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Development Journals and Discussion / Ashi's Heartsongs
« on: February 12, 2008, 12:53:28 am »
Deathsong of the Wemic
(sung in the tongue of the wemic)

She was singing, the elven lady,
Our battle dance enboldened.
Her song uplifting arms and spirits,
As the blades were falling.

But the satyrs wove their magery
And one by one my comrades froze
I, prancing in the back with darts,
Could see the peril, danger rose.

A child clung to shoulders, screamed,
It’s mouth hung open, eyes did grieve.
If it had held to my lion waist,
I’d have run, and run, to keep it safe.

But danger grew, so Ashi charged,
Distracting foe, and piercing hide,
Yet magicks broke her will and mind,
Foe’s fire burnt her courage and pride.

She fled, no thoughts, terror lead,
Her loins undone, as her paws sped,
From danger into worse, she ran,
Her head and mind and heart unbound.

So falling, pierced, and pummeled deep,
Sweet Ashi fell into dark sleep,
Her soul, like petals on her bones,
Unfurled and flew apart, forlorn.

Black Void, no tears? Where can I be?
Terror fleeing, heart song pealing,
Lyric melodies surround,
Calming, soothing, inner ground.

This tune, if only I had known,
To still the fear, to unbind the stunned.
To fill with power and victory and Light,
I’d have turned that battle into the Bright.

But now I am lost, no light, no sight,
My battle friends are far away,
But only one dim thought remains,
I pray for the child to see the day.

Silence, stillness, no breathe, no pulse.
I hover, in darkness, being or not?
No will, no wish, no dream, just peace.
It is done. Let it be. This is all. Enough.

Trade and Market Hall / Sand, Clay, Copper, Tin, and Clay Molds
« on: February 11, 2008, 02:39:33 am »
*Posted on a rough parchment in the Scamp's Mug*

Sand 40 true a bag
Clay 25 true a bag
Copper ore 60 true a lump
Tin ore 60 true a lump
Copper ingots 90 true an ingot
Clay molds - make an offer!

Post yer needs, and I'll find ye!
Bron Shovel-Breaker Pick-Cracker Ox-Dragger

*posted in neat blocky letters on parchments in taverns of Hempstead, Fort Wayfare, Krandor, and Hlint*

The Saddlebag Pawn Shop

New and Used Bronze and Iron Weaponry and Iron Shields

Tired of selling your used dented rusty weaponry to cheap pawn shops who only pay you 3% of it’s worth?
Tired of lugging your old weaponry from town to town, looking for a pawn shop that has the true to buy it?
Or are you a crafter, tired of trying to find buyers for your wares?

Riven and Slip's Saddlebag Pawn Shop comes to you, and pays far more than the city pawn shops.
We buy and sell used bronze and iron weaponry.
If you buy a blade from us, you can sell it back to us when you’ve outgrown it!
We also buy new weaponry, but only from the smith that has crafted it.
And we hold weapons on commission.

We’re still studying the prices of the market, and haven’t yet ironed out our prices, but your sure to get a fair deal with us, and once we have sure prices, we’ll post them.

Leave a note for us at the Krandor General Store, or the Scamp’s Mug, or look for us and our oxes with saddlebags brimming full of gear, as we ply our trade between Hempstead, Fort Wayfare, and Krandor.

Riven and Slip
*brief description of characters here*

Ask A Gamemaster / Question re: Economy of Layo, and Selling Used Weaponry
« on: February 07, 2008, 01:17:56 pm »
Request permission to sell USED weaponry at less than 20% off the price of a new weapon.

Riven and Slip are wanting to go into business as the Saddlebag Pawn Shop – buying and selling used weaponry (and only used weaponry). Used weapons are worth less than new, as they may have struck trees or mining boulders accidentally, and could be one strike away from breaking. Therefore, we wish to buy them, like the pawn shops in cities do, at a low price (we’ll pay roughly twice what the other pawn shops do), and sell them for maybe 25% - 50% off the Lens price of a new weapon, depending on how the numbers come out.

I already sold a couple, before seeing a post that encourages all to sell at the standard price, or no more than 20% off if RP warrants it. But I think used weaponry is worth less than new, and should be sold at less, because it could break. The shop would offer no guarantees of not breaking at the first accidental strike of a tree.

Let me know what you think! And if it would be okay for the economy of Layo.


Server Rules / Questions about game system and wemics
« on: February 04, 2008, 08:29:26 pm »
have a few questions i haven't found the answers for in LORE or nwn rules. Would appreciate any insights!

