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A letter
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:01:38 pm »
A letter addressed to Justicar Reus, Vehl, Mistone Sir,As you are well aware, my wife, Lana, and I spent some time in Bitterridge some weeks ago and have returned to Mistone after a period of quarantine to begin gathering efforts for supplies of sulf and witchhazel, two of three needed ingrediants to treat early cases of the plague per a list given by our own brothers in the relief effort in conjunction with the Aeridites.   Our work has  resulted in some success and a shipment stands ready for delivery here in our Hall.  I am writing to find out where to best direct our resources.We one member, a wizard, Sibbicai, who has prepared himself to move and in out of the contamination zones in a suit he believes will protect him fully to make such deliveries.  I am willing  myself to make such a journey or at least partway to ensure delivery of these supplies as a security escort to ensure their arrival.    I await any guidance you can offer.Yours in the Gold,Daniel PoetrHempstead, Mistone.


A letter arrives reasonably
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A letter arrives reasonably soon, addressed to the Protector at his known contacts in Port Hempstead.


As I am sure you are aware, the Aeridinites hold the method for the cure production. We are not aware of any other organizations who have the method, or have even requested such. There for, I suggest that you make arrangements with the Aeridinites to receive such shipments.

I am gladdened to her that some headway is being made in controlling this situation. I have faith that you will continue to work diligently to see this through to it’s resolution.


Reus, Servant of Rofirein