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To the Saddlebag Pawn Shop,

This is to let you know that I have left a total of 37,790 true in your payment chest and it is almost full to bursting from the purchases I have made today.

Below is a List of what was bought, and can be restocked by those looking to barter with the shop.

12 - Witchhazel  @ 30 each = 360
48 - Birchbark @ 40 each = 1,920
126 - Gum Arabic @ 10 each = 1,260
7  - Corn Oil @ 400 each - 2,800
1  - Almond Oil @ 400 each - 400
7   - Chestnut Oil @ 200 each - 1,400
36 - Salt @ 10 each = 360
36 - Sugar @ 10 each = 360
10 - Skullcap @ 60 each = 600
72 - Sage @ 60 each = 4,320
72 - Corn @ 50 each = 3,600
36 - Wheat @ 35 each = 1,260
29 - Rye @ 70 each = 2,030
35 - Apples & Pears @ 60 each = 2,100
26 - Assorted Flours @ 100 each = 2,600
36 - Elderberries @ 30 each = 1,080
36 - Cranberries @ 45 each = 1,620
36 - Chicken Eggs at 200 each = 7,200
36 - Garlic @ 20 each = 720
36 - Honey @ 50 each = 1,800

Grand Total of 37,790 True left in payment chest

Thank you for being a convenient place to shop!
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:17:11 am »
Name of Customer: Charlie Poetr
Date: 5/10/19
Prior balance:  10,587
Items Bartered:  Corn (1000) x 2
Barter Value:  2000
Purchase:  n/a
Price:  n/a
Paid:  n/a
Final Credit:  12, 587
Guild member who took care of transaction:  Elohanna
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:16:49 am »
Name of Customer: Jo Poetr
Date: 7/7/17
Prior balance: 77,905 Trues credit per Ferrit's slip of 7/7/17
Items Bartered:  2 Boxes of Corn (2000)
Barter Value: 2000
Purchased:  na
Price: na
Paid:  na
Final Balance:  79,905 Trues credit
Guild member who took care of transaction: Elohanna
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:16:19 am »
Angel's Guild Update as of 05/12/2019 - All coins in all chests have been removed, due to the length of time that we have been away, we have no way to accurately track all transactions. If you have or know your previous credit or balance please let us know.

We apologize in advance and appreciate your continued patronage with the Angels!

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Rumour Has It / Aeridin Priestess sighted
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:06:59 pm »
The small troublesome elf, dressed in yellow and white, fondly known by some as Elohanna Min A'Litae, has been sighted around Port Hempstead near the Angel's Guild and also near Mariner's Hold at the Silver Buckle Inn, Rumor has it that there is dust flying out of the Tower Academy and the Krandor Clinic at the Silver Buckle. Could the Rumors be true? Is she really back after being gone so long, and where could she have gone?

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General Discussion / Re: For a friend...
« on: November 21, 2012, 12:21:29 am »
Happy Belated Birthday Manny!!! Well technically central time I am still on time!! And I hope you feel better soon!
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The Silver Buckle / The Daughter of Light emerges
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:12:22 pm »
Subtle changes around the Silver Buckle signal the return of the Daughter of Light. The smells of pies baking, of roasts cooking, shelves being restocking of shelves, and other signs of shopping. But she has truly yet to be to be seen by anyone, where is she?  
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Ask A Gamemaster / Elven Alphabet
« on: July 08, 2012, 09:15:16 pm »
I recently spoke with Milt about some development for Cord, regarding efforts to learn Elven, not the language, since she can speak it, but its written form, and if the letters would be the same form as the common letters just changed to match what they would be through the elven ear, or if there is a little bit of room to play with this aspect and create a unique form for the letters?

