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Nyx Rainspirit
« on: January 07, 2018, 01:26:35 pm »
 name:Nyx Rainspiritclass: druid / shifterrace: Brownieage: 25alignment: Neutral goodDiety:  PrunillaBio/ description:  the lands that were once peaceful and beautiful were destroyed yet again by the encroachment of the humans. This was the fourth time that Ive had to move, all because of they persist in going deeper into the woods we lover and care for.It was my dear grand mother that taught us first to focus on the enengy that surrounds us all and how we all are apart of something greater than ourselves and how to focus these energies and channel them to our will. She also showed us the way of the shifting into animal forms to us children. It was how we survived and escaped deeper into the woods when they came to burn the trees and chop down their beauty and build their houses and plant their fields for food destroying even more lands we took care of.there are but a few left from our once large village. my sister and I and my parents and a few other families.  Grand mother could not make the third journey. She transformed into a fish and swam down river never to be seen again, saying she always wanted to see the great serpents of the sea. This time we had to move to deeper woods and we  had a rough time looking for food being the land was so wild and foreign to us. Our once precious berries and easily found foods were not easy to come by here, and we had no river with which to fish from here either.  Some animals have been helpful in gathering some food  for us but we needed more. As such I found it prudent to resort to taking from a lone elf  who lived nearby  who seemed worthy of my help in exchange for the food we needed.  I felt compelled to help more since I was taking additional foods for some families and would work late in the night and came home tired and weary.  On one such trip I fell asleep while gathering some food from a small sack that was placed outside the elf's  door. It was warm inside and I though a quick nap would help on the trip back home, and quickly fell asleep.I was awakened to voices as the bag I was in was quickly tied at the top and carried away.  Apparently this sack of goods was to be sold  I heard him say. I made no noise and waited for an opportune time to escape.//Ive read the restrictions for druids and will abide to the best of my ability.//I plan on going druid (lvl 5 I believe)  unti l meed requirements to go shifter. I understand a well kept journal is necessary before shifter is granted.  Is it possible to freely multiclass between shifter and druid?   


Hey sb, thanks for the sub.
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Hey sb, thanks for the sub. To get the last question first, druids can freely multiclass with shifter. That said, because Shifter is marked "special" here , it requires both well-kept CDT and at least one CDQ, so it's not something that gets approved on submission. Noted on intent, though. And I think Brownies still use the Halfling lifespan, for NWN's purposes.

As I mentioned on Discord, the page for Brownies is a bit misleading, as the line about their home on Daraghan being "recently" destroyed is over ten years old. The brownie home in Daraghan was destroyed almost a century ago, and was the impetus for brownies being in the world at all -- not so much that it's on a continuous cycle of destruction. For that matter, Daraghan, like most of the Dragon/Serpent Isles, is not settled by "civilized" races save for a slim beach foothold on Caesin in the form of Fort Wailing. Winter isn't much a concern there, either. 

I suggest just moving the entire backstory somewhere else, or even  just leaving the exact location vague. Brownies have a very different perspective of the world, so he's unlikely to know the names of human realms and cities and such. "Borrowing" from humans or other races isn't unusual at all for brownies, but they'd generally repay in something like chores, so long as attention isn't called to it. Culturally speaking (possibly even as a species, depending on their true origin), they tend to take that arrangement very seriously, which leads me to... 

...Brownies are almost always Lawful, and LG in particular. You can see this in their racial restrictions, as they cannot ever even be submitted as chaotic or evil. So there is definitely some flex for this for story purposes, like a TN Brownie, but it should serve a story. Jimmy (maybe) is neither Good nor Lawful -- can you elaborate on what sets him apart from his folk ? Is he still welcome among other brownies, can this be a part of his story, etc? 

