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General Discussion / War of the Roses
« on: October 03, 2010, 12:36:24 pm »
Ok... kind of a silly idea, but two halflings got into a flower duel today.

We were thinking of setting up a tournament in the arena... using your favorite flowers... no armor, no magic, just pummeling each other with flowers!

Think you have what it takes to win THE WAR OF THE ROSES?

If there's any interest in a silly contest like this let us know and we can put up an event on the calendar...

It was... Hilarious...

I want to see Gork, Steel or a fat dwarf battling it out with tulips!

We also thought roses should get wounding properties added...

Perhaps we can even get a GM to help us a bit with moving the flower girl to the arena for the event! And maybe a silly prize for the victor!

We were also thinking of having a mass brawl at the end after the individual tourney was over.

Some pics of the fun:

My Thanks,
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Development Journals and Discussion / Green... the semi-civilized goblin
« on: January 10, 2010, 06:34:06 pm »
//Bio for the record//

Character: Green
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
Race: Goblin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Green was just a toddler, so of course Green doesn't really remember any of this, in fact then his name was not Green then, rather it was Gorp.
It was a damp cold morning in the cave, nothing unusual about this, but the day was about to become more interesting. Green was running around the fire punching his sister much to his father's approval. Some sort of animal was roasting on a spit over the fire, what sort of animal no one knows.
His father heard a sound in the cramped tunnel that led to their small damp cave. Everyone stopped what they were doing and listened, except for Gorp who had to get one last punch in on his sister. Then all was quiet, except a rustling sound from the tunnel. Gorp's father picked up a tree branch that he used as a club and crept to the entrance.
Around the corner stumbled a young elf. The elf and his father locked eyes and his father charged yelling a battle cry. The elf, obviously in shock at what he had stumbled upon raised his hands, and a cone of flame flashed out (burning hands spell). Gorp's mother, father and little sister were lit on fire and died gruesome deaths. Gorp meanwhile was saved from the fire because he was behind the roasting animal carcass stealing pieces of undercooked meat while his parents were watching the tunnel. His sister he had shoved out from beside the meat as he wanted it for himself.
Gorp, after the explosion waddled out from behind the spitted meat and was amazed at what he saw. Three things that looked like the cooking meat, about the size of his parents and sister lay on the floor. Gorp was confused. Then he saw the elf standing there. Gorp looked around for his parents who seemed to have vanished, then he looked back to the elf, who seemed to have a look of shock on his face.
Gorp didn't know why but he found himself being led out of the cave by the elf. Gorp punched him a few times even bit him once but the elf drug him along. The elf drug him all the way to a small shack with a garden out front.
Years went by and the elf, Aust Moonbrook, tried to civilize the goblin. It worked in part since the goblin was so young when he found him. Gorp, or as he was now known as Green since Aust didn't know his real name, became vastly loyal to his new found father figure Aust. Aust channeled Green's energies into a bit of combat with a dummy stuffed with straw outside their meager shack. Green loved whacking the dummy and did it for hours on end beating the straw out of it over and over again. Aust encouraged Green as it seemed to calm the goblin.
After the sword (really a small treebranch) play Aust would teach the goblin facts from some books Aust had. Green didn't like learning at first but over the years he saw that learning was not as bad as he had thought. Thus Green was not the dumbest goblin around. (Int 13)
Green grew up speaking Elvish and Common with Aust, as Aust knew no goblin, and in fact Green only knew a few words himself.
When Aust decided that he wanted to see more of the world Green went with, as there was no stopping the Green from following Aust everywhere he went. They began to wander the world and find themselves outside a city named Vehl.
Green was intensely protective of Aust. Aust is the world to Green and Green will defend him to the death. Aust and Green begin to travel, with Green in a cloak and hood to try and disguise his heritage, but unfortunetly his goblin side comes out whenever Aust is threatened.
So even though Green is more civilized than most goblins he still has a hard time with right and wrong and good and bad. His god is basically Aust, and will do anything to protect him, whether it be an evil act or a good ones. He is selfless to a fault, only caring for Aust's safety.
//requesting an elvish ear. As far as the Goblin one I will not use it in game unless I find someone to properly teach Green to speak it. He would know a few words but nothing that could be used to carry on a conversation. Or if a GM needs to give him a goblin ear IG, I would simply not ask for it//
//Aust Moonbrook is being submitted by MateoEll, and I have his permission to use Aust in my story, and he has permission Green in his biography//
//starting city is obviously Vehl//
//his parents were poor simple goblin's who are now of course dead, so there will be no claiming for Green being the son of the supreme goblin overlord or anything like that//
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General Discussion / The Arms...
« on: November 10, 2009, 02:57:01 am »
Hey I would just like to send a thank you to the GM (Carillion maybe?) that put the people in the Twin Dragon Inn. I havn't logged in with Tyrian in a long while, and I did (because of the unfortunate fire), not only was there a player there poking about (which was great RP!) but refugees... My thanks for helping me have a nice RP opportunity in a place I worked hard to get.