Thanks for any help in this regard, it may also give some of the other characters a direction to go in as well when they are being taught the language, and want to incorporate it into their cdt's.
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Development Journals and Discussion / Striking a Cord
« on: June 16, 2012, 08:24:06 pm »
being made of additional resonant frequencies to the main note.

a feeling or emotion

A scream echoes through halls of the Leringard Arms, before Cord wakes up in a cold sweat, clutching at phantom wounds, and buries her head into her knees, as she tries her best to muffle her crying and hoping that no one has heard her.

She sings to chase away the shadows, keeping her voice low so she doesn't disturb others who may be trying to sleep, looking over at the still empty bed of a lady named Clover after her pounding heart settles back to a normal rhythmic thundering only heard in her ears.

She isn't at all sure the lady exists or more that she is a story Master Steel has told her so she only uses half the room, of course half is all she pays for in what rice she can find, and the milk she can coax out of almost dried up cows to provide cream for milk and butter to the inn. Still this side of the room is sort of hers and that provides some comfort.

She is trying her best to find her voice but just as things seem to be peaceful, the shadows chase away the light and remind her of her place and her voice grows quiet again. She hasn't even seen her Xeenite friend at the inn in a long while. She remembers though how he sang for her and that brings a measure of comfort to her and a gentle genuine smile touches her lips as she thinks of how they fell asleep talking for hours at the Silver Buckle.

He found pleasure in simple conversation, in the fact that she was comforted by his presence. He never pressured her into anything more like the others thought he may. Simple, truthful conversation they were both content with. He had become a prince in her mind. Sadly misunderstood by most, but she could open up to him about most things and he listened without judgment. Though when it came to that... she could not even tell him that.. How would he react? What would he begin to think? No she can't tell him yet about what happened. She can't even bring herself to admit it happened. Best to just ignore it and pretend it never happened.

Then there was her, dressed in red, hood drawn, and voice soft until raised at her, as they sat by the fire of the Storm Crest Crossroads, daring her to find herself, or fall back into the darkness again and slavery. How could she truly understand how Cord felt? Cord knows better than to trust the dark masters, they are cold and painful suffering, yet...No they are not to be trusted. If she lets her guard down for one moment, the mistress of death will find her...again.

Even since finding the light, they have drawn her back into the shadows again, threatening to take away the only thing that brings her any comfort. She has tried to avoid them, to find others in the light to be near, to make friends within and with the light again, and to stay out of the shadows as much as she can.

She has met friends, Leo, Robin, Jumbala and Leo was so kind to her, and in return she gave him all the apples she could to fill his belly. Then Robin asked her how she felt about him. She couldn't lie, not to Robin, she had been so kind. She did like Leo, but she wanted to just know them as friends. Something she had not dared to risk in a long time, you don't meet friends in the darkness, only pain, death and sorrow. That is all the darkness knows.  

Then there is Master Andrew offering to teach her how to play the smaller version of double harp. Teaching her how to pull the strings just so and how to end and begin, but their names don't quite make as much sense as their tones do to her ears. Diatonic and Chromatic? G's and C's, Sharp F's, A A Sharps, B's, C's, E's? To her they are all tones she knows by ear, she's never seen a scrap of music before much less how to read it or what the notes are by name, only that she can hear them inside, and listening to others sing, she can pick up the melodies and understand where her own chords would fit within their own.

Can't that be enough? But she is curious, drawn into the light more and more by the chance to learn, and then there is Miss Jilsephonie, allowing her a moment to make a fresh meal for her at her beautiful house, and offering to teach her how to read and write. She knows that learning will not be easy but she knows she can.

And then for that one brief moment in Center, she allowed herself to play a whimsical melody for a genuine audience! And they so enjoyed it that one, Mister Wolfshead even gifted her with a platinum harp, and then she knew she had to renew her studies to learn, so much to learn and yet she did not know where to begin, and as the tears fell from her cheeks, and her crying stopped, she found herself running her fingers from the lower strings of the harp across the top in a beautiful sound that startled her and brought her out of her thoughts, appraising the instrument, letting her fingers strum across the strings in memory of Andrew's first lesson.

