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Character Submisson - Wolsey
« on: April 05, 2018, 12:00:28 pm »
Full Name: Wolsey
Age: 80
Class: Sorcerer
Race: Gnome
Alignment: True Neutral

Deity: None

He'd always been handy with his fists...thats how he'd got into this lark.  He'd trounced the wrong person that time and got kicked out of his village.  But it was only the mayor's son and he was making fun of his familiar, he'd deserved it.  So he'd left in the hope of becoming a great wizard but he didn't have the skill for study so that didn't work out either.  Now he was escorting tourists for a living...boring.   A steady job with no prospects long and boring days.  Except this time everything had gone completely wrong.  It was all that elf's fault...

"A portal will get us there faster.  Walking is so slow...and boring" the elven wizard said again for the umpteenth time.  "You really can't go wrong with a portal".  Wolsey wanted to ram a portal down his throat but instead he smiled and said "Walking is healthy and besides it gives us time to appreciate the natural wonders around us".  "Appreciate, appreciate...if I wanted to appreciate I'd be a half brained menial like you, I just want to get back to Port Hampstead fast as I can,  I'm a busy elf you know".  The other tourists started talking, all in favour of the elf's proposal.  Wolsey felt a headache coming on.  "Ok ok...we'll take your dam...wondrous portal then, anything to make you all happy" He looked around at the tourists trying to look calm and helpful but all that came out was a unhappy scowl.

Now look at them, the portal had gone wrong and dropped them off Shadon knows where.  The mage was dead, "something went right today" he thought viciously, but the forest they found themselves in seemed to be a cosy home to a bunch of zombies and undead.  And all the remaining tourists seemed to think it was Wolsey's fault and they expected him to protect them as well.

Moans rose like unearthly flowers from all around them.  It was hard to make out where they were coming from in the dense undergrowth.  "The zombies didn't move too fast", he thought "we just have to stay ahead of them".  He was about to instil this wisdom into the remaining tourists when there was a piercing shriek and suddenly they were surrounded by shadows.  They moved fast but Wolsey got off a spell or two before they could move, "gods it felt good to cast again" he thought, giggling.  But he shadows attacking him moved off and joined their companions in making quick work of the tourists.  Wolsey tried to help, casting the few spells he knew, pushing and shoving but in no time at all the tourists were dead.  Then the remaining shadows turned to him.  For a moment nothing moved, the shadows gazed at him with empty eyes and he gazed at the group of them in growing horror.  "Bugger" he thought, and ran...

He ran and ran until he could run no more.  But fortunately he'd seemed to have given the shadows the slip.  And more importantly he seemed to be in another part of the forest.  The air was brighter and the only moans he could hear now was his own laboured breathing.  The undergrowth had cleared to making walking much easier.  "What now?" he thought "how am I going to explain this at the ministry of tourism" his headache was coming back.  Never the less he had to return and explain this mess to the elders, he started to walk...
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Re: Character Submisson - Wolsey
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Hey, just FYI in case you didn't see, this sub won't be reviewed for a few weeks as mentioned in another approval :) Please take some time to flesh out and enjoy your existing characters before subbing more.


Re: Character Submisson - Wolsey
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Any chance this character could be reviewed...I'm really eager to see him in the game and it's been three weeks since I submitted him :)
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Re: Character Submisson - Wolsey
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Hi, thanks for your patience. I'm going to approve this, but please read the next part!

I'm good with the numbers, but I just want us to be on the same page as far as how the world actually looks and what stories are told in it. While Wolsey may have taken some visitors or gawkers out to see a thing, there is no "ministry of tourism" and the concept of tourists in any significant numbers (enough to warrant a "ministry") isn't really a thing in the majority of the world. (Obviously PH gets a lot of traffic.) Perhaps people came through for other purposes (eg trade, en route to elsewhere - such as PH) and sometimes Wolsey makes some coin on the side convincing them of whatever wonders he will show them.

I'd also advise trying to think of these NPCs more as commoners and merchants and the like, rather than bestowing PC training on them automatically - if it's not important to the story for an NPC to be trained as a wizard or channel rage into superhuman strength and so on, they probably shouldn't be. PCs (and their foes, kinda...) are basically the "special" ones - 99.99999% of people immediately perma-die when attempting to bind with a bindstone, but congratulations, you're one of the lucky few! The study of the arcane takes years, even decades, and usually starts at a very young age apprenticing and learning all the permutations and pitfalls, practicing and scribbling and training the mind to store recall-able spells, before mastering a single cantrip, but congratulations, you're a wizard! Obviously you aren't the only ones, so feel free to reference trained NPCs or have them as mentors etc, just spare a thought now and again for whether or not they were really just serving as Commoner #5, story-wise :P Commoner #5 is no role for a trained wizard!

Since I have you here, just a reminder to keep in mind that sorcerers are not just slacking wizards - these are people born with some innate streak of the arcane that allows them to compel magical results through force of will. Many of them come into this around puberty, or when their lives are in danger, or in other stressful/emotional times, in the form of magical accidents that can sometimes cause unintended harm or fear. They, like any caster (or PC levels in general) are overrepresented in the PC realm, as they're not common enough for most villages to have much experience in that realm or know how to deal with them. I'm not trying to correct you or anything there, just adding that the origin of sorcerous gifts, their manifestation, learning to control them, etc, often plays a key role in any sorcerer's evolving story, so you can easily rob yourself of opportunities by leaving out what makes a sorcerer a sorcerer :)

Lastly, judging by the running to another part of the forest, the undead would seem to be in some localized pocket and not an entire forest infested with them, yeah? Which is fine!

This is approved, have fun and thanks again for your patience.

PS permanent portals are wondrous, being both rare and expensive :P
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