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Kudos for great roleplay
« on: February 07, 2007, 11:46:45 pm »
Saw a thread somewhere similiar to this at one point in time, but could not find it, so I decided to create a new one.
  Let us use this thread to give credit toany player who exhibited great roleplay at a particular moment. Now all I ask in this thread is, let us not just reply with the name of the character but rather share the roleplay experience with others as well in one or a couple of paragraphs.
  Ihope and believe thatover time each and every player on this server will make this list with the correct motivation and example.
  Let us all strive to not only make Layonara the best server, but also the best roleplay server around.


RE: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2007, 11:55:04 pm »
Alleina Shiante / Ranéwin / Storold Doesscha
  Alleina and Ranewin was exploring some of Mistone under the protection of greater sanctuary, but in the Ajari swamps they caught the attention of someone. This person followed themto Velensk and left them a special item, a black rose. Alleina picked the rose up and a binding spell was invoked, which bound the rose to her. Alleina also became very possesive of the rose and would under no circumstances part with it.
  The roleplay that followed for thenext hour was just amazing. Ranewin and Storold tryingeverything in their power to get her to drop the rose, but Alleina was determined not to part with it.
  Well done all three of you!!


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2007, 11:59:04 pm »
DMOE - Muirieann  ( because of recent "freezing my butt off" experiences )

For RP consistency with the whole, ripped appendage's thing....RP'ing the type of character she is (yeah, you know what I mean) and a million and one tactful and bloody funny insult's that allow your character to RP back sooooo easily.


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2007, 12:12:24 am »
Lets see all the people I have to thank (Its a long list and Im sure Im forgetting people)  Yard -- for playing such an awesome Lawful Good-without-being-a-paladin-or-a-biggot (Actually Raye/Itellas in general, his charcters are awesome), He really takes it upon himself to care about Rhynn's well being (Alignment wise). OH! And you play a good faerie Dragon. I wonder if that's a good thing ;) Jennara-- for the same! A very distinctive character , who was most awesome (as I recall for myself) on Holding on, and the Cure for Hurm quests. Ice -- for playing a character as er...uhm... ;) As Brisbane and for getting into her NPCs on Quests so well (Love the Dark Profit), and well Yeah all of the seeds quest not to mention the Horses stuff and well everything really. DMOE -- Muir is awesome and the embodiment of everything Mist should be. Can't name a single moment but the time fighting with Praylor and talking to that Haven official in Hlint comes to mind most I guess. Geryon -- Because Daren and Jeran are awesome too even if they're grumpy to me! And because the NPCs on your quests are so well done. Ael -- Cause I enjoyed Every rp moment, especially the time on the Thalos river and well, just about any time when Rhynn's down and Ael was there to give her words of wisdom and boost her self confidence. Daralith -- You make an awesome evil Drow. Necromancer's Quartet. Nuff said. Honora -- I love playing the tension between our characters, and you differeciate between the two of yours well. Its funny how one respects Rhynn for being a powerful mage and the other is a lot more condesending of her chaos.  Steve/Pyyran -- One of the best on server ;) Pyyran was really fun on the Lost and Found quest!  PnP: Rarely do I see someone so determined to get into the RP swing of things. You manage to do so well in battle, something I could never quite accomplish  IDii -- Because you're awesome, Nuff said. You make sitting around the lake in Hlint fun 8bit: Your characters are all so distinctive and so different from one another and they're all completley unique and well played and every one of them is amazing. I especially enjoyed the moments with Matilda acting Matildaish or Yu acting Yuish or Key acting like Key. basically..all the time! ---  And then together: Angela & Alantha  for being Rhynn's closest friends that she holds dear to her, and for constant good rp between any or all of us. It'd be too hard to name any one time.
  And then for Ozy for being Consistantly there to tell stories which provides anyone passing through Hlint with an auto good time and interesting experiance, and as a friend to Rhynn  and for helping anyone in need. You're constantly in character despite the constant Hlintyness of Hlint ;)