I noticed there do not seem to be any attacks of opportunity when dueling with fisticuffs in the arena. Is this the way it is all over layonara?

Do the claws on a wemic's hand to any extra damage? do they receive Improved Unarmed Strike?

A wemic receives -2 AC for being a large creature. If they use the Knockdown feat, are they considered large, or is the feat used from their base race of human (Medium)? If they learn Improved Knockdown, what size category are they effectively using the feat as?

Does Weapon Finesse allow larger weapons to be finessed if a large race has the Weapon Finesse feat?

Wemics can use a two-handed weapon in one hand. Can they use a two-bladed sword or other double weapon in one hand?

Does activating Bard Song create an attack of opportunity?

Are wemic's multi-classing rules as that of a human?

Does the hair color one choose affect the fur of the wemic's body? or is the fur a standard color?

Whew! thanks for illuminating my understanding!

Ask A Gamemaster / Are Animal Companions Allowed in Cities?
« on: January 31, 2008, 11:43:22 am »
I'd like to hear a definitive ruling on whether animal companions are allowed in cities, as my character travels with an animal companion, and I've heard different things from different players.

It seems reasonable to me that a Ranger or Druid can keep their animal companion "heeled" and obviously appearing to be following his orders and not acting threatening to anyone.

I witnessed a DM (Auroborus) rule this way, and it made sense. However I'd like an official ruling here, so I have an answer to any player who challenges the presence of an animal companion in the city.

Thanks for all your endeavors to make this an awesome site!

Trade and Market Hall / Comfrey - 2 Boxes
« on: January 26, 2008, 02:31:08 am »
*small notice in Scamp's Mug*

Two Boxes of Comfrey For Sale
Fresh, clean, fragrant.
1200 for the two, or best offer.

Trade and Market Hall / What Be the Value of Metals?
« on: January 24, 2008, 11:03:09 pm »
*marked in crude blocky charcoal letters on an old parchment, posted in the tavern in Hlint*

Dwarven Miner seeking True
What be the going rate of lumps of metal such as Copper or Tin?
What be the going rates of ingots of metal such as Copper or Tin?
Be there a miner who can show me the location of mines?

*a one-sided pick is drawn on the parchment*
Bron the Pick Crusher

Trade and Market Hall / 40 bags of sand, delivered to yer door!
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:07:47 pm »
*charcoal crumpled note in Hlint tavern*

40 bags o sand, delivered to yer door!
Write yer location, and what ye kin pay fer the diggin and transportin.

*one sided war pick drawn with charcoal*
Bron the Shovel-Breaker

Trade and Market Hall / Archer's and Bowyers - items for sale
« on: January 17, 2008, 03:37:51 am »
*rough note tacked in Scamp's Mug*

Box o' Stirge Wings for sale
Box o' Feathers of Raven for sale
40 hickory shafts for missile weapons
20 oak shafts for missile weapons
Box of venom sacks from miscellaneous spiders

Bracers of the Scout, lv 8, +1 Armor, Darkness 1/day, Camouflage 3x
(Lens of Pricing say Bracers of the Scout is worth 3,768g)

Snake Fang - dagger, lv 10, on hit DC 14, Constitution damage 1-2
(Lens of Pricing says Snake Fang worth 8004 g)

leave note here and I'll get back to you!

Wild Surge Inn / Sable Horse Slain
« on: January 13, 2008, 10:21:32 pm »
*Note tacked to board in Fort Vehl*

Apologies - Sable Horse Slain
My fault, as I had thought my wolf would hold the yeti back, but it followed. I battled it on the edge o town till i fell unconscious. Then the yeti headed closer to Vehl, ran up to the stables, and before the guard saw it, it pummeled a black horse that was standing outside the stable, and ate it on the spot. I'm sorry, to the owner, and will make recompense if I can. I should have known better than run to the edge o town, before dying, but i thought my summoned hound was holdin it back for me to escape.

Leave a note here, and I'll track ye down.

Trade and Market Hall / Snake Fang, bronze weaponry, minor magic...
« on: January 04, 2008, 05:42:00 pm »
*a slightly dirty torn parchment is tacked to the board in the Scamp's Mug in Hempstead"

Snake Fang dagger for sale if your offer interests me - weakens the vitality (save or damages constitution) (item level 10 I believe)

bronze scimitre, slightly used
bronze short sword, slightly used
glowing trident (-1 enhancement bonus)
glowing dagger (-1 enhancement bonus)
Aid (kobald sticks) x5
Scrolls x1: darkness, expeditious retreat, bulls strength, summon creature I
Stardust of Grand x1: blood frenzy
Stardust of Kithairen x1: true strike
black onyx

and boxes o' aloe or elderberry or comfrey or sand, if ye need it!

