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Roleplaying / Dangers of soloing
« on: July 12, 2007, 06:30:13 pm »
I want to make a friendly reminder and open some discussion on the topic of soloing.  What I have observed is that some soloing is ok.  If you solo gathering a common CNR in a place that is not too difficult, then no one seems to care.  On the other hand, when a player solos areas to farm large amount of XP, or rare items and CNRs, then it is not only frowned upon, but it also can have sever negative impacts on other players.

I remember a player that would solo the rift.  He would gather the CNR there and was selling many.  What happened was that the rift was made harder.  Then parties of un-expecting adventures would get wiped out because of these changes.  Some times, a power built character can be so good and defeating spawns, that areas that areas are made too dangerous for balanced parties that once hunted there, and the party level balance goes up.  So what a balanced party of 15th level characters once handled, now the party has to be more like 18+.

What I am asking...  Is that the players who like to solo difficult areas take some time and reflect about how the actions of one individual, can and will impact the enjoyment of everyone else that plays in this game world.


CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Malar ~ balancing issues
« on: April 13, 2007, 03:38:29 am »
The Malars, not Malor ;) migrited with the last update due to over hunting.

Well no doubt they got over hunted.  Malar hides are a staple of the the layora crafting system.  They are used for armor, bags, slings, gloves, whips, hood of shadows, and mahogany shields.

Roughly, this is like taking adamantium and moving it some crazy place where no one in the game world knows where to find, and believe me, characters are looking.  From a balancing perspective, you are punishing characters that use wood and leathers as opposed to metal.

Now I have 2 proposals to even things up a bit.

1.  Re design your recipes a bit, so that malar is not tied to so many.  If you simply took out malar bags, and made dire tiger bags or somethings, it would fix our over hunting problem.  Lowering the demand is much more reasonable then making the CNR inaccessible.  If it was just one item....  but like I said, malar is the rough equivalent to adamantium or platinum, besides the making of nice bags.

2.  Take Adamantium, and move it to some crazy part of the game world that no one goes to, so that players that use metal weapons and shields are balanced with the ones that use leather and wood.

AeonBlues :D
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Very often I find CNRs on the craft tables.  90% of the time, I think is junk that I pick up and throw in a trash can.  Some times it is useful, like a flask or 2 green stone dusts, or a bow string...  In which case I pocket the item.  When ever it is something valuable, I post a lost and found message.

The reason why I throw away junk is because I suspect that it lags the server.  So does it?

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Roleplaying / Rant rant rant
« on: March 18, 2007, 10:11:22 pm »
This is an official rant thread.  If you are not ranting, then please don't respond.  Also, I am not posting this because I am upset about anything, I am posting this because I have been quietly brainstorming for about a  week now, and it's starting to rain.  My purpose is not to make people feel defensive, it is to encourage character development onto a new level of RP.  

First of all, I would like to thank Gary Gygax for making D&D in the first place.  Second of all I would like to quote my sister Tai, "An entire generation of roll players has suffered because roll playing was conceived by war gamers and not by cultural anthropologists."  You might be asking yourself what this means.  It means that the system we use to govern our characters personalities is a  stupid and archaic system that was made up by a war gamer.  I swear, the only reason Wizards did not make a better alignment system for D&D 3.0 is "If it aint broke, don't fix it."  It's not a bad system for beginners but it has way way too many limitations.  Good characters should have the flexibility to do things, on occasion, that are malicious, vengeful, greedy, and vindictive.  Evil characters should have certain weaknesses where they behave in a generous manner.  A good example of this is when Raistlin Majere demonstrated love and compassion to a gully dwarf. All you RP elitists talk about something not being realistic to a character's alignment, and you miss the point that alignments are incredibly unrealistic.  No one, and mean no one fits into any one alignment perfectly at all times.  In real life, we call actions and comments that are out side of our normal personalities, "mistakes"  or "moment of weakness" or "I was drunk" or "Christmas spirit"

When I make up a character, I do not chose an alignment and then make up an appropriate personality.  I make up a persona and then pick an alignment that best fits that persona.  When I RP my characters, I never think about alignment.  I always think of my characters personality.  I don't think, what would I do, I think what would my character do.  Some times it comes down to my characters experiances when deciding what they say, and how they would react.  Never once though, since high school, has anyone accused me of not playing my alignment.  Now is it that I don't care about alignment, and I never think about alignment, but my characters RP fits with in his alignment?  Answer, I made the personality first and chose the alignment that fits that personality, and I do stay true to that my  character's personality.  Hmph, we should just throw that old arcait alignment system out the window, and evolve to better roll playing.

My next rant, is Power gaming.  You know, it took me a long time to figure out why power gaming is a bad thing.  It is pretty ¤¤¤¤ natural for us to want to be the best at things.  We want the strongest, fastest, smartest, wisest what ever character in the world.  The hardest to kill, and deals a punch that legendary.  There is a problem with the power build.  It is called game balance.  The more uber your character, the harder it is for a DM to create encounters that are challenging.  Encounters that are too easy are boring, and encounters that are too hard are frustrating.  When all the stats significant to your class are maximized, every feat works perfectly to maximizing damage dealt and minimizing damage received, then you have just set yourself up for a bad time.  Either you are bored, or you are dead.  Never did you stop and think about what is most fun.  You ever notice that most encounters just seem to get harder.  I blame power gamers.  We have players soloing the rift, and what happens, the rift gets made so difficult, only power gamers have business being there.  In the time I have been playing here, I have seen this as a continuous trend.  The more players power game, the harder the DMs make the encounters, the more players feel like they have to power game in order to not get DTs.    The answer to this, is to take feats that do not work best for your character, but take some good RP feats.  Do not get the very best equipment you can possibly have, but allow your character to have some weakness.  Weaknesses and disadvantages generate good RP, and allow DMs to create fun and interesting encounters that challenge parties.  My gut feeling here is that if we the players make conscious efforts to not power game, then the DMs will balance our game world accordingly.

Where power gaming is most painful, is how it effects new players.  In the Amber roll playing game, Erick Wugic writes, "If I put a 200 point character in the hands of a  novice player, and a 100 point character in the hands of an expert player, the 100 point character will kill the 200 point character every time."  Notice that if you power build build your character, you are relying less on your own skill as a player, and more on the brute strength of your character.  By this you not only handicap your skill progression as a player, you handicap your personal enjoyment that you get from playing.

Now, what happens on Layo is that new players start playing.  They do not have enough playing experience to create a power build, and they lack technical skill.  They enter into a game world that is balanced for highly skilled players with well built characters.  Bad time.  We as players need to turn this around.  We need to be patient.  Not rush to get as many kills as possible.  We need to embrace new players, and coach good RP and technical skills.  We need to build characters that are well balanced, and then avoid areas that are too dangerous for a non power built character.  Only then will our changes be recognized and certain areas re balanced to be more fun for everyone.


Fixed Bugs / Black dog moor, trasition ambush
« on: March 14, 2007, 05:44:19 pm »
A large party entered the 3rd area of the black dog moors.  Upon entering this area we were ambushed on the transition by a group of lizard men.

We were standing as a group on the transition for about 10 seconds, and it did infact seem like an ambush spawn to me.

No one had time to wander off the transition, the ambush just appeared on us.  I believe this might be a bug, because to the best of my knowledge ambushes are not suppose spawn on transitions.  I apologize if this is suppose to be this way.

I took a screen shot of the location, so please PM me if I should post that as well.

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