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« Reply #60 on: July 13, 2008, 01:27:32 am »
/// blah, missed scheduling the meeting this time around on the calender, though perhaps we can at least introduce the things our characters want to discuss on this forum?

Sasha has ideas, Steel has information, etc. I'll start with what Steel knows tomorrow if we want to get our meeting underway via forum first.


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« Reply #61 on: July 13, 2008, 05:38:15 pm »
" Look.. it's like this. Those that went... saw whats going on in Tulam... and probably the same happened in Tammil and Folian only knows how many other towns and villages.

Now unless you know something I dont, we aint gonna find this Tear till we can pin these sods down somewhere... some exact location. And I'll bet my good bloody kidney they know -something- in Westgate. I mean... they have to! They bloody handed over two of their towns to them!

So... I'm proposing thats where we go....

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Argali Adds
« Reply #62 on: July 14, 2008, 12:27:19 am »
"Zo... what iz happening in Tulam? Iz as the rumourrs arre saying? The knife fighting in the strreets, the rituals of the daemons, the floating eyes?"


Re: The Marked
« Reply #63 on: July 14, 2008, 03:56:44 pm »
*reads Agali's note and then writes*

Tulam was over run by cultists.  The survivors evacuated.  Some Cultist assassins on rooftops.  Most cultists held up in graveyard, hiding from Dracks not under their control.


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« Reply #64 on: July 15, 2008, 10:28:06 pm »
We have our means of marking one of the cultists, one that would hopefully lead us to the heart of the beast. Now we must choose carefully who our mark will be, and perhaps more than one, though following more than one will be difficult, as we are few.

So that is our subtle means... now we need our overt means. Sasha has plans for that, but we may need to extend that effort. In short, Sasha hopes to recruit an army from Hilm, via a deal with Hilm's leaders, perhaps Alexander himself. How she plans to pull that off, I leave to her. She can explain her ideas in more detail, I'm sure. Still, an invasion force from Hilm heading directly west will dump right into the heart of the cult's territory. We can reclaim a city, such as Tulam, or do otherwise.

But here is where we should expand. If we are indeed planning such an invasion, we should make this known to the general adventuring populace, and attempt to recruit ranks from those who already oppose the cult. We still do not need to bring up our specific situation, but an overt offensive is simple and something many adventurers I think would latch onto.

Now, here's where this plan really works. The invasion force is actually a decoy. We orchustrate the invasion to take the cult's eyes off our movement. Basically, we mark our target, and shortly after we begin to trail it, the invasion from Hilm begins. As the cult's attention turns to the new threat, we should be able to move more easily through the north, and find the stronghold of this cult. I doubt we will have the numbers or advantage to do get into the stronghold, but once we have its location, we can better plan another offensive.

So, a few things to consider if we go this route:
One, this heavily rides on Sasha getting support from Hilm, and our recruitment of forces to be added to the army she attempts to acquire.
Two, we must time this correctly so that we can actually use this invasion as a distraction.
Three, this does not take into account the political problems of invading Kuhl with a foreign army, even if we are attacking other invaders. I believe Sasha wants Hilm to keep quiet that it was they who sent men until after the war and our invasion force leaves. Again, I leave that to her to work out, and any help she aquires in that regard. Political negotiation is not my field of expertise.
Four, the mark we target with our... stinkbomb... must be one we trust will return to the cult's stronghold instead of joining the fight against our invasion force. This may be the trickiest part of all. If our target leads us in circles... oh, and also, if we mark a Drach... we have a problem there as well, since we do not know how these Drachs behave, or that they ever return to the stronghold once released. I do know that some of the Drachs seem more intelligent than others.

One last thing: I would not be surprised, and in fact already surmise that the Green Dragon cult is affiiliated with the Black Wizards, and may in fact be a direct appendage controlled entirely by the Black Wizards. The cult's ties with the Corathite church is too strong, and the "poison" used to make the drachs has on more than one occasion been associated with the power of a bloodpool. The Black wizards have long been rumored to keep a bloodpool in their posession, and since so many other bloodpools on Belinara were destroyed in the Blood Wars, the Black wizards may have a monopoly. It may very well be that the stronghold we seek is the Black wizard's tower itself.