RE: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2007, 01:09:40 am »
It is not because of how well you get along with a char and all their friends that makes it a good rper or not. But i find that if two people are able to dish it out IG but still be able to laugh about it in tells, then it was a good rp for me. It's easy to rp when two char are friends, its a lot harder to rp a consistency of non-friendlyness while still making things interesting for both players and the one around them.
  So to who ever got under the skins of my two chars, wither be friendship or not so much, while still making it interesting for the others and ourselves, Kudos.

gilshem ironstone

Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2007, 07:22:12 am »
I am going to give it up for Pen 'n' Popper again.  First off for the newletters... Are you kidding me?  Those are amazing, he has found a way not only to have an interesting story for his character but to make that story something that binds the community together.  Thank you for the Dragon' Whisper and the Axe and Hammer!

Second was the way he brought together so many dwarves... Most of the dwarves I have met have been through PnP and he engendered that whole community spirit of dwarves for me, mostly through his "Book of Five Rings" Series.  Keep it up PnP and for the love of Vorax play Wanark more often!

Witch Hunter

Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #6 on: February 08, 2007, 07:50:45 am »
And I to Pyyran - your in depth actions with characters really turn some wheels in my imagination, Kudos!


RE: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #7 on: February 08, 2007, 08:23:12 am »
Starr Sapphire, who this past weekend, in the thick of RP madness, followed Beryl at every moment and impressed one nice little cleric of Lucinda.

And Muir/Jeran, for some excellent tension and snappishness and just outright sniping.  RP doesn't always have to be pretty.  (You heal YOUR man and I'll heal mine!)

And Galen, who courts Corba with such sweet gentlemanliness, even if we're fighting; now that's good RP!