Always her hand carved piccolo had been her voice, a plan piece of wood carved with her own hands, while staying as a guest at the Silver Buckle, but he convinced her to buy the most beautiful instrument she had ever seen. A simple elegant piccolo of reddish wood, smooth as glass, polished to such a shine it, so shiny, it was like looking into a crimson mirror. He said it was made by a bardess whose name is Layl, and she couldn't help but love it, but still she held to her own hand made piccolo, and kept the new piccolo and harp carefully and protectively tucked away afraid that they would be lost if the darkness found her again.

Her soft humming filled her room and comforted her, and then another thought struck her, a bard who couldn't sing simple beautiful music, to convey what his heart felt inside, a bard who she felt sorry for, even more than herself and she couldn't feel as bad for herself in that moment. She knew if it were her, she would be devastated not to be able to sing anything more than rage, to scare people, instead of providing them comfort within, though he still had his voice and could share stories, and his powerful voice had even scared her, after a few tries. .

It made her realize by listening to his story, how much she cherished what her mother had taught her, and even though her story was sad, she knew the kind of song she wished to convey with the gift she had been given, he had helped show her that, his name is Flynn introduced to her by the dark mistress cloaked in the colors of Ilsare..

Then there is Master Karn, He fell into the character so quickly and brought her and Master Aden into the rolls, so easily once they stood upon his hidden stage in Haven. He had his own stage meant for people to enjoy yet so far it sat collecting dust. Of all the lessons she had learned since being freed of the darkness creativity was meant to be shared, not hidden. Dreams were meant to be shared with friends, and those you love should want to know what wishes their beloved has. She couldn't believe the elf in green had not told his beloved, though he had not told Cord either, maybe he was afraid of telling her, maybe he feared she wasn't his true love. Whatever reason he would not share with her, he barely knew Cord.

Cord's travels, her freedom had taken her so many new places, meeting new faces, exciting and terrifying, dark and bright and it seemed as though her adventures to her had just barely begun.
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The Silver Buckle / Soup Kitchen Request
« on: April 29, 2012, 07:05:04 pm »
In flowing elven script familiar to most of the Buckle staff, and their friends, a notice is tacked up on the bulletin board for supplies.

Dear Friends,

In order to continue our efforts to provide for those in need, we are making the following plea to our friends, for the following goods.

Please try to gather from the wild fields if possible so as not to harm the local population, during this trying time.

Juniper Berries

Please try to gather in the raw form, so they can be used as needed by the soup kitchen, and we can make the goods stretch as far as we can.

Thank you in advance!

Elohanna Min A'Litae-Reid
Priestess of Aeridin
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday Nehetsrev!!!
« on: March 09, 2012, 09:59:32 pm »
[SIZE=48]Happy Birthday My Dear Sweet Crazy Frank![/SIZE]
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The Silver Buckle / Faceless (Breanna's CDQ)
« on: November 19, 2011, 11:19:26 pm »
//Please only those involved in the CDQ post here. Sorry Milty for it being so late!

As she sat outside the cave leading into the supposed hideout Jetta had shown them too she attempts to keep her disguise of Ebony Nevar, thinking about a way that they may be able to get past the Minotaurs without arising suspicion.

"I don't think an illusion would work but maybe we could disguise ourselves in order to get past them, it would take some careful preparation work, but I think it could be done." She offers looking around at Jetta, Andrew, and Daniel for their thoughts, knowing that she has already asked a lot of them and that now on top of owing them 15,000 true she also owes them her life.
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Rumour Has It / Special Lecture at the Tower Academy
« on: October 04, 2011, 10:16:43 pm »

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Rumour Has It / Life And Love - Elohanna and Andrew's Wedding
« on: October 03, 2011, 01:56:58 pm »
//Invitations go across the lands inviting all to celebrate the wedding of Elohanna and Andrew. If you have more than one character who would like to participate, please feel free to. I may have missed some in the invite list without intending to so all those who feel they have a reason to come are invited. Moraken, Bra'car, Sister Moonriver, Father Leidanos, as well as Plenarious have all been sent invites as well. Incase DM's would like to involve them in the event.

