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There is no need to remove your scroll! I cannot bear the thought of bringing tears to the eyes of a dwarf!
My notice was simply to encourage purchasers to come to the sale! Afterall, your scroll did, in fact, fit amongst the cramped shelves. However, on the bright side, the lady you referred to probably cackled with glee at the priceless scroll falling into her hands.
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//A flyer in Center and Port Hempstead, written in fine handwriting//

A Sale of Surplus Items
In organizing our chests at the Saddlebag Pawn Shop, we've discovered more than two of many crafted items, despite the sign saying that we only accept two of each crafted item. Therefore, to create space in specific chests, and in our overflow storage, we are announcing:

20% off Sale of the Following Specific Items, for a limited time: (FIND THEM IN A LARGE CRATE IN THE FIRST ROOM ON THE RIGHT)

These Specific Bracers/Gloves: Dragonscale, Lesser Ogre Power, Concentration, Spellcraft, Swordplay, Discipline, Hin Fist +4, Austerity, Appraisal, and Gloves of the Lady

These Specific Helms: Bronze Helms, Iron Helms, Headband of Intellect +2, and Ale Goggles

All Scrolls of Level 6 and Under!

And we seek to refill these Chests of Materials:
chestnuts, almonds, pecans, rye, hazelnuts, corn, sage, wheat, purple mushrooms, spotted mushrooms, cherries, blackberries, rhubarb, blueberries, cranberries, elderberries, garlic, apples, pears, sugar, scullcap, birch bark, gum arabic, and witch hazel.

As we continue inventorying and organizing, we will announce further sales of surplus weaponry, armor, and other items.

~Riven Ring-Cleaver (stop by for a friendly chat!)
Saddlebag Pawn Shop
181 Port Hempstead Fields
The door is unlocked night and day. If you need help unloading or loading crates or bags then please ask the shopkeepers or guards for assistance.
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A rather homely man with unruly grey hair, a lined face, and a pleased smile, drops some worn but sturdy boots into the boot chest:

Boots of the Sun Soul +2

Then Riven started in on organizing the chest of boots, bracers, and helms.

"Well, there's more than two of quite a few items, Tinpin." Riven smiled at Tinpin to soften the critique.

"Right you are, sir," replied Tinpin with a bow and a shrug, "begging your pardon, but you did say that one of the shop's main goals is to give opportunities to those of lower means, and in need. So, sometimes I took the liberty to accept goods from folks even when we had two of the same items."

Riven laughed, "That is fine, but there's not even room in the chests for more items. I think you did admirably, and.....let's not accept more than two of the same items anymore, just like the sign says. If you think we should make an exception, just point the customer my way, OK?"

"Yes, of course! And it's true that some of the bracers are being squeezed into the boots chest. Perhaps time for a few more chests?"

"Perhaps so," replied Riven, "and a sale for all the extra gear we can't fit in the chests! Let's go pen a note announcing a small sale of surplus items, and also announcing some of the items we are low on or entirely out of."

"Ah, I was meaning to tell you, Riven, Elohanna made a very large purchase of craftable materials. Very gracious of her!"

"Wonderful! I'll write her a letter to thank her. It's been too long since I've seen her. And I do appreciate when the chests of simple items such as fruits and nuts get emptied. It gives the farmers and many others the opportunity to harvest those materials, and trade them in for a decent cloak or bow or whatnot."
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Amidst the evening's rain and thunder, a cart rolls up to the Saddlebag door. Two young men in light armor unload a few crates and chests from the cart, carrying them into the shop.

Tinpin, the fastidious and well-groomed halfling shopkeeper, spoke to the guards, "The chests go in the room in the back, on the right. And put the crates of honey from Riven down here. Thank you."

Tinpin carefully begins to restock the Honey chest with...
28 Honey jars

After carefully washing his hands, Tinpin sits down to read the letter that had accompanied the chests and honey.

"My Dear Friend Tinpin, I hope the honey shipment finds you well! I've almost completed the arrangements to be able to visit the shop more than the once-per-month I've been doing to check the books. In fact, I'm thinking of prying myself away from home (and Maggie) for one or two weeks of the month. Maybe it's time I show my face and connect with the community. Afterall, I retreated from the adventurous life to have a family. And they are all grown and flown the nest.So give my bedroom at the shop a good dusting! I'll be coming to visit soon, and staying longer than my usual short ledger visits."

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Bron Skallagrimson trudges into the shop, shaking the mud and rain from his boots. He drops his rucksack and looks around tiredly, his scowl lifting into a bemused expression.

"That's a lot of chests! Quite a lot more than when Saddlebag was at the Twin Dragon Inn! But that was several decades ago!"

He unpacks some boxes from his rucksack, muttering, "Not the honorable work of a dwarf, not mining, or smithing, or whacking hobgoblins! But I kept busy on my long journey back to these lands and picked up a few things for trade. Sold the barley and gum arabic and mahogany sawdust on the road....still have these to trade!"

He unloads the following into chests:
3 Aloe (30t x 3 = 90t)
19 Salt (10t x 19 = 190t)
10 greenstone dust (7t x 10 = 70t)
6 malachite dust (5t x 6 = 30t)
4 phenelope dust (7t x 4, or 4t x 7? = 28t)
3 Amethyst dust (33t x 3 = 99)

That be a total of 507 True.
Now, I had a credit back in the day of 7979 True, so total credit now is 8486.

Bron meanders about the shop peering into many chests, admiring the weaponry and armor. He spies a necklace and nods, "that'll do it! though it's too gaudy for me! I'll keep it tucked under my armor!"

He acquires a Barkskin Amulet: worth 2500 True, and he pays 250 True into the cash chest.
Total Credit now is 5986 True.

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Ask A Gamemaster / GM decisions for Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« on: May 22, 2019, 01:31:14 pm »
Hi Fine Folks,

It's been several decades since Riven was involved with Saddlebag Pawn. I'm reaching out to the GMs to see if you all need to make any decisions regarding the shop prior to Riven getting back involved. Such as have any PCs been running it, or has it been NPC shopkeepers and shop guards, etc. What to do with the funds (donate to rebuild X, Y, or Z, or it's been taken to compensate those who run the shop, or there's a theft at the shop, etc.).

Riven started the shop back in the day, using a mule and saddlebags. Eventually, he collaborated with Tyrian, the owner of the Twin Dragon Inn, to house the shop in the back of the inn. And later Riven joined forces with Calylith to move it and expand it in a more convenient location for folks. I also had a halfling shopkeeper character named Tinpin who helped with the ledger (only function of that character was RP in the shop, no questing, no leveling).

The info I learned on Discord was it sounds like the shop has been running on its own, with shopkeepers and shop guards assumed to be there.

I'm bringing this to your attention so you can decide what has transpired so I know how to play Riven, when he knocks on the door and inquires about the shop.

Before RL hit me and I fled Layo, Riven and Cali had discussed running it together, and getting Breanna involved. I don't know how that turned out (I've messaged Elohanna about that). Also, I just talked with Tobias on Discord, and his character Celador was in a relationship with Cali, and he has interest in helping with the shop.

At any rate - i leave it in your hands if there are decisions to be made. And otherwise, once I get Riven's description changed (as he's older), I'll log in, see if my bedroom and chests are still there in the building, and offer my services to whoever PCs or NPCs are currently "in charge", assuming they don't just say, "so long, Riven, you've been gone too long, so stay gone!"
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Introduce Yourself / *waves* Long time no see!
« on: May 22, 2019, 12:01:02 pm »
Hello, it's been a few years since I played! Looking forward to playing again when I have the chance! My main character is Riven (he started the Saddlebag Pawn Shop back in the day). I also play a dwarven berzerker and would-be miner and smith named Bron Skallagrimson. I have a couple other characters but may not bring them in...we'll see.
Looking forward to RP'ing with you all!
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Ask A Gamemaster / Request for Description Change
« on: May 22, 2019, 11:50:55 am »
Hello Fine Folk,

I'm hoping to start playing again. It's been some years!

I'd like a description changed on Riven, and I'm wondering if it's possible to turn his hair grey?

