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Layo Life
« on: May 24, 2012, 01:02:42 pm »
Another experiment worthy of a go as the lower numbers permit it I think.
 A RL monthly task.
 In week before a new month every player may submit a one short paragraph maximum plan for ONE pc for the next RL month (game year) and is expected to rp that as they go along.
 The taskmaster at GM control sifts these ideas, rolls some dice (always the fun part) and feeds one paragraph results if he sees fit. He draws inspiration from the ideas to..
 allocate games (and these need not be what player thought example below)
 put news items and rumours in game
 put items on server
 eg Colin the Corathite Cleric opts to convince his flock to gather arms and spend the trues he gives them to go over and burn down Loserville.
 Taskmaster gm rolls a 1, and decides his plan goes badly...he releases some rumour accordingly and asks a gm to run a game involving foiling such a plan or perhaps in the aftermath of the failed attempt he runs a trial/hunt whatever suits 'tipping a hat to the original player idea -and thereby bringing player RP to life.
 eg 2, Robin the ranger wants to hunt for the rare elk. Gm reports back he finds a trail in the wild wasteland....(then pops an elk on server in game in this area) for possible finding.
 eg 3. Tommy the Toranite wants to form a troop to go help patrol Hilm. GM replies allowing player to rp this out accordingly but GM opts that he has no in game or quest follow up for it at this time.
 Any Quests run would not be set for an individual - but merely run around an idea in some fashion that the player had mooted. ie it should not be essential they are there.
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Re: Layo Life
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2012, 01:53:02 pm »
Example two, you did with Andrew back a while...Longjon Copper I think was the horse's name?  very cool idea, seems like it would be minimal work for a gm, just set it and go.