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Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Request for Description Change
« on: May 22, 2019, 02:07:45 pm »
Description updated.

Hair colour was changed but not sure how it'll look it's better to perform that change in game and see which suits the PC the best. We'll do so next time we're both on and free.
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To the Saddlebag Pawn Shop,

This is to let you know that I have left a total of 37,790 true in your payment chest and it is almost full to bursting from the purchases I have made today.

Below is a List of what was bought, and can be restocked by those looking to barter with the shop.

12 - Witchhazel  @ 30 each = 360
48 - Birchbark @ 40 each = 1,920
126 - Gum Arabic @ 10 each = 1,260
7  - Corn Oil @ 400 each - 2,800
1  - Almond Oil @ 400 each - 400
7   - Chestnut Oil @ 200 each - 1,400
36 - Salt @ 10 each = 360
36 - Sugar @ 10 each = 360
10 - Skullcap @ 60 each = 600
72 - Sage @ 60 each = 4,320
72 - Corn @ 50 each = 3,600
36 - Wheat @ 35 each = 1,260
29 - Rye @ 70 each = 2,030
35 - Apples & Pears @ 60 each = 2,100
26 - Assorted Flours @ 100 each = 2,600
36 - Elderberries @ 30 each = 1,080
36 - Cranberries @ 45 each = 1,620
36 - Chicken Eggs at 200 each = 7,200
36 - Garlic @ 20 each = 720
36 - Honey @ 50 each = 1,800

Grand Total of 37,790 True left in payment chest

Thank you for being a convenient place to shop!
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Rumour Has It / What happened to Vale?
« on: May 19, 2019, 07:36:50 am »
Naldin inquires at the various drinking halls and public houses as he travels across Dregar and Mistone.

"Wot happen'd ta Vale un the Forest o' Fog? Ut be un ruins, an' razed to tha groond, loike."

// I have searched the forums, but to no avail. //
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Lana bought 2 diamond rings of cat's grace (+2) deposited 11000
bought a grizzly leather armor deposited 2500
bought K'halziras deepsoul armor deposited 14000 which equals 10%
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825653T Previous Credit

Staff of Ascension - 50049T
Ankh Blade - 109396T
Vestments of Faith - 22686T
2x Hooligans - 5547T
Gloves of Miniscule Observation - 7500T
Encircling Scale - 8193T
Lesser Ioun Stone Scarlet & Blue - 16125T
Eye of Darkvision - 5997T
Charlatan's Band - 19440T
Ring of the Soldier - 20535T
Headband of Intellect - 5229T
Dark's Light - 36540T
Epic Robes of Energy - 139911T
Bracers of Dexterity (mediocre) - 5226T
Mercykiller Blade - 10167T
Dart of Stunning 50pcs - 6000T
Walking Stick of the Fire Genasi - 76149T
Messenger Blade - 13512T
Hearth Shield - 35661T
Laughing Blade - 18660T
Shadon's Trapping Bow - 27273T
Ilsare's Fiery Eye - 27282T
The Wailing String - 167265T
The Deflector - 51252T
Total: 885614T

New Credit: 1711267T

-Unther Hardhammer-
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Trade and Market Hall / Naldin's Account #11
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:45:37 am »
Unit Price
Mineral Fire Opal

Old Balance: +9,472
New Balance: +11,222
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Trade and Market Hall / Naldin's Account #10
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:49:34 am »
Unit Price
Copper Ingot

Old Balance: +9402
New Balance: +9472
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A note by Eldoran


2 Cougar bags at 917 T each

A ring of Soldier at 27 380 T , lens price -0.75% 20535 T

Total of 22 369 T

- 8489 T credits left equals 13880 T

Dropped Ring Garnet set in a platinum ring -1500 T

So 12380 T left to pay

But the chest is full, i can't drop any more T

I will come back later to pay the balance.

Eldoran Aseph
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Trade and Market Hall / CNR for sale!
« on: November 29, 2011, 03:14:38 pm »
For those who haven't been to the new Saddlebag Pawn shop, I am posting this flyer to let you know we have full chests (36 items) of all of the following in stock and waiting for someone to come buy them.  Please stop by our place (181 Haven) and shop.  It is on a first come first serve basis.

Alexandrite (mineral form) - 100 each or 3600 for the whole crate
Aloe - 29 each or 1000 for the whole crateSold
Clay - 25 each or 900 for the whole crate
Corn - 22 each or 775 for the whole crate
Cotton - 10 each or 350 for the whole crate
Dark Silk - 67 each or 2400 for the whole crate
Garlic - 20 each or 700 for the whole crate
Ginger - 50 each or 1800 for the whole crate
Ginseg - 57 each or 2000 for the whole crate
Honey - 50 each or 1800 for the whole crate
Salt - 10 each or 350 for the whole crate
Sand - 30 each or 1080 per crate (there are over three chests of it)Sold
Wheat - 22 each or 775 for the whole crate

For those of you who don't know how we work, you can either pay all in trues (drop it in the chest at the door on your way out) OR you can bring in items for trade that equal the purchase price and pay only 10% of your total in actual true.  See our other flyer for more details.

