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Trade and Market Hall / Grand Opening - the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop!
« on: September 04, 2011, 03:53:56 pm »
*Small posters are placed in Major Cities and on the bulletin boards in Crafts Halls*

Grand Opening!
The Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop

Tired of selling your crafted or unused or outgrown items for diddlysquat at a pawn shop?
Now you can trade in your items for full value!

I am hoping that this shop serves the adventurers and heroes of the realms. Please let me know how it can serve you more fully. We are beginning with 18 chests and only 115 magical items (and 33 scrolls). I invite independent crafters to trade their goods to the shop to fill the chests (for Trade Credit).

Here are the guidelines:

•   Trade your items in to the shop and take items of equal value.
•   Trade higher valued items than what you take for a credit at the shop.
•   Trade lesser valued items than what you take, and make up for it in coin.
•   For all items taken from the shop there is a 10% of value charge in True to cover shop expenses, such as rent, furniture, upkeep of the shop, and the eventual expansion of the shop.
•   Every trade requires a note left for Riven detailing the trade. (// post on this thread in the forum and PLEASE LIST ALL VALUES OF ITEMS TAKEN AND GIVEN (I may not have time to check for you)//).
•   The Shop accepts no more than two of any specific item (unless it’s stackable items like scrolls or potions), so before you drop your item in a chest Examine the chest first to see if there are already two items in it. If a chest is full (but does not have two of the item) then place the item in the Overflow Chest. If the Overflow Chest is full, then we cannot accept the item in trade (until the shop expands to larger space and more chests).

TRADE VALUE OF CRAFTED GOODS: the Barter Shop uses the prices of Cailomel’s Shop for crafted goods (see his posters for prices).

* Bronze Weaponry are half the trade value of Iron Weaponry.
* Enhanced Weapons are 75% of the trade value of the specific weapon and specific enhancement.

TRADE VALUE OF FOUND TREASURES (DROPPED GOODS): For now, the Barter Shop will use 100% of Lens Pricing for dropped goods, with the following trade value exceptions:

PRICE EXCEPTIONS (and please contact me if you think there should be more exceptions) -

Brawlers Belt, Swordsman’s Belt, Archer’s Belt: 2500 True Trade Value (instead of the lens price of 1500)

All dropped/found Leather, Studded Leather, or Hide armors have the following trade value:
Leather +1 - 1,250 True in Trade Value
Studded Leather +1 - 1,500
Leather +2 – 3,000
Studded Leather +2 – 3,600
Leather +3 – 7,000
Studded Leather +3 – 8,400

All dropped/found metal armors have the following trade value:
+1 metal armors = the value of that armor in Iron.
+2 metal armors = the value of that armor in Platinum.
+3 metal armors = the value of that armor in Adamantium

Trade Value of all Scrolls:
Lv. 1 – 256 True Trade Value
Lv. 2 – 368
Lv. 3 – 641
Lv. 4 – 1,603
Lv. 5 – 3,206
Lv. 6 – 6,412
Lv. 7 – 23,750
Lv. 8 – 36,000
Lv. 9 – 57,000
Raise Dead Scroll 9,000

Silver and Topaz ring 1500
Silver and Alexandrite ring 1500
Silver and Sapphire ring 2000
Crow Feather Necklace 600

Oak club 800
Oak Quarterstaff 1250
Oak Speak 1500
Mahogany club 2500
Mahogany quarterstaff 5000
Mahogany Spear 5250
Yew  Club 40,000

Oak Shield (small) 2,500
Oak Shield (large) 3,000
Oak Shield (tower) 3,500
Mahogany Shield (small) 10,000
Mahogany Shield (large) 11,000
Mahogany Shield (tower) 12,000

Compound Oak Shorbow or Longbow 5500
Compound Mahogany Shortbow 10,000
Compound Mahogany Longbow 12,000