On the class -- as the page the druid statements are from says, "Druids" are a particular thing in Layo. While they're a diverse lot of different goals and methods, every one of them is a part of the druid hierarchy and knows their place in it. I know you included the statement that said you read it and were on board with that, but I just wanted to make sure we're on the same page given the Grandma teaches about mother earth stuff. (Is that supposed to be Prunilla, Katia, or the planet, by the way? Since the world is Layonara and there are various gods, there's not so much a Mother Earth unless you meant one of the first two, but obviously the connectedness and harmony with the world that it symbolizes is fine!)


Lastly, just some unasked for commentary about the deity -- I believe all druids and rangers have the same summons, regardless of deity. Mainly because their spells and summons are not granted by any deities... That said, I'm not sure it's really the best way to determine whether or not to fill in a deity field.

I'm not going to tell anyone to build a "broken" character, especially when you're often playing alone. But it's worth keeping in mind that the races labeled "exotic" in particular are meant largely for roleplay purposes, even more than the standard races. Part of why they're so often closed is to keep them around in small, flavorful doses. Instead of (or in addition to) deciding which summons are better for your brownie, consider the difference in character between devout and not. Brownies are overwhelmingly faithful to Prunilla, and they're considered almost a special little sect of her faith. What happens that makes a brownie turn away from that special connection? Is it related to the change in alignment? 

Or, if Prunilla is kept, perhaps he could be NG, though TN is still within a step of Prunilla. (Druids don't need to have a deity, but if they do, they follow the one-step rule like clerics.) Devotion influences more than arcane summons, too -- I'd imagine that a druid with Prunilla for a focus might tend more toward cultivation, humble gardens and other low-impact agriculture that feeds families, basic herbalism and folksy remedies, etc. It's not mandatory, it's just a way of thinking about different pieces to eventually end up with a "whole" character. 


Sorry for the wordiness, I hope any of that is helpful in in your character crafting. If you could fix the origin and elaborate on the alignment deviance and class, as well as share your final decision on name and deity, we can hopefully get this moving sooner rather than later :)



Removed Daraghan location
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2018, 08:22:35 pm »

Removed Daraghan location from Bio.

Changed alignment to Neutral good, some reason I was thinking druids were restricted to true neutral, and was using his animosity towards the humans taking over to represent his alignment shift.

Added some background to represent his good side.

Diety Prunilla is fine, will have a hard enough time playing this correctly without complicating this.

thanks for the input helped greatly.


Still working in a name. .

hmm.. I wonder where this  goes.


Hey Silverblades,Just wanted
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Hey Silverblades,

Just wanted to drop a quick note that we can't approve until the name is final. Go ahead and give the thread a bump when you've settled on what you want to go with.




Found a suitable name.
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2018, 03:43:23 am »

Found a suitable name.

hmm.. I wonder where this  goes.


Thanks for the edits, this is
« Reply #5 on: January 07, 2018, 01:24:17 pm »

Thanks for the edits, this is approved. For RP purposes, consider how your brownie will get around every-day things -- long journeys, getting on a ship, carrying "regular" size items, clothing, etc. Between Wildshape and your animal companion, you could have some creative workarounds to being under two feet tall! Don't forget you'll need to resub for Shifter, later. 



Yeah, Im really  looking
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2018, 05:53:10 pm »

Yeah, Im really  looking forward to the RP once I can shift.  Hopefully he can live long enough to see it.  The double XP will help.

Can you drop a link for where to start a CDT thread, and instructions on how to choose the brownie head at creation. 


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Ha, sorry, I should have used
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Ha, sorry, I should have used the approve stamp. I'm so used to everyone having done everything a billion times that I don't really use it except for new people! 

^^ includes the brownie note and everything ;) 

For CDTs, you can start a new thread here, though the forum also has a thing where if your characters are linked in your profile, you can make CDT entries that will show up in a tab on its character profile, which is pretty cool. Either works. Here's an example of the second kind of CDT. 

