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Ask A Gamemaster / Riven's Invisible Arm
« on: December 07, 2007, 04:18:09 pm »
yesterday my arm disappeared.
well, most of it anyway - the right forearm that is.
I reloged, to no effect. Today I went to craft hall, re-crafted the right forearm of armor, and presto-chango I had an arm again....until I reloged later. Now it's gone. I have a right hand and bicep.....
is this a leprechaun's trick?
did I anger the fae deva's of the glade i'm digging up?
No offense, little guys, I'm just trying to make an aloe farm....
Riven Ring-Cleaver

Trade and Market Hall / Knucklebones, aloe, honey, bits o' sand, and more!
« on: December 05, 2007, 06:55:17 am »
*ambling through the streets of Hempstead or Hlint occasionally is seen a tall woodsman in a faded green wool cloak, leading an ox laden with sand and clay and wood, chanting in a melodious voice his wares. Ye may recognize him the next time ye see him, by his mischievious grin and amber eyes, and by the unusual double goatee and ratty reddish-brown hair framing a distinctive face that makes one wonder if his father was an ape.*

"Riven's wares, for ye!
For you maidens fair, raven feathers for your hair
Honey and honeycomb, fresh from the hives,
Aloe and yellow mushrooms, and chives.
Bits o' sand for ye to keep,
To grant the kiss o' sleep.
A box o' knucklebones for gamblin'
Or perhaps for necromantin'.
Worry not, these bones aren't from your relatives."

Ask A Gamemaster / Logging On - no words, blank?
« on: November 16, 2007, 12:39:46 am »
I just downloaded all the haks and what nots to add to the nwn game so I'll be able to play on your site when my character is approved. When I fired up nwn there were no words in the initial boxes (the ones for picking online game, restore saved game, etc.). Just blank buttons. Once I logged on to one of the nwn games I play i noticed no words in character info (didn't say what career, showed numbers for saves but not what was F, R, W, etc.). Any idea how to fix this?

Granted, i have not played nwn for 2 months, and so maybe something else whacked it out, but if any of you have had or heard of this problem and a fix, please tell me.

I took all the haks out of the software folder, one download at a time, but still have the problem....strange.


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