Calylith Euchilil
Co-Owner of the Saddlebag Pawnshop

//If you buy something, either post here, our original thread, or shoot me a PM with what you traded in/true given and what you took.
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Rumour Has It / Life And Love - Elohanna and Andrew's Wedding
« on: October 03, 2011, 01:56:58 pm »
//Invitations go across the lands inviting all to celebrate the wedding of Elohanna and Andrew. If you have more than one character who would like to participate, please feel free to. I may have missed some in the invite list without intending to so all those who feel they have a reason to come are invited. Moraken, Bra'car, Sister Moonriver, Father Leidanos, as well as Plenarious have all been sent invites as well. Incase DM's would like to involve them in the event.

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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Flyer Posted by Some Guy in a Red Coat
« on: September 26, 2011, 02:33:19 pm »
[SIZE=16]Storytelling - at the Leringard Arms![/SIZE]

Come tell your best story or anecdote of heroes, old and new; finest moments, most boneheaded moments, most amusing moments.  No contests, no prizes, no competition.  Just entertainment and comradery and all of (Steel's) booze you can drink.  

Newer adventurers may wish to come and learn what kind of immortality is in store for them...*smiles*.
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Layonara Server / Character Submission Process Changes - September 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:41:25 pm »
Greetings Layonara,

 I am writing you on behalf of the Character Approvals Team and in conjunction with the changes happening server wide. Over the years we have given little (and not so little) tune-ups to the CA process, trying to find away to make the requirement of pre-approval work for the majority of people. We've taken feedback to heart and attempted to scale back certain obtrusive aspects to the process while balancing overall needs and have only met partial success. Striving to find a better version of policies, we have taken a large step back and looked at things from a different angle entirely.  

 What is outlined below is a result of that different viewpoint. The changes, in some ways aren't much, but in other places they are quite huge. All of these changes, together, are designed to return the world to a policy that promotes the focus on roleplay. While exploration, crafting and accumulation of experience are all part of our experience, the focus is returns more fully to character development through roleplay.  Lore will be the primary focus of the character application process. Rarely will mechanical detail hold up applications, but lore must be compliant. Here is an outline of the changes:
 General procedure goals and statements:

 - The CA Team's main goal will scale back to what is most important for the biographies, and indeed the world: Lore. If something does not fit with current lore, it will be held up until there is an appropriate change (or compromise in a few cases).  
 - CAs will no longer ask for justification of class, development of an alignment nor expansion on a race except for those that are listed as special (Wemic, Brownie, Ghostwise Halflings, Sea Elf, Dark Elf or Goblin). Those biographies that include details that are CONTRARY to alignment, class or race will be held up where lore becomes an issue. (No wizards gaining innate power and lacking the need for study. No humans with elf traits. No Lawful Good characters lopping off heads out of rage.)
 - Resubmissions for basic classes have a new set of rules. Any scrutiny will be lore based but there are level related restrictions (for lore reasons). For clarity, 'basic class' is any of the standard classes except cleric, paladin, druid or monk due to issue of lore or long standing multiclass restrictions.
  • Multiclassing with a basic class at level seven or below will only require a resubmission request. No CDT, no proof of training, supporting documentation. The resubmission will require only an updated biography blurb in the request. (Johanson wants to add rogue levels to his fighter class because he's been studying on how to attack more effectively. The new split will be 5/15.)
  • Multiclassing with a basic class between levels eight and fourteen, will require either a maintained CDT, a PC trainer or a CDQ. This choice is up to the requesting player but they will have to abide by the needs of their choice. If opting for a CDQ, some minimal RP/Lore justification will be needed.
  • Multiclassing for basic class at level fifteen (the last point at which anything can be added before level twenty) will require a CDQ and either a maintained CDT or a PC trainer.
  • Multiclassing after level twenty will begin to require more in depth attention from the CA team as this is much like turning over a new leaf in the life of a person. A maintained CDT or PC trainer are a must.
  • Multiclassing with a basic class from level thirty on will -not- be approved without a supporting WLDQ.
  • PrC multiclasing will remain the same.
Other changes we are making, exclusively geared toward new players/accounts:
  New forum accounts, regardless of if they are simply alternate accounts for current players or whole new people, will be limited to the following for the first approved character:  
  -Races are restricted to basic elf, basic dwarf, basic halfling, human and basic gnome. No subraces.
  -Character class is restricted to Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Monk, Rogue, Ranger, Sorcerer and Wizard.  
  -The character's alignment is restricted to CG, NG, LG, LN and TN.
  -New players are eligible for resubmission for with the original character or with a new character after two weeks of active game time.
  -The Character Stable will still be an open option to new brand accounts.  