For the "regular" kind of #1, you can also make it private by unchecking the "publish" checkbox when creating the thread or editing it. This applies to all posts in that thread, so if you have some public and some private you'd need to make two threads. Just FYI the unpublished threads are unsearchable and don't show up in your tracker, either, which is not super-convenient. 



hm did something wrong, hes
« Reply #8 on: January 08, 2018, 01:36:48 am »

hm did something wrong, hes got no head but everything else looks good. hope its easy to fix.

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It is a fairly easy fix.
« Reply #9 on: January 08, 2018, 10:52:28 am »

It is a fairly easy fix. You'll need to connect up with a GM at some point. Are you also still stuck in Hlint?




Nyxs' Druid summons seems to
« Reply #10 on: January 11, 2018, 12:29:03 am »

Nyxs' Druid summons seems to coming up as stock summons, lvl 2 I get dire wolf, lvl 3 I get dire spider. Unless this is standard for all druids and does not look at Diety Prunilla?

Does diety summons only come into play when playing a Sorc/Wiz/ Cleric with diety Prunilla?

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Acacea wrote:Lastly, just
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Quote from: "Acacea"&cid="2763328"

Lastly, just some unasked for commentary about the deity -- I believe all druids and rangers have the same summons, regardless of deity. Mainly because their spells and summons are not granted by any deities... 

I know, I know, my posts are too long... still ;)



I read allll you posts. Just
« Reply #12 on: January 11, 2018, 12:42:15 am »

I read allll you posts. Just might have misunderstood this..


Oh BTW, I have a unpublished post on Nyx's CDT, Will add more now that I just hit lvl 5. Its pretty basic, Just how he got to center. let me know what you think.

Ill upate here when Im ready to submit for Shifter ? 

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Name: Nyx
« Reply #13 on: January 19, 2018, 01:03:05 am »

Name: Nyx Rainspirit


Gender: male

Class: Druid lvl 5

race: Brownie

Alignment: NG

Diety: Prunilla

Submitting for 2nd class - Shfter 

Here's my unpublished CDT thread.




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Hey SB, sorry for the wait.
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Hey SB, sorry for the wait. I'm looking this over and considering a few things and will get back to you. 



I'm back, sorry again for the
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2018, 09:40:00 pm »

I'm back, sorry again for the wait! I'm loathe to stall you, but I'd really like to see some more RP and CDT keeping as it pertains to the Shifter goal. (Take care on the involving IG NPCs and characterizing them too, please!) In the case of PRC attaining, the "well kept CDT" is meant to show the development and understanding of both classes, not just a day to day journal - though of course creativity and journaling is always welcome! 

I don't want you stuck flailing blindly for lack of knowing what I'm looking for, so I wanted to give some general ideas for areas you could develop in pursuit of that goal. Things like... 

  • What drives Nyx to become more? Druids sufficiently trained and connected with their surroundings can shift their forms to common animals. Shifters are not just druids with a few more shapes - there's some real mental differences between being a brownie that can temporarily seem like a bear, and a shifter that is, at heart, formless. 
  • You mention him gaining confidence from being larger, feeling small or helpless otherwise. Do you think he believes his fellow brownies that can't shift to be small and helpless? Is a fox, a ferret, a rabbit, small and helpless? Is it always better to be a dragon than a rabbit? 
  • Brownies are fairly harmonious, family-oriented creatures - do you think Nyx still sees himself as a brownie, belonging to brownie families and ways? Do you think that will change or has changed? What does Shifter mean for his identity as a brownie?
  • Would Nyx say it is possible to become a creature one doesn't understand? How does one learn to become a deer, vs a bear? Is one better than the other? Why could one not learn to turn into a pig from seeing it in a painting?
  • Obviously as a druid, Nyx has somehow cultivated a greater awareness and understanding of his surroundings and how things connect to one another, and he has a place as a Leaf in the hierarchy whether he's fully understanding of that place or not. Will his focus on becoming a Shifter change that, at all? How could this training benefit the greater whole in promoting balance?
  • Prunilla is beloved of the brownies for her humble, caring role in hearth and home. She knits families together, turns weeds into stew, and could make any place a home regardless of money or worldly comforts. She also strikes me as something of a "bloom where you are planted" type - you can do a world of good from your own corner of it, just the way you are. Would Nyx agree with that philosophy? If not, how might he have adapted it? Will his faith continue to grow with his abilities, and how might one use such a goddess as a focus for this ? 


