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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:48:59 pm »
Bron picked up an Adamantium Halberd from the Adamantium chest (value 5000 True)

Credit 4920
Paid 80 True into the chest.

Account/Credit = 0

and he noticed that the adamantium longsword in the Adamantium Chest has a fire enchantment on it. Probably want to put that elsewhere?
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: July 11, 2019, 01:14:14 am »
As per discussion with Ferrit, Bron dropped off:

108 bags of sand x 40 = 4320 True in Credit
6 silk x 100 = 600
1 dark silk (value? needed by you?)

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Thanks, Orth! Very interesting.

So, currently, we are valuing certain things at 75% of the "lens" price.
Does anyone feel that is too high?
Or that it may be worth it to create our own simplified system?
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Riven pens a note to Eldoran:

Thank you for crafting!
Please help yourself to coin from the chest next to the front door: 5% like we talked about. I figure I owe you 835 True now? And let me know if this is working out for you or not.
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Riven pens a note to Unther Hardhammer:

Unther Hardhammer,

Thank you for your business! And thank you for bringing Raise Dead scrolls!

We'll need to meet up at some point to correct some accounting errors from your past transactions. For starters, let's correct this math error:

1711267T - 12000T + 70000T = 1956916T of Credit

Should be: 1,711,267 - 12,000 + 70,000 = 1,769,267

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Riven pens a note to Argali Trueaxe:


Thank you for bringing good and interesting items to the shop! As of last week we have an updated cloak pricing list that matches the Angels price list. Welteel's Wrap is valued at 5,000, not 8628. No big deal, but when you get a chance, please update your credit.

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Riven pens a letter to Markyl Hufvudsson:


Thank you for bringing by such good resources and items!

In looking at the Deep Sundering I realize that I have neglected to update the prices of unique weaponry. I aim to match the prices of the Angels Guild, and so you will now find a comprehensive price list that lists the Deep Sundering at 15,000. Plus 12,000 for the electrical enhancement = 27,000. And all elemental enhanced weaponry is valued at 25% off, thus it is valued at 20,250, not 103,344.

The Squire's Defense we can value at 60,000, rather than 57,666.

Please update your accounting at your earliest convenience.


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Calendar Events / Dwarven Moot with the Stonesmasher Brothers
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:32:14 am »
Starting a brainstorming thread here on when the majority of dwarves can meet with the Stonesmasher Brothers to talk about carving a dwarven home in the Ire Mountains.

Known dwarves interested (and there may be others): Bron, Khrom, Jinn, Gumbo, Van.
Most or all of them heard from Bron in-game that Rocky, of the Stonesmashers, would be in Center soon (sounded like this weekend?).

And idealy we should meet another time earlier, or an hour before Rocky gets there, to talk together (or brainstorm OOC below) about what the home could look like. Ideally, the place has enough small/modest rooms that a dozen dwarves (or two dozen or more?) could call it their home. Rooms large enough for a bed, a few furnishings. and a few chests. 

I'm available online Friday night anytime after 8:30 PM EST, or Sunday anytime after 4 PM EST.

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Riven pens a note to Jinn:

Thank you for placing your order with Saddlebag! I am anticipating having your platinum plate armor soon. I have posted in the craft halls a special deal to armorsmiths regarding this, and other needed items.
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// Notice Posted in the Center Craft Hall and Port Hempstead Craft Hall //

Saddlebag Pawn Shop is in Need of These Items
Earn Full Trade Credit AND 5% of Value in Coin

This Offer of Coin and Credit is only for the Specific Items Listed Below:

Platinum Armors
2 Full Plate Armors

Adamantium Armors
1 Chainmail
1 Splint or Half-Plate
1 Full Plate


1 large iron shield
1 iron tower or kite shield
1 platinum tower or kite shield
1 small Adamantium shield

Adamantium Weaponry

1 kukri
1 handaxe
1 bastard sword
1 long sword
1 mace
1 heavy mace
1 dwarven war axe
1 morningstar
1 warhammer
1 scimitar
1 great sword
1 great axe

8 Lion Bags
2 Malar Bags


Inquire at the Saddlebag Pawn Shop, in the fields near Port Hempstead.
~Riven Ring-Cleaver

Post below if you intend on filling any of these orders within the next week (real-world week). First to post, is first to win the contract for specific items, unless they fail to fulfill the contract within a week.
This offer will expire at Noon, Sunday July 14th, EST.

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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: June 30, 2019, 04:00:14 am »
Riven leaves a note for Elohanna at the Angels:

Elohanna, it was a pleasure to speak with you this morning and reconnect. I appreciate our mutual intention for Saddlebag and Angels to collaborate on keeping prices low and similar between the two shops. Let me know your recommendation for lowering the price of scrolls, and any other item or crafting resource, and Saddlebag will match your prices. On another topic, some years ago there was an auction in which I won a voucher for one lesser ability enhancement ring from your guild. Could I put that voucher towards a credit at your shop, rather than pick up a ring?
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Trade and Market Hall / Bron's Account
« on: June 30, 2019, 03:46:03 am »
As per the letters between Bron and Elohanna:

Bron commissioned a ring of strength +2, a silk hood, and one lion bag.
Total owed to Angels: 9162 True.