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #8 on: February 08, 2007, 08:31:24 am »
If you're not on my list but feel you should be, send me a PM. I have a lot of respect to drop here, and if you're not listed, please don't be offended. I have about 20 minutes to write this.   I'll start with Acacea. I've never seen a Halfling played this way before. You're clear and to the point, and everything you do just explodes with personality. The way she is viewed by some of the player base is upsetting and unwarranted, but the way she handles it is wonderful. It's unusual to see someone put that much depth into their character. SO, on that note, go back to college! And thank you for all of the RP.   Rhynn is one of my favorite people to bother, because everything is always an issue or stressful to her (or the character). She's a unique character and one that is able to see outside of the picture and grasp concepts that should not be unusual about our world, but seem to be. Such as the actual role of a Wizard. They're not buff monkies or there to dish out level 9 spells on cue, but when used in a more subtle way they're able to really have an effect while making use of the rest of the party. I've never had a bad RP experience with her, and I don't think I ever will.   Ozy. Well, there's a lot I can say about Ozy. Ozy is, and will always be, the most interesting character I've ever met. The amount of time and effort to put together a mind-bending concept into a simple-looking Elf in a suit is amazing. I remember the first time I met Ozy to this day. He handed me, and a bunch of other characters, a flower before we were destoryed by a hacked level 20 Sorcerer who happened to own a server called Fraghaus Krynn. When you first start NWN, and the high levels seem so intimidating, Ozy was the one for me. I didn't know how to approach him, let alone hold a conversation with him. And let's not forget Fhalken, the super-dwarf.   IDii. He's a great RPer, and his characters are not only powerful but unique and some of the most fun to interact with. I remember being a Reggubite, following him to the Crypt near Melnon, and watching him take out spawns that a party of Epics might have trouble with today. His characters are all some of my favorites here.   Yard/Raye he's a great RPer, and gets the attention he deserves. He's unique and in my opinion well deserving of the respect he gets. Raye is my favorite Tiefling (other than Key, of course ) and the few chances I do get to RP with her, it's all a deep character hidden behind a shadowy veil of "you're bothering me, go away."   Quillwem and I used to be part of the group that follow Gloin around and hoped he didn't get us killed more than once a day. He and I developed a history that I believe remains to this day, but we drifted apart after he created the Freelancers and Gloin left, and I took a break while he skyrocketed in levels. I'm not going to say I want those times back, because in that time we covered pretty much every inch of West and Central, and to do it all again would be just boring, but I do miss them sometimes. His work on the Freelancers shows that he here is a great leader, and more importantly, a wonderful RPer.   Triba was one of Llu's (my first character here) friends. She is funny, unique, and a pure Halfling. I remember the first time I met her, she was telling riddles around the lake in Beta 4's Hlint. The level difference between Tribs and my characters is sometimes depressing and the differences between them is a great gap to cross. But every time I interact with her the depth of her character is something you wouldn't expect at first glance. She is a character, like Acacea, who continues to use past experiences to shape her character, rather than plowing through them and keeping the orginal concept entirely intact.   Eldarwen is such an important character to Matilda it's unreal. Everything that she says, Matilda will take as pure wisdom, even if it is not. (goofy face emoticon) I wish I was back on the 3rd shift just so I can RP with Eld more. Storm is one of Layo's finest, and well deserving of every in game, and out of game, responsibility given to him.   Hawk and I RP and travel together a lot recently. He's funny (or annoying, depending on your view of things. ), witty, and a member of our commmunity who doesn't get the respect he deserves most of the time. If you look past the goofy nature of Hawk you'll see a rather complex character who is RPing to a degree most people won't bother with.   Ferrit Pandorn and I do not RP together enough. Every single one of her characters has the kind of depth and personal strength to it that is unexpected at the first meeting. But not only as a character, but also a player, she is never unwilling to help someone. If anyone would make a great GM or World Leader, it is her.   Anna plays a character that I respect as both Key and Matilda (and myself) probably the most out of any I know. The amount of detail in every aspect of Anna beyond necessary, and she has truly created another person in the digital realm.   Gotak, I miss you, and I'm sorry about the Slaadi. You created a phrase used to this day by Dwarves and other people awaiting their deaths. Gotak and Linda are both characters that a lot of people do not like, and I will admit that Linda drives Matilda to her absolute end. But it is done entirely through RP, and I respect that. You're awesome, dude, and even if Linda drives a lot of people nuts, you're still a great player.   Chanda has a deep history with Matilda, and one that I look foward to picking up on when he gets back. Chanda works within and outside of the stereotype of a Corathite, and is without a doubt the best Corathite Layonara will ever have.   Ket is one of my favorite Dwarves on Layonara, and maybe even ever. He took a concept and totally reworked it for himself. He's entirely original and one of the funniest characters I've met. I am impressed every time I interact with him. Oh, and his build advice is top-shelf material.
  DMOE will be the last one on this list for now, but since it's not in any real order, it doesn't matter. Her characters have a great feel to them, and one that I think everyone should try and emulate until they're successful. They all just feel like real people, and attaining that is very difficult in a fantasy setting. I respect her and all of her characters, and feel that people can really learn a lot just by watching and interacting with her.  I could go on, and I will later, but right now I'm headed back to class

Harlas Ravelkione

Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #9 on: February 08, 2007, 09:02:00 am »
The dwarven characters in Layonara. Many, if not all, are RP'ed very well. Playing a dwarf here is very different to playing any other race. Dwarves are a community unto themselves on this server. If you are new they welcome you as one of their own and if you are a veteran you are honoured for your experience and past deeds.

Kudos to the dwarves and what they have established and continue to build. :)


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #10 on: February 08, 2007, 10:31:51 am »
Jennara and Ozy for always being willing to RP with whoever is around and whatever the subject.
Ireth for being deadly seriuos in her RP :)


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #11 on: February 08, 2007, 11:25:45 am »
It's much delayed, but I feel it's worth mentioning - Stephen.   While his performance as Pyyran is always remarkable, when Grok lost his first soul strand, it was almost enough to break a person's heart.  Kudos!


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #12 on: February 08, 2007, 12:38:47 pm »
I've met uncountable excellent roleplayers here on Layonara and I would most probably hurt someone's feelings by forgetting to mention their name if I started to list them up here. So, instead of focusing on that, I pick the best moment I've ever had on Layonara!