Much Love,
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Rumour Has It / Anne Ravenwind
« on: October 27, 2009, 02:13:06 am »
*messages are posted in every place Chaynce can place them*

[SIZE=16]Dear Miss Anne Ravenwind,

I tire of your antics. If you have any sort of soul left you will face me. You will NOT play games, and I'm done playing yours. I want your head, and if you are cowardly, then hide... but I seek you, I will not relent. I no longer have mercy for you or your soul. Prepare to die, you shall not hurt the one I care about again.

Prepare to die,
Chaynce Baldu'muur, The Protector

//a smiley face is drawn below//
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Trade and Market Hall / Dark Spider Silk
« on: October 09, 2009, 03:05:57 am »
*tacks up a note, while written well, is tacked up with way to big nails that look like they were for construction*

[SIZE=18]The Protector has procured a box of dark spider silk. Please let me know if you would like it. Send word to Stormhaven Manor care of Chaynce Baldu'muur, or the small shack behind it with the paladin proof chickens, care of Alton Tealeaf.

My Thanks,
Daniella Stormhavens Protector,

Chaynce Baldu'muur
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Just for Fun / hee...
« on: July 13, 2009, 08:02:52 pm »
YouTube - Nena- 99luft Balons

I had forgotten how funny this was, or is it just funny now?

And why are her hands in her pockets the whole time?
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Introduce Yourself / talk about lazy...
« on: February 06, 2008, 04:27:00 pm »
Well, I am inspired by the other members of the LAZY club...
 Name is Nathan, 33 years old and I live in Fort Collins, CO.
 Graduated from Colorado State in 1997 with a history degree and went to work for the government. Unfortunatly I couldn't take the incompetance in the ranks of the Federal Government and quit and went back to CSU for a second bachelors degree in political science, and am in the process of getting admitted to the economics grad school here. No idea what I'm going to do with all these degrees, but it beats work I suppose.
 I have one son, who is seven, deffinatly a fun age. Much better than babyhood, when all he wanted was mommy... Now he actually thinks I'm fun! But I have to keep him away from the computer when I'm playing, I died once when he was watching and he started crying...
 Been playing here for two years now, and have enjoyed it immensly, perhaps too much at times...
 Anyhow *waves* carry on!
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General Discussion / Where is everyone?
« on: September 11, 2007, 12:03:16 am »

I'm just wondering where everyone is hanging out when they're on West.  In the last week I have maybe, maybe run into like 5 characters in Hemp, Vehl and Stormcrest combined.  Is there somewhere I don't know about?

I'm not really a person to log on and start sending Tells finding out where everyone is.  So I hang around, fish, practice archery on the kobolds, kill skeletons in Vehl and hope to run into someone, but it doesn't seem to be working, and hasn't for some time.

So I guess I was wondering where everyone was meeting.  There were almost 20 people on a bit ago and in 2-3 hours I saw 1.  And unfortunatly this seems typical of my play time lately, and I see lots of people on most of the time, and I play in timezones with lots of people on usually.

Or I guess do I just break down and start sending Tells? (which I kinda consider sorta well, strange, like my Character has ESP and just knows where to magically show up)

Please tell me I am missing something!

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General Discussion / a problem with the new resting...
« on: August 20, 2007, 09:47:38 pm »

I am going to do this as gently as I can...

I have a serious problem with this new resting thing.  It has basically taken alot of the power away from my character.

I now get to play a level 4 rogue, and not a 19th level rogue/mage. Why, cause I can't rest often enough to protect her.  And... I'm sorry that I don't have time to sit and chat around the campfire all day long.  Some people don't play this game (GAME) to RP constantly, trust me I understand the RP aspect, my other character just spent the last several days RPing...

An OOC event has reduced her to, well, basically nothing.  The character was supposed to be a character that could protect herself and rain down evocations for a short time on the enemy.

Oh some would say well you should have taken extend spell to make sure you can cover the increase in rest time, and I was supposed to know that how?

Now I have a level 19 character, with 9 DTs who basically can fight one or two battles then......... I guess run away for the next ten minutes. Lovely. So now do I not only have to get so many MILLION XP to get to 21st, but I have to do it with half the spells.

I can't see how this is helps anyone.  People build their characters to fit the world... I have no power build, sheesh she a 4th level rogue, and 15 wizard... If I would have been power building I certainly never would have taken a single rogue level, had I know that I had to rest the same amount of time (19 minutes for this split or a straight wiz) to get my spells back, heck I'd be casting a bunch of 9th level spells instead of one 8th.

I have never ranted here... but this totally OOC change to every spellcaster strikes me as wrong.

