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« Reply #20 on: September 04, 2008, 11:16:25 am »
Connor, looking somewhat worn but also relieved, checks on Abiorn, Casrushier and Jaelle, offering aid if needed but staying out of the way of those more skilled in healing.  He settles to the ground nearby and remains largely still to give some rest to his body, though he remains quite awake.

At Eslar's words, he looks up slowly but does not turn his head. He speaks calmly, though in a voice that carries easily to him and the rest.

"Bold words, I'm sure. Perhaps you'd be bold enough to speak them again so that they might be understood."


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Anna works quietly with Elgon, kneeling next to the gnomess and taking in the full of her condition. Her focus shifts a bit from the physical (as the druid seems to have that well in hand) to focus on other damages or afflictions that might lay within her.

After several minutes, though likely closer to tens of minutes she removes the glove of her right hand and lays her hand against the cheek of the gnomish woman then closes her eyes, after a brief moment of what can only be described as trepidation. After that her focus shifts completely inward, between herself and the injured.


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*Seeing the flurry of activity around Abijorn and the fallen gnome, Aeronn positions himself between them and the cave opening remaining alert for any pursuit*


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You've escaped the depths. Pit-creatures have been vanquished. The Firewalker escaped. And now you catch your breath, a new member, a gnomish woman, joining your ranks. She currently sleeps, silvery locks of hair curled and matted by sweat to her face. Her skin is a soft gray, matching soft features and soft breathing. The more you look at her, the more you are drawn to her beauty. She is, perhaps, the most beautiful gnome you have ever seen. Except for one thing, one hand. Her left hand is twisted, shriveled, and enough skin is missing in places to show bone. But there is no blood.


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*Eslar looks at Connor a moment*

Sure, I said

Yeah, right.... group efforts, blasted epics

You can't deny that you two running off ahead this way without letting any of us know of your plan, without letting us help in any way, while we are supposed to work as a group, was actually honoring the words you told me before, that you would clue us in and work as a group.

We all knew that this would be risky, and we all agreed to participate. But how are we to do so, if we are continuously kept in the dark

*nods to ward Abiorn*

No offense there, I'm sure he does a lot of great things, but it's more dangerous to keep people in the dark and let them deal with the consequences of that, than telling them of what is going on, the motives, and in that, give them the tools to adjust to a situation.


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*Abiorn considers Eslar a moment as though the bickering words have finally found their echo in his mind. Looking up from a rarely torn glance from Casrushier, he releases her hand and spins to hold the tip of his staff on Eslar's chest, walking him away from the group with uncharacteristic vigor, a seldom seen portrait of anger painted on his face.*
 More dangerous is it hmm? More dangerous to be left in the dark? Is it? *he pokes Eslar's chest with his staff mustering a feeble rap to his sternum with his old and weak gnomish arms* Is it hmm? This is not some tale to be a part of on the whim of one whose place in aid is questionable given not so much your lack of ability, but the ignorant fervor with which you seek inclusion.
 The light you wish shed... so be it.
 *His expression darkens, the features below his eyes curled in a strange fury while his eyes hold a strange curve towards their edges, the crow's feet turned slightly upward on his skin, as though almost smiling. He mutters some words and wind pours forth onto Eslar and outward from them in a loud gust of air. He leans toward him and speaks in a whisper, ensuring that no others can hear him over the wind surrounding.*
 //Whispered words PM'd to Milt and Hellblazer//
 *Abiorn backs away after a moment, without a speck of time wasted in allowing Eslar's response. His eyes stay trained on Eslar, his free hand half raised as though wary and in defense, until he once again rests near Casrushier, ignoring all others save for a glance towards AnnaLee. His eyes soften feebly, and he looks towards the dirt at his feet, his expression wearing shame. His left eye twitches for a moment until he blinks it away. He looks tired, his features showing confusion and regret.*


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*Eslar simply nods once, satisfied of what he heard, a small caring smile on his face that only he and Abiorn could understand at the moment. But before Abiorn moves to far away he simply adds in a gentle and whispered tone*

//pm sent to both abiorn and Milt


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Connor listens attentively to Eslar with a rather schooled expression, remaining silent and calm, giving him a chance to speak his mind, both to him and Abiorn.  He looks thoughtful for a couple more moments as he mentally composes a response.  When Abiorn confronts Eslar, he stays any words that might have formed and simply watches with a knowing and evaluating gaze.

