCs will be ahead of this curve often until higher, more difficult to attain, levels.
        [/INDENT]3. Player may only have two PCs active[INDENT]       * Any more indicates they are not focusing on the development of a single PC
              * Only one of the PCs may earn the level per month. If they have two PCs, only one of them would be allowed to receive the level per month.
        [/INDENT]4. The PC to get the level must be played six hours per week for a total of 24 hours per month.[INDENT]       * This number would reflect what the team thinks a reasonable amount of playtime is.
              * The 24 hours should be spread out over the month, not on a single weekend.
              * Six hours would represent a reasonable, but dedicated, amount of playing time
        [/INDENT]5. The levels would be by calendar month[INDENT]       * This is to make it easier for the GM team to manage
              * I imagine a system where PC names were entered into a DB table outside the game when they are eligible. The PC would then "use" an altar in Hlint to get the level.
        [/INDENT]6. A CDT must be kept and updated weekly for the PC by the player[INDENT]       * It can be brief and should indicate what they did that week in terms of RP, CNR, quests, and bashing.
              * It should list their hours played, though this would be verified outside the game by server logs.
              * Thread must be entitled "PC Name - Level Eligibility" for easy spotting by GM team (eg. "Bumblebee - Level Eligibility")[/INDENT][/INDENT]Arguments against the system I can foresee:[INDENT]    1. Levels should be earned by getting XP from quests and bashing! [INDENT]       * What about the RPers that add depth to the world? What about the basher that can only play a limited amount of time? What about the players that cannot make it to GM quests often? More players is a good thing for the server. The rules surrounding this system means these players are here consistently, use the forums, and are invested in staying with their PC and with Layonara.
        [/INDENT]3. I worked hard to get to my level, they should have to too! [INDENT]       * We all work hard at our PCs. Play times differ, playing styles differ, definitions of success differ. After three months of playing under this system a PC would be 8th level. Does that seem like a lot?
        [/INDENT]4. It will be a burden on the GM team.[INDENT]       * Yes, this is my largest concern. The only piece really necessary, though, is a table with the number of hours played by a PC per week, the number of PCs played in that time, and a link to the PC's CDT level eligibility thread.
        [/INDENT]5. Why are you suggesting this system, don't you have a successful PC? [INDENT]       * I am suggesting this system out of my own frustration. I play many, many hours but find it very difficult to gain XP in the quantities necessary to level. I am constantly having to make the choice of RPing versus going out to get XP.
              * My playtime, though copious, does not overlap many quests. The primary source of XP for me is bashing. I keep a sparse CDT thread. It is sparse mostly because I don't interact with GMs on quests and the record there is for my own benefit, not theirs.
              * Bumblebee has been around for six months. Under this system he would be eligible for 11th level. He is currently 30k XP away from that level right now. I can normally get around 15k XP per day from bashing with others. Alternating days of bashing with RP means a total of four RL days to that level. That's about 20 hours of playtime for me. For those of you fortunate enough to be able to go on quests, that 30k comes from one three hour quest.
        [/INDENT][/INDENT]Pros[INDENT]    * Keep players even during periods when playtime is limited.
        • Avoid discouragement as the higher levels come
        • [/INDENT]
        Cons[INDENT]    * More work for GM team
        [/INDENT]I beg of you, do not turn this thread into a diatribe on the benefits of RPing over XP. Please give the pros and cons of the system described, offer new tweaks to it, shortcomings, and alternatives. My sincere thanks will then be yours in abundance.
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        LORE Ideas, Suggestions and Requests / "Tavern Status" pages
        « on: April 26, 2006, 12:34:12 pm »
        Below is an IRC conversation discussing the idea of having a Tavern Status page. I envision a page whose format is the same as the current server status page. Instead of the servers, though, the world's taverns would be listed along with their occupants. (Something like this would need the approval of Leanthar.)
          The pros:
        • Players not online could see where groups of players-ready-to-play-with were congregated. Hopefully this would encourage them to login and head to the tavern for some RP and adventure.
        • The same would benefit players already online, assuming they could check the server status page while in NWN (alt-tab, windowed mode, etc.).
        • By showing the players by name (just like the server status page), players could also see where their friends and acquaintances are. This would make coordinating the meeting of PCs easier.
         The cons:
        • Some players may have PCs that would not want to be spotted in a tavern. (I find this argument weak, as the status pages are entirely OOC.)
         Design spec suggestions:
        • All of the taverns across all of the servers would be candidates for listing. In addition, player-run taverns could "opt in" to be on the list.
        • Each tavern would have a listing exactly like the current server status page.
        • For brevity, empty taverns could be left off of the list. (Though having a list of them available somewhere on LORE for reference would be nice. "Meet me at the Flying Monkey Alehouse on the Dragon Isles.")
        • On the premise that something is better than nothing, a minimalist design is welcome.