  The intent behind these restrictions has nothing to do with a prejudgment of new player's ability to correctly play a class, alignment or race. What it does is require new players to focus purely on the lore of Layonara, which is vast and unique compared to many places. The limitations placed will hopefully help simplify entrance into the world in effort and gaining expediency. They will hopefully limit the frustration many people have expressed about being required to know lore that they feel they don't have proper access to. Once in the world and experiencing things first hand, the rest of the opportunities open up.  
 Some notes related to these changes:
Gilshem Ironstone is the new CA Team Leader. He, Pibemanden and Geloooo will be working the majority of applications. Ycleption, if she should get a chance to return to us, still holds a spot on the CA team (at least for now).  
 There may be a rare instance here and there where a GM will step in to help out but this will be only under certain circumstances which we will not list. An example of such would be, if two or more CA team members are unable to fulfill their duties for a period of time due to RL obligations and the remaining CA requires assistance.  

 Your GM Team will still be a part of the process on the back end of things. Giving council, clarification and testimony will remain a part of what we do to help. We will be focusing our attention other places instead (elaborated upon in other posts).
 Some upcoming reform and projects for the CA Team/process:

 Our Class and PrC descriptions will be updated on LORE to be Layo-centric. A lot of what is on LORE for descriptions now are stock NWN descriptions of things and long have been out of sync with the server's core lore. This confusing factor will be rectified in the coming weeks (though we do not have an exact ETA.)
 We have some additional avenues for advancement and training coming to the server that will relate back to how the CA Team can work with people to gain desired classes, alignments and deity relationships (among other things) and encourage roleplay.
 Our documentation on the process of submitting a character for approval will be brought up to current both on the forums and in LORE. We do ask that you be patient with us as we go through this adjustment. Please keep in mind that we are working with several people to make this change over with clarity and thoroughness.  
 We hope that all of the changes bring a more meaningful and less stressful experience to the world as a whole.  
 The Character Approvals Team
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Layonara Server / World Policy Update -- Sept. 19, 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:39:48 pm »
Greetings Layonara Community,
As we have done now and then through the years, we are bringing some changes to Layonara.  Some of these are significant. Others are simple clarifications of what already exists.  Regardless of the case, from this point forward, a new set of policies and conventions will be in place for all, from the new player on up to the GM team.  These changes have come after a good deal of consideration, proposal, discussion and refinement over the course of several months.  They take into account those things that we, as a community, do well and those things that we, as a community, could do better.  The full details of all these things are too much to list here, but they will either be covered with some detail elsewhere or be evident in the way things are done by the GM team.  Don't worry; the changes are all aimed at a more positive experience for everyone.
What I will do here is summarize these changes and then offer an agreement between the community-at-large and the GM team. The latter is offered because in order for this all to work, it requires cooperation between everyone, whether one is “just a player” or our most experienced GM. Afterall, we're all working toward the same goal: a rich and enjoyable experience for everyone.  
[SIZE=18]Summary of Changes:[/SIZE]
 As mentioned above, the details of all the changes are too numerous to list here, and much of them get into administrative details.  To list the major changes in summary:
  • We are creating a world lore     publication fork. This is different from diverging NWN lore from MMO     lore, but it will still allow for some greater freedoms for GMs and     players while protecting those players who eventually wish to     achieve World Leader status or undertake a similar effort.  There     will still be opportunities to “change the world”, leave one's     mark and the the like. World lore is still important, but there will     also be flexibility.  This fork is considered to begin with the     conclusion of the last lingering matters after the world plot finale     quests held in May, 2011.  As things stand, this will coincide with     the wrap-up of Briardusk.
  • This publication fork also opens     up possibilities for GMs to run events which may not fit into world     lore.  Such events will be considered “unofficial” and     unsuitable for character development.  They are intended for player     entertainment and education...and perhaps GM entertainment as well.     GMs will clearly state when such an event occurs, so there is no     confusion on the part of players.
  • CDQs (and     GCDQs) are getting a significant change in terms of things like     waiting periods and other policies, with individual GMs being     allowed to set their own policies for the most part. They will also     be the domain of lore-friendliness, meaning a CDQ need not directly     deal with world lore, but neither should it violate it or conflict     with it. Everyone should read the updated CDQ policy, found here.
  • The world plot     will be handled in a different, more “organic” way. With the     wrap-up of Briardusk, we're taking a small break to get organized.     We will put out a “state of the world” description so everyone     knows the setting for moving forward. From that point forward, we     will be operating on a new methodology.  There will be opportunities     for world-level involvement on many levels, even when something     isn't marked as a “plot” event. To a large degree, what happens     moving forward will be up to the community.  More details will come     out over time.
  • The Character     Approval process is undergoing a shift, and we will be clarifying     some things as well. It is important for everyone to read and     understand this new policy, as it will affect all character     submissions from this point forward. Everyone should read the     updated CA policy, found here.
[SIZE=18]Agreement Between Players and GMs:[/SIZE]
  In order for everything to work well, we all need a reminder that there is a need for cooperation between both players and GMs.  Without it, there is nothing but difficulty, and anyone who has been around here long enough has probably witnessed the occasional period of problems and tension.  We recognize these will never be truly eradicated, but we can all take steps to minimize them and work more constructively when problems do arise. In that spirit, I offer the following agreement to be held between players and GMs.
 Players agree to...
  •     ...have fun, but never at someone else's expense.
  •     ...engage in RP as much as possible. Encourage the same in those     around you.
  •     ...keep in mind that GMs are your partners in RP here, not your     enemies.
  •     ...not spread rumors about favoritism or unfair treatment. If     there's a concern, bring it to Leanthar, EdTheKet, Dorganath, Rowana     or a Lead GM.
  •     ...try not to use words like “bother” or “inconvenience” (or     some form thereof) when approaching members of our various teams.      We choose to do this.  It's OK. It's not a bother or an     inconvenience.
  •     ...never be the reason for another player leaving the world or     abandoning a character. This has happened, generally through     behavior that has made a person feel uncomfortable or threatened. We     know it has happened.  It is unacceptable.
  •     ...avoid telling other players how to play their characters,     alignments, classes deity/dogma, race or some other significant     defining characteristic, which also includes concepts like the     Heartsong or the Al'Noth.  If there is a concern, bring it to a GM.     Otherwise, unless a player specifically asks for advice, let it be.
  • toward a better level of communication between everyone     here, whether it is with one of our various teams or with general     members of the community.