It was one day when Alleina (my character) stumbled upon Eldarwén and Triba and told them about some happy "boy"-news, or so she thought. The reaction she received was certainly not the one she had expected. Her cheerfulness soon became replace by tears as the discussion continued in a more serious tone than what initially planned.

The more that was being said, the more she was hurt by the apparent crack between two parts she hold more dear to than anything else. The emotional interaction reached its height with Alleina crying something about that if they wished, she would undo what had been done (make the "happy" news invalid again).

It was just so sweet! Like a event coming directly from a fairytale about the suffering main-character (say... the original non-Disney version of The Little Mermaid)! The amount of emotions mixed into that moment made me literary hold my breath while typing the words, and actually even made my eyes all blurry too! (Yes, no kidding here!)

And the reaction from Eld of that was just... perfect! It was the one that one could expect from a classical good story with the happy endings! Simply... Wow!

The mood of the situation swiftly changed to a one of joy and happiness again, with Triba doing a fantastic job lighting the mood up (even though the words were simple, the way Pan put them in those moments were brilliant!).

Tears, Emotions and Fun all mixed into a couple of hours of interaction!

Had this not have been so very personal (some details are) I would surely have posted the whole log here to show, what I believe, is an excellent example of how completely superb (emotional) roleplay can be done. No other moment during all the hours I’ve spent here has touched me as much as that one!


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #13 on: February 08, 2007, 06:01:14 pm »
It is near impossble for me to sit here and make a list up of all the great RPers that I have had the pleasure of meeting in Layo. Every person I RP with, who are good, I seek them out every chance I can. It is you that keep me coming back to Layo. I wouldn't dare start naming names, because I would fear missing one. I can however point people in the direction of the "kind" of RP they may want.

Those that mentioned me on thier lists, it humbles me, and I'm glad that I have in some way made your gaming experience more enjoyable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to see you in game!



Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #14 on: February 08, 2007, 06:12:03 pm »
I just want to say great job to everyone who is able to deal with Dur'Thak and his ever present hissing and foul mood (I've only ever had one ooc tell yet to stop). Oh, and an extra brownie point for those that have taken the time to rp the process of understanding him :)

Like many others, I would like to create a list of names, but such a list may be either too long, or too short by recent memory. So I'd like to put a general Kudos out to everyone.


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #15 on: February 08, 2007, 06:38:43 pm »
*looks up the page to thread 'creator'*

I think it was the second or third time I had ever logged in to Layo when one of my characters met Rakan Galey and I clearly remember thinking to myself that a world that had such RPers as this needed to be explored further ... and I was hooked.

Since then, I have been somewhat limited to interacting with those players about AEST evenings but must mention Talan and LordCove as standouts for me. I love when you know the player playing a woman is a man .. but you forget for long periods of time due to their RP skill (Talan), and, LordCove, cos RP doesn't ALWAYS have to be serious, I always find myself laughing at the banter between Sallaron and Ark. Would also include DMOE in this list but she'll start to get a big head! :) Also, for their ability to engage in snipey banter on the run (an ability I strive hard to master), Polak76 and Dezza get an honourable mention!



Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #16 on: February 08, 2007, 07:24:56 pm »
Slowly and surely, Fatherchaos, and getting stuck in Arabel helps when trying to learn Cant...

Anyhow... Various shining moments, just to list them off.

Gulnyr, and the MARVELOUS RP with Jennara Creekskipper.
-Jennara has always been a blast, and the touch of staying in Whisper constantly really brings an extra aspect of realism to the character. She shouted, earlier, and it was in normal "talk" speech. *Chuckles.* The really interesting stuff, though, comes with the fact that she's currently planning to clap Pyyran in irons as soon as she conveniently can (i.e. when he's outlived his usefulness). The tension between the two characters has been amasing, and it's made me start seriously thinking on how Pyyran can avoid a powerful, skilled PC. It's been a high point in an already-grand quest series by Geryon.