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I am not asking for a description that is vague such as the current Lore definition but a standing description that as a follower currently of Aeridin, actually defines the creatures that are acceptable to kill, because as it currently stand, I am confused.

I have been given a guideline from some that all life would be sacred to Aeridin, that you should try to avoid killing, except those creatures such as undead that are obvious aberrations, then by some that Goblins are not worthy, and it is acceptable to kill them.

So I am asking for a finite definition of what creatures, without generalizations made, would an Aeridin be able to kill and it would not be questioned by the DM team.

Give me a list of acceptable creatures, so I can properly roll play my character.

and then I am asking that the Lore page be updated for those that wish to follow Aeridin so that they can know exactly what is and isn't acceptable, this is part of the reason I think there are so few of us because it isn't defined...

I would prefer that this answer come from Edtheket as the resident Lore Master, since his opinion is the opinion most people run to for answers anyway. Since usually he has the final word. If it has been covered on the forums, then point me to the specific thread and then make sure it is also updated on Lore. Please because I really want to make sure that this is made clear to all. (DM team included)
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The Silver Buckle / Bake Sale and Fundraiser for Kuhl
« on: May 27, 2011, 06:27:32 am »
[SIZE=18]Posters go up all over Alindor and various lands inns and taverns announcing an event at the Silver Buckle. [/SIZE][SIZE=18]
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The Silver Buckle / Lessons in Healing
« on: April 14, 2011, 10:56:19 am »
From the Silver Buckle came the scents of freshly baked loafs of bread fired in the oven and tended to lovingly by Elohanna, to make sure that each was ready for the customers, that would filter in throughout the day. She knew that it would eventually call to the city and signal that the Inn was beginning to come to life again.
After she pulled the last loaf from the oven and set it to cool on the wooden cutting board, she took a moment to make a walk through of the clinic admiring again the loving care and attention to detail that Heloise had put into each bay. The flowers that brightened the room drew her closer as she sniffed at them and she sighed with contentment. She was truly doing what she was called to do at this moment, and that was bringing a place of comfort to those who needed it most in a trying time for all and she had Heloise and Andrew as well as Michael and so many others to thank for their aid in making the dream come true.
She did an inventory of potions, bandages, and blankets. Checked over each book and made sure they were in their proper place, and ran her gloved finger over the shelves to make sure not a speck of dust shown. She allowed herself to be truly happy for the first time in a long time.
"Heloise?" She began to call as she moved out of the clinic and into the Inn, looking for her friend. "Heloise, Sweetheart?"
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Ask A Gamemaster / Review of Housing Requested
« on: April 03, 2011, 01:50:16 pm »
Given the desire of players who want to buy a house, it seems only fair to make a request on their behalf to make sure they have a fair chance at buying one by requesting a review of current occupants and there active or inactive status on the server. I know there are some houses currently that have been unused for awhile and while I will not call out specific properties. I believe that life for Layo must go on too and that holding these inactive properties in a state of limbo is unfair to the those who are active.

Can you please review the status of housing and release those to the market that are not being used?

I am not in the market for one, neither are any of my characters so again this is on behalf of those obviously interested in purchasing a house.

(It would almost be nice to have a code in the housing that if a player is inactive for more than 6 months that their house is automatically placed back on the market but I know that is a lot of work, if it is even possible to do?)

Thank you for the consideration,
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday ShadowLeaf!!!!
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:08:46 pm »
[SIZE=48]Happy Birthday to an absolutely Amazing friend. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! [/SIZE]
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General Discussion / Something Witty Goes Here
« on: March 09, 2011, 07:17:45 am »
[SIZE=48]Happy Birthday to Nehetsrev!!!!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=48]I love you!!!! [/SIZE]
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