Leave me a note here, or catch me in my travels and visits to Hempstead - Riven be my name, and I have spikey hedgehog hair, faded green cloak, goatee, and as my pa says, the face o' a monkey!  

Wild Surge Inn / JET - A note is slipped under your door
« on: December 27, 2007, 01:23:34 pm »
*Slipped under the door of Jet's House*

Dear Sir,
I happened to notice your door swinging in the wind, and thinking perhaps someone was ill or in need I hollered and looked about. Your home appears somewhat abandoned. I have secured the door as best I can, and if you are alive and well, then my apologies for entering your home. If you are off traveling on other continents, and only staying here on occasion, then I would be happy to keep the place tidy and clean, free of vagabonds, and in fact I would happily pay ye for the privileges, and rent a room of your house.

Please leave me a note tacked to your door in response.
Enjoy this day, and hoping you are hale and hearty.

Trade and Market Hall / Wanted - To Rent a Chest in Hlint or Hempstead
« on: December 07, 2007, 10:46:59 pm »
*posted in taverns in Hlint and Hempstead*

One Large Chest
Somewhere moderately safe.
For storing goods.
Post note here with name and location, or description of ye, so I may recognize ye!

(tall mutt o' a human, faded green cloak, rat's nest o' reddish hair, sometimes followed by a fat ox named Betsy)

Trade and Market Hall / Box of Clean Skeleton Knuckles Found
« on: December 07, 2007, 10:44:11 pm »
*posted in Hempstead and Hlint taverns*

One box o' Clean Skeleton Knucklebones For Sale or Trade!

As I was digging up a little patch o' soil in a secret glade, preparing to plant my baby aloe plants, my shovel broke upon a bony box, and opening did find it full to the brim with gristly grimey knucklebones. Strange find, i thought, in this secret place. But having no need for them, and no gambler friends to pawn them to, I scrubbed and rubbed them clean, and i hereby post these knucklebones for sale! The bone box i won't part with, but they be tucked nicely into a shiny new wood box.

Post a note, with your name and where i might find ye, or have a gander for me - your tall-sized human, with an ugly ape-like face, faded green travel cloak, a shock o' red-brown hair, and a fine braided slender double goatee. that's me!

Riven at your service!

Ask A Gamemaster / Riven's Invisible Arm
« on: December 07, 2007, 04:18:09 pm »
yesterday my arm disappeared.
well, most of it anyway - the right forearm that is.
I reloged, to no effect. Today I went to craft hall, re-crafted the right forearm of armor, and presto-chango I had an arm again....until I reloged later. Now it's gone. I have a right hand and bicep.....
is this a leprechaun's trick?
did I anger the fae deva's of the glade i'm digging up?
No offense, little guys, I'm just trying to make an aloe farm....
Riven Ring-Cleaver

Trade and Market Hall / Knucklebones, aloe, honey, bits o' sand, and more!
« on: December 05, 2007, 06:55:17 am »
*ambling through the streets of Hempstead or Hlint occasionally is seen a tall woodsman in a faded green wool cloak, leading an ox laden with sand and clay and wood, chanting in a melodious voice his wares. Ye may recognize him the next time ye see him, by his mischievious grin and amber eyes, and by the unusual double goatee and ratty reddish-brown hair framing a distinctive face that makes one wonder if his father was an ape.*

"Riven's wares, for ye!
For you maidens fair, raven feathers for your hair
Honey and honeycomb, fresh from the hives,
Aloe and yellow mushrooms, and chives.
Bits o' sand for ye to keep,
To grant the kiss o' sleep.
A box o' knucklebones for gamblin'
Or perhaps for necromantin'.
Worry not, these bones aren't from your relatives."

Ask A Gamemaster / Logging On - no words, blank?
« on: November 16, 2007, 12:39:46 am »
I just downloaded all the haks and what nots to add to the nwn game so I'll be able to play on your site when my character is approved. When I fired up nwn there were no words in the initial boxes (the ones for picking online game, restore saved game, etc.). Just blank buttons. Once I logged on to one of the nwn games I play i noticed no words in character info (didn't say what career, showed numbers for saves but not what was F, R, W, etc.). Any idea how to fix this?

Granted, i have not played nwn for 2 months, and so maybe something else whacked it out, but if any of you have had or heard of this problem and a fix, please tell me.

I took all the haks out of the software folder, one download at a time, but still have the problem....strange.


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