  •     ...remember that GMs and especially the lead staff have a lot     invested in Layonara.  We sometimes want to participate in     discussions. Our words, unless specifically stated, are not     generally the end of the conversation.
  •     ...understand that at times, the GM team must say “no” but this     should be respected rather than gossiped about, back-talked or     flamed.  “No” is rarely given without a reason, though if it is     (such as cases where we cannot immediately give one), it is not an     arbitrary decision.
  •     ...join the GM team in our respect for and observance of world lore.     As part of this, keep in mind that if we approach players with     matters or concerns about lore, we are only seeking to encourage and     maintain a consistent environment for everyone here.
  •     ...remember that GMs are players too.  Sometimes we just want to     enjoy ourselves just like everyone else.
  •     ...maintain respect for everyone here, from the newest player on up     to Leanthar.  This applies equally whether in-game, on IRC or on the     forums. We're all people. We're all gamers. We're here for the same     reason. Do not hide behind anonymity.
In return, the GM team will...
  •     ...provide a fair, open and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  •     ...provide a rich and interesting environment to support, encourage,     inspire and reward RP for everyone.
  •     ...attempt to communicate clearly and accurately with the community     on various matters.
  • open and available, as our time permits, for questions,     concerns and ideas. We may not be able to accommodate all requests,     but we will make reasonable efforts where it is appropriate to do     so.
  • as fair as possible. We are still people. We will make     mistakes, but the goal remains.
  •     ...try to communicate as clearly as possible at all times.
  •     ...respect, support and enforce world lore as appropriate. In doing     so, we may bring forward concerns or problems to players that are     intended in the spirit of our established world lore. Please give     these due consideration and respect our comments and the reason     behind them.
  •     ...provide a “clean slate” for all players moving forward from     this point (more on this below).
The above agreement is offered in the spirit that we're all here trying to play the same game.  We're all people. Many of us, whether player or GM, have a lot invested in this game world. Some arguably have much more invested than others, but for the most part we all have a significant emotional attachment to this place.  With such attachments often comes a sense of ownership, and with that sense sometimes there is a sense of entitlement or a way of doing things that is “better”.  It is usually these sorts of things that cause the most problems. We're all different.  We all have different ideas and perspectives.  These things are truly great, but we also need to remember that we're all here trying to get enjoyment from the same place, and this place has its set of rules and guidelines that everyone needs to follow. One person should not take their fun at the expense of another's.
  In understanding our various differences, let us also remember that each of us is only human.  The above agreement is a goal, and regardless of which side we're on, no one expects perfection. We do, however, request that everyone keeps these things in mind when playing here. Most of us here are adults. Let's remember to act like adults.  Speak to other players. Work out differences person-to-person, and ask for help if there are problems doing so.
 [SIZE=18]The “Clean Slate”[/SIZE]
  Under the GM section of the agreement, the concept of a “clean slate” was mentioned.  By way of explaining this, it is necessary to mention the oft-misunderstood “Player Watch List”.  Many players may not know if this list, while others may have the wrong idea of it.  
  The Player Watch list is simply that...a list of players to watch. A player may get onto the list in several ways, which can be summarized as bad or questionable behavior. Such behavior can take many forms, whether it is a complaint by another player, minor rule violations or any matter that seems of concern. We use this as a communication tool between the entire GM team, such that we may all know of issues that may require a closer eye on a player in order that they do not cause problems for others through such behavior as we may document. A player will remain on the watch list for a period of six (6) months, after which time, the thread will be moved to an “inactive” archive, assuming no further issues during that time. If necessary, an archived thread may be made active again if there are repeated issues for a given player. These threads help us determine when administrative action or more direct intervention may be necessary, and they serve as long term documentation.
 It bears stating, unequivocally, that the Player Watch List is not a list of people that the GM team “does not like.” This is actually quite far from the truth. It should also be said that just because someone is on the watch list does not mean the player is in trouble. In order to illustrate a little better what the list is and isn't, here are a few examples of why someone might appear on the list:
  •     Player A is seen repeatedly luring or using terrain features to     trick creature AI or is otherwise abusing creature AI to     disproportionately lower the challenge posed by a creature or set of     creatures.
  •     Player B is observed camping CNR or creatures in excess of what     rules allow.
  •     Player C is reported by Player D for some inter-personal matters     that make Player D uncomfortable or which impact Player D's     enjoyment of the game.  In this case, both players might receive     posts for tracking purposes.
  •     A GM comes across something that brings questions to mind about     Player E.  The player in question is not available at the time to     speak to about the find, and there are no other GMs around who might     be able to offer clarity. The GM posts a thread seeking attention     and comment from other GMs regarding the find. (Note: in such a     case, the post may be removed if it is determined that there is     ultimately nothing wrong or questionable.)
There are surely other reasons for appearing on the watch list, but these are among the most common.  In most cases, a GM should make contact with the player who is being listed to discuss the problem and request an adjustment in behavior.  However, whether due to time constraints, RL obligations or the player logging off of the server before such an opportunity arises, a GM may not be able to do so in a timely way. In such cases, the GM may still post in order to mark the incident for other eyes. A GM may also post to raise a player concern with the rest of the team in the absence of available information. Again, it should be stressed that someone being on this list is not automatically in trouble with the team.
  To enact the “clean slate”, from this point forward, any and all active Player Watch List threads are now archived permanently. Any past incidents or disciplinary actions, except for permanent bannings of course, are hereby forgiven and completely in the past.  If a player who has been the subject of one or more Player Watch List posts in the past has a new incident worthy of the Player Watch List, such incidents will be considered new, and past incidents will not be taken into account.  Repeated incidents after this point will, of course, be handled as we have in the past, with each thread serving as a historical record for future reference.
  This gives everyone who may have come in conflict with server rules in the past or who may have caused difficulties for other players to start fresh and without bias. It is our hope that in this environment, people will seize this opportunity to be better members of the community as a whole and remember that this is not just a single-player game and that our actions affect other players, either directly or indirectly.
 [SIZE=18]So let's get started![/SIZE]
  Without further ceremony or description, let's all start moving forward and continue making Layonara the best environment for RP and enjoyment it can be. For good or ill, we've all contributed to what Layonara is today.  As we go on, we will continue to shape it. Let's make it good!
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General Discussion / Change of Quest
« on: September 19, 2011, 06:14:41 pm »
I'm going to still have a quest tomorrow at the same time that is on the calendar already, and the parameters will be the sameish, however, I'm going to switch the actual quest to deal with the Orc Raids in Center.