Steel leans back after his winded spiel, and looks from person to person, his red eyes gleaming.

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« Reply #65 on: July 16, 2008, 12:41:35 am »
*slightly disconcerted by Steel's daemonic gaze, for a moment Argali is distracted*

"Yourr zpeculation about the involvement of the Black Wizarrds cerrtainly makes the sense, no? And would explain many things."

*she then takes several moments to consider*

"Zis plans forr the invasion, zis cerrtainly raises the stakes, no?

"Perrhaps we should conziderr the implications beforre we charrge headlong into the warr. If army attacks, iz likely they will deduce frrom it comes, eitherr from the location the army comes frrom, orr the spies, orr the Tearr.

"The alliance the Kingdom of Kuhl has with the Kingdom of Sederra iz meaning the Sedarrans will be drrawn into the conflict, and the warr escalates.

"The regularr armies arre the no match of the drragon beasts the Drragon Stealerrs arre having at theirr disposal. And Argali iz not meaning the lizarrdly beasts, she means the human shaped beasts that arre the army in theirr own right.

"Zis conflict spends the forrces the different kingdoms zo they arre then weakened. Who knows what iz then taking advantage of zis. Maybe zis iz the plan of the Black Wizarrds.

"Zo, you can see, it has the big implications just forr the zake of crreating the 'disttraction'.

"Betterr to be turrning the forrces of the enemy against itzelf. What iz zis 'strrangerrs frrom the norrth' the Kuhl forrces mass against?

"Alzo, what about the shape changed drragons crreating the mayhem?

"Argali zuspects we will be needing the forrces of the allies for the real fight laterr on."


Re: The Marked
« Reply #66 on: July 16, 2008, 01:28:31 pm »
The strangers appear to be "ambassadors" for the armies of the cult. In short, they arrive to "negotiate," after which you either side with them or be attacked by the cult.

The armies of the Hilm Protectorate are experienced in fighting Pit-Kind and other dangerous foes. That is, in fact, the whole purpose for the protectorate's existence. I suspect they would be capable of fighting the Drachs. I could, of course, be wrong.

You're right, though, that if we bring in anything from Hilm, it must be done in such a way so that it is not obvious that the forces actually belong to Hilm. Simply because the forces appeared out of the Protectorate does not mean that they are affiliated with the Protectorate. Mercenary bands forming in the Protectorate and moving outward are not unheard of.

If we find a way to control the drachs, that would be ideal... but do we have the time to find the means to control them, if there even is such a means? Kuhl is nearly over-run, and the armies of the cult push deeper every day.

Again, though, you're right. This is an extremely dangerous and volotile move that may come back to bite us. But we are running short on time, and risks must be taken. If any of you have another, better plan of action, please let me know.

Speaking of which, I have not heard any more regarding a cure for the Drach poison. We could use more information in that regard.

Steel turns to Sallaron.


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« Reply #67 on: July 17, 2008, 07:26:40 am »
* Sall looks blankly*

Lately, I've heard nothing from them. Though I do know that one of the ingredients for this cure.... is no longer even in existence, or able to be procurred. Whether an alternative can be used though, I have no idea.

Kuhl really doesn't seem to be our enemy... despite what we thought before.
I'm not liking the idea of ourselves initiating an all out war over here.
And besides... what makes us think we could rally Hilm to do our bidding? Seriously... they'd look at us and laugh. We dont have the authority or connections to do anything of the sort.

I'm throwing caution to the wind now. A visit to Westgates in order.
The people in power there might actually have some answers and information for us... and we might have something for them. We're asking ourselves a lot of questions... and they might have the answers.
And I guarantee there'll be Cult spy's snooping there somewhere.... somehow.
We might find our stinkbomb target there, if we can identify them.


Re: The Marked
« Reply #68 on: July 17, 2008, 09:46:09 am »
I'll agree to a visit to Westgate.

Though perhaps you misunderstand the intent of the so-called invasion. the point is to attack the invading forces of the cult, not the forces of Kuhl. Really, the odds are we'd never see the forces of Kuhl unless we contacted them after establishing a perimeter to hand over to them. We'd be too far north.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hilm laughed at us either, though. That's Sasha's domain. Can you get Hilm's attention, Sasha?

