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A fantastic couple of articles with ideas on how to be a better roleplayer.

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Seriously. Read them. Agree and disagree. Think. Comment, even.*Warning* Foul language. Take that as you will.First:

From personal experience, learning or brushing up on - or studying - fundamentals of drama & storytelling can be quite helpful. I'd be interested in a group aiming at improving those skills, if anybody has good tips for that or is interested in it, PM me.

gilshem ironstone:
I really like that these articles recommend that players do not resort to attacking or interfering with other characters.  I understand that many times, if this were a completely realistic setting then one player attacking another could be extremely logical and evident however, this being a storytelling game, you always have to consider those questions about as strongly as realism.  I would say, "Is it realistic?"  is as important as "Does this tell a good story?" and "Does this make for a more interesting game?".  Obviously there are a lot of ways to consider this, but I like how the article framed these issues.

Check this out, Aphel: to Masterjack for finding the course and sharing it in the first place.

gilshem ironstone:
I would also recommend the books "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell and "Story" by Robert McKee.  "The Power of Myth" is an excellent examination of what universal qualities can be ascibed to successful story-telling.  "Story" is along the same lines, but is geared more towards writing screenplays; regardless, it is an excellent examination of what makes story-telling powerful.


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