ARROWS (count of 500) (these prices include any type of feathers)
Oak Copper-Tipped: 750
Oak Bronze-Tipped: 1,000
Oak Iron-Tipped: 1500
Mahogany Copper-Tipped: 1500
Mahogany Bronze-Tipped: 2000
Mahogany Iron-Tipped: 2500

Special Weapons and Armors
(others not listed below may also have a special price)
Bloodfall Longsword 2500
Coward's Blade Shortsword 1500
Snakefang dagger 1250
Swashbuckler's Sabre Rapier 2500
Last Defense Greatsword 2500
Walking Stick of the Hierophant 500
Dragonskin Buckler 7,500
Dragonscale Bracers 15,000

LOCATION: Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard, owned by Tyrian Baldu’muur.
The Twin Dragon Inn is located on the Southwest side of the residential area of Leringard. It is a three-story building just East of a fountain, with no sign upon the building at present. Leringard can be sailed to from Hempstead, or hiked to (North of Krandor, East to Fort Llast, North to Blackford Castle, skirt castle on West side, North to Palden Lake, and take the West fork to Leringard).

FINDING THE SHOP INSIDE THE INN: From the main room of the lodge, take the furthest and most left door. This opens into a hall – turn right and follow it to the end to a large room that houses two different shops.

THERE ARE TWO SHOPS AT THE TWIN DRAGON: Tyrian Baldu’muur and his Apprentice Alton Tealeaf run Tyrian’s Trade Goods (chests marked in red). You are invited to purchase any of their goods for True Coins. Their prices are very reasonable and they are usually open to negotiations. At the far side of the room is the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop (chests marked in gold). Examine the bookcase and the room divider for further details and instruction.

FREE SPELL COMPONENTS: In the Barter Shop there is one chest for freely giving and freely taking spell components.

ALL ARE WELCOME ANYTIME: The doors to Twin Dragon Inn are always open. Come warm yourself by one of the fireplaces in this elaborately decorated Inn.

FREE PORTAL IN MAIN ROOM OF THE INN: Feel free to make use of the portal in the lodge.

ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE FOR RENT: Leave a note for Tyrian Baldu’muur or Alton Tealeaf regarding rooms for rent at the Twin Dragon Inn.

GIVE PRIVACY TO RESIDENTS: Please give other residents of the Inn Privacy - meaning, please do not open any door, other than the doors to gain access to the shops. Anyone caught snooping or thieving will be dealt with harshly by Tyrian's guards.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please send me a note at the Twin Dragon Inn. I welcome your ideas, and I look forward to meeting you!

~Riven Ring-Cleaver
Proprietor, Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop

Trade and Market Hall / Coming Soon - The Barter Shop!
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:03:26 pm »
*Small posters are placed on the bulletin boards in Crafts Halls*

Coming Soon – the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop!

Tired of selling your unused or outgrown items for diddlysquat at a pawn shop?
Now you can trade in your items for full value!

Seeking Craftsfolk to help fill the chests of the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop.

Also seeking suggestions on pricing and overall design of the shop.

Here are the guidelines, thus far:

Trade your items in to the shop and take items of equal value.
Trade higher valued items than what you take for a credit at the shop.
Trade lesser valued items than what you take, and make up for it in coin.
Only two of each item will are allowed in each chest, so if a chest already has two of the item you wish to trade in, you'll have to wait (except stackables)

For all items taken from the shop there is a 10% of value charge in True to cover expenses: rent, furniture, upkeep of the shop, and the eventual expansion of the shop.

Location: Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard (I’ve placed 18 chests to start this endeavor)

Trade value of found treasures (dropped items) will be 100% of Lens Pricing.
Trade value of crafted goods will be close to the prices of Cailomel, sometimes rounded up or down slightly for round numbers.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please send me a note at the Twin Dragon Inn.

~Riven Ring-Cleaver

Ask A Gamemaster / whoops! are wemics not allowed in hempstead?
« on: June 29, 2008, 02:06:58 pm »
Hopefully a quick question!

I just heard that wemics are not allowed in Hempstead....but after half an hour searching lore and the forums, I don't see any ruling on this. The sign outside Hempstead does not specifically mention wemics...

