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From One - Is this a dagger which I see before me...

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After the meeting with Jed, Andrew continues to collect the drawings.  Each drawing contains a picture of the dagger currently being held by Caerwyn.

He arranges them in something like chronological order as they were drawn, the best he can remember.

...what looks to be a winged female holding a small boy in one hand and in the other a knife or dagger.  The drawing is done in charcoal, and many things blend together or have been smudged over.

There are drops coming from the boy's head in the drawing, which might have been meant to depict blood or tears.

...depicting a crudely drawn skull with a dagger piercing the empty left eye socket.  In the background are what appears to be dismembered limbs.

...a charcoal sketch that is heavily shaded around the edges leaving a circle in the middle.  Within the circle looks to be drawn numerous trees and another circle just barely clearing their tops.

Within the circle above the treetops, is what appears to be a dagger piercing it.  It looks as if the "artist" had intended for it to seem as if the dagger was being held by those who are viewing the drawing, extending out through the first circle and into the second.

...another drawing obviously drawn by a child.  In this crude sketch a group of ten people are huddled together.  Some are quite clearly children and there are three taller figures.  It looks as if the taller figures might be trying to protect the smaller ones.  Their hands are raised in a defensive manner, while standing in front of the smaller figures.

On either side of the group is a hulking blob of a creature.  It hasn't any defined shape, except large, round, and taller than any of those in the group of ten.  The creatures have gaping maws with pointed teeth.  In the center of the sketch at the top is a dagger.  It appears to be hovering over the group of ten...or held by an unseen figure.

...after the child's first cry since being rescued, the drawings continue as Andrew and now Emwonk work with him.  One in particular stands out as it doesn't involve the dagger in a menacing or disturbing scene.  But, rather crudely drawn birds taking flight, flowers blooming and growing through a skull, the dagger broken or bent hanging limply from the left eye socket.

Andrew continues to use art as therapy for the child, going deeper into his use of bardic magic than ever before to offer the child a sense of stability or a lifeline against shock and pain; Emwonk works on teaching Jed substitutive communication to help Jed dissociate from the trauma he's experienced and be able to communicate more of the details.

//so we have a dagger of Much Evil and an emotionally shredded but otherwise healthy child.  We have some things in the pictures that can be looked into - the bat-winged woman is a creature similar to Faith (ask Daniel), the kind of creature the blobs are can be identified, the dagger itself needs to be researched and a way to destroy it found.  who wants to do what and what other suggestions are there?

Currently this follow-up includes Breanna, Daniel, Emwonk, Lana, Caerwyn and Andrew.  it is time bubbled to around six years ago and is follow-up to the From One quest.  if you wish to be involved, contact thedagda.

After more time working with Jed, the boy begins to speak again although his speech is definitely "Emwonked" from the therapy.

After a second breakthrough session, Jed draws again.

When he finishes his drawing the focal point is a large tree with some blob hanging about halfway up in the branches. What appears to be the sun is directly behind the tree, at the very top of it. The rest of the drawing looks a little confusing, like it could be a forest. There is no pattern to the surrounding part of the drawing, but in some portions there are what look like trees that get smaller as they get further from the focal point.

Along side those that appear to get smaller as they get further from the focal point, are what looks like trees that get smaller as they get closer to the focal point. There is no pattern to the tree effect, and it encompasses the top half of the paper, with the focal point being in the center of the page.

At the bottom of the paper is drawn a broken blade.


After Taorn is reunited with his son, and the child's story told (with certain omissions such as the location of the cave of horrors), and dinner is taken and Jed is seen safely to his own room and given many hugs goodnight - Andrew finds a place to sleep for the night.

He returns to visit Jed in the morning, letting the boy know he'll be back soon and leaving drawing-paper and charcoals as well as some pastels for the boy's practice.  He has to wipe at his eyes many times as he leaves.

As soon as he's out the door, he finds Emwonk, Lana and Caerwyn with the intent to head north and have that meeting with Father Leidanos...

//never too late to join, contact thedagda with your reason for being there

North Point a bust, Andrew asks Lana what she's learned of the old wive's tale regarding the Peaks during dinner in Jed's village and if they are up to a trip...


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