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Author Topic: After a haphazard landing.... ((Follow up from Ritual RP))  (Read 757 times)


Re: After a haphazard landing.... ((Follow up from Ritual RP))
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((feel free to correct me if anything is incorrectly assumed!))
 Anna guides Connor over to Tyrian after politely thanking the halfling for his help. She stands aside near (which ever door Tyrian appears to be going in and out of as she races around to help everyone), waiting for a moment to catch her. During a, perhaps rare pause, Anna greets Tyrian with a wan smile. “It has been a long time, Lady Tyrian....”
 She makes polite, but short greeting with her old friend then asks after a couple of rooms for a few weeks usage (though she doesn't seem to know exactly how long). “We cannot offer payment up front but I imagine in a few days we can see to whatever is owed. Myself, Connor, Lady Katrien an Lady Saralen,” she points out each in turn, “For certain Connor an I, the other ladies if they wish it.” She shrugs her shoulders up a little and looks a bit pensive for Tyrian's answer.


Re: After a haphazard landing.... ((Follow up from Ritual RP))
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*Tyrian stops mid stride*


*she listens to what Anna say and her reaction is immediate*

Of course of course! I have opened the rooms I rent up to all the people here already, and they're sort of sharing the beds in shifts it seems, but, I believe for the price of a few pies I can get Alton to haul his bed into my suite and you could use his for as long as you want. He used to live in a chicken shack anyhow, so I'll just smooth him over with pies.

*Winks and calls Alton over and wispers in his ear. He smiles and runs to the kitchen fetching two pies and disappears into the back room*

"Here come this way," she says and motions for the four to follow. They pass the kitchen and go through a door, then to the end of the hall. Tyrian opens the door to a huge room that has some crates and one large bed. There is even a large pool to bath in.

Tyrian says, "I can have someone haul in another bed, and perhaps some screens for privacy, and I apologize for only having the one room for the four of you. Perhaps after people start to leave we can move a few of you to the other rooms. Will this do then?"

*At some point when they are alone Tyrian would ask Anna what

//Oh! and there really is an empty room (well it's Altons but he just moved in a week ago and hasn't put anything in it yet) in the Inn that you all can really use IG if you like, if you do let me know and I can show you which one it is//


Re: After a haphazard landing.... ((Follow up from Ritual RP))
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Anna nods, seeming hugely relieved. She glances to which ever of the four came along for approval or not. She turns back to Tyrian with a faint smile.

"It will certainly do at least for the short time. Two beds will be plenty if the ladies are agreeable to sharing," she softens quite a bit, looking around the room from the doorway, "
We are so grateful for your generosity."
//No need for the room to be absconded with mechanically I don't think!