Sorry for the confusion.

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The Silver Buckle / Results of the Angels Guild famine food drive
« on: September 07, 2011, 11:51:41 am »
Food donated for famine relief was rewarded by 475,609 trues worth of credit with the Angels Guild.

 During the Angels Guild's recent food drive, adventurers donated 475,609 trues worth  of food at our credit values.  Starving families in the Rohdem Alliance  and the Boyer Kingdom received a total of 232 boxes through the Angels Guild offer:
59 boxes of grain,
44 boxes of preserved meat and/or fish,
42 boxes of mixed foodstuffs,
31 boxes of honey and other sweeteners,
23 boxes of fruit,
16 boxes of salt for food preservation,
13 boxes of nuts,
3 boxes of spices,
1 box of eggs.
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The Silver Buckle / Announcing: The Silver Buckle Food Not Trues Duex
« on: September 01, 2011, 10:36:54 am »
As there were items that were not bid on at the last auction, and more donations were made, there will be one more - and only one more - food auction, held at a time to be more agreeable with those on the other side of the world*.  Having learned valuable lessons from the previous auction, the following are the rules:

-Coin of the realm is one donation RECEIPT for a box of food.  Food must be donated before the auction.  One receipt is one unit of bidding.

-No True will be bid at this auction.  FOOD ONLY.

-Boxes must be full.  Definition of full:  grains, fruits, herbs and spices, nuts, cooked meat and fish, edible mushrooms, butter, meals, flours; thirty-five.  Honey, maple syrup, sugarcane, milk, juices - fourteen.  Breads, fourteen.  Roasts, pies; six.

-IMPORTANT RULE:  Fill boxes by food type.  A box of grains may be mixed grains but it must be grains.  Ditto fruit and nuts.  Please do not mix fruits, nuts, and grains in a box because it is very painful to count hundreds of receipts that way.  Lesson learned...

-Salt, sugar, pepper and raw meat are not valid items.  No vendor-bought food will be honored.

-No pre-bidding; all bids will be live in the Buckle. Proxies will be honored if arrangements are made beforehand from the absent party.

-Fifty percent down and fifty percent promised will be honored if the bidding goes high; however you must clearly state when you owe boxes to the receipt master or mistress before collecting your item.

FOOD MAY BE DONATED TO ANY FAMINE RELIEF FUND OR TO THE FOUNDATION.  Currently, Rohden and Boyer have famine relief funds set up.

//*Sat. Sept. 24, at six-thirty in the morning eastern time.