If wemics indeed are not allowed in hemp, then I've made an RP mistake for a long time now. I first entered hemp by Shiff's side, and since then i go in and out as I please, though generally slowly, and I've RP'd with folks in Hemp many times (and no-one's sent me a tell that i'm doing something wrong). I apologize if I've been making a mistake....but could someone please point me to the ruling, or give me the thumbs up or down for continuing to RP Aka'ashi Horseteaser the way I have in the past? If she is not allowed in, I'm sure she'll be very tickled that folks find this silly playful kitty so fierce as to ban from the cities!

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*Large Colorful Notices in Most Major Cities*



To Bring you Quality Magical Goods
And Weaponry and Armors

For Sale or For Rent!

Sale Prices are Listed Below.
Rental Prices are 30% of Sale Price to rent an item for 4 years (//4 years layo time, which is approximately 3 months and a week RL //)

Twin Dragon Trade Goods facilitated by Saddlebag Pawn (Riven and Slip of Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard, Room 11)
Featuring the Crafting of Tyrian Baldu'muur and goods acquired from many sources.

Come by to sip some fine wine and to delight in the music of local bards in our comfortable, warm, and spacious common room. And while your enjoying yourself, feel free to buy and sell wares at our merchant counter. Or if you have a question about a specific item when we are not behind the counter, then please send a note to Riven or Slip, care of the Twin Dragon Inn, Room 11.

Remember to support your local independent crafters!


Minor Enchantments of Lightning, Cold and Fire - 2000 True (grants 2 point of elemental damage to a weapon)
Lesser Enchantments of Fire, Electricity and Cold - 4000 True (1d4 elemental damage)
Elemental Resistance I to Fire, Electricity and Cold - 4000 True (5/- damage reduction)
Silver Weapon Enchantment I - 3000 True (2 points damage vs. undead and werebeasts)
Silver Weapon Enchantment II - 6000 True (1D4 points damage vs. undead and werebeasts)

Magic Goods:

Scion of Orn - 2000 True (can cast: clairaudience/clairvoyance, continual flame, identify, invis purge, lesser dispel, light, remove blindness/deafness, 5 charges)
Scion of Ausir - 2000 True (can cast: blindness, clarity, ghostly visiage, invis, mind fog, sanctuary)
Adept Stone - Gold - 1000 True (casts dragon breath Fire or weaken)
Adept Stone - Silver - 1000 True (casts dragon breath cold or paralysis)
Adept Stone - Bronze - 1000 True (casts dragon breath fear or lightning one time)
Adept Stone - Brass - 1000 True (casts dragon breath gas or sleep one time)
Parasol of Shock Redirection - 2500 True (umbrella, 50% electricity immunity, lvl req. 15)


For the young mage: for 5000 True we will allow you to come into the shop and study as many of these spells as ye wish. Please set up an appointment.

0 circle - 100 True each:
Light, Cure Minor Wounds. Electric Jolt

1st Circle - 250 True each:
Cure Light Wounds, True Strike, Identify, Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Grease, Summon Creature I, Bless, Sleep, Magic Missile, Ice Dagger, Shield, Shelgarn’s Persistant Blade, Color Spray

2nd Circle - 500 True each:
Cats Grace, Darkness, Ghostly Visage, Endurance, Bulls Strength, Web, Summon Creature II, Combust, Invisibility, Cloud of Bewilderment, Flame Weapon, Continual Flame, Ultravision, Melf's Acid Arrow, Lesser Dispel, Gedlee's Electric Loop

3rd Circle - 1000 True each:
Find Traps, Haste, Summon Creature III, Fireball, Dispel Magic, Scintilating Sphere, Keen Edge, Invisibility Sphere, Mestil’s Acid Breath, Magic Circle Against Alignment, Displacement, Clairaudiance/Clairvoyance, Slow, Vampiric Touch

4th Circle - 2500 True each:
Elemental Shield, Phantasmal Killer, Charm Monster, Fear, Hold Monster

