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little green men (and women possibly)


I was thinking about what might prompt me to play something other than Gunther and the thought occured to me....

We have had, at one time or another, the dwarven army, the shortlived halfgiant army, etc, etc.  I imagine there have probably been other similar groupings in the past.  Guilds and whatnot.

So this isnt an original thought by any means...but what do people think about a group of goblins.  It wouldnt last forever, due to people dropping out, perming, etc, but if a GM were willing to build a campaign around the idea, it might be fun.

Say a band of red light goblins, either driven out of the caverns or their home is destroyed by a group of greedy, goody-goody paladins and clerics.  The goblin band barely escapes with their lives and goes on to seek revenge against the goodly aligned folk.  Campaign ensues.

And thus the zerg attacked.

It exists!  Ask Lonn about the Warg Tribe - they are always recruiting, and have been very active in the past.  I know there was a goal involving them and the Red Light Caverns at one time.

Indeed, it is high time the warg tribe rose again.  I'll call up Nonac and try to coax him back online for regular sessions.  Meanwhile, any new gobbos needing help I still have Grovel, my 18th lvl druid.

LOL, it was less of an original idea than I thought.


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