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Lana helps 'Lisa in the kitchen, taking the opportunity to ask about any tale including a high ridge you can see forever from--both down and up.  She also asks about older women in the village who might know the tale.  After dinner, she visits those 'Lisa suggested, taking small gifts of food and asking about the ridge.  Finally, she spends some time around the village well, listening to gossip and gathering information.  Reluctantly, she bids her new friends goodbye and follows Andrew.

Lana hears the story and then tells the sad and frightening tale to Andrew, Caerwyn and Emwonk, saying that she can well understand why it was used to frighten children. All kinds of lessons in that sorry story--warning against arrogance, unreasoning anger, and the dread unknown! I might tell it sometime in the dark of night around a campfire, but I'm not sure anything left there would be worth the terrible trip into the Thunder Peaks--even if the story is real.
 //Find Lana or the ones she told, if you want to hear the tale, or you might try asking thedagda.


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