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Cold simple food things line
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Cold simple food things line the plate beneath, awaiting her. Near by a mug of what smells of 'wet' lingers as well.



Rose takes a few bites of the
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Rose takes a few bites of the food and lifts the mug to sniff its contents before tasting it.  She looks out the window and up at the sky, then into the courtyard and returns to finish off the rest of the food given without even bothering to light a candle.


After she finishes her meal and drinks the water given, she opens her door and peeks out and then heads down the corridor towards where she thinks her Mistress might likely be.




The temple is hardly quiet,
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The temple is hardly quiet, but the noise is fairly reduced from the daily goings ons. The hall is mostly empty apart from a few people here and there. Rose finds her Mistress' door easily enough, though finds it latched from the inside.



Rather than disturb her, Rose
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Rather than disturb her, Rose slides down and sits down against the wall next to the door to wait.  She draws up her knees for a place to rest her head, settling in for as long as necessary.



Rose waits all the rest of
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Rose waits all the rest of the night and part of the morning before she is invited in the room. Her apologies for 'wasted time' are waved off and the matter set aside for a short time. The Mistress grills her for information about what happened, then what she saw, interrogating Rose until Rose feels somewhat numb from repeating herself. Eventually she is released from the mild inquisition and returns to her duties, though not before being given time to properly deal with her personal needs.

The day resumes as normal and Rose's only 'punishment' seems to be the grilling from earlier. Toward the end of the day, she is cautioned from behaving a she did (the day before, as it turns out) and a short lecture on self control ensues before her dismissal for the day.

One of the focuses of Rose's lessons shifts from this forward, teaching her to control herself in the lure of magic. Nearly a full two years from the beginning of her lessons, Rose is granted a little more time to herself but with certain added responsibilities. A year after this and she becomes the official personal slave of her Mistress, which involves a relocation to the chambers of her Mistress, though in her own (very small) space.


//few more details will be shared in wrap up with the player from here. Due to appropriate loyalty and behaviours the slave Rose is taken on officially at the temple to continue her training as a Seeress amongst New Reality (a faction within the Xeenite temple).