New Description:
This older human still has a bit of bounce in his steps. His face is deeply creased with age and sun-tanned by years in the outdoors. He gifts you with a grin and his eyes sparkle. Although armed and lightly armored, he doesn’t look intimidating or especially dangerous. A likable enough fellow, it seems.

Also - who runs the Saddlebag Shop now? Last I played Riven (when I started the Saddlebag), I joined partnership with Calylith, and moved the shop from the Twin Dragon Inn....then RL hit me a doozie, and I bowed out of playing on Layo.

Logged on last night with Bron, my dwarf. Enjoyed the RP and welcome!

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*Poster in Many Craft Halls*


Soon the Saddlebag Pawn Shop will be moving to the Hempstead Fields,
and we are planning for many chests for the bartering of craftable resources.

But to move we have need of some items.

You can earn Trade Credit by giving us any of these items needed for our move:

50,000 True (earn double credit for True)
200 Iron Spikes
100 Planks of Mahogany
60 Glass Ingots
10 Torches
10 Crafted Rope
1 Iron Lock
1 Gnomish Lens

Please contact Calylith, at 181 Haven, for depositing these needed items.

As soon as we have the items, we'll move and open the CNR bartering!

Thank you for your consideration!

~Riven, Calylith, and Tinpin
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A poster at the Saddlebag Pawn Shop:

Greetings and Welcome to the Saddlebag Pawn!

You have our thanks,
~Riven, Lia, Kalberen, Lana, Tinpin, and Calylith



Most prices are listed below, and in scrolls in each chest.
Unpriced items are usually 25% off of Lens (Lens price x .75).
Poor quality material (copper or hickory) weaponry or armor are priced at 70% off the Lens (Lens price x .3), as are cloth martialist gloves that are enchanted. 

Once we inspect an unpriced item we reserve the right to re-price the item, add that price to our list, and give you the option of canceling the transaction or abiding by the new price.[/I]

Trade Credit
To purchase items from Saddlebag, either leave the total coin in the chest by the front door, OR bring in items and craftable materials to build your credit, then use that credit to purchase an item and only pay 10% of the item's value in coin.

Saddlebag only takes TWO of Each Specific Magical or Crafted Item.
Please do not deposit more than two of a magical item or crafted item. Saddlebag takes up to 100 of specific craftable resource items, or in the case of large, unstackable, items, one chest full.
Exceptions: We accept five of specific items that are in demand, such as ability boosting rings, Class-specific rings, and belts of the brawler, swordsman, or archer (amount usually listed on the scroll in that item's chest).

TINY WEAPONS: dagger, katar, kukri, sai
SMALL WEAPONS: goad, handaxe, kama, light hammer, light pick, nunchaku, sickle, wheel
MEDIUM WEAPONS: bastard sword, battleaxe, heavy mace, heavy pick, katana, light flail, longsword, mace, mercurial longsword, Morningstar, rapier, scimitar, shortsword, trident, warhammer.
LARGE WEAPONS: dire mace, falchion, greataxe, greatsword, halberd, heavy flail, maul, scythe, mercurial greatsword
DOUBLE-SIDED WEAPONS: dire mace, double axe, two-bladed scimitar, two-bladed sword
Bronze Tiny (& Spear)     300 
Bronze Small   450 
Bronze Medium   600
Bronze Large   800
Bronze Double-Sided & Dwarven Waraxe   1000
Bronze Bullets x25  375
Bronze Darts x25  250
Bronze Shuriken x25 500
Bronze Throwing Axes x25  1125
Bronze Longsword Final Blessing   2500
Iron Tiny  (& Spear)   600
Iron Small    900
Iron Medium   1200
Iron Large   1600
Iron Double-Sided & Dwarven Waraxe   2000
Iron Bullets x25    750
Iron Darts x25   500
Iron Shuriken x25   1000
Iron Throwing Axes x25     2250
Iron Greatsword Death's Edge   5000
Iron Greatsword Giantslayer   5000
Iron Greatsword (Unique – 1d4 electrical, 1d4 undead)   5000
Iron Longsword (Unique – 1d4 cold)   4000
Iron Longsword Slasher    4000
Iron Shortsword Justice   5000
Adamantium Tiny (& Spear)   4000
Adamantium Small    5000
Adamantium Medium   6000
Adamantium Large   7000
Adamantium Double-Sided & Dwarven Waraxe   7000
Adamantium Bullets x25   3000
Adamantium Bullets x25 & Darts x25   3000
Adamantium Shuriken x25   9000
Adamantium Throwing Axes x25   10000
Mithril Tiny Bullets   55,000
Mithril Tiny Dagger   45,000
Mithril Tiny Katar   55,000
Mithril Tiny Kukri   45,000
Mithril Tiny Shuriken x25   55,000
Mithril Tiny Sai   45,000
Mithril Small Darts   50 T each dart
Mithril Small Goad   55,000
Mithril Small Handaxe   55,000
Mithril Small Kama   55,000
Mithril Small Light Hammer   55,000
Mithril Small Light Pick   55,000
Mithril Small Nunchaku   45,000
Mithril Small Sickle   45,000
Mithril Small Throwing Axe x25   65,000
Mithril Small Wheel   60,000
Mithril Medium Bastard Sword   75,000
Mithril Medium Battleaxe   70,000
Mithril Medium Dwarven War Axe   90,000
Mithril Medium Heavy Mace   70,000
Mithril Medium Heavy Pick   75,000
Mithril Medium Katana   55,000
Mithril Medium Light Flail   75,000
Mithril Medium Longsword   75,000
Mithril Medium Mace   60,000
Mithril Medium Mercurial Longsword   75,000
Mithril Medium Morningstar   60,000
Mithril Medium Rapier   70,000
Mithril Medium Scimitar   60,000
Mithril Medium Shortsword   60,000
Mithril Medium Trident   60,000
Mithril Medium Warhammer   70,000
Mithril Large Dire Mace    75,000
Mithril Large Double Axe    75,000
Mithril Large Double Bladed Scimitar    75,000
Mithril Large Falchion   70,000
Mithril Large Greataxe   75,000
Mithril Large Greatsword   75,000
Mithril Large Halberd   60,000
Mithril Large Heavy Flail   70,000
Mithril Large Maul   75,000
Mithril Large Scythe    55,000
Mithril Large Mercurial Greatsword    75,000
Mithril Large Two-Bladed Sword    75,000
Mithril Large Spear   50,000

Copper and Hickory weaponry do not harm certain more powerful beasts, therefore their value is less:

BRONZE, IRON, ADAMANTIUM, MITHRIL: full price of the metal item based on crafting prices, plus 75% of the price of the elemental enhancement.