Elohanna A-Ok'd Bron to submit silk, sand, and glass ingots towards the purchase.
Today Bron delivered to the Angels:

17 silk x 200 = 3400
20 bags of sand x 40 = 800
12 glass ingots x 97 = 1164
Total delivered = 5,364

Total owed: 3798

A note regarding this transaction is also in your chest near the front door.
Thank you!

EDIT: added 5 sand x 40 = 200
2 glass ingots x 97 = 194
total of 394 .
Total owed: 3404

EDIT: added 18 bags of sand x 40 = 720
total owed: 2,676

EDIT: added 41 bags of sandx 40 = 1640

Remainder owed is paid in True, to Ferrit: 1036.
Bron picked up his bag, hood, and ring. from Ferrit.
Thank you!
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Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Ashi's Heartsongs
« on: June 28, 2019, 10:19:04 pm »
(Character Development Thread; eventually to learn Skald)

Original New Character Submission Bio:'ashi-horseteaser/msg10331807/#msg10331807

Ashi's Heartsongs
(Rough translation from the wemic language)

Far from home, the birds hear my song,
Cougars playing, badgers roam,
Grasslands far away, my home.
Journeying, following nose, and heart moans,
Journeying, following nose, and heartsongs.

Ashi chased, Ashi scared,
Who am I, the wemic-born,
See me for my playful heart song,
See me for what my heart longs.

Sadness, tears, so much pain,
Ashi sees, in this word insane.
Tall stone walls, rooms cut off,
From the sky, and dirt sweet rough,
From the sky, and nature's love.

Alone, wandering, dangers, besetting,
Show me, the tribe that can be....
Ashi's friends, Ashi's family.

Alone wandering, dangers, besetting,
Show me, the tribe that can be...
Ashi's friends, Ashi's family.


Learned have I, the blade dance gong,
Iron on shields crashing, loud, feels wrong.
Yet to live, she wields the sword,
And to those who will listen, the word.
Show her how to survive with song.
If battle is needed, let it be with the song.


Toad-skinned, bull-headed,
Single-minded orc.
See’s his clan as weak and broke.
Will return when Master of Forge,
Empower with weapons his brutish hordes.

Strange, intriguing, Ashi does find,
The lizard-skinned beast, and his strength-focused mind.
Orc at the gate of the Fort of Vehl,
Lets him in with ox, to work the anvil.
Many long hours, orc hammers in the hall,
Brave his spirit, his focus is tall.
Though Ashi shakes her head at his ambitious gall.
Cannot understand the bloodlust, or his call.

Not her path, the anvil and shop,
Under stone sky, her doom is wrought.
Her journey lies beyond the gate,
Beyond walls, in the fields and forests, her fate.

Sing of the birds
Sing of four-leggeds,
Sing of the winds,
Bringing scents of beyond.

She follows her nose,
To daffodils and marshes,
And wherever she goes
The songs stream on....

And wherever she goes
The songs stream on....
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Yesterday, many of the dwarves headed from Prantz to North Fort, near Deadmans Pass. Bron scribes a note to the Stonesmashers and leaves it with the pawn shop merchant at North Fort, expressing interest in hiring the Stonesmasher Brothers, and asking for them to leave a note at the shop of where they can be found, and who is looking for them (Gumbo, Van, Jinn, Khrom, Bron). And that we will return to North Fort later, in hopes to find the Stonesmashers letter for us there.

The group then traipsed around Deadmans Pass, climbing mountains, hunting about for signs of the Stonesmashers, but did not find their whereabouts.
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Riven pens a note to Eldoran:

"Thank you for the items you left at the shop, and thank you for picking up the ingots and gold last week, and the Aeridinite Luck Charm today. The shop does operate on credit, but even if you have enough credit for an item, there is a 10% fee of the value of the item, that needs to be put in the donation chest by the front door. For example, the Luck Charm you acquired could be paid in full by 53,706 credits, but in addition 5,371 True would need to be left in the chest. Or if you do not have enough credit for the full amount of the item, then 5371 + remainder owed, should be left in the chest. Please let me know if you have questions about this. Thank you!"
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// parchment posted in Center, drawn with charcoal //

Looking for the Stonesmasher Brothers to Carve a Dwarven Hearth-Home,
And looking for Dwarves to live in it!

If you know where to find the Stonesmashers - leave a note here.

These Dwarves be looking: Bron, Khrom, Jinn, Gumbo, Van, and more!
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Riven writes below Jinn's note:
"Although I'm seeking crafters to join the Saddlebag team, currently an iron shield will only appear when another customer delivers one. Best of luck, and thank you for your continued engagement with the shop!"
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The Mop-haired proprietor is checking the ledgers and reaches for a parchment and quill.

"Best tell Khrom that he has more credit than he thought from his donation of an iron great sword, and taking of an iron battle axe and iron heater shield! The 25% off of lens price is only used for those items that don't have prices listed on the scrolls in the chest. So.....he should have 1130 True in credit now, not what he wrote, 642."

Riven pens the letter and heads out to send it.
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Ryubi - iron mace is also 1200, not 900, so you have an additional 300 credit!
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There is no need to remove your scroll! I cannot bear the thought of bringing tears to the eyes of a dwarf!
My notice was simply to encourage purchasers to come to the sale! Afterall, your scroll did, in fact, fit amongst the cramped shelves. However, on the bright side, the lady you referred to probably cackled with glee at the priceless scroll falling into her hands.
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