Kenty191... Karn. Wowee.
- The relationship between Karn and Pyyran continues to unfold, and wow. Just... Wow. The emotional tension, and the progression of their feeling has been some GREAT RP. I've actually shed a tear or two for Pyyran, and my girlfriend is eager for more updates every time I mention Layo. *Chuckles.*

Drizzlin... Daralith Del'Mar. GREAT tension.
- The Drow's Drow. I cannot get enough of this character, though my own characters mostly want to stay as far away as possible. I cannot think of a more Drow-like Drow, not even the OC Valsharess.

Darkstorme, Kell Ereptor.
- A grand lighter-side tiefling and nicely brilliant character, Grok could have no better traveling companion. Along with Kell's lady love, the trio is a very fitting party. This is one of the few characters and players whose personalities are more or less the same, and yet I absolutely adore both. Kell makes an incredibly believable character, and the simple consistency of his staying in disguise... Wonderful.

Lord Cove, Sallaron Tempest.
- Alcoholism has never been so fun. Pyyran and Sallaron's shouting matches and constant guerilla warfare around the guildhall have been a treat; the bonds of their friendship being tested by the self-destructive tendencies of the Explorer.

The night wanes, as does my state of consciousness. Though honestly I'll probably be on five minutes after this post.

There's always more, but then, that's why I'll post later. :)

Eternal gratitude to those who mentioned me; I just try to make a fun time for everyone else, while having fun myself. The first really does lead to the second.


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #17 on: February 08, 2007, 08:23:07 pm »
I think Daralith Del'mar is one of the only Drow that i have seen in my 6 months here  that is true to form. I remember my halfling not knowing any better interacted with him. And she certainly got a zap. Loved every moment of it.

Another time was with Dezza's character Sipher. You would normally expect a SS loss to be a sad event such as Grok's response..which was as expected. Instead Sipher decided to surprisee us with us with his first DT as being a tears of happiness. I was falling over my chair laughing.

Pseudonym's Arkolio and Rhynn encounter. I have to admit this had to be the most interesting one of the lot. This link describes it all:

There are many more events that I havee in my logs, but I'll have to dig them up.



Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #18 on: February 08, 2007, 09:51:04 pm »
For me the whole Corath group is what hooked me with Layonara.  I can't highlight any person in particular, but I must express that each person who has been part of it has taken time to write excellent bio's and follow-up with unique interesting characters and taken great effort to portray these qualities through excellent Roleplay.  
I'm very proud to be one of the group and participate in hours of plotting and schemeing to bring darkness and chaos to Layonara!

That aside my quests with Lalaith and the Drow, together with her comrads who loathed me is up there with my all time favorite sessions.  Many thanks to all those whom hated my character during this time.  That is something I'll remember for a long time to come.

Oh, and lastly, Massanissa (Dezza)...I've never come across a better barbarian character than that.  And Ark (pseudo), as you know you surely have me keeled over in laughter at some of your timely one-liners.

Cheers to all!


Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« Reply #19 on: February 10, 2007, 11:12:33 pm »
To all those that made the toga party at the Leilon Arms
  I want to give kudos to all those that was at the toga party. During the three hours I was there, I saw someexcellent roleplay.I will try and highlight someof the moments, to show you all what you missed. Even though I am highlighting some events, each and every person there did a great job of roleplaying their character. Well done to you all.
  The dance competition was a classic, to the three couples, Ranewin & Freldo, Pyrran and Karn, Ferrit andOmer, well done. You all deserved each crumb of the pie you won.
  To Kali for being a perfect host andthe song you sang was a true gem.
  Pyrran for teaching all those around the table of the complexities of dice, as well as each onewho participated in the dice game.
  Rain and Sonya Darsus with their unexpected arrival of the baby and Ranewin he;ping with the delivery I believe. I did not see much around the actual arrival as I am sure Jacc would have passed out seeing that.
  Daeron and Alleina,just have to love the two opposites, one not drinking at all and the other enjoying a good amountof wine. The conversation around the table was very entertaining.
  And then lastlyto everyone else, who did so much effort with their toga's and for making this a fun evening.*chuckles* I hope someone made a drawing of Pig, dont think you will see that sight soon again.
  Well doneeach and everyone present.