Ankh blade 75,000
Asp Flail   5400
Assassin’s Parasol   7500
Axe of the Brooding Lord   15,000
Axe of the Maze Lord   10,000
Axe of Pig-Dog Dwarf-Smith Hacking   5,000
Bane of Orc (spear) 7000
Blackrider Quill   3000
Blacksoul Sickle   6000
Blade of the Dragonslayer    15000
Blades of Balance   4000
Bloodfall Longsword   2500
Bonebreaker   200
Breath of the Maiden Shortsword    4000
Broken Glade Axe   2500
Coward's Blade Shortsword    1250
Deep’s Sundering   15,000
Ebon Dire Mace    4000
Element Wheel   3000
Ember’s Axe   18,000
Foe’s Hammer   1200
Frindahl's Battle Cleaver    6300
GI’s Waraxe   8000
Greater Element Wheel   15,000
Hamaji’s Fan   2500
Hammer of Justice    2700
Hammer of the Wisp   12,000
Harvester of Fears   4000
Katar of Penetration   6000
K’halziras Axe of Azure Hunter   50,000
Krotan's Skull Crusher Dire Mace [drop]   5000
Last Defense Greatsword    2500
Lawgiver   8000
Mercykiller Blade  9000
Messenger Blade  13,500
Malfunctioning Goranite Beaststicker   1500
One of Many Morningstar   2500
Peasant Dynasty Kama   2700
Orcish Bane of the Elf    10000
Orcish Dwarf Razor    10000
Shewper Shilelagh   1200
Silver Foil   15,000
Snake Fang Dagger   1250
Stinger   1000
Swashbuckler's Sabre rapier    2500
Teneraard’s Sickle   3500
Toe Smasher   7000
Venom Halberd   14,000
The Verminator   8000
Waraxe of the Runic Anvil   35,000
Water’s Edge   23,000
Woodcutter’s Axe   12,000
Writ of the Vizier   3,500
Bows & Crossbows
Oak Shortbow1500
Oak Longbow1750
Oak Light Crossbow1500
Oak Heavy Crossbow1750
Oak Compound Shortbow   5500
Oak Compound Longbow5500
Mahogany Shortbow 5000
Mahogany Longbow 6000
Mahogany Light Crossbow 5000
Mahogany Heavy Crossbow 6000
Mahogany Compound Shortbow    10,000
Mahogany Compound Longbow 12,000
Yew Shortbow 50,000
Yew Longbow 60,000
Yew Light Crossbow 50,000
Yew Heavy Crossbow 60,000
Yew Hunter Bow    100,000
Yew Compound Bow 100,000
Mighty Bow Components +1   6,000
Mighty Bow Components +2   12,000
Mighty Bow Components +3   25,000
(note, adding Compound after adding a Mighty Component will destroy the Mighty Component).
Bow of Close Range   9000
Bow of the Guardian   (not sure)
Cracked Mahogany Longbow   4500
Enhanced Light Crossbow or Shortbow   2500
Enhanced Longbow or Heavy Crossbow   3500
Gnomish Repeating Crossbow 35,000
Greater Flight of Fancy    15,000
Ilsare’s Fiery Eye   14,000
Lessor Flight of Fancy    1800
Oak Bow of the Hunter (shortbow or longbow)   6000
Mahogany Bow of the Hunter (short or long)   11,000
Yew Bow of the Hunter (short or long)   84,000
Regular Flight of Fancy    7000
Shadon’s Trapping Bow   14,000
Hickory Arrows Bronze Tipped or better 500ct (1T for 1 arrow)   500
Oak Arrows Copper tipped 500ct (1T for 1 arrow)   500
Oak Arrows Bronze tipped or better 500ct (2T for 1 arrow)   1000
Mahogany Arrows 500 ct (3T for 1 arrow)   1500
Yew Arrows 500 ct (bronze tip or better) (8T for 1 arrow)   4000
Elemental Arrows or Bolts
(priced below for normal arrows. If added to oak, mahogany, or yew arrows then add the two prices together)   
Minor fire/ice/acid/electric (+2 dam) 500 ct (1T for 4 arrows)   125
Lessor fire/ice/acid/electric (+1d4 dam) 500 ct (2T for 3 arrows)   333
Intermediate fire/ice/acid/electric (+1d6 dam) 500 ct (3T for 2 arrows)   750
Greater fire/ice/acid/electric (+1d8 dam) 500 ct (5T for 2 arrows)   1200

Arrow of the Destroyer    5T for 2
Bolt of the Destroyer   5T for 2
Bolt of Petrification   4800 each
Bonesmasher Bolts (1d6 bludgeoning, +1 pierce)   5T for 2
Destroyer’s Breathe (1d8 flame bullets)   5T for 2
Shoot the Moon   250 each

Feather Properties for Arrows and Bolts   
Falcon Feather: Piercing   
Owl Feather: Slashing   
Raven Feather: Bludgeoning   
Stirge Feather: Negative Energy   
Metal Tip Properties for Arrows and Bolts   
(Double damage for specific foe)   
Bronze: animal   
Iron: construct   
Platinum: magical beast   
Silver: undead/shapeshifter   
Adamantium: outsider   

Lion Whip   1750
Lion Sling   750
Malar Whip   8000
Malar Sling   6500
Bloody Lash Whip [drop]   2500
Adler Whip [drop]   2500
Oak Club   800
Oak Quarterstaff   1250
Oak Spear   1500
Mahogany Club    2500
Mahogany Quarterstaff    5000
Mahogany Spear    5250
Yew Club    40,000
Yew Quarterstaff    50,000
Yew Spear    50,000
Bane of the Orc (spear)   7000
Black Kumade (spear)    6000
Black Staff of Balance    14,000
Club of Bloodiness   25,000
One Trick Staff   1100
Klinkutter’s Staff of Fortitude   50,000
Staff of the Badger   4500
Staff of Curing   1100
Staff of the Sun    18,000
Staff of the Woods   17,000
Walking Stick of the Hierophant [drop]   1,500
Walking Stick of the Fire Genasi   35,000
Oak Shield Small   2700
Oak Shield Large   3100
Oak Shield Tower   3600
Mahogany Shield Small   11,500
Mahogany Shield Large   12,500
Mahogany Shield Tower   13,500
Yew Shield Small   36,000
Yew Shield Large   38,000
Yew Shield Tower   40,000
Bronze Small or Buckler shield   200
Bronze Large or Star shield   500
Bronze Kite, Heater, or Tower shield   800
Iron Small or Buckler shield   1000
Iron Large or Star shield   1250
Iron Kite, Heater, or Tower shield   1500
Platinum Small or Buckler Shield   2000
Platinum Large or Star shield   2500
Platinum Kite, Heater, or Tower shield   3000
Adamantium Small or Buckler shield   5000
Adamantium Large or Star shield   6000
Adamantium Kite, Heater, or Tower shield   7000
Cobalt Small or Buckler shield   5800
Cobalt Large or Star shield   7200
Cobalt Kite, Heater, or Tower shield   8000
Mithril Small or Buckler shield   76,000
Mithril Large or Star shield   84,000
Mithril Kite, Heater, or Tower shield   92,000

Unique Shields
Most unique and named shields are priced at 75% of Lens, unless listed below.
Unique copper or hickory shields are priced at 30% of Lens.   

Contumacy   30,000
Crest of Darkenholme   50,000
Dragonskin Buckler   2000
Dwarven Mirth   12,000
Enchanted Mithril Buckler   95,000
Enchanted Mithril Star Shield   105,000
Hearth Shield   95,000
Lost Clan Rune Shield   175,000
Preacher’s Shield   50,000
Shield of the Old Guard   10,000
The Deflector   30,000
Bronze Chain Shirt   750
Bronze Scale Mail   750
Bronze Chainmail   875
Bronze Breastplate  875
Bronze Banded   875
Bronze Splint   1000
Bronze Half plate   1000
Bronze Full plate   1250
Iron Chain shirt   1500
Iron Scale mail   1500
Iron Chainmail   1750
Iron Breastplate   1750
Iron Banded      1750
Iron Splint mail   2000
Iron Half plate   2000
Iron Full plate   2500
Platinum Chain shirt   3000
Platinum Scale mail   3000
Platinum Chainmail   3500
Platinum Breastplate  3500
Platinum Banded           3500
Platinum Splint mail   4000
Platinum Half plate   4000
Platinum Full plate   5000
Adamantium Chain shirt   7000
Adamantium Scale mail   7000
Adamantium Chainmail   8000
Adamantium Breastplate   8000
Adamantium Banded           8000
Adamantium Splint mail   9000
Adamantium Half plate   9000
Adamantium Full plate   11,000
Cobalt Chain shirt   10,000
Cobalt Scale mail   10,000
Cobalt Chainmail   11,500
Cobalt Breastplate  11,500
Cobalt Banded   11,500
Cobalt Splint mail   13,000
Cobalt Half plate   13,000
Cobalt Full plate   14,500
+3 Metal Armors (drops)   Prices as Cobalt
Armor of the Old Guard    20,000
Bracers of the Scouts    1000
Crocodile Armor    800
Dragonskin Buckler    8000
Black Bear   800
Cougar   1000
Wolf   1000
Jaguar   1200
Worg   1600
Brown Bear   1400
Leopard   1400
Lion   1400
White Stag   1600
Crag   2000
Panther   2000
Polar Bear   2300
Grizzly Bear   2500
Dire Wolf   7000
Malar   8500
Dire Bear   9250
Dire Tiger   10,000
Hill Hound   7000
Black Bear   1000
Cougar   1200
Wolf   1200
Jaguar   1400
Worg   1900
Brown Bear   1700
Leopard   1700
Lion   1700
White Stag   2000
Crag   2400
Panther   2400
Polar Bear   2750
Grizzly Bear   4200
Dire Wolf   8400
Malar   10,000
Dire Bear   11,000
Dire Tiger   12,000
Hill Hound   8500
+3 Leather Armor (drops)   9000
+3 Hide or Studded Leather Armor (drops)   9500
Leather of the Ogre   9200
Crocodile Armor    800
Dragonskin Buckler    8000
Squires Defense 60,000
Thin Leather 5,000
Garb of the Made Man 50,000
Silk Padded Armor   800
Dark Silk Armor   1200
Dark Padded Armor   1250
Bebelith Silk Armor   5000
Bebelith Dark Armor   12,000
Bebelith Padded Armor   ? (ck Angels prices)
Queen Silk Armor   12,000
Queen Dark Armor   17,000
Queen Bebelith Armor   17,000
Queen Padded Armor   22,500
+3 Padded Armor  9000