I would like some constructive critisizm of my post... no flames, please tell me why I am wrong, give me examples of justifications, not beat me up, and maybe I can see the logic, but to me, when a character that I have been playing for a year and a half suddenly has half the spell capacity from some sort of OOC event...

It bothers me.

My Thanks,

And, please, help me see the light on this, its just not me that feels this way, this has nerfed every multiclassed character that is not a pure spellcaster...
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General Discussion / Enjoy Everyday
« on: June 22, 2007, 06:32:48 pm »
I write this with a heavy heart.

A good friend of mine died yesterday.  He was 40 years old, had three children 18, 7 and 3.  He was going through security to get on a flight to go and spend a weekend in Las Vegas and dropped dead from a brain anuerism in the security line.

I write this, well, to remind everyone that what you do everyday should be precious.  

Hug your children.  Kiss your wife or husband.  Tell your parents you love them.  Pet a dog.  Look at nature and revel in it's beauty.  Give a beggar a dollar.  Make the world a better place, somehow, even if it's just your small slice of it. And don't let petty   stuff overwhelm you. See the beauty in life, and contribute to it.

It seems to me that we never know when we have nine soul strands lost, and the next one is the last.

Spread Joy, Happiness, and Love,


General Discussion / The Economy
« on: May 13, 2007, 08:49:04 pm »
The Economy in game...

*looks at the word Economy, that just doesn't look like its spelled right... oh well*

Anyone have thoughts on whats going on?  In Character it was brought up today with two members of two guilds.  They are having the same problems I seem to be having...

No one is buying anything.  These other two players have very established and reputable guilds.  For a while I just thought that it was odd that I went from selling maybe on average one or two things every couple of days to nothing.  As in I haven't sold a thing in weeks.  But hearing them talk this seems to be the case in general in the world.

Now I am tempted... VERY TEMPTED... to simply slash my prices, but I know what that means, upset people.  But if I can't sell anything at all at the "accepted prices" then to me that means that the "accepted prices" are no good anymore.

One of my thoughts on this is that the drops on central are killing the economy.  I mean I stop picking things up after a while on central because I can't carry anymore, or I already have so many of the items in crates that I don't need them anymore.  Anyone else see this as a problem?

I would appreciate anyones feedback on this.  If things keep going like they are the Twin Dragon Trade Goods is gonna have a fire sale and no one is going to be happy about it, but, if the "acceptable" standard prices are no good anymore then they aren't, simple as that.

Or if members from other guilds tell me I'm full of it and they are selling lots of stuff then I can accept that too, and look at our business practices, and see how we are failing.  But the two characters I talked to today are from two of the oldest most established guilds, and they seemed to agree that nothing was selling.
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General Discussion / A Good Post
« on: May 03, 2007, 03:50:40 am »
This is not a post for rants,

This is not a post for raves,

This is a post,

A post for the Most,

Bah, enough with the bad attempt at poetry.

Any how, this is a post for people to tell the world the cool and exciting things that have happened to them lately.

The good, the fun, the silly.

The in game stuff that keep you coming back.

I think there are some people, as in The Team, that need to hear that their efforts are appreciated.


The other night I was killed in the depths of the Broken Hope cave.  As I lay there dead (still watching everything) the door opened...

And out walked monks.... scary monks... they walked around my body and waited as I could hear the party trying to rest to raise me...

I was sitting there just panicked, worried that my party, Rose, Silver, Krys, and Clarissa were just going to walk right into the trap!  Nothing I could do since I was dead...

The party handled them raised me and we were off... but, thank you to the GM who took the time to make my heart race a bit.


Mylindra and Tyrian were comming out of the opal cave when Ty noticed webs all over the trees in the forest...

Out came a mass of spiders...

Tyrian of course fireballed the web and I think I got something like the following from the GM:

You destroyed the last of the web... AND everything in it.

So...  We missed something cool cause Tyrian likes to destroy things.


I had the best time wandering around fishing.

Balazar, Rose, Mandalorian, Uvhe, Nemo and Ty went fishing.

So much fun, just the RP.  They were trying to teach us women how to bait a hook!  So entertaining. And the wemic...

Saw an awesome temple that I had never seen and caught a pike.

I know this is rambling and stupid, but, I think there are people who need to know, to hear, that their efforts are appreciated.

My Thanks,
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General Discussion / souls stones
« on: March 12, 2007, 07:12:25 pm »
Hello All,

I frequently travel with a cleric...  and I have been watching her repeatedly raise people who do not carry soul stones.  Please find the nearest temple, buy one, imprint it and put it in your backpack... (better yet get two or three).  I don't know if some players know this or not but each raise of a person without a souls stone costs a PC 5000 XP, at least the one yesterday did...  thats a lot of XP down the drain when all the person had to do was buy a 150 True rock.

Not trying to rant here, maybe some of the newer players don't know about the soul stones and the costs a Cleric must pay to raise the dead.

We don't want upset clerics do we?  I know I don't.


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