When the quiet but spirited conversation between Eslar and Abiorn concludes, a nearly imperceptible smile appears on his lips, and he addresses Eslar directly in a calm and polite tone.

If Abiorn's answer is satisfactory, then I have nothing further to add.  However, should you require further clarification, you need only ask.  

With that, he settles back against the hillside some in relaxation.  His eyes close, but the whole of his expression indicates attentiveness and awareness of his surroundings.


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After some time of quiet but alert relaxation, Connor sits up, then stands fully.  He turns to face the bulk of the gathered and addresses the group.

I want to thank you all for your part, for giving us the time we needed to complete our task. I do not know what transpired during this time, but I am grateful for your efforts and for taking the risk.  I regret there was not more time to inform you of what Abiorn and I discussed, but John, it seems, kept to his own schedule, and not mine. *he gives a rueful smile at that*

I'm sure at least some of you are curious as to what transpired. I will answer what I can, though some of the answers are not mine to give.

With these last words, he looks around the group to gauge their reaction and wait for any questions that may come.


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*Keeping most of his attention focused on the cave, Aeronn glances over his shoulder at Connor and speaks*

The gate, was it physically destroyed, so that John has to do more than simply plug another creature into it?

What forces of his remain?

 Finally, do you know where he fled, that we may begin the task of finding and destroying him?

*Aeronn angles himself so that he can listen to Connor and observe the cave at the same time*


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/// News Flash. There's a good chance Chongo (abiorn) won't be able to make this Wednesday. Usually we go on without him (obviously), but at this stage in the game, so to speak, I'm kind of thinking it's crucial he be there, as the rest of the party will be wanting information from him (and Connor, though Connor has opened the floor, while Abiorn has remained a bit secretive). By now, the fact that Abiorn has some connection to Casrushier is evident, and him not being there while folks are poking and prodding her seems to me to be counter-productive. So I'm thinking we postpone a week. However, as myself and Abiorn are clearly not the only ones involved in this quest, I've posted a poll (that closes at 5pm CDT, 3pm PDT, Wednesday-tomorrow). Let me know what you're thinking.


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Connor turns to Aeronn with a nod and addresses him, but does so loudly and clearly enough for everyone to hear.

The gate was nothing but a magical construct.  Once Casrushier *he gestures toward the female gnome* was removed from its proximity, the construct collapsed.  For all intents and purposes, she was the only physical part of the gate, and without her, the gate could not persist.  He may indeed form another gate, but he will have to first locate another individual with the appropriate...attributes.

Of Firewalker's forces, none remain.  Besides the two maraliths with him, there were four more Pit-dwellers deeper in the caverns guarding the gate, and they have either been destroyed or returned. *he grins a bit at Aeronn* You could probably stand down your vigilant watch.

As for Firewalker himself, I would urge some consideration and restraint before rushing to destroy him.  Abiorn here can attest that he will not be so easily destroyed, and the usual means that one would use against those of his apparent kind have no effect, as he is not of the Pits at all despite his obvious heritage.

Connor pauses and regards Aeronn for any further questions he may have.


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*Aeronn nods when Connor tells him he could probably relax his vigilance.  Some of the tension leaves his body and he focuses on the surrounding fields*

I was not suggesting we charge after..Firewalker, this instant.  There are other considerations. *he gestures towards the female gnome and then Jaelle*
However, I think it would be prudent to know the particulars for gathering an appropriate Cohort to find and deal with him..

*looks about to see the response of others*


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After a very long while of silence on her part, Anna goes very tense and slowly opens her eyes. She turns her head and regards Connor quietly with a look upset and then turns eyes on Abiorn. For him she clearly seems to weigh something, coming to no clear decision before turning her eyes back to the Gnomess. She spares one more almost hurt look at Abiorn before turning her focus quietly back to Cashrushier for a few more moments, never really loosing the expression of 'decision making.'