Iron Reinforced Clothing   1800
Platinum Reinforced Clothing   2800
Adamantium Reinforced Clothing   7000
Cobalt Reinforced Clothing   9200
Mithril Reinforced Clothing   40,000
Lesser Monk Armor   1200
Normal Monk Armor   5500
Greater Monk Armor   12,000
Lesser Mage Robes   2750
Normal Mage Robes   5500
Greater Mage Robes   9000
Lesser Rogue Armor   1400
Normal Rogue Armor   5500
Greater Rogue Armor   9200
Noble Suit of Comfort   6800
Royal Ball Gown   7400
Rocksilk Armor   84,000

Robes of Sparks   250
Robes of Acid    500
Robes of Fire    500
Robes of Lightning    500

Crafted Metal Helms   
Bronze Helm   250
Iron Helm   500
Platinum Helm   1000
Adamantium Helm   4000
Cobalt Helm   5500
Unique Helms and Headgear
Ale Googles    13,000
Circlet of Confidence (bluff, intimidate, persuade)   9000
Circlet of the Confidante    10,000
Cloth Hood   20
Death’s Visor   15,000
Dreamer’s Mask    5,000
Headband of Intellect   15,000
Helm of the Guard   15,000
Helm of Orcish Ranks   10,000
Hood of the Antimagi   50,000
Hood of Shadows   6050
Leather Hood   50
Noisemaker Helm    700
Shadowfang Hood    3900
Silk Hood   1200

(exceptional items are twice the listed price)   
(Full Price List that includes more than what is below, in the Cloaks Chest)
Ca’Duz’s Defeat   40,000
Cape of the North    1000
Cape of the Panther   450
Cloak of Az’atta (drop)   1000
Cloak of the Bullrunner 5,000
Cloak of Fortification +1   3000
Cloak of Fortification +2   10,000
Cloak of Fortification +3   40,000
Cloak of Mysteries   4500
Cloak of Protection +1 (drop)   500
Cloak of Protection +2 (drop)   2000
Cloak of Resistance +1    1500
Cloak of Resistance +2   9000
Cloak of the Bullrunner   5000
Cloak of the Nymph +1   1500
Cloak of the Nymph +2   5500
Cloak of the Nymph +3   17,000
Cloak of the Watchers (drop)   1500
Cloak of Transmutation    11,000
Darkened Light    15,000
Darkened Unicorn Cloak (drop)   10,000
Glorious Mantle (drop)   2000
Lesser Cape of Az’atta (drop)    100
Nighteyes Cloak   10,000
Rat Hunter’s   5000
Rian’s Cloak of Reflexes   500
Scribble Cloak       3500     
Selian’s Love    11,000
Stag Cloak    16,000
Vestments of Faith   20,000
Wellteal’s Wings    5000   
(exceptional items are twice the listed price)   
Archer’s Belt   2500
Archers Edge   2300
Enhanced Archers Edge   3700
Belt of Acquisition [drop]   2000
Belt of the Battle Mage   80,000
Belt of the Crag Cat   270
Belt of Cunning   2700
Belt of Eluding [drop]   6000
Belt of the Tiger   270
Belt of the Watcher’s [drop]   40,000
Black Hound Belt [drop]   10,000
Brawler’s Belt [drop]   2500
Dorand’s Brace [drop]   12,000
Element Ejector Belt U-43 [drop]   1200
Encircling Scale Belt   8200
Exceptional Belt of Cunning   10,000
Healer’s Hug   5,000
In Honor of Shadow [drop]   8,000
Swordman’s Belt [drop]   2500
Utility Belt [drop]   4000
(exceptional items are twice the listed price)   
Althus’ Touch Gloves [drop]   10,000
Assistance (bracers) [drop]   4000
Bracers of Armor +2 [drop]   3000
Bracer of Many Needles [drop]   180
Bracers of Dexterity +2 [drop]   8000
Bracers of Dexterity +3 [drop]   30,000
Bracers of the Scouts [drop]   1000
Bracers of Sigil [drop]   9000
Bracers of the Sword Dancer [drop]   2500
Dire Bear Leather Gloves   5500
Divine Gloves    9000
Dragonscale Bracers [drop]   12,000
Gloves of Animal Handling [drop]   250
Gloves of Appraisal [drop]   250
Gloves of Austerity [drop]   2500
Gloves of the Badger   180
Gloves of the Bat   90
Gloves of Care [drop]   4000
Gloves of Concentration [drop]   250
Gloves of Discipline [drop]   250
Gloves of Fury   2000
Gloves of the Hin Fist +4 [drop]   42,000
Gloves of Mischief   1800
Gloves of Miniscule Observation [drop]   6000
Gloves of the lady [drop]   2500
Gloves of the Scouts [drop]   3000
Gloves of Spellcraft [drop]   250
Gloves of Swordcraft [drop]   250
Gloves of the Tiger   2750
Greater Gloves of Appraisal [drop]   600
Greater Gloves of the Minstrel [drop]   600
Healer’s Hands   3500
Leaves of the Great Oak [drop]   2500
Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power   1000
Lich Claws   7400
Lion Leather   1350
Malar Leather   4550
Mirrored Bracers [drop]   2500
Plain Leather Gloves   40
(exceptional items are twice the listed price,
except for exc. Boots of the cougar 4500)   

Alaamiathela's Slippers [drop]   4000
Ascenders March [drop]   4000
Blue Suede Shoes [drop]   8000
Boots of Arachnea   2500
Boots of the Boar   270
Boots of the Cougar   450
Boots of Hardiness +1 [drop]   4000
Boots of Hardiness +2 [drop]   50,000
Boots of the Militia [drop]   4000
Boots of the Sun Soul +1   2500
Boots of the Sun Soul +2   9,000
Boots of the Sun Soul +3   40,000
Boots of Reflexes +2 [drop]   600
Boots of Striding +1 [drop]   1600
Boots of Striding +2 [drop]   9000
Boots of the Tiger   1375
Exceptional Boots of the Cougar    4500
Fezeeaka's Slippers of Alertness [drop]   3500
Gargoyle Boots [drop]   10,000
Greater Boots of Tumbling [drop]   3000
Hooligan’s [drop]    9000
Jaldrix's Boots of Vivacity [drop]   3500
Pit Walker’s[drop]   16,000
Shoes of the Swift   4600
Silver Slippers   15,000
Stone's Boots of Protection [drop]   3500
Stone Sheathe Boots   75,000
Swan Boots [drop]   8000
Woodland Soles   125,000
Cougar Bag   900
Crag Bag   2000
Lion Bag     4500
Malar Bag   23,000
Lesser Ability Rings (+1)   1750
Lesser Ability Amulets (+1)   2100
Moderate Ability Rings (+2)   5500
Moderate Ability Amulets (+2)   6000
Greater Ability Rings (+3)   70,000
Greater Ability Amulets (+3)   75,000