Items to be bid on at the Food Not True Duex auction:

Donated from sponsor the Silver Buckle Inn:

Squire's Defense
Base Armor Class 2 (Light Armor)
Armor Bonus +2
Enhancement Bonus Strength +3
Lvl 21

Yew Quarterstaff
Enhancement Bonus +3
Damage Bonus Fire 1d8
Light Bright Red
Lvl 20

Emerald Ring of Wisdom
Wisdom +3
Lvl 18

Robes of the Broken Hope
Base Armor Class 0
Armor Bonus +2 (AC Armor Modifier)
On Hit: Slow Level 8
Skill Bonus: Tumble +4
Use: Fear (5) 1 Use/Day
Lvl 18

Adamantium Bascinet
Armor Bonus +3 (AC Deflection Modifier)
Skill Bonus: Concentration +3
Skill Bonus: Discipline +3
Lvl 14

Alaamiathela's Slippers
Armor Class +1 (AC Dodge Modifier)
Cold Resistance 5/-
Light Bright (20m) Blue
Skill Bonus: Heal +4
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +4
Lvl 9

2 - Sapphire Set in a Mithril Ring
Skill Bonus: Concentration +6
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +6
Lvl 8

2 - Lesser Mage's Armor

Base Armor Class 0
Armor Bonus +2 (AC Armor Modifier)
Armor Bonus +1 (AC Armor Modifier)
Skill Bonus: Lore +1
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +2
Only Useable By: Sorcerer
Only Useable By: Wizard
Lvl 8

Sapphire Set in a Mithril Amulet
Skill Bonus: Concentration +6
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +6
Lvl 7

Donated from sponsor the Angel's Guild:

Exceptional Ring of Bull's Strength
+1 Strength
Cast: Bull's Strength 1x/day
Lvl 10

Donated from sponsor Enzo's Bow Shop:

Compound Oak Longbow
Attack Bonus +1
Extra Ranged Damage: Piercing
Low Light (Red)
Lvl 9

Donated from sponsor the Orc Bashers:

Electrical Resistance II
10/ Electrical Damage
Lvl 13

Adamantium Longsword
Enhancement Bonus +2
Lvl 10

Oak Shortbow
Attack Bonus +1
Lvl 5

Donated from sponsor the Stargazer Family:

Ring of Divinity III
Three - Bonus Spell Slot Cleric Level 3
Lvl 12

Donated from sponsor Chakar El'Mujahir:

Belt of the Watchers
Damage Reduction +5 Soak 5 Damage
Improved Saving Throws:  Will +2
Only Usable By: Chaotic
Only Usable By: Good
Only Usable By: Lawful
Only Usable By: Neutral
Lvl 22

Death's Visor
Damage Immunity: Negative Energy 5% Immunity Bonus
Bonus Feat: Darkvision
Immunity: Death Magic
Improved Saving Throws: Fortitude +1
Reduced Saving Throws: Will -2
Only Usable By: Chaotic Evil
Only Usable By: Chaotic Neutral
Only Usable By: Lawful Evil
Only Usable By: Neutral Evil
Only Usable By: True Neutral
Lvl 21

Stag Cloak
Damage Resistance: Bludgeoning Resist 5/
Damage Resistance: Magical Resist 5/
Improved Saving Throws: Disease +5
Improved Saving Throws: Fortitude +2
Low Light White
Lvl 18

Nighteyes Cloak

Armor Bonus +2 (AC Deflection Modifier)
Bonus Feat: Darkvision
Skill Bonus: Hide +10
Cast Spell: Ultravision (6) 2 Uses/Day
Lvl 15

Shield of the Old Guard
Base Armor Class +2
Armor Bonus +2 (AC Shield Modifier)
Improved Saving Throws: Will +2
Skill Bonus: Discipline +4
Lvl 15

Wand of Fear
Cast: Fear 50 Charges
Use Fear (5) 3 Charges/Use
Only Usable By: Bard
Only Usable By: Sorcerer
Only Usable By: Wizard
Lvl 9

Donated by an anonymous but dashing sponsor:

Enchanted Mithril Half-Plate - MINIMUM TEN RECEIPT OPENING BID
Base Armor Class 7
Armor Bonus +4 (AC Armor Modifier)
Damage Immunity: Magical 25% Immunity Bonus
Damage Resistance: Bludgeoning Resist 5/
Damage Resistance: Piercing Resist 5/
Damage Resistance: Slashing Resist 5/
Light Bright White
Spell Resistance 20
Weight Reduction: 60% of Weight
Lvl 31

Armor Bonus: +2 (AC Deflection Modifier)
Damage Immunity: Electrical 25%
Enhancement Bonus: Strength +2
Improved Saving Throws: Electrical +2
Improved Saving Throws: Sonic +2
Lvl 24

Enhancement Bonus: Dexterity +2
Lvl 21

Dragonscale Bracers
Damage Immunity: Fire 5% Immunity Bonus
Enhancement Bonus: Charisma +1
Enhancement Bonus: Intelligence +1
Skill Bonus: Concentration +4
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +2
Lvl 21