         The conversation:
        [INDENT]  [14:26] * Weeblie mutters about the lack of GPS system in Layo... [14:35] that's not a bad idea... perhaps a server status entry for the various taverns [14:35] it would show who was in the tavern [14:35] this would encourage players looking for players to party up with to visit the tavern [14:35] * Reventage has quit IRC ("Education is a sexual disease, it makes you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you have the urge to pass it on.") [14:36] * Weeblie snickers. [14:36] seriously, that's a good idea [14:36] Are you Freelancer's PR manager? :P [14:36] i supposed the hlint benches could be added as well if they -must- [14:36] bunch of water-drinkers there, though *rolls eyes* [14:37] Well, they are more popular than the Inns... [14:37] come on, though, that's a good idea [14:37] Mmm... well, it's not a bad one... [14:38] you're trying to decide if you should login or not... check the server status page and see five PCs in the wild surge [14:38] But, I don't think the position is stored in RT... [14:38] you know three are RPers, you jump on and get your fix [14:38] i'm sure it is saved with each "save" [14:38] It's probably only stored when you are using the orb... [14:38] that's a rest or remembering orb [14:38] Yes, or that... [14:38] so players would know to punch the button when they get into the inn [14:39] sure it would be off by a couple of newbies, but they'd figure it out eventually [14:39] * Weeblie snickers. [14:40] i'm now waiting for orth or OneST8 to say, "it is in the works already" [14:40] they do that with all my self-proclaimed brilliant ideas [14:41] * OneST8 is back (gone 66:21:53) [14:41] not a bad idea actually.... [14:41] Heh! [14:41] well here's what's in store but will probably end up being an NWN2 thing [14:41] we of course have location available to GMs, but a filter could be applied [14:41] That's a long away, OneST8... :) [14:41] wait 'till you hear [14:41] so everyone who is logged in could see Tavern only locations [14:42] And death void... *nods* [14:42] :P [14:42] Alright, won't disturb you anymore with my weird sense of humor... Hm... See you later! :) [14:43] * Weeblie has quit IRC ("Home...") [14:43] the plan is to integrate a sort of google maps page into LORE where your PC is flagged on the map (but with no indicators of who's who or anything like "in a tavern", just a dot on a high-view map)... now... [14:45] if you're logged in to LORE... that's a totally different story... you will get to A) zoom in down to the relative area-level and B) everyone that's marked you friendly (and vice versa) will get a little hover-over tooltip with info and their pins on the map would be a different colour [14:46] pretty fancy [14:46] now, we were also pondering the scope of one more layer of coolness...... when you're logged into the game and to LORE at the same time you'd get to see more info about the people in your current area [14:46] the "tavern status" page sounds simpler... what's the chance of getting that? [14:47] I really can't say [14:47] * OneST8 glances to vgn [14:49] i'd offer to help but... i'm really just an ideas man [14:49] I'm personally swamped but something like that (with approval from Leanthar) wouldn't be difficult to setup [14:49] :-) [14:50] problem is of the 5 in the wild surge, maybe two are in a room smooching and don't want it known where they are [14:50] then they would use remembering orb outside [14:51] no  [14:51] it's a heartbeat check [14:51] or maybe it's a specific area inside the tavern map? [14:51] the player tracking is independant of the saving [14:52] we're not going to map co-ords between external and internal maps... way to complex for little pay-out [14:53] i don't know... if the couple wanted that much privacy they'd go to a more secluded location [14:53] even knowing they're both in the tavern doesn't mean they are sharing a room [14:53] Why not just do it the analog way and walk into the Inn? I see your point about stimulating some RP but I see very little activity in the Inns. Most people sit on the benches in Hlint to RP. [14:53] i'm looking for ways to encourage people to go in Regnus [14:53] the point is to attract more people to the inns before people even login [14:54] exactly [14:54] sort of advertising [14:54] which I totally respect [14:54] a simple LORE page for a listing of the inns is doable but requires approval and that's a sticky-type policy so it'd need a lot of support from the community... precisely for the player privacy reasons [14:54] or even, something as simple as an addition to the server status page "X people in Leilon Arms"... no specifics [14:55] but solicit approval through a feature request for it as I can't make that call [14:58] you want it on the LORE request forum, or the NWN ideas, or where? [14:59] would be cool to go into the north point tavern, sit down for an ale (on the floor as there are no chairs :-), and then see a few other folks show up [15:00] like right now, i just reflected for two hours in north point and didn't see a soul come by [15:01] with this i could check the tavern status page, see a group of "idle" adventurers that my pc perhaps knew, and send them a lore bird [15:01] LORE request but ask for Leanthar's approval [15:01] birds don't work underground or in buildings though [15:02] lol... i guess i'd still be waiting then [15:02] * OneST8 nods with asmile [15:03] err a smile *sighs*
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