Emerald Amulet in Mithril   170,000
(Note: Saddlebag only accepts the jewelry listed below)   
(Amulets are priced 20% higher than Rings in this Category)   
Copper Ring Exceptional Alexandrite   1000
Copper Ring Exceptional Topaz   1000
Copper Ring Exceptional Greenstone   1000
Copper Ring Exceptional Garnet   1250
Bronze Ring Alexandrite   700
Bronze Ring Exceptional alexandrite   1250
Bronze Ring Topaz   700
Bronze Ring Exceptional topaz   1250
Bronze Ring Sapphire   700
Bronze Ring Fire Opal   900
Bronze Ring Diamond   3500
Platinum Ring Greenstone   750
Platinum Ring Malachite   750
Platinum Ring Fire Agate   750
Platinum Ring Aventurine   750
Platinum Ring Phenalope   1000
Platinum Ring Amethyst   1250
Platinum Ring Exceptional Amethyst   9000
Platinum Ring Feldspar   1500
Platinum Ring Exceptional Feldspar   8000
Platinum Ring Garnet   1500
Platinum Ring Exceptional garnet   7500
Silver Ring Alexandrite   1750
Silver Ring Topaz   1750
Silver Ring Sapphire   2000
Silver Ring Fire Opal   3250
Silver Ring Exceptional Fire Opal   10,000
Silver Ring Diamond   5000
Adamantium Ring Greenstone   5000
Adamantium Ring Malachite   5000
Adamantium Ring Fire Agate    6500
Adamantium Ring Aventurine   6500
Adamantium Ring Phenalope    6500
Adamantium Ring Amethyst   6500
Adamantium Ring Feldspar    10,000
Adamantium Ring Garnet   10,000
Barkskin Amulet I      2500
Barkskin Amulet II   7500
Dorand's Helper ring  (does not help crafting)   100
Dorand’s Favor Ring (does not help crafting)   1500
Designer ring (does not help crafting)   135
Crow Feather Necklace   650
Miza’s Gorget   3000
Necklace of Prayer Beads   800
Ring of the Defenders   5000
Ring of Protection +2   2000
Shield Ring I   2500
Shield Ring II   7500
Talisman of the Defenders   2500
Twisted Ring   3500

Class Specific Jewelry
Lesser Ring of Wizardry, Sorcery, Divinity, or Natural Splendor   2000
Intermediate Ring of Wizardry, Sorcery, Divinity, or Natural Splendor   3000
Greater Ring of Wizardry, Sorcery, Divinity, or Natural Splendor   4500

Charlatan’s Band: 3500
Commander’s Ring: 7000
Guardian of the Woods: 3500
Ring of the Al’Noth: 3500
Ring of the Barbarian: 5000
Ring of Divinity: 2000/3000/4500 (Lessor/Intermediate/Greater)
Ring of the Monk: 3500
Ring of Natural Splendor: 2000/3000/4500 (Lessor/Intermediate/Greater)
Ring of the Righteous 3500
Ring of the Soldier: 3500
Ring of Sorcery: 2000/3000/4500 (Lessor/Intermediate/Greater)
Ring of Wizardry: 2000/3000/4500 (Lessor/Intermediate/Greater)
Vine Ring: 3500
Lesser Elemental Enhancement   1500
Moderate Elemental Enhancement   3000
Intermediate Elemental Enhancement   7000
Greater Elemental Enhancement   12,000
Visual Effect: Cold, fire, electrical   500
Visual Effect: Holy   1000
Visual Effect: Evil   1000
Visual Effect: Sonic   750
Lesser Silver Enchantment   2500
Moderate Silver Enchantment   4500
Intermediate Silver Enchantment   7000
Greater Silver Enchantment   16,000

Minor Titanium Enchantment 2500
Lesser Titanium Enchantment 11,000
Intermediate Titanium Enchantment 14,000
Greater Titanium Enchantment 17,500
Moderate Elem. Resistance (5): Cold, Fire and Lightning   3000
Greater Elem. Resistance (10): Cold, Fire and Lightning   6000
0 Level Wands   180
1st Level Wands   450
2nd Level Wands   700
3rd Level Wands   1300
4th Level Wands   2500
5th Level Wands   4500
Saddlebag accepts only up to 20 of a specific type of spell-scroll.    
Raise Dead Scroll   7,000
Cantrips   25
1st Circle Scroll   125
2nd Circle Scroll   250
3rd Circle Scroll   450
4th Circle Scroll   1000
5th Circle Scroll   2500
6th Circle Scroll   5000
7th Circle Scroll   15,000
8th Circle Scroll   25,000
9th Circle Scroll   35,000
Hickory    25
Oak    50
Mahogany    100
Greater Parchment Paper   1000

Saddlebag accepts up to 20 of each potion.    
Aid   150
Antidote   250
Bless   50
Bull Strength   250
Cat’s Grace   250
Clarity   450
Cure Critical Wounds    400
Cure Light Wounds   5
Cure Moderate Wounds   42
Cure Serious Wounds   165
Death Armor    250
Eagle’s Spendour   250
Endurance   250
Fox’s Cunning   250
Heal (target)   1000
Invisibility   250
Ironguts   150
Lessor Restoration   250
Lore   150
Owls’ Wisdom   250
Speed/Haste   450

Star Dusts – price these the same as the spells on scrolls   
Dust of Appearance (per bag)   450
Dust of Disappearance (per bag)   450
Gnomish lenses   6000

A fully charged wand has 10 uses, at the range and power of the minimum level to cast that spell.    
0 Level Wands   180
1st Level Wands   450
2nd Level Wands   700
3rd Level Wands   1300
4th Level Wands   2500
5th Level Wands   4500
A spelled gem has 1 use, at the range and power of the minimum level to cast that spell   
0 Level Gem   30
1st Level Gem   60
2nd Level Gem   90
3rd Level Gem   170
4th Level Gem   300
Star Dusts – use the scroll prices to value the star dust   
Dust of Appearance (per bag)   450
Dust of Disappearance (per bag)   450
Pink and Green (+2 charisma)   8500
Scarlet and Blue (+2 Intelligence)   8500
Dusty Rose (+2 AC Deflection?)   1,000
Hickory   100
Oak   300
Mahogany   1000
Yew   3500
Adept Stone Gold   500
Arkolio’s Lucky Coin   200
Blessed Bird Feather   100
Gnomish lenses   6000
Holy Wafer   100
Mirror of True Reflection   25,000
Parasol of Shock Reduction   2000
Tarnished Amulet   400
Fey Horn (forces dancing)   2400
Horn of the North (summons a barbarian)   4800
Horn of Sounding (painful sound)   6000
Horn of Abyssmal Sounding (summons lessor demon)   20,000
Hickory Chimes   100

Hickory/Copper Chimes (Pan Pipes)   100
Hickory/Copper Tambourine   150
Hickory/Copper Mandolin   150
Hickory/Copper Guitar   200
Hickory/Copper Bow for Violin   100
Hickory/Copper Violin   500
Hickory/Copper Harp   200
Hickory/Copper Fey Horn    2000
Oak/Bronze Chimes (Pan Pipes)   250
Oak/Bronze Tamborine   300
Oak/Bronze Mandolin   300
Oak/Bronze Guitar   500
Oak/Bronze Bow for Violin   2000
Oak/Bronze Violin   2000
Oak/Bronze Harp   500
Oak/Bronze Horn of the North    3500
Mahogany/Gold Chimes (Pan Pipes)   750
Mahogany/Gold Tamborine   1000
Mahogany/Gold Mandolin   1000
Mahogany/Gold Guitar   1500
Mahogany/Gold Bow for Violin   750
Mahogany/Gold Violin   4500
Mahogany/Gold Harp   1500
Mahogany/Gold Horn of Sounding    5500
Yew/Platinum Chimes (Pan Pipes)   2000
Yew/Platinum Tamborine   2750
Yew/Platinum Mandolin   3500
Yew/Platinum Guitar   5500
Yew/Platinum Bow for Violin   2000
Yew/Platinum Violin   9000
Yew/Platinum Harp   3500
Yew/Platinum Horn of Abysmal Sounding    9000
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General Discussion / Riven's Vanishing Act
« on: November 02, 2011, 11:21:52 pm »
Hey all,
please forgive my vanishing act! And right in the middle of working to uberfy the saddlebag pawn. RL hit me a right hook that dropped me on the ground. I'm beginning to stand now. Hopefully I'll be back in force soon enough, and we'll do the move and uberfying of the saddlebag in good time.
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Trade and Market Hall / CRAFTERS - Seeking goods of all sorts
« on: September 29, 2011, 01:48:13 am »
*Notice tacked to bulletin boards in Craft Halls of major cities*


Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop is in need of your crafted goods!