Bidder's Choice* of One of Three Emerald Rings - MINIMUM TEN RECEIPT OPENING BID
Attribute +3
Lvl 18
*First two winners in order get first pick: last winner may not get ring of choice, depending

Silver Foil Rapier
Base Damage 1d6
Enhancement Bonus +2
Skill Bonus: Parry +5
Use: Cat's Grace (10) 1 Use/Day
Use: Freedom of Movement (7) 1 Use/Day
Lvl 18

Boots of Hardiness

Armor Bonus: +2 (AC Dodge Modifier)
Damage Resistance: Acid Resist 10/
Enhancement Bonus: Constitution +2
Lvl 15

Blue Dragon Scale

Use: Protection from Spells (20) 3 Charges/Use
Lvl 14

Athus' Touch Gloves
+1 Wisdom
+6 Heal
+4 Tumble
Cure Critical Wounds 1x/day
Core Moderate Wounds 3x/day
Lvl 13

Healer's Hug
Skill Bonus: Heal +3
Use: Cure Critical Wounds (7) 1 Use/Day
Lvl 12

Two - Potions of Heal
Use: Heal Single Use
Auctioned as a pair
Lvl 11

One - Star Dust of Beryl
Lvl 10

Three - Scrolls of Raise Dead
To be auctioned off individually
Lvl 8

Six - Untanned Malar Pelts
To be auctioned off in groups of two
Lvl 1

Three - Uncut Mineral Diamonds
To be auctioned off individually
Lvl 1

Ten - Diamond Dusts
To be auctioned off in two bundles of five each
Lvl 1

Eight - Emerald Dusts
To be auctioned off in two bundles of four each - to be made into resists at the bidder's request
Lvl 1

Donated by the priestess Alazira, on behalf of Her most inspirational presence Ilsare and in conjunction with the Angel's Guild:

Adamantium Reinforced Clothing
Base AC 0
Armor Bonus: +3
Lvl 15

Two - Vouchers for Diamond Rings of Bidder's Choice
(Attribute) +2
Lvl 12

One - Voucher for Diamond Amulet of Bidder's Choice
(Attribute) +2
Lvl 11

Noble Suit of Comfort
Base AC 0
Enhancement Bonus: Wisdom +1
Skill Bonus: Persuade +4
Skill Bonus: Appraise +4
Lvl 10

Royal Ball Gown
Base AC 0
Enhancement Bonus: Charisma +1
Skill Bonus: Perform +2
Skill Bonus: Persuade +2
Lvl 10

Voucher for Adamantium Weapon of Bidder's Choice
Enhancement Bonus: +2
Lvl 10

Voucher for Adamantium Shield of Bidder's Choice
+2 (AC Shield Modifier)
Lvl 10

Voucher for Mahogany Bow of Bidder's Choice

Attack Bonus: +2
Lvl 10

One EACH - Fire, Electrical, and Cold Resists I
(Elemental Damage Resistance) 5/
To be auctioned off individually
Lvl 10

Three - Lion Leather Bags
60% Weight Reduction
To be auctioned off individually
Lvl 9

One EACH - Electrical, Fire, and Cold II Enchantments
(Elemental Damage) +1d4
To be auctioned off individually
Lvl 9

One - Silver Enhancement II

Damage vs. Undead/Werebeasts +1d4
Lvl 9

Two - Vouchers for Alexandrite Rings of Bidder's Choice

(Attribute) +1
To be auctioned as a set
Lvl 6

One - Voucher for Alexandrite Amulet of Bidder's Choice
(Attribute) +1
To be auctioned as a set along with the rings
Lvl 5

