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A seemingly ancient, silver haired man comes in occassionally, covered in blood red adamantium armor emblazoned with a dragon clutching a heart on the breast.  Over his shoulders hangs a tattered cloak bearing many signs of use in war, and never far from his hands is a elegant mithril greatsword, shining with a holy light.  This man is clearly a warrior of great renown, even if you have never heard of him.

Forum Name: ShiffDrgnhrt
 Character name: Shiff Dragonheart
 Level of Character: 21
 Class: Fighter/Weapon Master
 Alignment: Neutral Good
 Deity: None (Toranite leanings)
 Race: Human
 Schedule:   Flexible, but usually available after 6 or 7 pm Eastern.  Prefers to  make a schedule with other people, as is usually not on alone.
 Student Status: Open for lessons
 Former Student(s): Everyone who's ever fought with him has learned something.

A young man in blue and black hangs about and listens to stories - he seems interested in the subtle details of Steel's exploits, and although a touch fearful, he also watches the raven-locked woman.

//tapping Steel and Jetta for some mentoring, will pm

A quiet young man of average height and Corsain or Tilmarian features hangs around in the back.  He listens to the red-coated man's stories and songs with an indulgent smile, and occasionally speaks to the others.  Aside from being fairly average in appearance he wears a dueling sabre which switches sides depending on his attire.

Forum Name: RollinsCat
Character name: Ty Reid-Dragonheart
Level of Character: 15
Class: Rogue/Duelist
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: None
Race: Human
Schedule: Est times. weeknights after nine p.m. eastern time except for quest nights, weekends sporadic but can be arranged
Student Status: Glitch (duelist)


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