Over 125 items in stock, but need crafted goods of all sorts - rings, necklaces, armors, weaponry, clothing, cloaks, etc.

Please consider placing your goods in the shop for a Store Credit for use on any in-stock goods, or future goods.

Come see the shop in the Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard, the SouthWest corner of the residential area - a two-story building next to a fountain. Inside the Inn, go into the back of the building to the large shop room, and there are instructions there.

Contact Riven or Tinpin, at Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop.

Thank you!
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Trade and Market Hall / Grand Opening - the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop!
« on: September 04, 2011, 03:53:56 pm »
*Small posters are placed in Major Cities and on the bulletin boards in Crafts Halls*

Grand Opening!
The Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop

Tired of selling your crafted or unused or outgrown items for diddlysquat at a pawn shop?
Now you can trade in your items for full value!

I am hoping that this shop serves the adventurers and heroes of the realms. Please let me know how it can serve you more fully. We are beginning with 18 chests and only 115 magical items (and 33 scrolls). I invite independent crafters to trade their goods to the shop to fill the chests (for Trade Credit).

Here are the guidelines:

•   Trade your items in to the shop and take items of equal value.
•   Trade higher valued items than what you take for a credit at the shop.
•   Trade lesser valued items than what you take, and make up for it in coin.
•   For all items taken from the shop there is a 10% of value charge in True to cover shop expenses, such as rent, furniture, upkeep of the shop, and the eventual expansion of the shop.
•   Every trade requires a note left for Riven detailing the trade. (// post on this thread in the forum and PLEASE LIST ALL VALUES OF ITEMS TAKEN AND GIVEN (I may not have time to check for you)//).
•   The Shop accepts no more than two of any specific item (unless it’s stackable items like scrolls or potions), so before you drop your item in a chest Examine the chest first to see if there are already two items in it. If a chest is full (but does not have two of the item) then place the item in the Overflow Chest. If the Overflow Chest is full, then we cannot accept the item in trade (until the shop expands to larger space and more chests).

TRADE VALUE OF CRAFTED GOODS: the Barter Shop uses the prices of Cailomel’s Shop for crafted goods (see his posters for prices).

* Bronze Weaponry are half the trade value of Iron Weaponry.
* Enhanced Weapons are 75% of the trade value of the specific weapon and specific enhancement.

TRADE VALUE OF FOUND TREASURES (DROPPED GOODS): For now, the Barter Shop will use 100% of Lens Pricing for dropped goods, with the following trade value exceptions:

PRICE EXCEPTIONS (and please contact me if you think there should be more exceptions) -

Brawlers Belt, Swordsman’s Belt, Archer’s Belt: 2500 True Trade Value (instead of the lens price of 1500)

All dropped/found Leather, Studded Leather, or Hide armors have the following trade value:
Leather +1 - 1,250 True in Trade Value
Studded Leather +1 - 1,500
Leather +2 – 3,000
Studded Leather +2 – 3,600
Leather +3 – 7,000
Studded Leather +3 – 8,400

All dropped/found metal armors have the following trade value:
+1 metal armors = the value of that armor in Iron.
+2 metal armors = the value of that armor in Platinum.
+3 metal armors = the value of that armor in Adamantium

Trade Value of all Scrolls:
Lv. 1 – 256 True Trade Value
Lv. 2 – 368
Lv. 3 – 641
Lv. 4 – 1,603
Lv. 5 – 3,206
Lv. 6 – 6,412
Lv. 7 – 23,750
Lv. 8 – 36,000
Lv. 9 – 57,000
Raise Dead Scroll 9,000

Silver and Topaz ring 1500
Silver and Alexandrite ring 1500
Silver and Sapphire ring 2000
Crow Feather Necklace 600

Oak club 800
Oak Quarterstaff 1250
Oak Speak 1500
Mahogany club 2500
Mahogany quarterstaff 5000
Mahogany Spear 5250
Yew  Club 40,000

Oak Shield (small) 2,500
Oak Shield (large) 3,000
Oak Shield (tower) 3,500
Mahogany Shield (small) 10,000
Mahogany Shield (large) 11,000
Mahogany Shield (tower) 12,000

Compound Oak Shorbow or Longbow 5500
Compound Mahogany Shortbow 10,000
Compound Mahogany Longbow 12,000

ARROWS (count of 500) (these prices include any type of feathers)
Oak Copper-Tipped: 750
Oak Bronze-Tipped: 1,000
Oak Iron-Tipped: 1500
Mahogany Copper-Tipped: 1500
Mahogany Bronze-Tipped: 2000
Mahogany Iron-Tipped: 2500

Special Weapons and Armors
(others not listed below may also have a special price)
Bloodfall Longsword 2500
Coward's Blade Shortsword 1500
Snakefang dagger 1250
Swashbuckler's Sabre Rapier 2500
Last Defense Greatsword 2500
Walking Stick of the Hierophant 500
Dragonskin Buckler 7,500
Dragonscale Bracers 15,000

LOCATION: Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard, owned by Tyrian Baldu’muur.
The Twin Dragon Inn is located on the Southwest side of the residential area of Leringard. It is a three-story building just East of a fountain, with no sign upon the building at present. Leringard can be sailed to from Hempstead, or hiked to (North of Krandor, East to Fort Llast, North to Blackford Castle, skirt castle on West side, North to Palden Lake, and take the West fork to Leringard).

FINDING THE SHOP INSIDE THE INN: From the main room of the lodge, take the furthest and most left door. This opens into a hall – turn right and follow it to the end to a large room that houses two different shops.

THERE ARE TWO SHOPS AT THE TWIN DRAGON: Tyrian Baldu’muur and his Apprentice Alton Tealeaf run Tyrian’s Trade Goods (chests marked in red). You are invited to purchase any of their goods for True Coins. Their prices are very reasonable and they are usually open to negotiations. At the far side of the room is the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop (chests marked in gold). Examine the bookcase and the room divider for further details and instruction.

FREE SPELL COMPONENTS: In the Barter Shop there is one chest for freely giving and freely taking spell components.

ALL ARE WELCOME ANYTIME: The doors to Twin Dragon Inn are always open. Come warm yourself by one of the fireplaces in this elaborately decorated Inn.

FREE PORTAL IN MAIN ROOM OF THE INN: Feel free to make use of the portal in the lodge.

ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE FOR RENT: Leave a note for Tyrian Baldu’muur or Alton Tealeaf regarding rooms for rent at the Twin Dragon Inn.

GIVE PRIVACY TO RESIDENTS: Please give other residents of the Inn Privacy - meaning, please do not open any door, other than the doors to gain access to the shops. Anyone caught snooping or thieving will be dealt with harshly by Tyrian's guards.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please send me a note at the Twin Dragon Inn. I welcome your ideas, and I look forward to meeting you!

~Riven Ring-Cleaver
Proprietor, Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop

Trade and Market Hall / Coming Soon - The Barter Shop!
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:03:26 pm »
*Small posters are placed on the bulletin boards in Crafts Halls*

Coming Soon – the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop!

Tired of selling your unused or outgrown items for diddlysquat at a pawn shop?
Now you can trade in your items for full value!

Seeking Craftsfolk to help fill the chests of the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop.

Also seeking suggestions on pricing and overall design of the shop.

Here are the guidelines, thus far:

Trade your items in to the shop and take items of equal value.
Trade higher valued items than what you take for a credit at the shop.
Trade lesser valued items than what you take, and make up for it in coin.
Only two of each item will are allowed in each chest, so if a chest already has two of the item you wish to trade in, you'll have to wait (except stackables)

For all items taken from the shop there is a 10% of value charge in True to cover expenses: rent, furniture, upkeep of the shop, and the eventual expansion of the shop.

