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Hello Everyone,We are conducting an experiment on CDQs run via forum inter-action. The (mostly willing) victim of our experiment is Rose (Alatriel). This is part two of a CDQ started some months ago that due to various reasons on both our sides has been time bubbled FOREVER. So we're going to resolve that during this experiment. I'm doing this in an open forum for several reasons, not the least of which being the experiment itself but also so that a forum doesn't have to be created so everyone involved can participate. I could do this but, the exposure of the experiment might be worth it so hey.Anyway, so I have some rules that need to go on record for this experiment (just like any experiment needs parameters). The first set of rules goes for the general population.
* Folks, if you're not apart of the CDQ, please don't post in the thread. To be apart of the CDQ you need an invite from Alatriel and I (both).
* Nothing that's posted here should be treated like general knowledge. Don't talk about it ICly without permission from Alatriel or I. I'm going to be a bit of a stickler on this. So if someone else talks to you/your character about the events don't assume they were given permission, just hit her and/or I up with a quick PM or IRC message to make sure. It's not rumor around the Xeenite temples, it's not gossip in Kartherian or any other option unless I say it is... For now, just enjoy the story on the OOC level until something more public comes around (which it will, eventually, because Rose is kind of crazy like that).
* If you do have some feedback on this, pleaaaaaaaaase send it to me via PM or IRC message. Very open to thoughts and observations about this.If you ARE on the quest, these are your rules:
* This quest will run for two weeks. Excepting some extenuating possible circumstances, wherever we are at at the end of that time frame is where the CDQ resolves. Please make sure you participate regularly and don't hold people up. For completeness this quest will run from the 14th of October to the 28th of October (midnight CST).
* All PMs between you regarding this quest need to CC me please.
* If a player is waiting to progress but is stuck waiting for me on something, please PM me or IRC message me and post in the thread something to the effect of “//waiting on PM”.
* This event is timebubbled. Despite the quest time being a two week period, the events will take place over only a handful of days (exact number dependent upon the participants) and actually took place some considerable time in the past (as the time moves in Layo anyway). Do not take this into IG play until after I release you.
* If there are any issues, any at all, please bring them to me as soon as possible. This is an experiment so there is literally no telling what issues may arise so please don't hesitate to bring them to me.
* Lastly, your feedback is also very valuable so please consider a run down on your experiences at the end of the quest event!What's next?
I will be posting up a quick recap for the players to have starting place sometime today. If you need to please get with Alatriel over today and prepare yourselves for the next days. If you have more indepth questions about what previously happened please get with me!


Ha-ha. Tricked you (October right?) recap is in your inboxes.

Quest dates start and end have been bumped up beginning now 18th Oct to 1st Nov due to GM roadblock. From here, posts should be assumed IC RP unless marked //...~row


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Several days pass within the halls of the temple, Rose kept secluded within. While she is tended to a small degree, expectations of her slowly begin to manifest. At first she is required to tend her room to a specific level of order an cleanliness. A couple of days later she is required to come out for an evaluation of her abilities.This session is exhaustive, causing her to do so many things over and over, testing her capacity for divinations as well as her other skills until she is practically a hollow husk. Despite the rigger, they are kind to her and when it is over she is taken back to the room. A luxurious meal is brought to her that includes several bottles of wine. Her attendants (Bree, Mai and Ember) arrive at some point in the late evening and see to her comfort, but also to manage her intake, making sure she appropriately replenishes herself even if she doesn't feel particularly hungry.The next day begins another round of testing. This day focuses completely on divinations, though nothing of it is especially hard for Rose until she becomes weary. Still they push her. She barely remembers returning to her room and being tended.The following day she's left to her own devices within the room, though expected to keep up after herself, keep the room clean and the like.

Rose's eyes open as the sunlight streaks in through her window and she groans softly as her headache blooms with the first moments of awareness.  She rolls over and presses her face into the mattress and takes a few breaths.  Last night was foggy.  Not uncommon in the house of the Mistress, but this was different.  Still, through the fog, instructions, spoken in a voice similar to her own, whisper to her through her mind, and yet muffled as her own lips speak them into the bedding."Get up Rose.  It's time to get up."A few moments pass before she pushes herself up and steadies herself as she gains her orientation against the daylight.  It doesn't take long before she pulls herself to the window and closes the curtains, sighing in relief as the dimmer light relieves some of the stabbing pain behind her eyes.  She pours a bowl of water and begins to wash, which seems to bring her more into awareness and little by little as she makes the bed and eats a small amount of breakfast, the pain begins to subside.  After dressing in a simple shift, she sits by the window and opens the curtains again, resting her head against the wall as she stares outside to watch the people pass in the streets.


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