His brows furrow, studies the face of the battle-hardened woman, lets her eyes catch his.


Re: The Marked
« Reply #69 on: July 17, 2008, 10:13:43 am »
*he looks over to Steel and nods once*

I've already made arrangements for Westgate.
And hopefully poked the right people who will give us the political clout to get our foot in the door and get some answers.


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« Reply #70 on: July 19, 2008, 07:35:14 pm »
If Hilm wont play ball..maybe a few Drachs in their lands might change their minds!

*turns to Sall a fierce expression on her that seems to be permanently affixed of late*

I'll come with you to Westgate..these people need us whether they know it or not....and we need them. He *pauses and touches her chest lightly* is not going to wait much longer....


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« Reply #71 on: July 26, 2008, 09:10:39 am »
Jaelle shifts slightly from where she's been listening to the latest discussion, and fixes the group with her cool green eyes.

Fair warning ... anonymity is not a luxury you will be afforded much longer. People are starting to put things together.

Argali ... you were too obvious in speaking to a certain bard. That person suspects you now.

And Jacchri has made several of your identities as well. He is certain of G'ork, and suspects both Sasha and Sallaron. He suspects a dwarf too, but did not give a name. I see no reason to worry on that case, as he referred to the dwarf as "he".

Still ...

She shrugs and falls silent again.


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« Reply #72 on: July 26, 2008, 09:41:14 am »
* Sall, looking a little weary, just smiles sadly*

I think the time of hiding from what we've done is going to come to an end soon. If we get the answers and knowledge we need.... and fix what we did... then I don't really give a  who knows.

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« Reply #73 on: July 26, 2008, 11:43:46 am »
*Argali raises a wry brow at Jaelle's remark.*

"Argali was understanding everry perrson and theirr dog knew the while [POST=980452]ago[/POST], no?"

"She iz only asking about the methods of finding the Tearrs. She does not mention the Tearrs being taken. If the barrd iz knowing zis, Argali has not told herr."

*She brightens a little.*

"Still, the people we want to be helping us need to have the guile and the wit, no? Otherrwise, they will not be verry helpful." *with a small grin*

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« Reply #74 on: August 12, 2008, 10:21:24 am »
"Argali understands you arre having the meeting with the Queen of the Kuhl, no?

"She iz asking if you have hearrd the news, and if zis iz changing the things for us."


Re: The Marked
« Reply #75 on: August 12, 2008, 10:47:36 am »
The Queen didn't seem to have a clue what was happening in Amaria, even though some of us did.

I wouldn't bet my life on it... but, I would consider Amaria lost now... and in Cult hands.

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« Reply #76 on: August 12, 2008, 12:18:26 pm »
*Argali unfurls a map of Belinara, and lays in on the table.*

"Zo, " *her finger traces over the kingdom of Kuhl* "the Phal and the Ash have the Cult drragons. The Tulam, Tammil and Amarril arre likely under the zway of the Cult." *her eyes survey the towns on the map* "Zis iz leaving the Vilas and Zolinarr in the south, the Zulkin in the norrth, and the Westgate in the zenter, no?"

*She looks around to the others, to see if they have anything to add.*


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« Reply #77 on: August 12, 2008, 05:19:56 pm »
"We still need to put our plan in motion for finding their main base of operation. Short of paying the Queen for use of her troops, we don't have the army to try and take back what has been taken already. We'll have to focus on the head. The body is growing too large."


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« Reply #78 on: August 14, 2008, 01:33:39 am »
*I supplied Jin with ingredients to make em potion.  We just need set plan in motion.  I have good idea on how to make this plan work as well.*


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« Reply #79 on: August 25, 2008, 04:01:11 am »
More information has come to light...we have very little time left to us now before some very bad things are going to happen to a lot of innocent people..our next step must be considered quickly and implemented hastily.

Sall and I have discovered that while the Cult have Fisterions Tear..another party has the other Tear, a party we hope is not allied at all with the Cult.

We have also discovered that there is a possibility a wizard can detect the Tear we seek if they are close enough to it.

We have to mount an expedition to Northern will require planning and some amount of subterfuege..more details to follow.