Location: Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard (I’ve placed 18 chests to start this endeavor)

Trade value of found treasures (dropped items) will be 100% of Lens Pricing.
Trade value of crafted goods will be close to the prices of Cailomel, sometimes rounded up or down slightly for round numbers.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please send me a note at the Twin Dragon Inn.

~Riven Ring-Cleaver

Ask A Gamemaster / whoops! are wemics not allowed in hempstead?
« on: June 29, 2008, 02:06:58 pm »
Hopefully a quick question!

I just heard that wemics are not allowed in Hempstead....but after half an hour searching lore and the forums, I don't see any ruling on this. The sign outside Hempstead does not specifically mention wemics...

If wemics indeed are not allowed in hemp, then I've made an RP mistake for a long time now. I first entered hemp by Shiff's side, and since then i go in and out as I please, though generally slowly, and I've RP'd with folks in Hemp many times (and no-one's sent me a tell that i'm doing something wrong). I apologize if I've been making a mistake....but could someone please point me to the ruling, or give me the thumbs up or down for continuing to RP Aka'ashi Horseteaser the way I have in the past? If she is not allowed in, I'm sure she'll be very tickled that folks find this silly playful kitty so fierce as to ban from the cities!

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*Large Colorful Notices in Most Major Cities*



To Bring you Quality Magical Goods
And Weaponry and Armors

For Sale or For Rent!

Sale Prices are Listed Below.
Rental Prices are 30% of Sale Price to rent an item for 4 years (//4 years layo time, which is approximately 3 months and a week RL //)

Twin Dragon Trade Goods facilitated by Saddlebag Pawn (Riven and Slip of Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard, Room 11)
Featuring the Crafting of Tyrian Baldu'muur and goods acquired from many sources.

Come by to sip some fine wine and to delight in the music of local bards in our comfortable, warm, and spacious common room. And while your enjoying yourself, feel free to buy and sell wares at our merchant counter. Or if you have a question about a specific item when we are not behind the counter, then please send a note to Riven or Slip, care of the Twin Dragon Inn, Room 11.

Remember to support your local independent crafters!


Minor Enchantments of Lightning, Cold and Fire - 2000 True (grants 2 point of elemental damage to a weapon)
Lesser Enchantments of Fire, Electricity and Cold - 4000 True (1d4 elemental damage)
Elemental Resistance I to Fire, Electricity and Cold - 4000 True (5/- damage reduction)
Silver Weapon Enchantment I - 3000 True (2 points damage vs. undead and werebeasts)
Silver Weapon Enchantment II - 6000 True (1D4 points damage vs. undead and werebeasts)

Magic Goods:

Scion of Orn - 2000 True (can cast: clairaudience/clairvoyance, continual flame, identify, invis purge, lesser dispel, light, remove blindness/deafness, 5 charges)
Scion of Ausir - 2000 True (can cast: blindness, clarity, ghostly visiage, invis, mind fog, sanctuary)
Adept Stone - Gold - 1000 True (casts dragon breath Fire or weaken)
Adept Stone - Silver - 1000 True (casts dragon breath cold or paralysis)
Adept Stone - Bronze - 1000 True (casts dragon breath fear or lightning one time)
Adept Stone - Brass - 1000 True (casts dragon breath gas or sleep one time)
Parasol of Shock Redirection - 2500 True (umbrella, 50% electricity immunity, lvl req. 15)


For the young mage: for 5000 True we will allow you to come into the shop and study as many of these spells as ye wish. Please set up an appointment.

0 circle - 100 True each:
Light, Cure Minor Wounds. Electric Jolt

1st Circle - 250 True each:
Cure Light Wounds, True Strike, Identify, Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Grease, Summon Creature I, Bless, Sleep, Magic Missile, Ice Dagger, Shield, Shelgarn’s Persistant Blade, Color Spray

2nd Circle - 500 True each:
Cats Grace, Darkness, Ghostly Visage, Endurance, Bulls Strength, Web, Summon Creature II, Combust, Invisibility, Cloud of Bewilderment, Flame Weapon, Continual Flame, Ultravision, Melf's Acid Arrow, Lesser Dispel, Gedlee's Electric Loop

3rd Circle - 1000 True each:
Find Traps, Haste, Summon Creature III, Fireball, Dispel Magic, Scintilating Sphere, Keen Edge, Invisibility Sphere, Mestil’s Acid Breath, Magic Circle Against Alignment, Displacement, Clairaudiance/Clairvoyance, Slow, Vampiric Touch

4th Circle - 2500 True each:
Elemental Shield, Phantasmal Killer, Charm Monster, Fear, Hold Monster

5th Circle - 5000 True each:
Animate Dead, Lesser Mind Blank

Iron Weapons:

Short Sword with Fire II and Silver II enchantments - 5000 True (+1d4 fire damage, +1d4 damage vs. undead)
Mercurial Great Sword with electrical I enchantment - 3000 True (2d6 dam, crit x4, +2 electrical damage)
Mace with Electricity I Enchantment - 2000 True
Great Sword with Fire I Enchantment - 2500 True (2d6 damage, crit 19-20 x2, +2 fire damage)
Dagger with Electricity II Enchantment - 3000 True (+1d4 elect damage)
Dagger - 1000 True
Short Sword - 1000 True
Kama - 1000 True
Hand Axe - 1000 True
Falchion - 1500 True
Rapier - 1500 True
Light Hammer - 1500 True
War Hammer - 1500 True
Light Flail - 1500 True
Longsword - 1500 True
Nunchaku - 1500 True
Bastard Sword - 2000 True
Heavy Flail - 2000 True
Heavy Mace - 2000 True
Falcion - 2000 True
Battleaxe - 2000 True
Greataxe - 2000 True
Great Sword - 2000 True
Maul - 2000 True
Dwarven War Axe - 2000 True (1d10, crit x3, +1AB)

Bronze Weapons:

Dagger - 250 True
Hammer, Light - 500 True
Hand Axe - 750 True
Short Sword - 500 True
War Hammer - 750 True
Mace - 750 True
Flail, light - 750 True
Kama - 750 True
Bastard Sword - 1000 True
Rapier - 1000 True
Scimitar - 1000 True
Falcion - 1000 True
Longsword - 1000 True
Battleaxe - 1000 True
Heavy Mace - 1000 True
Flail, Heavy - 1000 True
Great Sword - 1000 True
Great Axe - 1000 True

Wood Weapons:

Oak Club - 1000 True

Unusual Weapons:

Cowards Blade - 3000 True (EB+1, casts expeditious Retreat 1/day)
Swash Bucklers Sabre - 3000 True (Rapier, EB+1, Deflection AC +1, Parry +4)
Lesser Flight of Fancy Longbow - 5000 True (AB +2 vs. humans and dwarves, bonus feat alertness, lvl req. 10)
Last Defense Great Sword - 5000 True (EB+1, +3 vs. monstrous, 2d6 dam, 19-20 crit x2, lvl req. 11)
Bloodfall Longsword - 3000 True (AB+2, EB+1)
Bloody Lash Whip - 2000 True (BD 1-3, Crit 19-20 x3, Bonus feat - disarm, on hit wounding DC-16, lvl req:16)
Whip of the Alder - 2000 True (EB+1, on hit confusion DC-20, 25%/3 rounds, lvl req. 14)
Hamaji's Fan - 4000 True (1d2 damage, +2AB, slashing damage 1d10, lvl req:14)
Snake Fang Dagger with electricity I enchantment - 4000 True (on hit poison 1d2 con damage DC14, 2 points electricity damage)
Snake Fang Dagger - 2500 True
Tooth of the Viper (50) - 1250 True (dart, AB+1, on hit poison 1d2 con damage, DC 16)
Walking Stick of the Hierophant - 750 True
Arrows of the Destroyer (50) - 1500 True (1d8 fire damage, usable by CE, CN, NE, TN only)
Bolts of the Destroyer (99) - 2000 True (1d8 fire damage, usable by CE, CN, NE, TN only)
Destroyers Breath Bullets (99) - 2000 True (1d8 fire damage, usable by CE, CN, NE, TN only)