5th Circle - 5000 True each:
Animate Dead, Lesser Mind Blank

Iron Weapons:

Short Sword with Fire II and Silver II enchantments - 5000 True (+1d4 fire damage, +1d4 damage vs. undead)
Mercurial Great Sword with electrical I enchantment - 3000 True (2d6 dam, crit x4, +2 electrical damage)
Mace with Electricity I Enchantment - 2000 True
Great Sword with Fire I Enchantment - 2500 True (2d6 damage, crit 19-20 x2, +2 fire damage)
Dagger with Electricity II Enchantment - 3000 True (+1d4 elect damage)
Dagger - 1000 True
Short Sword - 1000 True
Kama - 1000 True
Hand Axe - 1000 True
Falchion - 1500 True
Rapier - 1500 True
Light Hammer - 1500 True
War Hammer - 1500 True
Light Flail - 1500 True
Longsword - 1500 True
Nunchaku - 1500 True
Bastard Sword - 2000 True
Heavy Flail - 2000 True
Heavy Mace - 2000 True
Falcion - 2000 True
Battleaxe - 2000 True
Greataxe - 2000 True
Great Sword - 2000 True
Maul - 2000 True
Dwarven War Axe - 2000 True (1d10, crit x3, +1AB)

Bronze Weapons:

Dagger - 250 True
Hammer, Light - 500 True
Hand Axe - 750 True
Short Sword - 500 True
War Hammer - 750 True
Mace - 750 True
Flail, light - 750 True
Kama - 750 True
Bastard Sword - 1000 True
Rapier - 1000 True
Scimitar - 1000 True
Falcion - 1000 True
Longsword - 1000 True
Battleaxe - 1000 True
Heavy Mace - 1000 True
Flail, Heavy - 1000 True
Great Sword - 1000 True
Great Axe - 1000 True

Wood Weapons:

Oak Club - 1000 True

Unusual Weapons:

Cowards Blade - 3000 True (EB+1, casts expeditious Retreat 1/day)
Swash Bucklers Sabre - 3000 True (Rapier, EB+1, Deflection AC +1, Parry +4)
Lesser Flight of Fancy Longbow - 5000 True (AB +2 vs. humans and dwarves, bonus feat alertness, lvl req. 10)
Last Defense Great Sword - 5000 True (EB+1, +3 vs. monstrous, 2d6 dam, 19-20 crit x2, lvl req. 11)
Bloodfall Longsword - 3000 True (AB+2, EB+1)
Bloody Lash Whip - 2000 True (BD 1-3, Crit 19-20 x3, Bonus feat - disarm, on hit wounding DC-16, lvl req:16)
Whip of the Alder - 2000 True (EB+1, on hit confusion DC-20, 25%/3 rounds, lvl req. 14)
Hamaji's Fan - 4000 True (1d2 damage, +2AB, slashing damage 1d10, lvl req:14)
Snake Fang Dagger with electricity I enchantment - 4000 True (on hit poison 1d2 con damage DC14, 2 points electricity damage)
Snake Fang Dagger - 2500 True
Tooth of the Viper (50) - 1250 True (dart, AB+1, on hit poison 1d2 con damage, DC 16)
Walking Stick of the Hierophant - 750 True
Arrows of the Destroyer (50) - 1500 True (1d8 fire damage, usable by CE, CN, NE, TN only)
Bolts of the Destroyer (99) - 2000 True (1d8 fire damage, usable by CE, CN, NE, TN only)
Destroyers Breath Bullets (99) - 2000 True (1d8 fire damage, usable by CE, CN, NE, TN only)

Ranged Weapons:

Arrows of Fire (99)- 1200 True (+2 fire damage)
Arrows of Electricity (99) - 1200 True (+2 electricity damage)
Iron Shurikens (50) - 500 True
Iron Bullets (99) - 500 True
Iron Dart (50) - 500 True
Lion Sling (AB +1) - 1000 True
Hickory Short Bow - 1000 True

