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Ive been browsing the forums and am really impressed at what I have seen so far.  I think this is the right place for questions, if not a point in the right direction would be appreciated.  But I have a few questions as I consider my online persona for Layonara.  The first is about originations.  Are there specific locales that favor certain races?  IE most elves come from the green forest, and most dwarves come from the grey mountains, etc etc.  Furthermore are portal stories acceptable?  IE this character came from world x and is now here via portal/wormhole/rift/accident.

Is this basically an above ground campaign, or is there an underdark with cities, cultures, civilizations, etc?  Are distant yet unchartered civilizations in Lanora aceptable?

How much liberty can we take with our characters associations?  IE Bob the character is of noble linage and is part of the royal bloodline of country X.  Or must we start with a somewhat disassociated background which defines the character at level 1 who then progress from there via interaction in the world?

Are we allowed to play more than one character?

I think thats it for now, thanks in advance.  =)

Please download the Campaign handbook from the links on the top right corner, it will tell you anything.
  We like character to work their way for a noble lineage, instead of starting as one
  You may have mutiple characters

Sweet a guide!  Thanks.  =)

Yikes 213 pages!  See ya in a week lol.


--- Quote ---Yikes 213 pages! See ya in a week lol.
--- End quote ---
 Yeah, we tried to get some info together... :)

Tried and suceeded very well!


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