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Saw a thread somewhere similiar to this at one point in time, but could not find it, so I decided to create a new one.
  Let us use this thread to give credit toany player who exhibited great roleplay at a particular moment. Now all I ask in this thread is, let us not just reply with the name of the character but rather share the roleplay experience with others as well in one or a couple of paragraphs.
  Ihope and believe thatover time each and every player on this server will make this list with the correct motivation and example.
  Let us all strive to not only make Layonara the best server, but also the best roleplay server around.

Alleina Shiante / Ranéwin / Storold Doesscha
  Alleina and Ranewin was exploring some of Mistone under the protection of greater sanctuary, but in the Ajari swamps they caught the attention of someone. This person followed themto Velensk and left them a special item, a black rose. Alleina picked the rose up and a binding spell was invoked, which bound the rose to her. Alleina also became very possesive of the rose and would under no circumstances part with it.
  The roleplay that followed for thenext hour was just amazing. Ranewin and Storold tryingeverything in their power to get her to drop the rose, but Alleina was determined not to part with it.
  Well done all three of you!!

DMOE - Muirieann  ( because of recent "freezing my butt off" experiences )

For RP consistency with the whole, ripped appendage's thing....RP'ing the type of character she is (yeah, you know what I mean) and a million and one tactful and bloody funny insult's that allow your character to RP back sooooo easily.

Lets see all the people I have to thank (Its a long list and Im sure Im forgetting people)  Yard -- for playing such an awesome Lawful Good-without-being-a-paladin-or-a-biggot (Actually Raye/Itellas in general, his charcters are awesome), He really takes it upon himself to care about Rhynn's well being (Alignment wise). OH! And you play a good faerie Dragon. I wonder if that's a good thing ;) Jennara-- for the same! A very distinctive character , who was most awesome (as I recall for myself) on Holding on, and the Cure for Hurm quests. Ice -- for playing a character as er...uhm... ;) As Brisbane and for getting into her NPCs on Quests so well (Love the Dark Profit), and well Yeah all of the seeds quest not to mention the Horses stuff and well everything really. DMOE -- Muir is awesome and the embodiment of everything Mist should be. Can't name a single moment but the time fighting with Praylor and talking to that Haven official in Hlint comes to mind most I guess. Geryon -- Because Daren and Jeran are awesome too even if they're grumpy to me! And because the NPCs on your quests are so well done. Ael -- Cause I enjoyed Every rp moment, especially the time on the Thalos river and well, just about any time when Rhynn's down and Ael was there to give her words of wisdom and boost her self confidence. Daralith -- You make an awesome evil Drow. Necromancer's Quartet. Nuff said. Honora -- I love playing the tension between our characters, and you differeciate between the two of yours well. Its funny how one respects Rhynn for being a powerful mage and the other is a lot more condesending of her chaos.  Steve/Pyyran -- One of the best on server ;) Pyyran was really fun on the Lost and Found quest!  PnP: Rarely do I see someone so determined to get into the RP swing of things. You manage to do so well in battle, something I could never quite accomplish  IDii -- Because you're awesome, Nuff said. You make sitting around the lake in Hlint fun 8bit: Your characters are all so distinctive and so different from one another and they're all completley unique and well played and every one of them is amazing. I especially enjoyed the moments with Matilda acting Matildaish or Yu acting Yuish or Key acting like Key. basically..all the time! ---  And then together: Angela & Alantha  for being Rhynn's closest friends that she holds dear to her, and for constant good rp between any or all of us. It'd be too hard to name any one time.
  And then for Ozy for being Consistantly there to tell stories which provides anyone passing through Hlint with an auto good time and interesting experiance, and as a friend to Rhynn  and for helping anyone in need. You're constantly in character despite the constant Hlintyness of Hlint ;)

It is not because of how well you get along with a char and all their friends that makes it a good rper or not. But i find that if two people are able to dish it out IG but still be able to laugh about it in tells, then it was a good rp for me. It's easy to rp when two char are friends, its a lot harder to rp a consistency of non-friendlyness while still making things interesting for both players and the one around them.
  So to who ever got under the skins of my two chars, wither be friendship or not so much, while still making it interesting for the others and ourselves, Kudos.


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