Ranged Weapons:

Arrows of Fire (99)- 1200 True (+2 fire damage)
Arrows of Electricity (99) - 1200 True (+2 electricity damage)
Iron Shurikens (50) - 500 True
Iron Bullets (99) - 500 True
Iron Dart (50) - 500 True
Lion Sling (AB +1) - 1000 True
Hickory Short Bow - 1000 True

Armor, Helms, Shields:

Iron Chain Shirt - 3500 True (AC4, AC mod+1, Parry +3, lvl req: 8 )
Iron Scale Mail - 3500 True (AC4, AC mod +1, concentration +3, lvl req:8 )
Iron Chain Mail - 4500 True (AC5, AC mod +1, AC mod +1, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Iron Banded Armor - 4500 True (AC6, AC mod +1, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Iron Half Plate - 5500 True (AC+1, lvl req:6)
Iron Bascinet - 750 True
Iron Shield, small - 1750 True
Iron Tower Shield - 2500 True
Platinum Bascinet - 1000 True (+2 concentration and discipline)
Bronze Chain Mail - 2000 True (AC5, 5% bludgeoning immunity, lvl req:6)
Bronze Scale Mail - 2500 True (AC4, 5% bludgeoning immunity, concentration +3, lvl req:8 )
Bronze Banded Armor - 3000 True (AC6, 5%slashing immunity, concentration +3, lvl req:8 )
Bronze Half Plate - 3000 True (AC7, slashing immunity 5%, lvl req. 7)
Crocodile Armor - 3000 True (AC4, +2 vs. disease and cold)
Dragon Scale Shield - 5000 True
Noise Maker Helm - 1000 True (save vs. fear +4, concentration -1, reflex save -1)

Leather Goods:

Black Leather Armor - 1500 True (AC2, concentration +3, max dex bonus 6)
Cougar Leather Armor - 2000 True (tumble +3, lvl req:1)
Wolf Leather Armor - 2250 True (AC vs animals + 2, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Jaguar Leather Armor - 2500 True (search, spot, tumble +3, lvl req:5)
Worg Leather Armor - 3000 True (AC vs. goblinoids +2, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Lion Leather Armor - 3000 True (AC2, AC+1, will save +1, tumble +3, lvl req:10)
Leopard Leather Armor - 3000 True (AC+1, +1 fortitude save, tumble +3, lvl req:10)
Black Hide Armor - 1500 True (AC3, AC vs. slashing +1, concentration +3)
Wolf Hide Armor - 2000 True (AC3, vs. animal +2, vs. slashing +1, discipline +3, lvl req:9)
Cougar Hide Armor - 2000 True (AC3, ac vs. slashing +1, tumble +3, lvl req:3)


Blue Suede Shoes - 7000 True (+1 cha, +1 dex, +2 preform, +2 tumble, lvl req. 10)
Bracers of Many Needles - 500 True (use manticore spikes 5 times)
Bracers of the Scout - 1000 True (+1 AC, cast darkness once per day)
Gloves of the Scout - 7000 True (+1 dex, +2 hide, listen, move silent, parry, spot, lev req:10 )
Gloves of Discipline - 500 True (+3 discipline)
Gloves of Animal Handling - 500 True (+3 animal empathy)
Gloves of Concentration - 500 True (+3 concentration)
Gloves of Swordplay - 500 True (Parry +3)
Lion Leather Gloves - 1000 True (+1 AB)
Lesser Gloves of Ogre Power - 2000 True (+1 str)
Lesser Ladies Gift Robes - 3500 True
Lesser Monks Robes - 2000 True
Lesser Mages Robes - 2000 True
Robes of Fire - 500 True (fire resistance 10)
Robes of Lightning - 500 True (electrical resistance 10)
Robes of Acid - 500 True (acid resistance 10)
Panther Cloak - 1000 True (+3 hide and move silent)
Cloak of the Watchers - 2000 True
Lesser Cloak of Azzata - 1000 True (casts sanctuary, 25 charges)
Cloak of Azzatta - 2500 True (save vs. poison +4, casts sactuary 2x per day)
Cloak of the North - 3000 True (+5 vs. cold)
Belt of Aquasition - 3000 True (cast expeditious retreat 1/day, dex +1, pick pocket +5)
Utility Belt - 3000 True (disable trap, open lock, set trap +5, dex +1, wisdom -2, listen and hide -2, move silent -8 )


Wand of Electric Jolt - 500 True
Wand of Burning Hands - 1000 True
Wand of Camoflage - 1000 True
Wand of Magic Missle - 1000 True
Wand of Neutralize Poison - 2000 True
Wand of Bull's Strength - 2000 True
Wand of Melf's Acid Arrows - 2000 True
Wand of Lightning Bolt - 3000 True

1000 True each
(all books have 25 charges)

Sonnett of Summons - (can cast: summon creature I, II, and III, useable by Bard)
Dissertation on Divinity - (can cast: clairaudience/clairvoyance, find traps, identify)
Seeing the Forest for the Trees - (casts: invis purge, camoflage, one with the land, ranger only)
Permutations on Protection - (can cast minor glove of invulnerability and protection from alignment, usable by: sorceror and bard)
Essays on Enchantment - (casts charm monster, charm person/animal, hold monster)
Ashes to Ashes - (casts: contagion, infestation of maggots, poison, useable by Cleric, Druid)
To Become or Not To Become - (casts: foxes cunning, keen edge, slow, useable by wizard)
Fooled You - (casts: displacement, improved invisibility, silence, useable by sorceror, wizard, bard)
Skullduggery - (casts: expeditious retreat, find traps, knock, useable by Rogue)

Traps and Tools:

Traps 500 True each

Average Frost Trap
Average Spike Trap
Average Holy Trap
Average Sonic Trap

Thieves Tools +1 (ten count) - 1000 True


Wizardry Ring I - 2000 True (grants three bonus spells of the first circle of the arcane)
Wizardry Ring II - 5000 True (grants three bonus spells of the second circle of the arcane)
Wizardry Ring III - 12000 True (grants three bonus third level arcane spells)
Divinity Ring I - 2000 True (grants three bonus first level spells of the divine)
Divinity Ring II - 5000 True (grants three bonus second level divine spells)
Divinity Ring III - 12000 True (grants three bonus third level divine spells)
Prayer Beads - 2000 True (cast bless once per day)

Lesser Ability Rings - (+1 to ability score) - All Abilities available
2250 True each
Amulets available as well - 2750 each

Silver Rings
Silver rings with Alexandrite - 3000 (+4 skill Dicipline & Taunt, lvl req:5)
Silver rings with Topaz - 3000 (+4 skill Hide in Shadows & Move Silently, lvl req:5)
Silver rings with Sapphire - 3000 (+4 skill Spellcraft & Concentration, lvl req:5)
Silver rings with Fire Opal - 5000 (+2 reflex save increase, lvl req:7)

Platinum Rings
Platinum rings with Greenstone - 1500 (+2 save increase vs. poison, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Malachite - 1500 (+2 save increase vs. disease, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Fire Agate - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. fire, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Aventurine - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. electricity, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Phenalope - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. cold, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Amethyst - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. acid, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Feldspar - 3000 (+2 save increase vs. death, lvl req:7 )
Platinum rings with Garnet - 3000 (+2 save increase vs. mind affecting, lvl req:7)

Amulets can be made as well, many in stock today!

Exceptional Items:

Exceptional Feldspar ring set in copper - 1000 True (death saves +2)
Exceptional Feldspar set in copper amulet - 1500 True (death saves +2)

Crafting Rings:

The Designer - +4 Craft Armor (or robes/clothes) (lv1)
Dorand's Helper - +2 Appraise, +3 Craft Weapons (lv 2)
Dorand's Favor - +4 Appraise, +5 Craft Weapons (lv 5)
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Layonara Server / If you used Persistent Chest in Hemp Recently...
« on: March 07, 2008, 11:10:19 pm »
The left most persistent chest is stuck open in the hempstead bank. If you were the one who by chance left it open, I was told your goods will disappear with the next server reset, unless you take them out of the chest, and put them into something else.
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