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Quote from: Harlas Ravelkione
// Trying to find a date for this (trek to Molten Isle). Looking at my schedule I suggest the or of December. Timewise either Aussie or GMT evening.

Quote from: LordCove
// Either date or time is good for me.

Quote from: stragen
// Don't worry about me as likely I cant make it

// I would prefer 21st AEDT, either morning (~22:00 20th GMT) or evening (~09:30 21st GMT) suits.


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Re: The Marked
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//I'm better for the 21st

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*Argali speaks to the others.*

"The fleet has left Arrnax. Argali regrets to be saying that the efforrts to have them followed arre bearing no frruit."

*She unfurls a large map of Layonara and lays it out over the table.*

"The nearrest lands frrom Arrnax arre the Vanavarr, the Tilmarr and the Voltrrex." *pointing across the map*

"Howeverr, if the fleet iz sailing eastwarrds," *her hand moves to the west side of the map* "then the Mistone orr the Alindorr..."

*She pauses pensively at the potential implications of that.*

"If you arre knowing anyone in the position of the authority, she iz suggesting you arre letting them know of zis development, zo they can at least be thinking about rezisting the invasion should it occurr.

"Argali visits the Bloody Gate and the Ulgrrid Kingdom to make zurre they arre knowing. She alzo sends the message to the Voltrrex."

*She looks with some measure of thought to the others.*

"Though... perrhaps... it iz anotherr island they arre heading to..."

*Her finger moves to the north of the map, between Dregar and Belinara, circling a certain rocky island.*


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*Sasha scans the map pensively.*

I have informed the Rofireinites in Fort Vehl, I hope they have taken my warning seriously. My other leads have come to nought so far. I think its time we tried to get an audience with the Queen in Trelania, she might be able to rally Spellguard behind her at least.

We are seriously running out of time.


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Spellgard is not within the confines of Trelania, though perhaps because of Allurial they would heed Blackford. I will make for Blackford, but I very much doubt the Queen is unaware of the fleet by now.

In truth, it is time for the opposing dragons to pay up, and lead the attack on the fleet before it ever reaches our shores, if such has not occurred already. It is this very thing I intend to discuss with Fisterion when I next see him.


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* Sall, who has been quiet for some time.... just laughs*

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*Sall's laughing acts like a crack to a dam that has been holding back months of accumulated tension. Argali bursts out laughing, almost uncontrollably, her cachinnation loud and long. Several times she tries to regain her propriety, only to crack up with laughter once more.*

"Zorry, zorry." *she finally wipes her eyes dry*


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// sorry this is rushed..

*Sasha, Argali and Sallaron put the word out that the BirdLord has agreed to meet with those fighting against the Dragon Cult to speak of past knowledge that may aid in the future against the Cult.*

Where: Haven, in the mountain top lake grove (above the tower)
Sun 28th December 4pm EST
Sun 28th December 9pm GMT
Mon 29th December 8am AEST

// Anyone who can attend is welcome to attend!


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* After getting the note... Sall finds Sasha.. a slight amused smirk as he glances from her to Argali *

Whats this? *shaking the note*
Thought ya couldn't trust me no more... huh?

Well I'll be there... an I got an idea how we can track her... "essence".. I reckon.

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*At the mention of trusting Sallaron, Argali pointedly looks to his chest, her lip slightly curled. She then looks back up, holding his gaze intently, the disdain plainly evident on her face.*