Armor, Helms, Shields:

Iron Chain Shirt - 3500 True (AC4, AC mod+1, Parry +3, lvl req: 8 )
Iron Scale Mail - 3500 True (AC4, AC mod +1, concentration +3, lvl req:8 )
Iron Chain Mail - 4500 True (AC5, AC mod +1, AC mod +1, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Iron Banded Armor - 4500 True (AC6, AC mod +1, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Iron Half Plate - 5500 True (AC+1, lvl req:6)
Iron Bascinet - 750 True
Iron Shield, small - 1750 True
Iron Tower Shield - 2500 True
Platinum Bascinet - 1000 True (+2 concentration and discipline)
Bronze Chain Mail - 2000 True (AC5, 5% bludgeoning immunity, lvl req:6)
Bronze Scale Mail - 2500 True (AC4, 5% bludgeoning immunity, concentration +3, lvl req:8 )
Bronze Banded Armor - 3000 True (AC6, 5%slashing immunity, concentration +3, lvl req:8 )
Bronze Half Plate - 3000 True (AC7, slashing immunity 5%, lvl req. 7)
Crocodile Armor - 3000 True (AC4, +2 vs. disease and cold)
Dragon Scale Shield - 5000 True
Noise Maker Helm - 1000 True (save vs. fear +4, concentration -1, reflex save -1)

Leather Goods:

Black Leather Armor - 1500 True (AC2, concentration +3, max dex bonus 6)
Cougar Leather Armor - 2000 True (tumble +3, lvl req:1)
Wolf Leather Armor - 2250 True (AC vs animals + 2, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Jaguar Leather Armor - 2500 True (search, spot, tumble +3, lvl req:5)
Worg Leather Armor - 3000 True (AC vs. goblinoids +2, Discipline +3, lvl req:8 )
Lion Leather Armor - 3000 True (AC2, AC+1, will save +1, tumble +3, lvl req:10)
Leopard Leather Armor - 3000 True (AC+1, +1 fortitude save, tumble +3, lvl req:10)
Black Hide Armor - 1500 True (AC3, AC vs. slashing +1, concentration +3)
Wolf Hide Armor - 2000 True (AC3, vs. animal +2, vs. slashing +1, discipline +3, lvl req:9)
Cougar Hide Armor - 2000 True (AC3, ac vs. slashing +1, tumble +3, lvl req:3)


Blue Suede Shoes - 7000 True (+1 cha, +1 dex, +2 preform, +2 tumble, lvl req. 10)
Bracers of Many Needles - 500 True (use manticore spikes 5 times)
Bracers of the Scout - 1000 True (+1 AC, cast darkness once per day)
Gloves of the Scout - 7000 True (+1 dex, +2 hide, listen, move silent, parry, spot, lev req:10 )
Gloves of Discipline - 500 True (+3 discipline)
Gloves of Animal Handling - 500 True (+3 animal empathy)
Gloves of Concentration - 500 True (+3 concentration)
Gloves of Swordplay - 500 True (Parry +3)
Lion Leather Gloves - 1000 True (+1 AB)
Lesser Gloves of Ogre Power - 2000 True (+1 str)
Lesser Ladies Gift Robes - 3500 True
Lesser Monks Robes - 2000 True
Lesser Mages Robes - 2000 True
Robes of Fire - 500 True (fire resistance 10)
Robes of Lightning - 500 True (electrical resistance 10)
Robes of Acid - 500 True (acid resistance 10)
Panther Cloak - 1000 True (+3 hide and move silent)
Cloak of the Watchers - 2000 True
Lesser Cloak of Azzata - 1000 True (casts sanctuary, 25 charges)
Cloak of Azzatta - 2500 True (save vs. poison +4, casts sactuary 2x per day)
Cloak of the North - 3000 True (+5 vs. cold)
Belt of Aquasition - 3000 True (cast expeditious retreat 1/day, dex +1, pick pocket +5)
Utility Belt - 3000 True (disable trap, open lock, set trap +5, dex +1, wisdom -2, listen and hide -2, move silent -8 )