You don't have to tackle all (or any) of these, I'm just trying to help with some prompts for development! I hope you'll take a crack at it, keep it up, and resubmit after at least a week :) 



Nyx resubmit for Shifter.This
« Reply #16 on: January 30, 2018, 09:50:03 pm »

Nyx resubmit for Shifter.

This has helped with his development but cant think of anything more to add to answered some of these questions on the same unpublished CDT.



hmm.. I wonder where this  goes.


Maaaany apologies for the
« Reply #17 on: February 01, 2018, 01:33:48 pm »

Maaaany apologies for the delay, it's not you! I thought your updates were great, so thanks for those :) Normally I'd approve this pending a CDQ! Well, technically, I still am.

However! We're aware that CDQ arranging is kinda difficult at the moment though, so we've been trying to talk about alternatives, distill what the CDQs are meant to accomplish, etc. In the case of Shifters, it's mainly to see that the player has an OOC grasp on what the PRC entails, isn't going to be using their abilities to spread some weird lore around or grief players, etc. 

So could you include here as a reply, a paragraph in your own words here about how you see Nyx fitting into the concept of the PrC, like how his story will fit in with that lore?

I'm really sorry about the surprise extra step, but that way we can just approve him to take the levels straight-away instead of waiting for a quest (unless you want to wait, which is different!). Don't worry about wrong answers - if there's anything weird in how you envisioned it, we'll just straighten it out and be better for having addressed it. 

Thanks your patience, or at least I choose to believe you still have patience :P 



No apologies necessary, and
« Reply #18 on: February 01, 2018, 10:21:21 pm »

No apologies necessary, and thankyou.

A shifter is not merely an extension of a Druid but I feel it's the pinnacle of being a Druid. It takes wisdom to understand that the connection between all living things is the loss of one's identity to become another living, breathing thing that nature has created. By the pouring out of himself into the ability of shifting, Nyx hopes to gain a greater understanding of how each living creature plays their part in the world around them, and how each has its own ability to affect their surroundings for good and bad.


A druids understanding about nature is not about what we hope to achieve but how we are fitted precisely into our surroundings and each and every action has a reaction in some way. By stepping outside of his  identity he can look at other perspectives through the forms that he shifts into, in much the same way a deer and a bear would react differently to a hunter. Each of us can and do react differently Why do we react differently is in intellectual or instinctual? where, and when does this seperation occur? Because an animal is not smart does it mean it cannot understand certain things as we do?  Or perhaps it understands them in a completely differently way that an intellectual mind cannot fathom. Maybe the mind of lesser understanding  is better off that an intellectual mind? The intellectual mind desires to succeed above all else most likely at the expense of others. So what does a mind of wisdom hope to achieve or does it?

Perhaps the simple mind of an animal does not have thoughts but these become instinctual in such a way that it does not need to think about certain things to maintain its survival. Just as our bodies were created without us having to think about breathing or concentrating to keep our hearts pumping, each form has its own instinctual ability of life and survival besides breathing. It is this perspective that he wants to understand and gain wisdom from. Why does the deer have fear and the bear have anger. Are these instincts of survival or actions of understanding.  Nyx has just barely begun to understand this in the simple animals that he has been able to shift into, but its his desire to see this to completion if there is such a thing..



hmm.. I wonder where this  goes.


Thanks for all your updates -
« Reply #19 on: February 02, 2018, 02:21:30 pm »

Thanks for all your updates - you're approved for shifter levels :) *confetti*