Boots of the Arachnea
Immunity to Web
Lvl 2

//please note item levels are determined from lens, and may be incorrect in some cases
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The Silver Buckle / Equipment & Credit for Food--A Special Offer
« on: August 29, 2011, 06:07:17 pm »
 Your gifts of food to relieve famine-stricken families in the Rohden Alliance will give you valuable bidding power for the
 [SIZE=16][SIZE=18]upcoming auction at the Silver Buckle AND[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B]
 can be turned in at that event or after for
 [SIZE=16][SIZE=18]credit to buy equipment at the Angels Guild![/SIZE][/SIZE][/B]
 Donation slips for full boxes of food to The Foundation or to Tilmar/Corsain or the filled boxes will be coin of the realm for the upcoming Silver Buckle auction (// ). Each slip or box has equal value in bidding on the auction items.
 In addition, representatives of the Angels Guild will be at the auction to give you credit for any slips or boxes not successfully used in the bidding. In addition, slips or boxes may be turned in to the Angels for credit from that time through Sunday night. See below for details.
 The Angels Guild will follow the Silver Buckle's rules on what is acceptable as donations. During and immediately after the event, all boxes and slips will be worth $2000 credit each. This is offered to encourage more people, especially less experienced adventurers, to attend the event.
 To encourage further gathering and donations, the following chart will be used to determine value of items turned in to the Angels after the Buckle closes and before the offer ends at midnight EDT on Sunday, September 4. Donations for the relief of famine in the Boyer Kingdom will also be accepted.
 [table=head;sort=1a,2,3] Value for donation| true for each| True per box|
 Nuts| 85| 3000|
 Grains| 28| 1000|
 Meals| 57|2000|
 Flours| 85| 3000|
 Oils| 214| 3000 (14)|
 Fruits| 57| 2000|
 Eggs| 142| 5000|
 Edible mushrooms| 14| 500|
 Campfire fish or meat| 85| 3000|
 Salt| 14| 500|
 Honey| 71| 1000 (14)|
 Milk| 142| 2000 (14)|
 Butter| 200| 7000|
 Non-alcoholic fruit beverages| 285| 4000 (14)|
 Edible spices & herbs| 85| 3000|
 Unlisted edibles| | higher value of donation slip or 500/box|
 Value as above, or on the donation slip, if higher.
 Crafted foods like pies, bread, roasted meats = value on the donation slip.
 Inn rations in minimal quantities only.
 No raw meat or fish.
 No dried rations.
 500 credit minimum for any full box
 Turn in your donations to any Guild member or by leaving them at our soon-to-be new store at 151 Port Hemstead Fields. You will find the door unlocked and numerous chests set up for your convenience. There will also be a crate of empty boxes with a quill and ink. It would help bookkeeping if you could write your name on each box containing food or donation slips.
 [SIZE=18]Please help with the drive to relieve famine in the Roldem Alliance and the Boyer Kingdom.[/SIZE]
 Addendum: Acceptable donation slips should be dated 1485 or 1486.
 (Removed pepper to comply with Silver Buckle rules)
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General Discussion / Rolling Multiple Dice
« on: July 04, 2008, 06:54:45 am »
On a couple of occasions, I've seen people use multiple dice to generate a number range, via the "*rolls ...*" emote, particularly when one dice won't cover the whole range desired, for instance, using 2d20 to create a maximum of 40.

However, there are implications to doing this. Firstly, the minimum number generated is now the number of dice rolled, rather than 1. In the example above, rolling two dice, the minimum result is 2, giving a result range of 2 to 40, rather than perhaps the desired 1 to 40.

Secondly, and more importantly, using multiple dice skews the result. Some results are now much more probable than others. This is usually contrary to what is intended; most of the time, people want even probability between the results.

The below graph show the difference between the probabilities of the results between 1d20 and 2d10:

As you can see, the 1d20 has a flat, even probability result. The 2d10 however, has a pyramid probability result, with the "11" result being ten times as likely as the "20" result.

So, what to do about generating that 1d40 result?

Well, it would be nice if the "*rolls ...*" emote would accept any pair of numbers... :)

However, given that is not the case, you can try breaking it down between units and tens using the dice available. In this example, use 1d10 to generate the units, and 1d4 to generate the tens. However, you have to remember to subtract 1 from the 1d4 to generate {0, 10, 20, 30}, and add the units {1, 2, 3, ... 9, 10} to that.

Hope this helps.


Script Wrecked.
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Trade and Market Hall / Trading rings for boxes of
« on: May 19, 2008, 11:44:03 am »
Are you a new adventurer and need some rings to become stronger on a certain field, look no further for a box of easialy obtainable goods you can get a brand new ring made. Please let me know in advance what kind of ring you want so I can pay you as soon as the box is done.

Rings avalible,

Bulls strength alexandrite in gold
Cats grace alexandrite in gold
Bears endurance alexandrite in gold
Fox's cunning alexandrite in gold
Owl's wisdom alexandrite in gold
Eagles splendour alexandrite in gold
//All +1 to given stat level 6 required

Platinium rings:
Greenstone  //+2 save increase vs. poison, level req. 5
Malachite  //+2 save increase vs. disease, level req. 5
Fire Agate  //+2 save increase vs. fire, level req. 5
Aventurine //+2 save increase vs. electricity, level req. 5
Phenalope  //+2 save increase vs. cold, level req. 5
Amethyst  //+2 save increase vs. acid, level req. 5
Feldspar  //+2 save increase vs. death, level req. 8
Garnet  //+2 save increase vs. mind affecting, level req. 8

Silver rings:
Alexandrite  //+4 skill Dicipline & Taunt, level req. 5
Topaz  //+4 skill Hide in Shadows & Move Silently, level req. 5
Sapphire //+4 skill Spellcraft & Concentration, level req. 5

Boxes required to get one of these rings

5 boxes of walnuts, one ring for each box, you don't have to gather all just let me know how many you will gather

*Signed*Storold Doesscha, Protector of the Al'Noth
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Just for Fun / happy happy martin luther king jr day - for the usa
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:59:31 pm »
this is a wonderful day to celebrate our freedoms. the right to play this game and play as we wish - to say what we want.

in a lot of ways, this site is his dream - a dream come true. beyond stereotypes - except for the once we create, that we know we are creating and playing out in fun.

games like this assist us all in learning how to get along better in our real lives.

for fun - you are encouraged to post your thoughts on the day and maybe how this game has benefited your life.
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