Wand of Electric Jolt - 500 True
Wand of Burning Hands - 1000 True
Wand of Camoflage - 1000 True
Wand of Magic Missle - 1000 True
Wand of Neutralize Poison - 2000 True
Wand of Bull's Strength - 2000 True
Wand of Melf's Acid Arrows - 2000 True
Wand of Lightning Bolt - 3000 True

1000 True each
(all books have 25 charges)

Sonnett of Summons - (can cast: summon creature I, II, and III, useable by Bard)
Dissertation on Divinity - (can cast: clairaudience/clairvoyance, find traps, identify)
Seeing the Forest for the Trees - (casts: invis purge, camoflage, one with the land, ranger only)
Permutations on Protection - (can cast minor glove of invulnerability and protection from alignment, usable by: sorceror and bard)
Essays on Enchantment - (casts charm monster, charm person/animal, hold monster)
Ashes to Ashes - (casts: contagion, infestation of maggots, poison, useable by Cleric, Druid)
To Become or Not To Become - (casts: foxes cunning, keen edge, slow, useable by wizard)
Fooled You - (casts: displacement, improved invisibility, silence, useable by sorceror, wizard, bard)
Skullduggery - (casts: expeditious retreat, find traps, knock, useable by Rogue)

Traps and Tools:

Traps 500 True each

Average Frost Trap
Average Spike Trap
Average Holy Trap
Average Sonic Trap

Thieves Tools +1 (ten count) - 1000 True


Wizardry Ring I - 2000 True (grants three bonus spells of the first circle of the arcane)
Wizardry Ring II - 5000 True (grants three bonus spells of the second circle of the arcane)
Wizardry Ring III - 12000 True (grants three bonus third level arcane spells)
Divinity Ring I - 2000 True (grants three bonus first level spells of the divine)
Divinity Ring II - 5000 True (grants three bonus second level divine spells)
Divinity Ring III - 12000 True (grants three bonus third level divine spells)
Prayer Beads - 2000 True (cast bless once per day)

Lesser Ability Rings - (+1 to ability score) - All Abilities available
2250 True each
Amulets available as well - 2750 each

Silver Rings
Silver rings with Alexandrite - 3000 (+4 skill Dicipline & Taunt, lvl req:5)
Silver rings with Topaz - 3000 (+4 skill Hide in Shadows & Move Silently, lvl req:5)
Silver rings with Sapphire - 3000 (+4 skill Spellcraft & Concentration, lvl req:5)
Silver rings with Fire Opal - 5000 (+2 reflex save increase, lvl req:7)

Platinum Rings
Platinum rings with Greenstone - 1500 (+2 save increase vs. poison, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Malachite - 1500 (+2 save increase vs. disease, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Fire Agate - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. fire, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Aventurine - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. electricity, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Phenalope - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. cold, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Amethyst - 2000 (+2 save increase vs. acid, lvl req:5)
Platinum rings with Feldspar - 3000 (+2 save increase vs. death, lvl req:7 )
Platinum rings with Garnet - 3000 (+2 save increase vs. mind affecting, lvl req:7)

Amulets can be made as well, many in stock today!

Exceptional Items:

Exceptional Feldspar ring set in copper - 1000 True (death saves +2)
Exceptional Feldspar set in copper amulet - 1500 True (death saves +2)

Crafting Rings:

The Designer - +4 Craft Armor (or robes/clothes) (lv1)
Dorand's Helper - +2 Appraise, +3 Craft Weapons (lv 2)
Dorand's Favor - +4 Appraise, +5 Craft Weapons (lv 5)
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Layonara Server / If you used Persistent Chest in Hemp Recently...
« on: March 07, 2008, 11:10:19 pm »
The left most persistent chest is stuck open in the hempstead bank. If you were the one who by chance left it open, I was told your goods will disappear with the next server reset, unless you take them out of the chest, and put them into something else.
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